Adventuring through twisted time.

It was still a foreign concept for Rain to get her head around the fact that she had lived a lie for a good twenty years; and now she had this whole new world exposed to her. Yet, she supposed some of it made sense as to why she was always so drawn to water from a very young age. However, now that she had this siren lifestyle, she loved it and loved the stronger personality that often itched within; she also couldn't deny she loved the hunt either. The screams of her prey. Oft. It was always beautiful. 

Yet now that she had this new life, she didn't think she would ever be the prey herself - always the predator. Rain guessed she'd have to watch her back from curious humans trying to capture her and learn from her but still. As she lay there, naked on the beach, the sand being tainted by her blood; she groaned in absolute agony. With a sharp pull, she yanked the spear out of her flesh and bit roughly into her own arm.

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Nerissa had been hiding among the human world for some time now. Though she was never very good at telling time. She was thankful for the people who helped her get stable enough in a town. Though hiding her ears was always top priority so she wasn’t run out of town. Nixie found herself looking down to the dark waters swirling. She held onto the spear rubbing the fishing oil her father had taught her to use. It could help her catch any fish. Since she needed parts from fish this was a common place for her to visit. She reared back and threw the spear with all her might into the water. Holding the rope only to feel the strongest tug she had ever felt.

She tried to hold onto the rope for dear life yet as the fish yanked harder the rope burning her hands to the point Nixie couldn’t stand and she had to let it go. She felt the tears well in her eyes for the pain as she looked to her wounded palms. She needed to get to her shop and rub the healing ointment on it Making her way down the path slower than usual, making sure she didn’t touch anything that could harm her hands.

The path she took let her pass a private part of the beach she often enjoyed collecting shells and other items from before going home. Today didn’t seem like a day she woulds stop until she saw something that made her stop in her tracks she tilted her head to the side taking in the half fish woman. Then her eyes went to her spear and she felt guilt flush over her all of a sudden. She moved closer slowly towards her saying softly, “Are you okay?”

It was a pain she had never experienced before, even when she was swallowed whole by the waves those few years ago which in turn, changed her to be the monster she was now. Rain felt weak, vulnerable and in absolute agony, she found herself craving her human mother more than she had liked to admit; but alas, she was dead to her, and likewise and so, she had to figure this one out alone.

Once the spear had left her body, her shaky hands threw the weapon across the sand and tears began to fall down her cheeks as she glanced down to her open wound. "The fuck am I not healing" Rain cursed under her breath which began to get uneven as the blood continued to pour from her.

Soon enough, she found her vision coming in and out of focus; she was squinting hard especially when she heard a young voice asking if she was okay. Rainore hissed and bared her teeth at her; she wanted her gone but she supposed a little help wouldn't be so bad. She could use this to her advantage. "Do I look okay to you?" Rain snapped at the question. "Of course I'm not bloody okay! Some bastard struck me"

Nerissa moved closer to the half fish woman that laid on the private part of the beach that was often hard to find unless you knew it was there. As she snapped at her she felt herself flinch knowing she was the cause of the damage that happened to Rain. “I see that you were hurt badly.” The fae moved to tie her hair up showing her pointed ears to Rainore not knowing if she knew what a fae was or not.

She picked up the spear and let out a soft sigh as she set it aside. “When I crafted it, it was meant to catch fish not fish people. I hope you will allow me to help you. I had put an oil on it that allows the spear to catch fish in a manner they would not be able to fight back the magic. Though it's clear it was meant for smaller fish which is why you are still alive since you are human size. Not that I am saying you are big. You are beautiful.” Nixie started to stuttered out nerves taking hold of her.

“I can’t say I am sorry enough. Please please please allow me to help you. I am sure if I can get you back to my shop I can make something that will null the effects of the oil and help you.” she spoke quicker as she reached to touch the wound to inspect it. “I’m Nerissa.” she said among her panic.

Rain rolled her eyes as the woman before her told her again how hurt she was, but bit her tongue to stop another snarky response; the last thing she needed was for this woman to leave her and let her dry out and die on the beach. Her dark orbs narrowed at the pointed ears and she took a breath - it made sense, of course she was supernatural herself or else she too would have freaked at seeing a half fish, half human washed ashore.

"I don't think I have much of a choice, but to let you help me. It's either bleed out and dry out, which will lead to my death or to let a little tiny fae help me live" She shrugged her shoulders, the brief moment made her hiss out in pain. Rain glanced at the spear, and of course, fae magic; that was just as dangerous as Witches, oh how they played dirty. Rain laughed a breathless laugh at the compliment that the woman gave her. "Thank you, it's always nice to have my ego fed" She smirked.

"How exactly are you going to get me back to your shop?" She questioned and let her eyes look over the female's form. "You're small, and in fish form, I'm not the lightest being" She moved hesitantly before nodding. "Name's Rainore"

Nerissa could feel the annoyance coming off the Siren as she spoke in a manner of fact way. On how she had no choice but to let the Fae help her. Nerissa's hand moved to the wound for a moment and looked at it closer. She had to hand it to herself she really had a way of fucking things up, not only for herself but for others. She hated that she hurt someone else. Ironic how that statement was as she managed to harm her people by not giving her life up. “Is it ego if it's the truth?” She questioned the Siren with a glance towards her dark gaze with her hazel one before looking back to the wound.

“I may be small but I can do it. Besides, my cart isn’t far from here.” She gave her a soft smile “Well It is nice to meet you Rainore albeit not in the best way. I do hope you will allow me to make up for it after I get you all patched up.” Nerissa reached in her bag and pulled out a piece of cloth that she tied around Rainore with some maneuvering. As she stood up she took hold of the seed around her neck and called the earth to rumble and raise up Rainore. Practically throwing her on her back.

Nerissa gave a small grunt as she adjusted to the weight. “Alright. Ready?” Though she really didn’t give Rainore much of a choice as she started to walk. Slowly. She could see her cart though as she looked up to where she parked it she gave a whistle. “Apple come here girl.” She called and the horse looked over giving a gentle nah before moving closer to them. Nerissa took hold of the seed once more calling upon the vines to come down and help lower Rainore into her cart.

Once Rainore was there, Nixie took a deep breath and wiped her hand across her brow before tossing a smile to the woman in her cart. “See, I told you I could do it. Sorry if it only caused you more pain though.” She said knowing she didn’t fully think that one through as she then moved pulling the cover over Rainore's tail. “When we get to town you may want to cover fully. Just cause you know.” Nerissa moved to take her place on the seat of the cart grabbing the reins as she looked back. “Ready?”

She could've murdered the girl, in fact, it was still an actual possibility; how dare some fae girl use magic to try and capture their food? Fish were so easy to catch, she surely didn't need the assistance of magic… Unless she was undoubtedly terrible at hunting and had no idea how to go about such a thing. Either way, the girl had unfortunately caught something far greater and far worse than she had anticipated; and Rainore simply loved the allure of Fae flesh. It was sweet, intoxicating and addictive; the earth like magic which ran through their veins was spectacular. Rain shook her head and swallowed hard, she had other pressing matters than obsessing over what the other woman tasted like. "An ego still loves to be satisfied in such ways, nevermind if it's the truth" She smirked and quirked a brow at the next statement; it was enough to distract her from the pain she felt and certainly enough to make her more suspicious. 

The ground groaned beneath her, and shook her right to her core before throwing her up onto the fae's back as if she were as light as a feather. Rainore winced at the sudden movement and unconsciously wrapped her arms tightly around Nerissa's neck. "Trust me, you owe me big time for inflicting this kind of pain." She replied and peered at her pointy ears now that she was up close; she also couldn't help but inhale, tasting the sweet aroma of Fae. A light sweat began to bead upon her forehead and her upper body and her eyes began to linger shut; the darkness was slow, teasing as it advanced upon her. So much so, she barely made much of a sound when the vines came down to manoeuvre her from the girl's back onto the cart. 

"Still a little fae" Rain teased, her voice becoming croaky and strained before she began to help tug the covering up so that her tail was completely hidden; the last thing she wanted was the prying eye and the consequences of that when she wasn't strong enough to fight back. "Lets go so you can torture me some more before my tail needs the snip" 

Nerissa was one that didn’t have her Ego stroked or satisfied. Did she even have an ego? She wondered to herself for a moment before giving a soft smile, perhaps even more a nervous smile. “Well hopefully if I stroke your ego enough you will not want to kill me too much.” she gave a nervous laugh as she managed to get her into the car with little struggle. She could still feel how unhappy Rainore was but she knew she could help her easily enough. After covering her in the cart she got up to the seat and took the rains in her hands. “Lets go.” she said to the horse with a click of her tongue. Though the horse understood her just fine without the click of her tongue.

She looked over her shoulder to Rainore for a moment before looking back to the road. “So is this your first time getting caught?” She gave another nervous laugh with a sigh if Devon could see her now making all sorts of friends the wrong way. It wasn’t long until she was at her shop, pulling the cart around back to the back door she hoped off and undid the horse and spoke to him softly. “Go graze, be careful.” she said and watched it wonder off. She moved to the back of the cart to Rainore. She used her abilate over darkness to make the area they were in unseen from outsiders. As she worked to get her back on her back and get her inside, once she did after some struggle she lowered her the best she could but pretty much dropped her in her bathtub. 

“Sorry.” she said as she rubbed her arm softly. She started to pull water from her well to fill the tub before she got to work jumping different herbs and other things into the water. She hummed softly to herself before sitting beside the tub. “Would have been easier if it wasn’t a magical spear.” She said softly as she looked to Rainore as she looked to the wound packing some of the wet herbs in it. “It should counter the effect soon and allow you to heal up on your own.” She pulled her hand back. “Can I get you anything?” she asked softly.

Rainore snorted to herself at the mere idea that if the fae tried hard enough that Rain would restrain herself from trying to devour her; it was pretty much in a Siren’s nature to be cunning and deceiving. She had a way of saying one thing and doing the other, and so, she decided to remain silent; she couldn’t promise a single thing, particularly with the allure of Fae flesh and blood. Yet, Rain suspected the girl before her could prove to be beneficial, thus eating her would not be beneficial to her even after she was healed up from the magical spear wound. For the majority of the journey, Rain remained fairly quiet besides the grunts and moans of pain here and there as they hit and went over a rocky patch of road; the sound of the horses hooves on the gravel was quite soothing and as the pain and blood loss continued, Rain was sure she had passed out for some of their journey. 

So much so, she couldn’t control herself as her talons went to swipe at Nerissa as she felt the magic begin to move her once more unto the tiny woman’s back. “First time being caught and not being able to free or fix myself” Rain commented once she was secured and as they began to enter the woman’s shop only to be dropped fairly suddenly and supposedly by accident into the bathtub. “What the hell? You told me you’d fix me, not break me even more!” She hissed through gritted teeth as her fingers curled around the bathtub which soon fell victim to a very strong hold as she gripped upon it tightly. “I can tell you’re such a Fae, with all that soft humming to yourself whilst you do some sort of task” Rain commented as she exhaled almost pleasurably as the water began to fill the tub. 

She didn’t know what herbs Nixie was putting on her tail, and truth be told - she didn’t want to either. There were certain levels of magic that Rain liked to stay well clear of; even though she wouldn’t be surprised if it was just normal herbs that humans used, herbs she once used when she was a human helping villagers. “What made you hunt with a magical spear anyway?” Rain questioned with a quirk of her brow. “You’re small and nimble enough to catch a fish with ease… Unless you planned on catching something much bigger that would give you a run for your money. Something you could sell at a good price?” She prompted with a slight smirk before allowing a thoughtful expression to filter upon her features. “Perhaps something strong in alcohol content?” 

It didn’t go unnoticed to Nerissa that Rainore didn’t state she wouldn’t devour her. It would make the little Fae nervous if it wasn’t overly for the fact that she had escaped death many times at this point she may be more scared. Since Kyan, she really hadn’t felt fear. Yet as she tried to move the woman out of the cart feeling the talons swipe at her she bobbed her head back. Which didn’t help her slipping off into the bathtub roughly. “Well magic has that effect according to my friend. I am still not overly good at it. I more so deal in healing, not magic weapons.” 

Seeing Rain anger she pressed her lips together tightly. “I am a rather tiny thing and not that strong. I am surprised I made it so far.” she tried to explain but knew it was rather pointless. As she filled the tub with water she noted how it seemed to calm Rain even if it was for a moment. “Well yes Fae I be.” She said as she moved her hair back from her ears to show the pointless of them. “Do all Fae hum to themselves?” She wondered to the woman, “I haven’t been around my kind for some time now.” She muttered softly as she finished off the water.

As she worked on rubbing the herb paste into her tail she paused for a moment before giving a gentle chuckle, “I am really bad at fishing, and I use fish besides eating the parts for different things I sell in the shop to help with the pain the villagers have.” She rubbed the back of her neck for a moment. “Though it does help keep me in the way of money when I catch things large enough to feed a few families around here.” There was no ill will in her heart when she hooked the siren. “Stronger in alcohol content?” She questions softly. “What does that mean?”

Rain couldn’t help but tut under her breath when the Fae mentioned she was not very good at magic; although, of course, she was much more advanced than Rain was, or could ever be. “I apparently was too good at magic at one point” Her brows furrowed, why on earth was her tongue speaking such truths? Had another spell been placed upon her? Either way, she guessed she owed the fae some comradery for the kindness which Nix was showing. Many would have left her for dead, or waited for her to pass to sell her tail for whatever the price was these days. “It was because of magic, or witchcraft that led to me unlocking my true self” She indicated to her tail with opened palms. 

 She let the water filter through her fingers, allowing the drops to caress her skin; the water already soothing the pain which radiated from her wound - it wouldn’t heal it, but it would ease the pain. “Aren’t you fae’s supposed to live in each others pockets? Never leave the realm in which you come from?” Rain had heard many different stories, and the Fae’s which she encountered never lived for long; not long enough to Rain to satisfy her hunger for answers. “Honestly, I have no idea. I eat them before I hear much come out of their mouths” She snorted a laugh before looking at her curiously. “Why don’t you live with your kind? Aren’t you stronger in numbers? Similar to us Siren’s, the colony is never truly far away” 

But, there again, she was not one to judge Nixie - Rain was very much a lone Siren despite some her relationships with Deasea siren’s. She was too determined to find her family in Aquada and avenge her abandonment to form meaningful relationships. She nodded as she listened to why Nix hunts and what she sells in her shop. “Have you not been accused of witchcraft? The Human king is still an absolute bastard and is insecurities have still left witchcraft as an illegal matter” Rain was curious as to how the young woman had escaped the King’s men coming for her. “You do know what alcohol is… Right? You’re not pulling my tail are ya?” 

Nerissa tilted her head in confusion for a moment as she looked upon the Siren with honey colored hues. “Too good at magic? Why is that? And what do you mean at one point? Are you still not magical?” Questions were kind of  a thing for her to the point she could be rather annoying with them. “So magic was useful at an open point for you?” She looked at the tail and smiled at it. “So magic just helped you unlock even more beauty?” The fae said clearly not understanding why magic could have been too powerful.

She did think on how to answer her next question before smiling at her. “I guess that makes me a rebel fae?  Kind of badass no?” She asked, trying to see if she was impressed by this new learned fact before sighing softly for a moment. “I ran from my people. Long drawn out story.” She said then with a touch of sadness on her face as she moved to make sure the wound was submerged in the soothing waters. “You can be strong alone, because you can blend easier. Though it can be lonely.” She said honestly before flicking her gaze back to the Siren’s face for a moment. “Though if you wanna know the truth I could tell you. Yet I fear it may make your want to eat me grow more.” She chuckled. “So Sirens are part of Colonies?” She asked noting to write that term down.

She moved to work on the paste and would have to place on trying to figure out how to make a bandage water resistant. “Well no, but I am often out of the king's reach with my friends. All he knows is I sell flowers.” She smiled proudly at herself as if she had just found the secret to life. Then thought for a moment, “Oh you mean that nasty stuff my friend likes to drink?” She stood and moved to find a bottle and returned with a bottle of  rum he had left behind. “Why would I pull your injured tail?” She asked back after handing her the bottle. “That wouldn’t help it heal. May even make the wound worse.”

It had been many years since Rainore ever had to enter the memories of her past, particularly ones that related to her very demise. The concept of her being a Witch was the very reason as to why she was thrown overboard, despite the fact that there was never magic running through her veins; at least, at the time when the very thought of Sirens and Banshees alike were nothing more than bedtime stories. However, on this occasion, The King and his men were wrong so very wrong yet Rain; although still very much angry at them, she was now thankful for their haste as she had become the true version of herself. Rainore mused and twirled the water with her fingertip. “No, no. At the time I had no idea I had magic in these veins, none whatsoever.” She exhaled. “Yet there were people that believed I did, and I was tried almost as a Witch which unbeknown to me and them… I was a creature of magic” Rain indicated down to her tail.  

Rain glanced at the Fae beside her, watching her with interest as she tried to find the words to describe her being and how she ended up where she was now. A musical laugh escaped her lips. “The blood in your veins is making me want to eat you far greater than any story you can tell me. Although, from your very scent, I can guess you come from a very powerful line of Fae’s. I’ve never quite smelt anything like it” The Siren visibly inhaled and smiled as the Fae’s scent caressed her nostrils. “So hit me, why is it you choose to travel alone?” 

She wasn’t surprised when more questions followed suit about The Siren kind, in fact, it showed her just how little information other species and each other. It was quite sad and worrisome but at the same time, she thought it made their survival and coexistence quite exciting. “Yes, colonies. It’s nothing crazy to get your head around. It’s like a group of people that come from the part of the sea, like you know, The Scottish and English. And dependant of the sea we come from, that impacts the colour of your tail. Mine is black as I originate from Aquada.” 

“So you do know what alcohol is? But you haven’t had some to your liking? Oh my dear Fae, you have no traveled at all. Not all alcohol is nasty. If you don’t try and kill me again, and once I’ve had some nourishing food, I can show you some of my favourite joints for drink” 

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