Adventuring through twisted time.

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Profile Information

Do you understand that your application will only be approved after you've submitted your species form?
/salutes the council; yas monsieurs !
How did you hear about Timeless? ( Be specific )

i'ma a mess. in a dress.. |[ always an edit in progress ]|

rhye @ hvneyq
NEED CODING ASSISTANCE ? when it comes to giving assistance; i'm all for it. learning has always been something that i enjoy and over the years of having taught myself a hella load of coding — why not share what i know? this of course doesn't mean that i somehow have an answer for every single query but i will try my best to find some kind of answer, or alternative outcome, for you because as i've stated earlier, i have always loved learning. desired contact via discord & comments.
↦ CURRENTLY AVAILABLE HTMLS : numerous htmls posted via discord, influenced profile,
the writer
PRONOUNS she / her

ALIAS rhye,

LOCATION the land down under

MASCOT lucille h. crystal r. zoey d.

ABILITIES constructing html layouts,
& bending codes to my will

SITE POSITION assisting with code maintenance

THREAD STYLE 1x1, & discord

nathalia ivy winona agreste
PRONOUNS she / her
KNOWN BY nat, thalia, noah,
OCCUPATIONagreste heiress
RESIDENCE living in the shadows
SEXUALITY graysexual
PARTNER attachments ? ew.
LANGUAGES numerous
* --
SPECIES immortal human
EYES light brown
HAIR darkened brunette
to be divulged at a later date / Aenean elementum purus turpis, sit amet porta arcu condimentum eget. Integer consectetur molestie erat. Duis sed urna a dui vestibulum iaculis eget ac risus. Mauris dignissim mauris sed neque pulvinar aliquet. Duis pulvinar rhoncus est, quis fermentum est feugiat vitae. Vestibulum eget tortor luctus, scelerisque ligula nec, feugiat orci. Phasellus ac hendrerit tellus, quis molestie mauris. Praesent eu est eu sem ullamcorper porttitor. Etiam nisi ante, finibus quis neque et, molestie efficitur nisi. Fusce efficitur, tellus facilisis sodales blandit, quam nisl interdum arcu, eget sodales dui odio nec nisi.
her one true love.
its been decades since her hues had last glimpsed his face and yet, she had not allowed herself to love another since. the memories all too painful. they had been royalty; the king & queen of the night. it was his tragic death however that ignited the long dormant curse on the long agreste line.
regarding new threads and potential taking on of new muses. we both have to be feeling the story or i won't take it on because honestly, i have earned the right to be selective. any threads will become my escape and my muses become my babies — and you don't like your babies disrespected, right ?

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At 3:26pm on August 8, 2020,
Libelle Ryoko - Council

Hi this is Darling, Just popping in to remind you. That you my dear are one coding goddess. 

Hope to see you soon!

^ you goddess level.

At 3:30am on June 30, 2020,
psa // new theme. checked quadruple times but if anyone comes across anything odd; comment moi w/ a screenshot
At 1:23am on May 1, 2020,
❛ ❜ If you're like moi and often find yourself with an abundance of open tabs, to the point of it being ridiculous,
then I honestly suggest this tab for a cause extension(chrome). Just by opening new tabs you are potentially donating to a charity.

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