Adventuring through twisted time.

Hawk Black
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Hawk Black's Discussions

The Sword of Ptah (The Medjay and The Fool)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Hathor Mar 20. 11 Replies

The hot Egyptian sun burned down across the golden desert sand and its rays liquified the sight of all the sun, sick souls. Hawk was far from anything familiar in this environment; overdressed and…Continue

Well, I touched it so it's mine. [Clarice and Hawk]

Started this discussion. Last reply by Clarice De Biville - Council Apr 17. 17 Replies

The weary traveller rubbed his eyes before he laid them back on the old beaten scroll trembling in his shivering hands. The cold he was no stranger to but the bitter cold was new to him as the cold…Continue


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Clarice De Biville - Council replied to Hawk Black's discussion Well, I touched it so it's mine. [Clarice and Hawk]
"✧ Well, I touched it so it's mine✧ "Recalling the moment, I reached for the gem simultaneously with you," she remarked, her laughter carrying a mocking edge. "In my realm, you are not without power," she clarified,…"
Apr 17
Hathor replied to Hawk Black's discussion The Sword of Ptah (The Medjay and The Fool)
"The weight. Of it hanging off her hips. Of it gripped tightly in her hands. Of the power that pulsed through her as she wielded it. Of her family still falling. Of her failing to protect them. Of all the blood on the blade and spreading to her…"
Mar 20
Hawk Black replied to Devon Sawyer - Council's discussion "Did we just become best friends?" (Devon and Hawk)
"Hawk watched the liquid in his mug swirl into a whirlwind. Immediately making him sick as he remembered his shipwreck and the bitter regret of outliving the friends he called his crew. He let himself be distracted from his thoughts by Devon's…"
Mar 12
Hawk Black replied to Devon Sawyer - Council's discussion "Did we just become best friends?" (Devon and Hawk)
"It didn't go unnoticed how Devon grew nervous when Hawk used his magic to unlock his bag. With being at sea for so long among Sirens, Gypsies, and then men he'd forgotten how skeptical humans generally became around others unlike them.…"
Feb 23
Hathor left a comment for Hawk Black
"Imagine telling the party Goddess she can't get into her own establishment..."
Feb 22
Hathor left a comment for Hawk Black
"Queen of hatin' here... "
Feb 19
Hathor left a comment for Hawk Black
"Oh sure lemme just... Is that something enough for you? "
Feb 16
Hawk Black replied to Devon Sawyer - Council's discussion "Did we just become best friends?" (Devon and Hawk)
"Hawk wasn't oblivious to the sarcasm seeping from Devon's pores. However, he decided to decline replying in kind, realizing in the moment it'd not get them anywhere. With a simple wave of his hand over the magically locked clasp of…"
Feb 16
Hawk Black replied to Dice's discussion Distorted View (Hawk and Lily)
"Every prayer said in private in the night fell on no ears so of course as he begged for the Wind to save her if they were caught wasn't a private conversation. Despite having said it in his mind and not his mouth. "But it's alright…"
Feb 15
Hawk Black replied to Hawk Black's discussion Well, I touched it so it's mine. [Clarice and Hawk]
"His brow formed a line as she spoke, her words didn't make sense. Lashed out? Wasn't trying to bring him to her realm? "Is your perspective so skewed that you don't recall grabbing my hand and quite literally dragging me to your…"
Feb 15
Hawk Black and Ramona Xanthos are now friends
Jan 18
Hawk Black commented on Libelle "Onyx" Ryoko - Council's event August Activity Check
"Hawk Black: August 24th"
Aug 25, 2023
Hawk Black is attending Libelle "Onyx" Ryoko - Council's event

August Activity Check at onsite

August 7, 2023 at 6pm to September 10, 2023 at 7pm
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Aug 25, 2023
Hawk Black replied to Devon Sawyer - Council's discussion "Did we just become best friends?" (Devon and Hawk)
"Blessed be the few who can walk this Earth without a care in the world. So blissfully unaware of the dangers that lurk in the shadows and threats hidden right under their nose. Hawk wasn't born so blessed, he was instead born into a world that…"
Aug 25, 2023
Hawk Black replied to Hawk Black's discussion The Sword of Ptah (The Medjay and The Fool)
"Power pulsed off of her in waves and the longer they sat with one another the harder it became for Hawk to ignore. His eyes quickly scan around the bazaar and land back on her; her power was something more than a species' abilities. The people…"
Jun 7, 2023
Clarice De Biville - Council replied to Hawk Black's discussion Well, I touched it so it's mine. [Clarice and Hawk]
"✧ Well, I touched it so it's mine✧The amount of times she would be rolling her eyes at this man would lead to her eyes falling out of her head. “Well I guess you aren’t fully wrong. I was trying to give you a place to sit down.…"
May 20, 2023

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Live in the sunshine, Swim in the sea, Drink the wild air.
Michael Black
The One's He Knows
Lily "Dice" Rahotep
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Devon Sawyer
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Clarice De Biville
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How far can sailors fly?
A poor tortured soul
Hawk Michael Black was born the first supernatural to a family of supernatural hunters. There’s one in every generation in this family; something about balancing all the poaching and killing of innocent beings and their families. With eyes that glowed and powers that flowed from his very being, the Black’s didn’t know what to do with young Hawk, growing more fearful of him as he grew and his powers with him. Young Hawk was narrowly six when his family made that drastic decision to sell him to another Sorceri like him, a mad one. Not wanting to kill their son they devised a truce with the Sorceri allowing the mad old man to live in peace if he took and cared for Hawk as well or worse as he could. So a life for a life and the deal was signed in blood but they never saw their son again.

Ramus Tremblay was a cruel old man to Hawk, making him his slave rather than his ward and forcing the young lad to believe he wasn’t something special. He made Hawk believe he was a human whose soul had been sold to him which is where his magic came from. Being a young boy he believed it because he had no other reason not to and nothing to tell him it wasn’t true. Yet the stronger he got as he grew the more violent Ramus became and all because Ramus knew his “slave” would one day be stronger than him. In a desperate attempt to remain in power in the house Ramus made a fatal choice not knowing it would be fatal for him at the time but this is life. Ramus cursed Hawk who was just a boy of eight now but the curse was too powerful for the ailing and decrypted old man and it took every ounce of his power to produce the curse and in the end when it had been cast Ramus Tremblay dead.

Alone in the world and marked with the black rune, Hawk after year’s of neglect and abuse let his curse take over his emotions. He grew violent and angry and being cut off from his powers because of the curse drove him insane. He survived on his own for several years doing whatever he could to scrape by and stay sane. Selling his body for money, once he was old enough since that was what he believed, was normal; the first thing he remembers is being sold off by his family. Then he met the people in the sky and how they filled the atmosphere with colour and joy and all he wanted to was to be to others what they were to him, hope. He was found and welcomed into the Gypsy caravan by the Gypsy Queen who tried with all her might to help Hawk learn how to commune with the wind but when she learned the truth of who and what he was and how he was cursed she sadly had to bear the bad news that he could never have the wind. He understood and packed the few things he had accumulated in his travels with the gypsies believing his time with them had come to an end. This was not true and Madame Serena was actually offended he would think they didn’t want him any longer. Despite being cursed with violent tendencies he was welcome among the gypsies and they were far more used to it than he knew.

Hawk’s time with the Gypsies taught him all the fundamentals he should have gotten as a child and he felt ashamed to be learning all these life and social skills as a teenager. The Gypsies were extremely kind and gracious they didn’t care what he was or wasn’t and what he knew or didn’t know only that he was willing to learn and change now. After reaching adulthood within the Gypsies care he heard a tale of a curse breaker and after much searching and researching to see if this tale be true he knew what he must do. Hawk’s path to freedom wouldn’t be benign and everything about it would violate the Gypsies code of peace; he now had a choice, freedom or family. He couldn’t keep them both, he couldn’t go and break his curse to return and live the life of a Gypsy like nothing had happened or changed. He chose family in the end, he had his curse under control and had fully come to terms with the curse one day killing him. He had lived a beautiful life thanks to the Gypsies and if his time came soon he would accept it with no regrets but Serena and Leander wouldn’t allow him to throw his chance for freedom away even though it meant letting him go.

With their blessing, he left to sail the seven deadly sinful seas in search of the curse breaker he wasn’t even sure was real. This journey to freedom turned this young man into a battle-worn salty dog, he wasn’t the savage boy or the mysterious young gypsy traveller anymore, he was a man who’d been through hell and back for his freedom. He had nothing but freedom now and never fully learning to use his magic he found it best to just be alone with himself for as long as it took for him to be comfortable in his own skin as a Soceri. Hunting down books, runes, and old tombs that could teach him about the mystics and what he was. Gleaming to anything he could get his hands-on that he could learn from when he heard about an ancient bazaar filled with knowledge and wonders of all kinds, but this emporium moved. Like a castle floating in the sky or a house on legs, so his journey began again.
Skills and Abilities
Talent of
A man
If you'd fought like a man, you would not have been hang'd like a dog.

SPELL CASTING Spell casting is the ability to cast a pre-written or created spell, using potions, hand gestures and the spoken word.


SCRYING Scrying is the ability to find someone or something using blood, a map and a scrying stone.


POTION MAKING The mixing of herbs and various other ingredients or components to make liquid potions generally using a mortar and pestle and cauldron (pot).


CRYSTALS Tapping into their natural abilities, Mystics have used them as amulets or arcana focus. They are one of the strongest forms of magic everyone can access.


RUNES Creating runes can only be done by a High Sorceri and is the ability to create symbols to enhance the strength and duration of an existing spell. Ex. Healing rune, fire rune, barrier rune etc. The runes must be etched onto the user's skin like a tattoo and can then be activated whenever the caster chooses to enhance a spell.


GRIMOIRE These are spell books put together throughout time that help Mystics understand how to cast spells. These books are often put together by families of magic users and passed down through the years. They are also crafted by Sorceri to help train others in the use of magic.


SPELL WRITING Writing spells can only be done by Sorceri and is the task of creating a new spell that has never before been written, usually by taking the writings of other spells and improving on it or combining ones that already exist into something different.


POTION CREATION Only Sorceri's have the abilities to make new kinds of potions.


MULTI-MYSTICHOOD Since they are born with magic in their blood, they are not limited to learning one path of magic. The world of magic is in their hands as long as they train properly.


THE ART OF WAR With all the hardships throughout Hawk's life he's retained the ability to survive through learning to fight both physically and mentally without his magic. Since he could never fully rely on his mystic abilities he had to learn other means to defend himself. Hand to hand combat from being repeatedly jumped or attacked in the streets. Weapon arts from his time with The Gypsies and as a pirate. Fighting without his magic is mainly how he lives.

lily rahotep
Distorted view
devon Sawyer
...best friends?
clarice de bIville
...it's mine!
the sword of ptah
accepting new?
Probably not.
The Man
I am just a human being trying to make it in a world that is rapidly losing its understanding of being human.
The Pirate
Revenge may sate your being, but don’t misunderstand me, my dear. It’s an end, not a beginning.
The Mystic
I've just had a sublime vision. All the jagged parts of my life have come together to form a complete and mystical...whole.
The Curse
Those who pray for your downfall are concentrating negative thoughts towards you, without taking cognisance of the slippery ground in which they are standing, which could lead to their downfall.
The House Of Black
No One should know what it's like to live forever.

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Imagine telling the party Goddess she can't get into her own establishment...

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Queen of hatin' here... 

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Is that something enough for you? 

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