Adventuring through twisted time.

Verity Fairchild
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"To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered"

about the writer.
ALIAS Kaelyn
PRONOUNS she / her
PREFERRED POV third person.
MASCOT Adelaide Kane
Favourite Books ACOTAR AND TOG
LIKES Formula 1

contacting the writer.
DISCORD Alice_S#7969

"You do not yeild."
trivial facts.
BIOLOGICALLY Verity Fairchild
DISTINGUISHING MARKS Faint scars on wrist from shackles when held captive when human
HOMETOWNWarwick, England.
Current Residence London
Sexuality Pansexual
Accent Britsh
skills and abilities.
THE GOODDown to earth, Selfless, Driven
THE BADInsecure, Cynical, Focused
past present and future.

Verity was born into a highborn family, her father was Lord Nicolas Fairchild. A wealthy and noble man. They lived at Warwick castle and its estate that was being run by Nicolas’s eldest son William who was forty-five years old, married with 2 children. The lord's younger son Peter was forty two and unmarried and with no children. Probably there were many illegitimate children. Both men were the sons of the duke’s first wife, Constance, who was the daughter of another fellow lord, coming from an aristocratic lineage. Their marriage didn’t last long; she died from tuberculosis when the boys were only four and seven.

Nicolas raised and brought up his boys alone until he fell in love with a beautiful woman Eleanor many years later when the boys were already in their twenties and he was in his fifties. They married quickly and Eleanor conceived a child soon after they were married but she died only a few days after giving birth to their daughter Verity from complications from childbirth. Nicolas devoted his life to raising his daughter Verity. From the moment she was born was the apple of her fathers eyes.

They shared a close father-daughter bond. The two were inseparable. Nicolas would take Verity to visit all different places around England. Home educated and taught her everything he knew, whether it be running of the house or how to fit into society. Verity had a good childhood but she was never close to either of her brothers. They were already grown adults by the time she was born. William and Peter were jealous of their sister who had taken all of their fathers attention. Resenting her from the moment she was born. That their father favoured her. Neither gave Verity the chance to make their mind up from day one she was nothing to them.

Verity was happy with her life until everything came crumbling down when her father started to get sick. Already he was in his 70’s where illnesses came thick and fast. She devoted all her time to caring for her father, trying to do whatever she could to help make him better. The fever took him in the end he died with her at his side but with one of his last dying breaths he gave her a package with money inside. Making Verity promise that she would take it and keep it safe for her to use only if she had to. Nicholas pressed her before he died that he didn’t have much faith in his sons to entrust that Verity would be cared for and looked after. He knew deep down of his son's resentment to her. That he wanted to ensure that even after he was gone that she would be looked after even after he was gone.

Nicholas was right in his predictions soon after his death his eldest son Peter took the title and was now the master of the house. Taking charge in how it was run. Deciding to do the opposite to what his father had down, cutting costs and getting rid of all of the hangers on. Including his own sister. Giving Verity the choice of working to earn her keep in the house. Downgrading her to be only the help. Shutting her out on everything. Verity wasn’t stupid she knew her brother wanted her out. Peter had even made arrangements to make sure that she would be as far away from his new home as possible. Sending Verity far away to be a nanny for a connection he knew. Making Verity feel like she was an outsider in her home.

Verity knew it would be difficult to find a job of her own with no references or anything. Nobody would dare take her on that she would be only designed to be a housekeeper at most. She knew she didn’t have much choice. Other girls her age were out finding suitors, getting married and starting new lives. Her father tried to keep Verity from growing up too soon but now it was too late. Verity knew that her brother would not want her to find a rich and eligible bachelor. He’d most likely find someone who was twice her age. Widowed, only wanting a prety thing as breeding stock. Something that she did want. Always as a little girl she dreamed of falling in love. Happily ever after and all that. Not wanting to marry for nobility or for money. Her father always reminded her of how he was in a loveless marriage with her brother's mother and then finding his true love with her mother after.

This job that her brother had offered her was her only chance to get out before she would be stuck living a life of being a servant to her brothers. To be reminded every day that she was a failure and a nobody to them. It would only be a miserable life. One that she knew she didn’t want to live.

Verity held her head up high as she left her family home as she left on the horse drawn carriage that would be taking to her new and first proper job. It took a day of travelling when she arrived at the new household. It was somewhat unexpected so to say. Finding soon as she started the job she was thrown in the deep end. Being left in charge of children of all ages, more than she first anticipated. Most likely was all planned by her brother that she was doomed to fail before she even started. Verity was determined to prove him wrong. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of taking another thing away from her.

It was a struggle at first but after a few weeks Verity managed to have it all under control even the family who she was nannying for were somewhat impressed but would never say it to her face. Even the children were growing attachments to her. Things were going so well and upwards for her thinking she was finding happiness after the heartbreak of her fathers death until everything came crumbling down.

The family of those who she worked threw a party for their guests and acquaintances. It was nothing new as they liked to go or throw parties but this one was different from the rest. One of the guests chose to stay later than expected. Philip was his name. He was one who came from money but most of it was obtained from gambling. Late evening Verity was downstairs to get a glass of water in the middle of the night, she found herself trapped by this man. He was already slurring his words and probably had a few too many drinks. She found herself trapped as he tried putting his hands all over her. Verity begged and pleaded to be let go even though she tried to run but he still had a grasp on her.

She fought back, hitting him in the head with enough force for him to let go that probably would have made a mark. But it gave her a chance to run away much to his dismay and shouting. Verity left the kitchen and ran back upstairs hoping that he wouldn’t follow. And locked herself up in her room still startled by what had happened. When she woke in the morning and went downstairs she was greeted by the displeased faces of the ones who she worked for followed by Philip who now had a black eye.

Verity could already guess he told them what had happened but told it from a different perspective making him be the victim instead of her. The young Fairchild found herself being sacked and thrown out. They didn’t want their children to be looked after by someone like her. There were words that they used to describe her that she wanted to forget. Philip spun the story for them to be on his side; she wasn’t given the chance and opportunity to tell them what really happened.

Verity found her without a job and no references either. Once again she had nothing but this time was worse she had no other way to find work. In other words she was ruined, it was how others would see her. The family had put her in a terrible position. She found herself on the streets of London in destitute, carrying all the belongings that she owned. People were looking and staring at her. Many were exchanging glances and whispering to others.

She was all unaware that she was being followed by someone who was lurking in the shadows. Catching his eye. A woman walking the streets of London all alone. An easy target. All day Verity was all unaware that she was being stalked, not knowing that she was being followed wherever she went as she tried to find somewhere to stay and to work. Every place was the same, not wanting to employ her with no references.

That night she was taken by someone who was lurking in the shadows. It happened all quick. A blow to the head was enough for her to be knocked out. When she awoke, she was in a place that she didn’t recognise. Shackles on the wrist with chains that were bolted to the walls. It wasn’t even a room so say it was a cell. It was all dark with only a bit of light showing. She’d been taken hostage. Her dress was all ripped, her skin was showing. Bruises and open wounds scattered her body.

Verity was kept hostage by somebody who she never saw properly the face of they always kept themselves in the shadows. For the first few days she was left all alone. Screaming and crying to be let out. Hoping someone would hear her and free her but nobody came. She never knew how much time had passed. Days, weeks, months or even years had passed. Living in captivity. The one who locked her up was a sanguine. One that likes to prey on lonely and innocent woman. Taking those who nobody would miss. Verity was fed on for months, years. All she was good for was a blood bag. The sanguine made sure of it. Never growing an attachment.

The Fairchild Woman had lost hope a long time ago. She had become a cell of a woman she once was. Nearly becoming just skin and bone. Weak from being used as a blood bag by the one who kept her captive. Verity only wishes for it to be over with. Wishing her own death open herself. Wanting for it to be all over with.

The sanguine had become a bit sloppy in his methods. He was growing bored of her by now, wanting to get rid of her. Instead of killing her quickly he wanted to watch her die, a slow and torturous death. The sanguine was a twisted being. Evil in every way.

He wanted for her to go through the motions of turning her to one like him. The sanguine was very sure that she wouldn’t survive the process. Thinking and seeing her only as weak and pathetic that she wouldn’t survive it. So one night the sanguine nearly drank her blood completely before letting her drink some of his blood. The whole thing was excruciating. The most pain she’s ever felt. Like her whole body was on fire. Wishing for the pain to take her. To end it. Waiting and wishing for death that never came instead she survived it. She was a survivor…

Verity survived the transition sanguine. The one who held her captive and turned her didn’t think that she’d survive, he was sure of it. With the new power surging through her for the first time in years she fought back again against him. Taking him by surprise. He didn’t expect her to live let alone fight back. Grabbing the chains that were still left nearby in her cell she wrapped them right around his next right around and pulled hard as she could. Putting all her force in it until its head was ripped right from his body and he was dead.

She was free.

Now managing to escape she fled the hell that she’d been living in. All she focused on was escaping, but she saw what was one of her belongings in one of the rooms. Probably a trinket that her one who held her captive was keeping. Inside was the money that was left by her father, she was happy and relieved that it was still there. Verity quickly grabbed what she could before running out of the place.

As soon as she opened the door she was blinded by the sunlight. Not seeing it for good knows how long. She had to keep going. Looking around it was some sort of woods surrounding her. Verity kept on walking further and further hoping that she could see and find something or someone. Verity stumbled out of the woods into the busy streets of London where everybody stopped and stared at her. Her clothes were all ripped and she was covered in blood. Some of it was hers and some were not. Verity soon passed out under the back entrance of a taven where she was found by someone called Devon. He took her in and helped her seeing that she had been through hell and back.

It took time for her to heal and get back to her old self. To adapt to the new her and the new normal. Accepting what and who she knew was. It wasn’t going to be easy but she was determined to see it out. After she had her blood lust and feeind all under control, Devon persuaded and brought her to The Green Dragon to work. Verity had her say in it not wanting to work as a prostitute there wanting a different type of a job. Being brought up all ladylike still carried it’s values but was open minded and wasn’t one to judge. Preferring to have another job within. Libelle welcomes her into The Green Dragon with open arms and that’s where she’s been ever since.

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Seeing as you offered me a small fluffy toy, how could I refuse. 

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As Promised Shore Leave

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I come bearing a gift.

No, it's not blood...

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Welcome to the sanguine, Verity.

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