Adventuring through twisted time.

Libelle wasn’t often one to go into the town, yet she found as the years had gone on her girls worked hard for her. The least she could do is go get things from the market when they were in between deliveries. Today was that day for her, she was often up with the sun habit really. She liked the warmth, she grew up in Australia where the heat seemed to never weaver. So she often could be found basking in it if she wasn’t cooking or working. Yet today would be different from normal as she put on her most respectable outfit. After all she didn’t plan to run the town half naked like she did in her brothel. She found herself walking the streets in the early morning sun just as others came from their homes to start their days. She paused in the middle of the street for a moment turning her gaze to the warm sun as he beat down on her tanned flesh. Taking a deep breath she got to work on her list of items she needed.

She had an Aura around her one that would make anyone run from her. It was just a curse part of being a drake. She had gotten used to it though, She used it to her advantage. As she walked from store to store she would smile at the people and they seemed more than willing to part with goods at a less than posted price. It made her chuckle to herself as she walked the streets how so many people feared her. Yet if they got past that aura they would see how utterly truly broken she was. Belle had gotten lost in that thought for a moment before shaking her head back and forth quickly no, she wasn’t going to think about Roderick. She hoped he earned everything he deserved. Letting out a frustrated sigh she took her goods and carried them back to the Brothel.

Once there she got to work opening the place. She made breakfast for those who stayed the evening, at a cost of course. She was busy making meals and pouring drinks she hadn’t noticed the day go smoothly. She undid the corset of her dress which caused her breast to fall slightly from where they had been held as she yanked down the sleeves so that she could breath better. Her eyes moved around the Dragon Lady; she knew most of the people there. After all, once some men got a taste they couldn’t stay away. The thought brought a slow smile to her face as she thought on that before she looked to the door open.

Someone new. Someone who didn’t look the type to hang around in a brothel not with how good looking he was. She moved to the bar and picked up a mug. “Come for a drink? Or a lady?” She called out to him with a coo in her gentlest of voices she could project his way. Wondering if he was scared to be in a brothel. “First time?” she asked as she poured a mug of ale. “If so first drink is on the house.” she smiled towards him slowly.

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“How long has it been now?”


“Everything, I guess?”

“Too long…”

The world was moving so fast around him. Then again Jeovani wasn’t paying attention to any one thing today to see the world was actually just moving at a normal pace. He walked around this new town the wind had blown him into. He was tired. You could see it in his distant gaze. He didn’t even know the last time he spoke to someone to just speak. Have a decent conversation. Not one that ended in a fight. Or haggling over the price of something. Or talking his way out of jail. This era was interesting and while his charm felt right at home it was taking a toll on him physically.

This town was quant thank the gods. With how off he was feeling we knew he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the hustle of a fast-paced place. He wandered around the market buying things he needed for the next time The Wind would blow. He huffed as he rubbed his face. He needed a place to stay for the night. His mind too out of sorts and heavy for The Wind to keep him afloat. He asked around. He was charismatic despite his fatigue. Charming people into wanting to talk with him. Convincing them out of the information of where would be best for someone to rest.

Dragon Lady.

That was the general census. The whispers in The Wind. The talk of the town. He was just concerned with it being a pleasure house. Did spending a night there mean he needed a woman with him. In a normal circumstance, he might not have minded.

But he was tired.

Very tired. 

And then, he froze.
For just a second.

His weary eyes seemed to be playing tricks on him.
Even still he found himself not breathing.
His once wavering gaze completely stilled as he watched her bask in the sun.

He didn’t see the aura around her. Her brokenness. Just her. He was in that moment afraid to approach but he still tried. Except by the time he made it through the crowd and was standing in the same spot as her. All that was left were particles of dust floating in the spots of sun. Swirling around in the warm air.

He hadn’t been here long. Barely had the chance to even sit before several women tried to lure him off somewhere. He didn’t really mind. But his mind only really had the capacity for one or two things at the moment and pleasure in that regard wasn’t one of them at this very moment. In fact, he wasn’t even thinking of sleep anymore. His mind was stuck on the woman in the sun. Haunting him on end because she looked like her.

“A drink and a bed for the night.”

He didn’t look at her at first when he spoke. His alluring Spanish accent cradling each word. “I wouldn’t mind paying.” He looked up this time and jumped back seeing her face. The drink she’d just poured splashing on them both.


“S…sorry.” He looked away from her. Breathing hard with his eyebrows pinched together as he tried to convince himself he was just tired and delusional. He was much more elegant and graceful than this. But seeing the face of the first woman you ever loved on another tended to knock you on your ass and steal all your charm. He offered her a handkerchief he had on him so she may dry herself. He used the dry part of his shirt to do the same to himself.

And so, now he was staring. He knew it, he couldn’t help it. Eventually, he dragged his eyes away from her with struggle. He caught his breath. He had seen a ghost. Even if she wasn’t her. Was she messing with him this whole time? Leaving him to believe she'd long been dead. To move on without her but really, she was here the whole time? Would she tell him the truth? He NEEDED to know. His mind was running away from him from being fatigued to being haunted by this woman since he'd seen her earlier.

And so, without fully thinking things through and just acting on desperate impulse he cupped her face pulled her close and kissed her.

Libelle was used to travelers, honestly it was nice to hear different accents. She herself had to mask her real one since she didn’t want anyone to look at her as different. So when Vega stood in front of her, even though he didn’t seem to be looking at her. His spanish accent made her smile softly, it was beautifully lacing his words which only made her want to hear him talk more. “A drink and a bed it is.” She said as she filled the cup. “Looks like it's your lucky day. I have one room that is open.” She said as she looked up meeting his gaze. Her eyebrow raised as he said shit.

Her mind tried to process if she had seen him before, She couldn’t place his face yet that didn’t mean much sometimes. A sea of faces sometimes blended in. Yet she was sure that she would remember his voice, it was the kind you couldn’t forget. “You are okay, sometimes I scare people with my face.” she gave a smile wondering if maybe she had accidentally used her fear gaze. She reached out taking the Handkerchief and rubbed it along the spot but knew it didn’t matter in the end. She tossed it back to him and moved to top off the ale.

She moved closer as he seemed off. “Would you like me to show you to your room?” she asked as she reached out to touch his shoulder before she knew it though, his hands pulled her face to his. She paused in that moment as his soft lips molded with hers. Being a brothel worker, she was used to men pulling her in for a free kiss, yet this kiss held something behind it. So much hurt laced with it. That was why she didn’t pull away and slap him like she had many others through the years. She kissed him back for a long moment before her mind caught up with what was happening.

She put her hands to his shoulders and pushed him away from her. “Listen, you have to pay to do that.” She said gently as she caught her breath before looking up to him. “As the Mistress of the house I don’t take customers. So if it is a lady you would like, I could suggest one of the other ones.” She let her hands slide down to his chest before dropping from him completely. “I have slapped men for a lot less, so I will remind you to show respect in my Brothel.” She took a step back from him.

Her gaze held his as she placed the space between them. “You are not from around here are you?” She asked even though the answer was clear in his accent. “Maybe where you come from it's okay to kiss the staff before payment but not here.” She gave a chuckle as she reached up and ran her fingers from her hair for a moment. The kiss had flustered her, she wasn’t sure why it had done so. Maybe it was the passion and the hurt behind it, that wasn’t something she had really felt but with a handful of other people. “Would you like me to show you, your room, or are you going to bed with a woman tonight?” She asked again, trying to focus back on work.

Thee moment his lips met hers everything in him knew. Knew it wasn't her. And suddenly, he felt worse than he already did because guilt was settling in. On top of everything else. He listened to her. But he couldn't look at her. He couldn't even find his words. All his charm and charisma that was fading had completely shattered under his fatigue. 

Maybe he shouldn't have been drinking under his current state of being.  He was so ashamed the more she spoke. He didn't fight when she put space between them. He took a step back himself when she did. 

"Just a bed, please." 

It took too long for him to find his voice. But he eventually managed it out. He followed her with his head down. And took a much-needed breath as he rubbed his face once in the room. "Thank you." He spun and gently took her hand before she could leave. "Where I'm from I'd have been stabbed or killed for what I did. So, thank you for your kindness. I won't abuse that. It won't happen again."

The whole time he spoke he couldn't bring his eyes up to look up at her. He let her hand go just as gently as he had taken it. He stood there a moment longer once she left him in the room alone. Mentally condemning himself. Angry. He scorned himself for his momentary mental lapse. She was gone.

She was gone. 

He drifted to sleep with that last thought.  

The hours rolled by until his eyes peeled open. It was still night as the moonlight streamed into the window of the room he was in. His weary eyes stared out in front of him. His fatigue slightly there but now replaced with a very prominent hunger. He dragged himself from the bed. Tossed on his boots. It felt good to have an actual room to keep his stuff in. He wasn't sure but most establishments had a no weapon rule so he left all of them in the room. 

And so, right before leaving the room, he froze. He suddenly realised he'd have to face the Madam of the house again. Most likely. He ran his hands through his hair with a huff. He'd faced down death itself countless times without fear. But the idea of facing the Madam of the house again? He was rightly edgy. 

He did make his way down though. The place was quite quiet. It was extremely late. Or devastatingly early now. They weren't many people down here with Libelle. Actually, as he glanced around he noticed only women. Very few at that. Possibly one's who's clients finished early. He found Libelle behind the bar.

"Is the Kitchen still open by chance?"

His voice now groggy was soft and still, he kept from looking her way. He looked around as he took a seat. Looking at the women down here with him. Not in a lustful or wanting manner. Just to watch and observe... And avoid looking at Libelle. "I'm sorry." He did at last look at her the shame written on his face. "I just... Uhm..."  He swallowed hard trying to figure out how to explain. "I thought you were somebody I used to love. " he winced at the sound of his words. The mention of such a painful memory still so gut-wrenching. 

Libelle noticed how he wouldn’t look at her, she almost felt bad offering to give him company for the night. Yet she knew she was needed more in the Brothel running the kitchen and drinks. “Right this way, sir.” she said as she climbed the stairs leading him to the room at the end. She opened the door making sure the room had been cleaned since the last person. She placed the key on the table beside the bed. “I hope you enjoy it.” She said before turning to take her leave.  As he took her hand, she paused because he had not given her a reason to bring harm to him.

She kept her back towards him mostly as he spoke, “I am sure after you get some rest you will feel better. A kiss is nothing to get too torn up over. Besides, I have certainly been kissed the worst. Good night, sir.” she said as she felt him let go of her hand. She walked from the room closing the door behind. She stood outside of the door for a moment, turning towards it, her eyes lingering for a moment. Wondering if she could be of any help he seemed upset. Maybe her kiss was that bad. After a moment she cleared her throat and made her way back down to the bar to continue to serve drinks.

She watched girl after girl take lovers to their bed for the evening serving the few people who stayed till closed. Once they left she got to work cleaning the bar. A few girls returning as their lovers had to return home to their wives who would not be happy to learn that they were here for part of the night. Making food for the women she gave a chuckle as they gossiped about their partners. One thing the Brothel would always have is good gossip, some that always just benefited her in one way or the other.

Her eyes turned towards the sound of someone coming down the stairs. She picked up a mug filling it with Ale before bringing it to her lips. She raised a brow as he seemed to still be avoiding looking at her. “Yes I can make you something.” She turned around to plate some of the food that she was already making. Setting the stew with some bread on a plate for him. Filling a mug with some ale setting it beside the food. She gave a nod of her head telling the girls to go up stairs to leave her and Vega alone.

She listened to him for a moment on his apology once again, she picked up the mug and brought it to her lips taking a sip from it.  She wasn’t sure how she felt about having a face like someone in his past especially with how old she was. “Well, that is the sweetest of reason’s I have been kissed.” She said as she gave a soft chuckle moving around the bar and took the seat beside him on the bar. “I am guessing she was taken from you?” She asked softly as she took another long sip of the ale closing her eyes for a moment to relax her shoulders. She really should stop staying up so late, especially with her early mornings.

She rolled her head to look towards him. “You don’t have to be sorry though, ahh. I just realized I never got your name. Forgive me on that. I am Libelle the Dragon Mistress of Dragon lady.” She said softly towards him in hope to help him feel less guilty over the simple kiss. “Well at least I wasn’t the reason you regret the kiss. Almost bruised my ego a little.” she gave a light hearted laugh. “What has you up so early? You should be knocked out with how tired you came in as.

He gave a silent thanks. Extremely grateful for the food she placed before him. His attention distracted once the sound of the women leaving hit the air. His murky chestnut eyes watching as they left them. His attention and watchful gaze flowing back towards her. He admired her as her eyes closed and she relaxed. Now with a sounder mind and unhaunted eyes, he could see her for her. Able to make the distinct differences out between her and his lost love. That really didn't help his guilt any. 

But, the moment she opened her eyes to look at him.

He was no longer looking at her.

"She's been gone a... Long... Time." His focus now on his food as he began to eat with pain written all over him from his words. "Libelle." He repeated. His accent hugging her name like it was made for him alone to say. He was bad at names. Repeating them sometimes helped his brain to remember. Sometimes it didn't at all. But, Libelle was such a notable name and well given the way in which they had met he was doubtful he could ever forget it. In fact, her name sounded as though he should know it somehow. 

Maybe it was wrapped up in one of those old Gypsy tales the storyteller's weave together.

One that he clearly didn't remember. "I don't accept your apology. Because you shouldn't have had to give it. Jeovani De La Vega. Everyone finds a nickname in my name somewhere to call me by that." His eyes only quickly looked her way as he said his name but he wasn't avoiding looking at any longer. He was hungry so his eyes gravitated back to what she'd made him. However, he made it a point to look right at her when she mentioned regretting the kiss. He was quiet for a moment because he didn't know how to explain he'd actually never got the chance to kiss the woman they spoke of. Maybe it was best he didn't. Now wasn't the right moment. Though there may never be a moment for that. And it had nothing to really do with what she'd said. Only time would tell. He took a breath and leaned in close.

"It'd be a lie for me to say I won't be holding on to that kiss for a long time coming." 

And so, he's eyes returned to the food. He let a breath of air out from his nose to represent his silent chuckle. "By the looks of it, we should both be asleep." He cleared his throat just as he finished eating. Taking the ale she had poured him to wash it all down. "Food." He cleared his throat again as he put the ale back down on the bar. "It's hard to sleep when you've not eaten in so long. That was the best first meal I've had in years." He ran his hands through his hair with a deep breath. 

"I'll be in town a for a while. I'd like to rent the room until it's time for me to go. If that's alright?"

As Libelle looked back to him, she noticed that he didn’t seem to want to look at her. She wondered what was going on in his mind until it became clear. He carried the weight in his heart of a lost love. Something that she knew well for different reasons. She watched the pain take over his face for a moment even though she was sure he was trying to push those memories. “Was she taken from you?” Libelle asked quietly as she looked to him as he repeated her name. “Means dragonfly.” She said with a soft chuckle from her lips.

As he spoke his name she repeated in her australian accent. “Jeovani De La Vega.” She noted as she would need to write it down in her book of people renting rooms and not with women. Honestly it's a short list. “Do you have a nickname you enjoy out of them all?” She asked as he quickly looked at her and back towards the food. As she watched him seem to be avoiding her even more it felt, until mentioning the kissing Until he leaned closer to her which caused her to catch her breath at his closeness her eyes searching from his down his body for a moment then back up.

“Well I am glad you didn't regret it. I would have to drop my title as the best kisser in the brothel.” she said to lighten the mood as she watched him return to his food, more at ease it felt. She looked to the food and then to him. “Well I am glad you enjoyed it. Was one of my mother's recipes. I like when people enjoy it as much as I do.” She said with a sad smile before bringing her ale back to her lips taking a sip from it. She gave him a nod before sliding off the stool to walk around the bar and pull out the book of rented rooms.

She wrote his name in beautiful handwriting. “It is yours till you leave. I charge 5 gold a night but it comes with the food included.” She said as she looked back up to him from the book. “So did you want to do a few nights now so you get feed also?” she asked as she reached up tucking her hair behind her ear as she looked at him. “An extra few coins I or one of the other girls can bath you.” she said as she picked up her ale again leaning her tiny frame to the bar. “What is your business in town if you don’t mind me asking.”

Everything clenched when her next question came. He closed his eyes without realizing it. Normally, he'd deflect away from answering the question. But Libelle deserved the answer. And so he let out a soft and silent long breath that loosed the tension in his muscles. He clicked his tongue "Yes. She died because of me." His eyes were now glued to the bar. Shame written into his soul and shining through to his skin. He was broken up about this after so long and certain things. Interactions. People just seemed to break him further. He didn't want anyone to see this part of him. So he hid it well. 

But she asked the right question. Under the right circumstances. 


He smiled about that to himself as if hearing it brought him out of his Grimm reality and it stayed there as she spoke of her mother. Even if it was just until he'd ultimately return to the room and find himself alone with those thoughts. Her accent change is noted immediately and he squint's faintly hearing it. His eyes search her a moment. He doesn't ask her about it and probably wouldn't have gotten the chance if he was going to. He twisted his mouth and shook his head. 

"Jeovani means of the sky. While De La Vega means lowland, or water meadow." 

He gave her a soft smile and a faint breath to represent his laughter as he looks down. His hair dropping to cover his face as he leaned into her again. "I guess I'll just have to pay to kiss all of your ladies and test that. " He looked directly at her with a smile hidden in his eyes and smirk on his lips. He studied her response. 

He had his coin pouch with him because he was expecting to have to pay for the food now. Unsure if he would get any. He began to count out enough gold for the rest of the week but he froze suddenly. His eyebrow pinched together very slightly. He actually considered being bathed. But not by anyone else but her because she was the only one he saw here tonight that caught his attention. 

"Just the room and food is fine." 

He reasoned with himself in the end. He placed five stacks of gold with five pieces each on the bar top. He rose and looked around the empty dark lit brothel a second as he stretched. He walked away from the bar but didn't start to head upstairs. Instead, he began to clean up. He gathers all the random mugs and miscellaneous items scattered around. 

"I know I'm a paying customer. But if I help you'll get to sleep faster."

She watched the tension that took over his body at her question, she didn’t mean to cause him pain. She was curious as she herself had a bad experience in love. Though at his words that she died because of him caused her to look away from him. “I hope because it was an act of love. Not because you hurt her.” Libelle voiced laced with pain as she spoke, she herself had been hurt in the past because of a lover. She shook her head in that moment focusing back on him. “Though you don’t seem like the kind of person to hurt the person you love willingly forgive me for speaking out of turn.” she gave a bow of her head to him, after all he was paying for a room. She really should learn to be kinder but she assumed it was the Drake in her.

“Ryoko means Dragon.” she said as she tucked her hair behind her ear. “Dragonfly Dragon, what were my parents thinking?” she asked with a soft laugh for a moment. Yet she knew what they were thinking. They wanted her to be a Drake long before her birth. Though the talk of their names seem to bring a smile to his face which was much nicer than his Grimace of pain on his lips moments before. As he spoke on what his name meant she gave a raise of her eyebrow. “Sky Water Meadow sounds like a fun name also though I prefer Jeovani De La Vega.” his name rolled off her tongue as she spoke it.

As she watched his face get covered with his hair she moved her hand out to push it away as she found herself enjoying his company. Most of the time she would just make the person wanting food so late go back to their room. Yet she sat here talking with him as he leaned in closer she stopped breathing for a moment before giving a laugh from her lips. “With that handsome face they ladies are going to want more than just a kiss from you, Jeovani.” she said back as a smirk played on her lips.  She watched him stack more than enough coins on the table but noticing they were gold she swallowed hard. 

She cleared her throat as she looked away mentally preparing for the burns it would leave on her hands when she had to pick them up. Since none of her girls were there to do so. “Well if you change your mind on the bath just let me know.” She said as she stood up from the stool downing what was left in her mug moving behind the bar she had been sitting at. She stared at the gold for a moment before her gaze moved to him as he was cleaning up the bar. She tilted her head for a moment before chuckling. “You are a strange one, Jeovani.” she said softly as she began to take the things he had gathered leaving the gold here as she started to wash everything so she could make breakfast in the morning for the guest.

Once it was done she noticed he was still here, she picked up a bag and moved closer to the bar again. “Why don’t you go get some more sleep.” She said wanting him to leave before she picked up the coins. Yet she knew she needed to bite the bullet so she reached out picking up the first stack wincing at it as she picked it up. Her teeth locked as she dropped it in the back quickly repeating the process until all the coins were in the bag. Trying to fight the pained look that wanted to over take her face. As she looked to the burns on her hand. Knowing she should bandage it before she went tried to go to bed.

"Why does a Gypsy blow into any town if not for The Wind?"

He answered her quarry of why he was here with a question that didn't answer anything at all. In all honesty, he never told anyone the answer to that question. Deflecting around it or not answering at all. There was one who'd gotten the answer. But given the circumstances, the two of them were in she deserved the answer. 

"I never touched her."

He looked right into her eyes. His words caring more weight than she may ever understand. But he wanted her to be assured he hadn't done anything to her to cause her death. Well besides love her. That thought pulled his eyes from her and he winced at how his heart ached. "I prefer blunt honesty over fake formality. So you've nothing to apologise for." He chuckled faintly "Well, if you don't mind. I like Dragonfly." 

Personally, he gave all the people in his life a nickname. For him, it was a sign of endearment. Though he really wouldn't be able to tell her or anyone why he was giving her a nickname already.  He saw her hand and picked up on how her breath stopped as he got close. But instead of testing how far he could take that, he shook his head. He clicked his tongue "They'll be disappointed then because a kiss is all I'm good for and the woman I'd possibly give more to isn't available."

In the moments she wasn't looking. Focused on the coins he placed down. Which didn't go unnoticed by Jeo. He used The Wind to help him clean. Taking her distraction as the opportunity to do multiple things at once. Only to have it all stop the moment she was focused on him again. He gave her a nod but he knew he wouldn't change his mind about the bath. Or paying for a woman. Not only was he not here for that he could likely walk out and get several women for free. He wouldn't do that either though. 

An actual laugh bounced out of him. Though it was low because he was being mindful of the hour and sleeping women above them. Her words about him being strange brought back some old memories he'd long forgotten about until hearing her. He rubbed the side of his face as his smile shined brightly. "I needed to hear that again. It's been far too long." His smile very quickly faded when she burned her fingers. 

He was extremely observant. Keen too. Gypsies were excellent at identifying what species someone might be after some observation. However, up until now, Jeo hadn't the slightest that she wasn't human. He approached her and leaned over the bar and took her hand despite her trying to hide it. "As I said. If I help you'll get to sleep faster." He looked at her fingers. He never knew of any species with sensitivity to gold. Silver. Iron. Blessed items. Never gold. 

Carefully he hovered one hand over hers. As the other gently rested under to hold it. He took a deep inhale and slowly a gentle breeze generated from his hand above hers. The breeze lovingly wrapped around all the spots her hand held a burn and healed it completely. He took her hand and kissed the back of it once he was done "if I have to pay for that kiss too you might have to fight me on it." He let go of her hand as he offered her a genuine closed mouth smile.

He flicked his wrist in her direction and The Wind suddenly gathered all the gold coins. Each coin danced passed her one by one "Don't move. Please. I'd like to not burn you again." He cautioned her since the coins were passing by her face. They danced themselves into the coin pouch in his hand. He tied it closed and handed it to her. "So gold is bad. Good to know. I'm very obviously a gypsy my weakness is very much that. Tell anyone outside that door that and I'll be burned too but I can't heal myself most of the time." He felt it was only fair that now that he knew something vulnerable about her she knew the same. 

"Now. I'll go to sleep but only if you are going to sleep too." 

Libelle didn’t even raise a brow when it came to the fact he said he was a Gypsy she herself didn’t know if she had any experience with a Gypsy before. Yet she did know that they were not liked among many. Something she could relate too fully being disliked for no reason. So she just smiled at him to make him feel welcomed.  The bigger relief was that he didn’t hurt the woman who shared her face before. She felt her body relax once again.

“Well I often have a problem with being super blunt. Something that not all the men who come through the door understand.” she gave a gentle chuckle as she bobbed her head for a moment. “Call me Dragonfly when we are alone. Don’t need my girls teasing me.” she said as she teased him back softly. “Guess I will have to find a nickname for you.” She would need to get to know more about him though. “I shall just call you sky water for now though.” She gave him a pure smile, something not easily earned.

She leaned in to him then to try and make him catch his breath. “And who is this woman you would give more to? Maybe she can become available sometime. If you are lucky.” She let it linger there before she pulled away from him. As they worked on cleaning up she hummed a song mindlessly. Washing what she could knowing she would be making breakfast in a few hours. She didn’t notice the wind due to her own fear of picking up the gold. She enjoyed the way his laugh filled the space making her chest ache for some reason. “Then you haven’t been strange enough around others it seems.” she tried to force the smile as she tried to move the gold quickly.

“Sleep never comes easy.” she muttered as she looked to the burns for a moment. Then felt him take her hand, she went to yank it back, she could lie and say it was from the oven. Yet that fear of being different faded as her hand was wrapped in wind. She looked at him confused for a moment until she felt his lips on her hand letting out a chuckle from his words about paying to kiss her hand. She looked at her hand. “That is amazing.” she said softly before she froze at his words watching the gold dance past her face. She let out another breath when it was all done and in his pouch. 

“Yes gold is bad. Which surprises some people when they learn what I am. You know the stories of dragons loving gold. It’s wrong.” she said as she placed the bag where it needed to be before she moved around the counter. “I am known as a Drake, Gypsy man. I can’t heal myself either. I just heal at a rather normal rate. My ancestor fused our bodies with the souls of dragons to keep the species from completely dying out. So we gained the gold weakness. It could kill me if I ingested too much.” she said, as her hand rested on his on the bar for a moment. “I haven’t really talked about it much. Only when I have too. I hope you keep my secret also.”

She moved her hand up his chest and leaned up giving him a light kiss on the cheek. “That kiss is free.” she said softly before she slid her arm through his and led him back up to his room. She dropped her arm from his as she stepped down the hall to her room. She looked to him as she paused at her door. “Have a good night, Jeovani.” she said softly before walking into her room. She looked to her hand again and stared at it for a long moment. “Amazing.” she said to herself again before she moved out of her clothes and laid in her bed naked.

"For when we're alone."

He smiled and nodded but couldn't help the tinge of sadness layered under his words. He didn't believe they'd have a moment alone again. Not like this at least. "Sky Water?" He seemed amused "that makes me sound like Rain or it's maker." He smirked at it and let a sharp breath out from his nose to represent his chuckle. He also caught as she relaxed which made his smirk grow a little more. It made him feel a little good to be sitting with someone talking and not having them hate you. 

His eyes flicked over her face as she leaned in. Studying her the closer she moved. He sucked in a breath and her scent swirled into it. He didn't even realize he was holding it in. Until he had to open his mouth to reply. He cleared his throat with this realisation and because he didn't want his to voice crack when he spoke. "Oh... Sadly the woman I'd want probably wouldn't take the way in which I would pay her."

Strange. He thought of the word and the memories it brought. "I've not been around people long enough lately to have them notice my oddness." He shrugged to his honesty and gave a sad smile "Sleep is a cruel Misstress..." He fell very silent as she spoke. Fascinated by her story. Her history. Committing it to memory so he could one day return home to Nowhere and tell all the children the marvelous tale of truth. "And so, if gold is not the truth. What is?" He nodded firmly hoping she knew what she was asking he would take quite seriously "your secret will never be learned. Not because of me at least." 

Again, he found himself holding his breath. Stilling as her hand touched him and she leaned in to kiss his cheek. A very sincere and kind-hearted smiled dawned his face "Three free kisses in one night. I might have to start paying if it happens again " He gladly supported her arm as she led him back to his room. Nodding at her and offering a faint closed mouth smile.

"Good night, Dragonfly." 

And so, he was alone again. Buried in bed staring at the ceiling stuck in contemplation. Every thought deliquescing back to her. Until that was all that was on his mind. 

And what he eventually drifted to sleep thinking about. 

He didn't sleep long given the hour he finally drifted. And he found himself downstairs bright and early and surrounded by the ladies of the brothel. "Good morning, Miss Libelle." He greeted her first and foremost and clearly respected not calling her Dragonfly. Though he wanted to. He wouldn't be able to stay for breakfast even though that is what he paid for but he did stay a moment to learn all of the ladies names though. For cordial reasons. 

"Ruby." "Pearl." "Gemma." "Jade." "Emerald." 

It certainly didn't go over his head that they were all named after rare jewels. He wouldn't question it and he was sure these weren't their real names. Which he wouldn't question that either. Though he did give Libelle and sly look about it as he wished for her and her ladies to have a good day. 

The hours passed and he now knew this town inside and out. Delivering heavy and most times fragile essentials to the variety of business in town. A few just outside of it as well. And so, not before long he found himself right back at the brothel with a crate of what he assumed was rum. He caught Ruby on her way inside and she let him in. Placing the crate down on the bar he took a breath and thanked her along with asking if she was able to sign the receipt for proof of delivery. 

Ruby chuckled and shook her head telling him that Libelle was who he needed for that. He waited patiently as Ruby went to get her. Leaning on the bar. He heard her before he saw her. A perk of being favored by The Wind. Turning he smiled. His boss mentioned no one would be used or like that he was making his drop-offs for him. 

"I got a job making shipments for Ol' Calico Jack. Since he can't make them himself anymore. Asked that I get all his costumers to sign as a test to prove my work." 


She wondered if he would be coming down every night when it was this late just to talk to her the way they were talking now. She gave a gentle chuckle past her lips as she hummed softly. “Well maybe you are the rainmaker and don’t know it.” She teased him as they shared chuckles with each other. It was probably one of the only times she was alone. After she sent her girls to bed. She did enjoy that she seemed to keep him on his toes in a way. “Well you never know, every woman has her price so to say.” She let her eyes lingered down him for a moment.

“I am the only cruel Mistress allowed in my walls so sleep better be kind.” she flipped her hair slightly over her shoulder with a smirk before going on about her story. For a moment she kept her eyes on him as he seemed pulled in by her story before she cleared her throat and shifted. “Jewels, iron, silver, goods, really anything that isn’t gold.” She said as she still couldn’t believe her hands were healed. So as they found their way up to bed she moved into her room with one last smile and off to bed.

When morning came with a groan she was up in her robe and moving to the kitchen to cook the food for the guest and her girls. As she was finishing up their breakfast for their partners of the night he came down she gave him a sharp tongue, “Mistress Libelle, get it right.” she gave a smile though as she looked over to him as he greeted her ladies as they all moved back up the stairs with the food she made.  “Try not to get into too much trouble.” she called after Vega in her almost see through robe as she leaned on the bar watching him leave.

After he was gone she moved up the stairs with the few plates of food she had up to the other rooms before returning to her room to take a long bath. After that she dressed making her way back down the stairs and opened the brothel officially. She made her way behind the bar as it started to fill and made drinks for the customers. For hours she cooked and made drinks as her girls took people they pleased.

When it was closing in on the night time and she was in the middle of finishing up some stew she looked to her girls and nodded it was ready before slipping in the back to her office for a moment. She needed to do some paperwork and sort out the cut for the girls she kept on the side. She always made sure they were paid well knowing some of them had family they were caring for. So when Ruby came into her office to state she had a delivery she sighed and got up from her desk. 

She was not expecting to see Jeovani as the delivery man and she chuckled at him as she walked over to him crossing her arms. “Picking up a side gig to spend your time busy?” she asked as she took the slip and sighed it with big cursive handwriting and then took his hand and dropped a sliver into it. “Thank you.” She said before she moved around and took the case and tucked it away. 

She watched him leave and then finished up what she needed too in the office. Before the evening started coming to a close and she watched her girls take their final lovers of the night to their rooms before she started cleaning up the mess in the bar.

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