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The Sea Witch Curse (Dorian and open)

Started Sep 2, 2023 0 Replies

✧ the sea witch curse ✧The job that was given, was one that had cost him several crewmates. As he pulled back into the closet port, he found himself itching in annoyance. He wanted to go to the man…Continue

Shore Leave (Verity and Dorian)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Dorian Echoxera Apr 17. 4 Replies

✧ Shore Leave ✧…Continue

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Dorian Echoxera replied to Dorian Echoxera's discussion Shore Leave (Verity and Dorian)
"✧ Shore Leave ✧Dorian emitted a light chuckle from his lips, "Having never ventured out to sea and yet being so closely involved with it appears nearly impossible. I cannot fathom a life devoid of it." He leaned slightly on the table as…"
Apr 17
Verity Fairchild replied to Dorian Echoxera's discussion Shore Leave (Verity and Dorian)
"Nothing came as a surprise to her these days. For who comes in and out these doors they were all the same to her. She wasn't one to judge these days, having become more open minded and less pretentious. A far cry from the life she once lived…"
Sep 8, 2023
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"Dorian Echoxera: Sept 2nd"
Sep 2, 2023
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August Activity Check at onsite

August 7, 2023 at 6pm to September 10, 2023 at 7pm
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Sep 2, 2023
Dorian Echoxera posted a discussion

The Sea Witch Curse (Dorian and open)

✧ the sea witch curse ✧The job that was given, was one that had cost him several crewmates. As he pulled back into the closet port, he found himself itching in annoyance. He wanted to go to the man who placed the job on the board and yank his ear off and eat it in front of him. “The job isn’t priced properly.” He said to his first mate who grumbled in response. “The fact they dare post this job, and have no idea of the risk of it in tales…” He made his way off the ship down the port to the…See More
Sep 2, 2023
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"Dorian Echoxera - May 20th"
May 20, 2023
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May 20, 2023
Dorian Echoxera replied to Dorian Echoxera's discussion Shore Leave (Verity and Dorian)
"✧ Shore Leave ✧A few hands down and Dorian was up in the money department. As some of his men had wandered upstairs with women of the brothel he was happy to have them have their fun in a place that accepted all kinds past their doors. Most…"
May 20, 2023
Verity Fairchild replied to Dorian Echoxera's discussion Shore Leave (Verity and Dorian)
"Verity always thought her future was all set for her. It would be all clear. Like a fairytale. To live a quiet and simple life. Marrying a nobleman, having many children and living peacefully. It was something she’d always dreamed about and…"
Apr 27, 2023
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"As Promised Shore Leave"
Mar 25, 2023
Dorian Echoxera posted a discussion

Shore Leave (Verity and Dorian)

✧ Shore Leave ✧As the salt licked his face from the water that splashed the bow of his ship he smiled towards the open sail, though a gentle frown came to his face once land was in view.…See More
Mar 25, 2023
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Mar 25, 2023
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Mar 25, 2023
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"Welcome to The Colony, Dorian Grey Keep singin' and killin'  - I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your ship on the horizon "
Mar 23, 2023
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Mar 22, 2023

Honor among thieves


full name Dorian Wainwright Echoxera
nicknames Dor, Orian
pirate name Silver Tongue The Feared
age looks Thirty Five - Forty
date of birth February 28th
zodiac Pisces
gender Male
sexuality Heterosexual
r. Status Single
Partner None
occupation Pirate/King of Locktry Deep
residenceShip - Cleodora Reef
HometownLocktry Deep Colony


Positives Dashing, Resilient, Cunning, Silver Tongued
Negatives Greedy, Reckless, Relentless, Silver Tongued Tied
Habits Drinking, Stealing, Killing
HobbiesSwimming, Singing, Collecting things
LikesShiny things, His Twin Sister, Weapons
DislikesAuthorities, Being on land

Briney Deep

Sirens falling in love with a human isn’t fully unheard of but was rare; it was even rarer for those of The Lockery Deep Colony in the Indian Ocean near Australia. The Lockery Deep Colony was a brutal kingdom. The king would kill any male born siren to keep his reign as king taking multiple wives to keep the blood going. Cleodora was a daughter of the king and his fifth - his list favorite- wife. Cleodora was sent out with the others to bring back human flesh for the colony to feast upon. Her and her pod of deadly killers would lure ships of men to crash to their death and reap the fruits of their carcass all with the voice they were blessed with.

One day as Cleodora and the pod called a ship to the rocks, as she went to drag a man's unconscious body down to the depths she was in awe of him. Taking in how beautiful he was and the kind energy he let off she couldn’t bring herself to bring him down for her father to feast upon. While the other sirens were in a frenzy with the bodies they were collecting of the dead Cleodora collected the pirate and dragged him into a nearby cave system that was dry and safe for the few hours she was going to have to leave him. Covering him in a wet cloth from the ship wreckage she grabbed another body and dragged it home.

When the wee hours of the morning came she ditched her colony to wander back to where the cave was. Since Cleodora wasn’t one to rebel against the colony orders no one questioned she was going. As she came to the cave she placed seaweed wrapped fish on the entryway of the cave taking in the man as he stirred awake. As the groggy male woke the first thing he noticed was the beautiful woman poking her head out of the water offering him food. All he could do was drag his body over to her “Thank you but where am I?” He asked grogley.

Cleodora explained where he was, showing him her tail and what she was and how much danger he was properly in. He needed to find a way to leave and to never return. She knew he would just become another meal if he didn’t leave. Warning of the oceans and the dangers it held, she couldn’t stand the idea of him losing his life to her kind or other danger. Wainwright offered his name and pointed out in that moment the sparks that were flying between the pair.

Before he could continue to plead his case there was a boat that created the horizon and Cleodora pressed her hands over his ears and let her siren song leave her lips to draw the ship closer to him. She then uncovered his ears and begged him to leave. He only agreed to leave if she promised to meet him every full moon at this cave. After much back and forth she finally agreed to meet him on the full moon at the cave. She ducked back under the water to return home only thoughts of him filled her mind. The boat drew closer rescuing Wainwright taking him to the shores of Australia where he turned around stealing a boat and making his way back to the cave after gathering supplies.

Reaching the cave before the full moon was at its apex he set up a picnic for the pair. Soon Cleodora was there walking into the cave in her human form joining him inside of the cave. She explained to him that she couldn’t eat his food as it would make her sick. She explained how she and her people survive off the flesh of humans, how he in fact was meant to be a meal for her and her colony. She hoped it would strike fear in him and cause him to run far away. Yet those sparks are what kept him alive in the end. At the end of the evening she agreed to return to the cave on the next full moon but warned him once again. So began their courtship.

One of their evenings in the cave was when Cleodora became pregnant with his child. Once she realized she was pregnant Cleodora freaked out after all the king would learn that she had to have relations with a human as all the other colony males were killed off under the king's orders. She begged Wainwright to take their child far away from there once she or he was born. Confidant she could keep the pregnancy hidden till the birth. Wainwright begged her to just run away with him and there that they could have a life filled with love together. Cleodora agreed but only after their child was born in the waters of her home colony. She believed that giving birth in their colony water to bless the child. No matter how many times he asked Cleodora was stuck in her beliefs.

As the month of the child's birth drew closer, Wainwright stayed close wanting to start their lives together already but more importantly be close for a quick escape. Cleodora was set to leave that night as she could feel the child's birth was near. As she was about to leave her father came into her home in a rage. He lashed out attacking Cleodora calling her all horrendous names. Crying out as the brutal attack led to her to start giving birth, first came a son (Dorian), and to her surprise next came a daughter (Melody). The king's attacks came to a halt when he realized a new girl he could marry was born. Cleodora took the chance to take hold of her child and take off towards the ship where Wainwright was waiting impatiently.

As Cleodora broke the surface of a bloody mess she climbed aboard the ship and told Wainwright to take off. Plugging his ears he took off as the king and his female army crested the surface trying to sing him back to his death. Once he was sure he was a safe distance away. He turned back to Cleodora and their twins, only to find the woman he loved dead with the twins clinging to her. He knew the names she would have named them as they had talked about it many nights as their birth drew closer. Naming the Boy Dorian and the Girl Melody the surname of their underwater home Echoxera became the name he took on his last name also.

Wainwright being heartbroken could only raise the twins on the water as their special diet kicked in he found himself crossing lines he didn’t think about before. As he believed Cleodora would be alive to handle this part of their species' needs. Once Dorian became of an age his father put him in charge of keeping his sister safe and fed. Doing his best Wainwright tried to tell them the stories of where they were from yet it was hard when he had to think of his ex lover and their mother. His heart hurt daily over her loss. When the twins turned thirteen Wainwright felt Dorian was old enough to care for himself and his sister. He found his own heart was finally giving out. He managed to hold on as long as he could, writing a letter to Dorian and Melody he laid in his bed and let his heart stop as he thought of Cleodora to his last breath.

Dorian found his dead father with the notes explaining the ship was his now making him captain and how he should keep his sister safe and to never return to the Indian ocean. Dorian had watched his father learning to be a pirate and how his siren skills would only be a benefit in this face. Taking the Title of Captain he and his sister ran one of the most notorious and profitable ships using their siren abilities to subdue others to eat them and steal their treasures. After a certain amount of time Dorian found himself cocky and not paying attention to what oceans they were sailing into. Targets were placed on their backs.

The king of Locktry Deep Colony sent a pod to find the pair one evening as they learned of their ship due to the stories told about them. The pod easily overpowered the pair because they were used to fighting off humans. They were dragged to Locktry Deep. The king took Melody to be his nineteenth wife and sentenced Dorian to death. Yet Dorian wasn’t going down without a fight so taking hold of the closest weapon he attacked the king.

The fight was felt throughout the kingdom as Dorian was sure he only won out of dumb luck but eventually the dead king's body floated to the ground of the throne room and Dorian felt the tension in the air as if he was going to be ripped apart when he heard a cry of joy from the crowd. It was the eighteenth wife crying tears of joy as she held her growing belly sure she was with a male child. Once she thanked Dorian the crowd soon began to celebrate the king's death. The kingdom of Locktry Deep partied all night and when morning came Dorian and Melody were set out to return to their ship and leave. Yet they were stopped.

The twins were explained the role that would be required of them now. How they would need to report to Persephone and the life of their species. While this struck a chord with the pair, Melody wished to stay in Locktry Deep and Dorian wished to be back on his ship. So the Pair agreed to be royals of Locktry Deep but in a different manner. Just how their father was from land and their mother from sea they would protect the colony in their own manners.

Melody would stay in Locktry Deep and Dorian would return to this ship. The pair would meet every third full moon to give over what was new and when the time to go to Persphone came they would do so together and so for the first time in their lives the twins separated.

Dorian was surprised how lonely it felt at first returning to land to get a crew to sail the seas with. He often looked for non humans as it made his feeding on human flesh more acceptable among the supernatural kind. Taking on the captain name Dorian “Silver Tongue” the feared. Continuing to be notorious on the seas even though he was doing so now to keep Locktry Deep safe, and serve Persphone. Keeping his word every third full moon he and his sister would meet and get over their duties as royals of Locktry Deep and even just to catch up. Making the colony a blooming colony of the Blue Tailed Sirens.


Alias Linds, Darling
Pronouns She/Her
Plot With MeGoogle Form


Species Siren
Tail Color Blue
Build Athletic
height Five foot eleven inches
Weight One hundred and sixty-one pounds
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Blue
Handedness Ambidextrous
Faceclaim Colin O'Donoghue
Distinguishing Marks A scar under his right eye from fighting with the former king of Locktry Deep
TattoosA compass on his forearm, a M on his inner left wrist
Scentmint, sea water and neroli as heart notes, and oakmoss, musk and sandalwood as base notes.

Yo Ho Ho

Siren's Song This is an enticing sound to almost everyone, particularly humans; their song can manipulate their victim to do their bidding or simply beckon them closer to feed.
Amphibious Transformation A siren is able to transform into a human at will, however, this is incredibly painful.
Speed Swimming A Siren's tail can propel them through the sea at incredible speed; even in the roughest of currents air.
Immortality Sirens are immortal and cannot die from old age or disease.
Strength A Siren is noticeably stronger than a human
Healing A Siren can heal quickly to minor wounds.


Melody Echoxera
Twin Sister - Best Friend
FC: Ivy Latimer


The Renaissance - Future
1-3 Threads
Shore Leave - Verity Fairchild

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Welcome to The Colony, Dorian Grey

Keep singin' and killin'  - I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your ship on the horizon 


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