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All I've Ever Wanted (Clarice and Ostana)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Clarice De Biville - Council Nov 11. 1 Reply

"Find her!" "Find Her!""FIND! HER!"The shutters on Ostana's window flew…Continue

In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostana]

Started this discussion. Last reply by Vestein Winther Nov 9. 7 Replies

Into the dark of night, she ran. Over everything else, running was the one constant thing she seemed to be the most skilled at. Although many people would argue that. Libelle and her other ladies all…Continue


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Clarice De Biville - Council replied to Ruby's discussion All I've Ever Wanted (Clarice and Ostana)
"Clarice had looked at the loom and recently events seem to be colliding soon. She couldn’t pinpoint what was going to exactly happen. She would have to follow the threads and one of those clusters of threads seem to land her at The Dragon…"
Nov 11
Vestein Winther replied to Ruby's discussion In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostana]
"Those captive eyes of hers held his form as he talked, any other person he wouldn’t have overly minded but with her it felt as if she was trying to get into his mind. That scared him, as his mind was the only thing he had to himself. He had…"
Nov 9
Ruby replied to Ruby's discussion In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostana]
"Her vibrant blue eyes travelled to his lips as he spoke to help her understand what he was saying better. His language wasn't far from her own which is how and why she was able to pick up from her clients so quickly. She knew quite a few…"
Oct 18
Ruby is now friends with Jade De La Vega-Ryoko and Syren
Oct 18
Vestein Winther replied to Ruby's discussion In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostana]
"When the door opened as he stood there like a fool lost in his thoughts on if he should ask the elders questions on if it was possible to have a one way mate. Watching her face remain emotionless and empty was intriguing, not even annoyed that he…"
Aug 27
Clarice De Biville - Council and Ruby are now friends
Jul 28
Ruby posted a discussion

All I've Ever Wanted (Clarice and Ostana)

"Find her!" "Find Her!""FIND! HER!"The shutters on Ostana's window flew open. Slamming against the walls and rattling her awake. Today marks a year she's been having these dreams. Losing sleep over seeing her mother's face as she urged her to find someone named Coastillon. She groaned and rubbed her throbbing head. Breathing deep to calm her pounding heart. The moon was…See More
Jul 27
Ruby replied to Ruby's discussion In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostana]
""find... ...find... ...you                         must find...                           …"
Jul 18
Ruby and Asha Kothari are now friends
Jul 18
Vestein Winther replied to Ruby's discussion In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostana]
"Watching the beauty of her wolf dance along her features he was lost in the beauty of her wild as the hook of her fist met him. Feeling his body budge under her small hand he gave a gentle chuckle running his fingers along where she hit.…"
Jun 10
Ruby replied to Ruby's discussion In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostanna]
"Suddenly, everything was moving far too fast around her. She blinked and the men were dead. She blinked again and the woman was wrapped up on her way home. Again and she was unexpectedly in his arms and his lips were on hers.  All before the…"
Jan 11
Vestein Winther replied to Ruby's discussion In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostanna]
"Cocky, Arrogance, and Egotistical were all the things that he was called long before his life changed to one where he was dependent on blood. Becoming the thing that killed him, vowing to keep others from his fate with his fellow warriors that fell…"
Jan 3
Ruby posted a discussion

In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostanna]

Into the dark of night, she ran. Over everything else, running was the one constant thing she seemed to be the most skilled at. Although many people would argue that. Libelle and her other ladies all knew this night was coming, it was just a matter of when it would. Ostana had told them she would go sometime soon but couldn't bear to tell them when because the moment they said their teary eyed goodbyes her resolve for leaving would crumble. She needed to leave though. Every woman here had some…See More
Oct 9, 2021
Ruby and Vega are now friends
Aug 19, 2021
Ruby replied to Clarice De Biville - Council's discussion Timeless Masquerade Ball (Event thread open to all)
"It was a warm and quiet day at The Dragon Lady. Ostana was up early. Hoping to get a leg in before the chaos of the day set in. Taking the opportunity of the brothel being closed in the morning to fix some odds and ends things around the building.…"
Aug 16, 2021
Ruby commented on Clarice De Biville - Council's event Timeless Masquerade Ball
Aug 16, 2021

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Ostana Léah Bellinfold

One last shrill scream into the night and the village fell silent. The palpable air filled with nerves. Until the sad cries of a newborn sliced through the thick air. The village took a collective sigh as they returned to their festivities through the night. Alastor, the crying newborn’s father being pulled to the side. “It’s a girl.” The nurse's bittersweet tone isn’t noticed as he rushes to see his wife and meet their child. Unprepared for the sight before him of his deceased wife cradling their premature daughter. Her mother gave her last breath while staring down at her. Telling her she loved her.

Ostana, Alastor named her after mother, was the only girl to his fifteen strong strapping sons. She was the smallest too, being born early and not having her own mother to nurse her. Alastor didn’t know how to raise a girl. So he raised her just like all his sons. Making her dress like a boy. Calling her Oz or Ozzy to fool their village and pack into believing she was just another son. She didn’t look like a male, however. Ostana took after her mother even as a baby. She was gorgeous and feminine looking. Unable to pass as androgynous at the very least. No one questioned Alastor's word though. He was of high standing in the village and pack that ran it. He even bound her breast and hid her hair as she began to develop and refused to cut her hair after being told of how her mother kept her hair. She looked too much like the girl she was with her hair long to pass as a boy with long hair like some of her brothers, and Alastor wasn’t cruel enough to cut it after learning her reason for growing it out.

In the Bellinfold family to eat you had to fight. Ostana earning the scraps most days unless a brother who wasn’t too rabid was close and gave her their serving. Or she managed to actually hold onto the food she fought for before it was forced from her fists. They were a working family too. So regardless of how little or much food you got each meal you still had to rise and work. All of these things kept Ostana malnourished. Her work to food intake ratio was unbalanced. So this kept her more petite than she already was. It made the strength she still managed to have surprising. Appearing weak but being much stronger than some of the other female wolves in her village. Yet no one really knew she was a girl. Though they had their suspicions.

From a young age, Ostana knew she was would be married off like her brothers for the betterment of the Bellinfold name in the pack. Her very eligible brothers finding powerful wives with heavy dowries. Boosting the Bellinfold family until the Alpha appointed Alastor and the Bellinfold family the title of Beta permanently. For every next Alpha in the pack, there would be a Bellinfold as a Beta but Alastor soon made his final move in this game he was playing. Setting Ostana to be married to the Alpha's only child. A bastard. Jack Brone. Jack's father knowing from her birth that Ostana was a girl because Alastor had to tell him the truth to be trusted. Promising him the humble dowry his wife had put to the side for their daughter. Ostana and Jack met as children and all Tana felt for Jack was sadness and pity.

Jack wasn’t loved. He didn’t know kindness. Or what gentleness was. He didn’t accept it from anyone either not trusting anyone. Ostana tried, knowing he would be her future husband but in the end, he didn’t want her niceness. Or gentle touch. He nearly broke her wrist one day in their preteens when they were spending forced time together. That was her first sign of what to expect from their future together. She didn’t even have time to let her wrist heal. Her father expecting her to keep working on the severe sprain. Her wrist eventually breaking from her workload and fights for her food. This endless cycle of working. Fighting and pain. Made her very guarded. Hard and mistrusting. She learned first-hand that words meant nothing. Action was everything and working hard felt satisfying but often didn’t earn you respect, or grant you the dream you worked towards unless you found other means to achieve it.

At eighteen she was at last presented to her village and pack as Ostana. As a woman. Though everyone speculated. They were all astonished at her beauty seeing it fully as her long dark locks naturally twisted and curled down her back. Her dress hugged the curves her father tried so hard to hide all these years. She was stunning and it stunned everyone in the village and pack how they let themselves believe Ozzy was a boy this whole time. She moved in with her fiancé Jack soon after. Who she hoped had learned something of kindness and mercy now that they were older. Yet he had her knocked on her back the first moment they were in their new home alone. Using her and every part of her however he wanted. He tried to break her and make her believe she wasn’t good for anything but what he used her for but his efforts backfired because rather than make her submissive it made her more dominant and defiant. She fought back every day even when she was tired of fighting. Even when she knew at the moment she would lose. Then he broke her wrist again and it felt like she had just gotten over the complications from when it was broken last time. So at last, she ran.

In her past, she had tried time and time again to run but one of her fifteen brothers would catch and bring her home. None of them telling their father because they feared what he might do to her if he knew. When she ran this time she was no longer under Alastor’s authority so her brothers let her run when they saw her. Jack, of course, couldn’t have this. So he hunted her down. Looping in his father and Alastor when he realised he couldn’t locate her and that got the whole pack searching. Ostana never stopped running. All those years of heavy work and fighting to survive in her family made her strong enough to almost never have to stop. Even while injured. Disguising her scent and looks with dirt and mud which helped make her a deterrent to men and their advances, but it also meant no one wanted to help her.

She ran for so long and now she was so far from home in a populated city where her scent would get lost in the crowd even when she smelled like herself again. She could barely even stand and her vision was doubled but she still kept running or trying. Her wrist healing wrong it caused more harm to her as she staggered and stumbled forward. Someone was going to have to break and reset her wrist if she wanted to use it at this point. Someone just as powerful as her.

She struggled to The Dragon Lady after a few people in the city took pity on her and thought the brothel owner who was all alone would take her in if she agreed to work for her. They didn’t tell her that though. They only said she MIGHT help. She whimpered pushing the doors open. Calling out for this Dragon Woman she'd heard of and when Libelle, at last, approached all Ostana could do was rest her head on her and beg her for help before her trembling body finally collapsed. Just short a few days of making a year on the run.

Libelle did take Ostana in and not so she could make her one of her ladies but because it was the right thing to do. She kept Ostana hidden as she nursed her back to health. Not wanting the clients that came thinking she was a new worker to try anything and wind up torn to pieces by Ostana. With proper rest and care, Ostana healed just as quickly as she was supposed to as a Lupine. She was back on her feet working to earn her keep and stay even though she didn’t need to by cleaning. Cooking and fixing everything in the Brothel while Libelle did the actual hard work. Discovering one night just how rough this line of work could be on one person when it was Libelle who needed to be cared for now. Becoming Libelle's First Lady of the house wasn’t immediate. Ostana had to get over her fear of touch and other triggers rooted in her, anger first. She got countless offers whenever the Brothel opened at night though and due to her naturally silent manner and biological beauty she was highly sought after. Libelle wanting to protect her temporary ward's identity called Ostana, Ruby when asked about her one night after the man had struck out with the phlegmatic and nonverbal Ostana sitting in the corner near the piano.

Ostana hated how alone in this Libelle felt she was so she slowly began to ask her to let her help. To make her her first worker. To trust her. Which was a lot to ask but Ostana had lived with her for a spell now and built this building back up as it fell apart. She assumed it was the only building Libelle was allowed to buy as a woman and lone worker. With Ostana however, whose life was hard manual labor and know-how was how to build and fix just about anything thanks to her father raising her like his sons The Dragon Lady was renovated in no time and soon had two workers rather than the lone one. It was just the two of them for a while. Taking care of each other and their home. Learning from one another and quickly becoming best friends. Quickly becoming family.

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