Adventuring through twisted time.

✧ Shore Leave ✧
As the salt licked his face from the water that splashed the bow of his ship he smiled towards the open sail, though a gentle frown came to his face once land was in view. The other crew members were wishing to visit land to restock some of the essentials like rum. Dorian despised the land, if he could just avoid it all together he would but taking on the crew he had, he knew that he would have to visit the land more. Their travels this time was to visit one of their favorite bays though. A lovely Brothel some of his fellow crew mates would enjoy for an evening. He enjoyed a night of swindling money out of the rich who thought they could out gamble a pirate.

As the ship Cleodora Reef came to a stop at the dock and the crew had disembarked on their own adventures with a warning he would be setting off in 48 hours. Dorian finally left his ship with a sigh past his lips. He wandered the streets for a moment before finding himself on the Stairs of The Dragon Lady. Before he knew it, walking in he felt a rush of luck in his veins as he watched the crop of people ready to lose their money in card games. There was a silence that ran through the crowd as he walked in though. A smirk came to his lip as it was clear his name carried its weight still.

“Who is ready to lose some coin?” Dorian asked and the silence broke, filling with laughter and murmurs as he made his way over to one of the tables as Libelle walked over with a drink in hand. “My beautiful Dragon Lady.” He said with a bow of his head.

“Welcome back Silver Tongue.” Libelle said, setting down the mug filled with the Dragons Brew ale. “Are you going to behave tonight?” She gave a warning glance as she didn’t want to have to break up a fight.

“Probably not my dearie.” That cocky grin took over his face as he placed a bag of gems in the hand of Libelle. “Payment before I dive into debauchery that may lead to misbehaviors.” He gave a chuckle as Libelle took the bag but offered a smack to the back of his head.

“You are just as bad as Vega.” She chuckled but a smile touched her face. “Have fun.” She said in a song filled voice moving back behind the bar. With a smirk Dorian started to buy into the game that was playing at the table he had sat at.

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Verity always thought her future was all set for her. It would be all clear. Like a fairytale. To live a quiet and simple life. Marrying a nobleman, having many children and living peacefully. It was something she’d always dreamed about and saw for herself. Yet it was one that never came true. It all came crashing down on her soon as her father passed. Her half brother disowned her. Making sure that she had nothing to her name. Passing her off as distant cousin rather than be associated with her. Verity was qualified for nothing. At that time if you had no references nobody would take you on. Verity believed that it was her brother's plan all along. Making sure that she was qualified for nothing. To go from living a comfortable and happy life in a well off household to then finding herself on the streets. At that time she thought that it couldn’t get any worse. Yet how wrong she was. Taken hostage. To live through endless torture. Both physical and mental. She survived through all of it. Who and what she was something she was still trying to figure out. To come to terms with. That she’ll never be the same. 

Slowly and surely she was starting to settle into this new found life she found herself in. Learning to adapt and evolve. She had both Devon and Libelle to thank for that. Both taught her how to control and manage her bloodlust and control. Still each night she was haunted by memories of her past. All of the bad ones each time. Feeling like she was reliving it all. All of the pain she endured. But when she awoke she had to remember that she was safe and free, that it wasn’t real anymore. At first she dared not to believe it. That she was free and safe. To survive it all but doing so she becomes something else. Never before had she believed in anything supernatural. Thinking that they were all bedtime stories. Some that are meant to scare people. A fragment of someone's imagination. Yet she learnt it was all real.

She was still to figure out who she was now. For the time being she was getting to the new normal. Verity was lucky to be given refuge and shelter at The Green Dragon. To work. Yet she chose to sway away from the usual work. Choosing to be a different type, one of her ladies. Swaying away from the men when it comes to leading them upstairs making sure to stay downstairs. Away from their grasps. Whether it be working behind the bar or making conversation with the customers helping for them to be accustomed to things. Yet Verity makes sure it stops there. Still old fashioned and stayed true with her values. Swaying away from any forms of constant with males. With what she’s been through, she didn’t like to be touched. It sends her right back to what haunts her the most. 

She might be damaged but she’s not broken…

Today was turning out like any regular day at the brothel until a group of men walked into the place with a dark haired male leading the way. Walking with a sense of swagger and power. Somehow with their or so with his presence he’d be able to turn the whole place silent. Heads were turning in their direction. To who or most importantly who they were. There were a few whispers. Yet it didn’t affect Verity to take her away from what they were going to do. Choosing to keep her head down to let the men decide between themselves who has the bigger ego. By now she’d seen it all. The comings and goings of men. Knowing the type to come in flaunting the money. Wanting the best.  

Verity chose to look and over seeing Libelle was already heading over to the table with drinks in hand. Hearing a few exchanges between the leader of the group. She could sense that they were the type that caused trouble. Something to watch out for. She carried on with her work, serving drinks to over customers. Looking back to the table she could see the drinks were running low of the groups with no Libelle in sight she knew that it was her turn. Pouring jugs of ale she took them over to the table. As she approached the table all different smells hit her. The ones that she noticed the most were ones of mint and sea water. Looking more closely at their attire she could see it was different to the other men who come here. She figured it out at first. “I have more of our ale for you men, don’t want any of you to empty glasses. Don’t we?” Verity greeted them all with a smile, making sure to keep them happy. All of a sudden it then came to her what they were “Wait your pirates?” She stumbled not seeing or coming across one before. “Maybe I should be getting you Rum instead?” Teasing softly before looking over to the male with the bluest eyes she’d seen. Verity could already guess he was the leader, one who would cause trouble if any was to arise. 

✧ Shore Leave ✧
A few hands down and Dorian was up in the money department. As some of his men had wandered upstairs with women of the brothel he was happy to have them have their fun in a place that accepted all kinds past their doors. Most Brothels didn’t take too kindly to different species walking in their doors if the women even knew about the different species that were out there. Yet the brothel ladies were all unique species themselves, Libelle wanted it that way because she knew how hard it was out there for people who were different.

His nose couldn’t pick out the different species in the tavern part of the brothel home. So he didn’t know what Verity was as she came closer to him till she was beside him. “I appreciate it.” He said the scent of a blood craver hit his nose. “Most of my men are now upstairs but I would happily drink all their ale.” He chuckled as he picked up some of the coins he had won and offered them to her as she sat down the ale.

“No Ale is fine.” He said with a smile as he chuckled with her teasing. “The rum is for the boat as it seems to hit the right spot on the seas.” He chuckled as his eyes looked into hers for a long moment. “You been a part of Libby crew for long? I don’t remember seeing you around here before?” He said as he placed his hand down, winning the pot and pulling the mug of ale to his lips taking a long sip from it.

“Maybe you are in fact a lucky charm for me. I just won quite a lot there.” He said as he looked up to her taking in her dark hair against her fair hair. “Ever played poker?” He asked as he picked up his next set of cards that were dealt out. Giving a head nod towards his crew mate who was heading upstairs with Pearl. “I could explain the game if you like.” He smiled back towards her.

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