Adventuring through twisted time.

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Prism of Truth {Rajan and Lily}

Lily had always been acutely aware of the world around her, her tetrachromatic vision allowing her to perceive colors and nuances others could only dream of. It was both a gift and a burden, especially now as she noticed the once-vivid colors around her tent beginning to fade. This unusual phenomenon unsettled her normally cheerful soul, like nails scratching down her irises as she stared deeply into one of the many paintings resting on the sand floor. She couldn't recall exactly which color…See More
Jul 4
Hawk Black left a comment for Dice
"*immediately leaves after to deny all hugging allegations.*"
Jun 14
Dice replied to Dice's discussion Distorted View (Hawk and Lily)
"✧ Distorted View ✧Lily rolled her eyes, "I am more than just wind," she retorted, smirking slightly. "So naturally, I'm allowed to worry about you." She paused, realizing that now wasn't the time to delve into…"
Apr 17
Dice replied to Dice's discussion Spilled Blood (Raffaele and Lily)
"✧ Spilled Blood ✧While Lily comprehended Raffaele's deep care for her cousin, she yearned to understand their connection more fully, what drew them together. She held a belief that life had a way of aligning those who needed each other at a…"
Apr 17
Dice replied to Dice's discussion Sister, Sister (Luna and Lily)
"✧ Sister, sister ✧With a dramatic sigh and a roll of her eyes, Lily uttered, "Why must you exhibit such stubbornness, Moonpie? I am present to offer my support. I possess an intense desire to comprehend and address everything as it stands…"
Apr 17
Hawk Black replied to Dice's discussion Distorted View (Hawk and Lily)
"Every prayer said in private in the night fell on no ears so of course as he begged for the Wind to save her if they were caught wasn't a private conversation. Despite having said it in his mind and not his mouth. "But it's alright…"
Feb 15
Raffaele Spataro - Council replied to Dice's discussion Spilled Blood (Raffaele and Lily)
"Spilled blood w/ Lily rahotep • "If you don't mind the company, of course." • Raffaele waved a hand in dismissal of her thanks. "You are family to one of the greatest men I've ever met. You are of course…"
Oct 9, 2023
Spade - Council replied to Dice's discussion Sister, Sister (Luna and Lily)
"All those dark cold nights where The Wind's cool breeze just feels like a slap in the face. But ever since she lost The Wind that's how it felt to her. Taunting and teasing and reminding Spade of all she had. All she has sacrificed and no…"
Sep 26, 2023
Dice commented on Libelle "Onyx" Ryoko - Council's event August Activity Check
"Lilith "Dice" Rahotep: Aug 19th"
Aug 19, 2023
Dice is attending Libelle "Onyx" Ryoko - Council's event

August Activity Check at onsite

August 7, 2023 at 6pm to September 10, 2023 at 7pm
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Aug 19, 2023
Dice replied to Dice's discussion Distorted View (Hawk and Lily)
"✧ Distorted View ✧Lily felt the wolf swirling beneath her flesh and the wind fighting her wolf wanting her to calm down due to the fact gypsy were peaceful people or lost their connection to the wind. Yet she was angry with him. To be looked at…"
Aug 19, 2023
Dice replied to Dice's discussion Spilled Blood (Raffaele and Lily)
"✧ Spilled Blood ✧Lily had no sense of fashion when it came to the society he lived in. Just like most gypsy she seemed to have her own sense of individuality, flowyness, and comfort when it came to clothing. So the altering of the dress made it…"
May 20, 2023
Hawk Black replied to Dice's discussion Distorted View (Hawk and Lily)
"He never meant to hurt anyone certainly not Lily. She had been the one person in his life to remind him what human decency was like and neither of them was human. He couldn't look her in the face or even at her face when pain crossed it. He…"
May 6, 2023
Dice commented on Libelle "Onyx" Ryoko - Council's event May Activity Check
"Lilith "Dice" Rahotep - April 7th"
Apr 30, 2023
Dice is attending Libelle "Onyx" Ryoko - Council's event

May Activity Check at onsite

May 1, 2023 to May 31, 2023
Please also provide a link to 1 Roleplay reply you posted ON/AFTER April 1st 2023 along with the date you posted it.Role Name: Link To RPA Happy Gif - OptionalHumans Nova WintersMystics Colette DuboisFae Shadrach PrimrosgleamGypsies Asha KothariSee More
Apr 30, 2023
Raffaele Spataro - Council replied to Dice's discussion Spilled Blood (Raffaele and Lily)
"Spilled Blood w/ Lily Rahotep • ...there were some things he couldn't and wouldn't share. • Raffaele's dark eyes moved over her new appearance. A single brow raised at the improvements which had been done to the…"
Apr 21, 2023

Profile Information

Do you understand that your application will only be approved after you've submitted your species form?
How did you hear about Timeless? ( Be specific )

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind.

birth name Lilith Patience Rahotep
chosen name Dice
nicknames Lily, Lilypad
age 30's
date of birth January 3rd
zodiac Capricorn
gender female
sexuality Demisexual
r. Status Single; Romance can only happen when a true connection is formed.
occupation Artist
Gallary Owner
secret occupation Skilled Forger
hides/stores "illegal good" in a secret storage room in her art gallery.
residenceNomadic by nature
Species Gypsy/Lupine
BUILD Slim Figure
height Five Foot Five inches
Weight One Hundred and twenty three Pounds
HAIR Black
EYES Hazel
Lupine coat Black
Lupine eyes Glow Red
Handedness Ambidextrous
FACECLAIM Freida Pinto
scent Watery floral notes and a touch of amber and honey.
Gypsy Wolf
THE GOOD Patient | Charming | Loyal | Silver-Tongue
THE BAD Sorrowful | Picky | Daydreamer | Distrusting
HABITS Drinking, Smoking Weed, Dream walking.
HOBBIES Painting, Drawling, Anything Art, Dancing, Beinging a voice of reason.
SKILLED AT Forging, Wind-walking, Illusion/Perception control, Morphing, Dreamwalking, Wind control, Heighten Senses, Foresight, Shapeshifting, Telepathy, Empathy.
DEMEANOR She is a kind soul that only wants the best for everyone on this planet. She tries to help even if it could hurt her. She loves making people smile and feel better even if for a moment.

Violence is influential. Hate is life-changing. From the moment Lily was born she knew what those two things were and she saw what they did to people. With a watchful gaze, she watched her family be torn apart by the hate the world threw out at them and the violence they thought was their only option. It saddened her to know they didn't rely on The Wind as they should've. Maybe then their lives would've turned out better.

She always tried to save them. From themselves. From the world. But as a child, no one ever listened. No one but The Wind.

It started young for her, when for the first time in her adolescence her family's caravan left the safety of Nowhere, witnessing and understanding her family's struggles as her father and eldest brothers fought for basic necessities. Food. Their own safety. The safety of this caravan. The image of their blood and bruises itched into her mind and haunted her. Maybe if she was kind or not violent people would be kind and gentle back.Too bad it didn't always work.

And so, she changed. Determined to not lose The Wind like her siblings often did. Of course she struggled to reply with grace where she had been met with malice and hate. All that pain and hardship on one family began to take its toll though and Lily had to witness it all. Her began family falling apart as one by one they changed for the worse.

And then, her eldest brother vanished.

He just woke up one day, took his wife, and was gone. Lily was heartbroken, but she didn’t show it. Instead, she showed love. Strength. All the things her family needed, but she was angry too. How dare he leave his family like this. She could understand his position and want to save his wife from the retribution of being married to the Gypsy King, but she didn’t understand or accept how he left. With things undone. With the family in mortal danger. That was the first time she saw her eldest sister Luna.

Actually saw her.

She saw how brave she was. How strong. How loving. How loyal.

She wanted to be like her.

“But you’re already so much better, Lilypad.” Luna would tell her.

Then the next eldest brother vanished too. The family knew this one was coming, but it still hurt to no end and unintentionally put them in trouble with the feds. Luca and Luna were now the next in line and the weight of the responsibilities they had didn’t go unnoticed by Lily. She tried to help them, but was always being pushed away. She would later learn that was only to save her from the pain and danger both of them were in. Her world seemed to spin out of control after that. Her niece was murdered, one of her nephews was kidnapped, and the struggles of getting him back resulted in Luca going missing and Luna permanently losing The Wind. It just kept getting worse. Lily was always an artist, but the worse things got, the more she turned to her art. It was an escape and her family noticed. For Gypsies, many things were a delicacy. Art supplies were at the top of that list and the lowest of the priorities and they still went out of their ways to get her anything they could get their hands on, though Lily never asked them for anything. She was born a tetrachromat; The ability to see over one thousand colors. She used that unique ability to make what she needed or wanted, but it also let her see the world very differently.

Everyone’s world was black and white.

But hers was live and in color.

And so, Luna left.

Then everything fell apart. This family was supportive and loving to everyone but Luna and Lily always noticed. She always gave her love. She always offered to help, but without Luna here, she fell apart too. The realisation that their people could just use the strongest person she’d ever known to the point of literally breaking infuriated her. For the first time, she spoke up. She wasn’t a kid anymore and with Luna gone she was technically the next one up to take the crown. She was the last blood child of Serena and Leander left, but why would she want it if it just destroyed all the siblings that came before her? No one knew Lily had such eloquence. That she was so well-spoken even when furious. This was the first time the Gypsies had actually stopped to listen to her.

She tracked Luna on her own immediately after. Still running on the adrenaline rush from her anger. Yet, the moment she found her sister she pushed her. She slammed her fists on her chest. “Why does everyone leave me!?” she broke down as Luna grabbed her wrists. Crying into her sister’s chest.

They would both come to regret this moment for different reasons.

Luna would regret leaving and so she would never betray her family or her people again. Even though they hated her.

Lily would regret making Luna return to what was slowly killing her. Even if that wasn’t her intent. Even if that wasn’t what she wanted Luna to do by breaking down. She just wanted her sister back. She didn’t know that was the only way back.

They never spoke about it.

When her family formed the pack of Alpha’s The Nowhere Badlands Descendants, Lily was naturally a part of it even though she didn’t volunteer. So while everyone was practising their hunting or fighting, she was off somewhere working on her art. She couldn’t be bothered with the violence when she knew her tongue and precise words were much stronger. Luna did convince her to learn enough self-defence to fight off humans and other species though and that knowledge couldn’t have come sooner. Luna had found her mate. Lily at first was naturally joyous, but it quickly turned to something else when she learned of his abusive ways.

She didn’t get why Luna just didn’t overpower him. She was a zeta; he was an alpha. The difference was strong, but she learned quickly when she and her siblings and fellow pack members were attacked one night being dragged from their beds. “I warned you. I told you if you did anything I didn’t like I would hurt her.” Lily understood now. Luna stayed to protect them. “We can save ourselves!” Lily was punched in the face by one of Luna's mate pack mates, breaking her nose for speaking; For encouraging Luna to defy her mate. The punches kept coming. Then the ripping and tears, the scratches. The breaking. She fought back despite her immense pain and extreme sudden blood loss. Luna fought too, but they had her tied in silver. Then Lily called The Wind and it saved her but not Luna. She wouldn’t see her sister again for years and she wouldn’t be the same Luna she knew.

It was a dark time for the pack, but none of them left Luna. They had all in time learned she had sacrificed everyone to keep them safe from her mate and his pack. So, they couldn’t abandon her now. They endured the abuse as Luna healed. Lily taking the worst of it because they were blood.

Then one night the moon rose just like it always did, but Luna had snapped.

Lily was close to death. She had let out a cry for help so loud and pitiful it broke something in Luna. While The Wind wanted to take Lily away, Lily stayed because she couldn’t leave her sister again. A sentiment Luna would call foolish because she was no good to her dead.

“Better to live for another day than to stay and die in the name of just blind loyalty.”

Lily was in and out of consciousness, but she witnessed enough to know exactly what Luna was doing. Witnessed enough to be mortified. Scared. She witnessed the birth of Spade.

And so as the sun rose and Spade with it. Lily fell into darkness.

Healing was rough on everyone because it wasn’t just physical and while they were safely in Nowhere, Lily heard what their people said about her sister. Lily was already blaming herself. It would take months for Luna to work that thought and feeling out of her heart and mind, but she eventually did.

Word spread quickly about the rise of Spade and everyone in the pack was quickly given their own new name. Lily however always felt like an honorary member, so she didn’t feel she needed a new name until her silver tongue was needed. Spade was in talks with various packs and other species trying to clear her name and get back on good standing with them, but it wasn’t working. No one would believe a mass murderer. It didn’t help that Luna's ex-mate was highly favored by everyone. Lily stepped up to the plate all her own.

She was gorgeous, so she captured their attention.

Charming, so she held them in the palm of her hand.

Her compelling words tied a string around their hearts for her to pull in her favor.

But, it was a dicey move. The environment she was in was hostile and she was all alone as a sign of good intent. Then Dice was born; Walking out of the situation unharmed, the written terms of their agreement, and the strings to their hearts in hand.

"There is beauty in everything. Even anger and hate. They are like rolling thunder and a raging storm only halted by lightning loosed from a bottle. A deadly work of art impassioned above our heads; waiting for lightning to strike and still the earth."
























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Sister, Sister - Luna "Spade" Rahotep
Spilled Blood - Raffaele Spataro
Distorted View - Hawk Black

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At 3:00pm on May 6, 2023,
Hawk Black

*immediately leaves after to deny all hugging allegations.*

At 4:30pm on August 24, 2021,
Hawk Black

Who? Me? 

I never smile. 

At 4:59pm on August 8, 2021,
Luca Rahotep - Council

Most times!? Well, excuse me while I go cry. 

Thank you Lils I love the gifts. 

And no, the good human known as Sister will not be left alone. 


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