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Ramona Xanthos
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NAME: Ramona Xanthos
GENDER: Female
AGE: Immmortal
BUILD: Slim, Muscular
HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Hazel
STATUS: Single
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
ERA(S): All 

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Before she was Ramona Xanthos in another life long ago she was known as Ramona Wilson. There aren't too many happy memories that she remembers of previous life other than occupying her father on house calls to tend to the sick and wounded people in their village. She loved going with her father rather than staying at home with her mother. She preferred handing her father damped clothes or leeches while he worked instead of cutting up vegetables for dinner with her mother. The practice healing others fascinated her more than it should have for a girl. In secret her father showed her most of what he knew. It wasn’t until she was around 16 years old that her life started to change for the worst. No matter the time that has passed between then and now Ramona vividly remembers the winter after her 15th year to the winter of her 17th year as if it happened yesterday. How could she forget that dreadful night that her family was woken up in the middle of the night to a pounding on their door. A frantic man- blood soaking through his white cloth shirt, his eyes wild with fear and tears staining his face. He claimed that his wife was dying; demanding Doctor Wilson to help him as he was the only Doctor for miles. Reluctantly Ramona’s father got dressed, grabbed his medicine bag and instructed Ramona to stay with her mother. Romana stayed up all night waiting for her father to return but come morning, he and the bloody man were nowhere to be found.

Weeks went by and the snow started to stick to the ground, more and more people went missing. All with the same story; a bloody man beating on their door asking for someone to help his dying wife. It wasn’t until one poor soul barely got away with his life returned home to tell the village that he had stared into the eyes of the devil. That the bloody man had led him to hell to be offered to Satan himself. The words spoken from the dying man shook the village. Making the men want to bring war to the so-called devil that was responsible for their people going missing.

With a face of defeat the priest returned by himself. He stood in front of what was left of their village to tell them that he made a deal with the devil. Though the priest didn’t disclose the exact details of their deal. The village blindly trusted the word of their priest and greatly praised him when the bloody man never returned… By the next full moon it was obvious why the priest didn’t explain the terms of the agreement he made with the devil. Without question whispers were heard that one sinner a month would be offered. The priest would hand select one sinner that he deemed would be a worthy sacrifice to the devil.

Season’s went by with the village people being offered one by one with no further explanation other than “this is what must be done to save us all.” The day soon came when Ramona was woken in the middle of the night and was dragged through the village to the blood stained tree. Her heart pounding rapidly in her chest as she stared out into the loneliness of the dark. “They’ve resorted to offering me a child…” The devil said to her. To her surprise the so-called devil was not what she imagined. She thought she would be greeted with horns and hooves but instead the man looked like an angel. His eyes almost even seemed kind to her. “What made you a sinner, child?” He asked Ramona. In a trance and without hesitation she told him that she was caught trying to replace her father as the village doctor by the priest. The devil gave her smile then cut her loose. She was taken to his empty castle and given her own room. He gave her a life that she could have only dreamed of. She had no desire to leave him; later she would realize that was because she had been forced to forget her previous life. Ramona spent a decade sired to her Sanguine. He only drank from her what he needed to keep him satisfied in between actual meals- keeping her alive and healthy. In return Ramona would use her charm and beauty to lure men and women home with her to feed the one that she was devoting her life to. The day came when she lured the wrong man home. He took advantage of her before she was able to get into the woods that led to the castle. He raped and then beat her to an inch of her life. Ramona doesn’t remember much after that besides her Sire apologizing to her while instructing her to drink from him. At the time Ramona thought he was apologizing because she was dying but she soon realized it was because of the tortuous transformation that she was about to go through. She felt like every part of her body had been set ablaze. As if she had been given the most deadly venom and it was eating her from the inside out. Despite the odds her body accepted the blood she was given to survive the transformation.

From the moment she woke, the memories of her previous life before she met her Sire came flooding back to her. Anger first filled her knowing that the creature she admired for all these years likely killed her father. Then disgust soon out weighed her anger once she realized that she had replaced the bloody man that was sent to her village. But unfortunately she could also remember how her Sire brushed her hair and killed anyone who treated her unfairly during the day. Ramona was torn in her emotion because he also gave her the curse of living an eternity in shadows. Ramona wanted to hate him. She wanted to leave the walls that for the last decade had been her home. But she physically couldn’t. She would die without being able to drink from him.

“You may call me by my name now,” Her creator, Xanthos, told her. Within those first couple of weeks he opened up to more than he had before. He spent years working with Ramona, teaching her how to live this new life he had damned her too. He not only taught her how to control her bloodlust, but he also taught her to blend into the shadows and how to hold eye contact with a human to get them to bend to her will. He also taught her how to fight so no man could ever harm her again. Unaware to her mind Ramona started to trust Xanthos and against her better judgment she decided to continue to live her platonic life with him.

By the time the humans waged war on the Sanguine, Xanthos had turned Ramona into a deadly fiercely loyal weapon. Ramona had gone from living 27 years a human to a decade later having taken hundreds of human lives by her hands. After the war Xanthos willingly opened his castle to other Sanguine that needed to seek refuge. He hoped that a nest of them would give them strength in numbers if the humans ever decided to bring war to them again. “Don’t expect me to go hunting for them.” She told him. Her own way of going along with his choice. Ramona didn’t question her creator’s decision solely because of her deviation to him but nonetheless Ramona was and still is skeptical of spending an eternity with strangers that they do not truly know.


personality / quirks

When she was human Ramona was a kind, giving, friendly person. Though her kindness got her no where in life other than to be offered as a sacrifice for trying to heal those in need. After she turned Ramona became more reserved. She didn't waste her energy on trying to make friends. She gave up here kind friendly and traded it for cold and cunning instead. Even if she has abandoned her human emotions she still battles with who she is at her core- A Healer.


my beloved


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ONE: Tracking- Upon smelling fresh blood she can follow that scent for countless miles 

TWO: Hypnosis- Once she holds the gaze of a Human she can bend them to her will.

THREE: Shadow Bending- In a situation with no escape she can slip into a shadow disappearing into it then she chose which shadow to reappear out of.


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        "The unknown is now my reality, for I do not yet understand what I have become. The future brings so many questions, so many fears."


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At 7:13pm on January 26, 2024,
Madeline Ezperanza-Colette

Is that a smile I see? 

At 3:03pm on January 17, 2024,
Madeline Ezperanza-Colette

No apologies necessary.

There was no rust in your starter BTW. 

So be proud.

At 9:24am on January 10, 2024,
Raffaele Spataro - Council

Welcome to the sanguine, Ramona.

Make sure to place your approved bio on your page. Then you are free to rp and will be taken off Trial and placed within the species. If you need any information from your bio, feel free to ask.

Let me know if you have any questions.

At 4:35am on September 8, 2023,
Rainore Riverscar - Council

Hey there Nyx!

Welcome to Timeless! 

We are so happy that you have chosen to join us through the time eras where you can bring alive your roleplay vision! Please check out the Guidelines HERE which will help you get started. Once you have read through those, create and send in your character for approval to dive into our world! 

- Rainore x 


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