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The Golden Age of Piracy 1650-1730 (AD) (6)

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Familiar face (Vega and Libelle)

Libelle wasn’t often one to go into the town, yet she found as the years had gone on her girls worked hard for her. The least she could do…

Started by Libelle "Onyx" Ryoko - Council

38 Jun 20
Reply by Libelle "Onyx" Ryoko - Council


Hunter x Hunter (Echo x Tyr)

The rainfall never hit the ground directly here as the dense thicket of tree leaves guarded the ground like it was their job, but the thund…

Started by Tyr Fenrir- Council

2 May 16
Reply by Tyr Fenrir- Council


Well, I touched it so it's mine. [Clarice and Hawk]

The weary traveller rubbed his eyes before he laid them back on the old beaten scroll trembling in his shivering hands. The cold he was no…

Started by Hawk Black

17 Apr 17
Reply by Clarice De Biville - Council


Shore Leave (Verity and Dorian)

✧ Shore Leave ✧As the salt licked his face from the water that splashed the bow of his ship he smiled towards the open sail, though a gen…

Started by Dorian Echoxera

4 Apr 17
Reply by Dorian Echoxera


Reunion Tour (Hall and Oates)

Raffaele cried out in his sleep. Another fever dream seemed to be burning through him from the inside and as all the other times before in…

Started by Raffaele Spataro - Council

16 Oct 9, 2023
Reply by Raffaele Spataro - Council


The Sea Witch Curse (Dorian and open)

✧ the sea witch curse ✧The job that was given, was one that had cost him several crewmates. As he pulled back into the closet port, he fo…

Started by Dorian Echoxera

0 Sep 2, 2023


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