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The Renaissance 1300-1600 (AD) (5)

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What Lurks Beneath [Dante & Rainore]

The cheers from the crowd on shore were unbearable, infuriating and incredibly irritating as she rode the gentle waves of the English Chann…

Started by Rainore Riverscar - Council

9 15 hours ago
Reply by Dante Tristan Wayland


Spilled Blood (Raffaele and Lily)

Not many know the life of the wind. After all, the life of the Gypsy was not walked by many. Yet being the youngest biological daughter of…

Started by Dice

6 Jun 23
Reply by Dice


The Sword of Ptah (The Medjay and The Fool)

The hot Egyptian sun burned down across the golden desert sand and its rays liquified the sight of all the sun, sick souls. Hawk was far fr…

Started by Hawk Black

5 Jan 24
Reply by Hathor


Home Under the Sea

This post takes place in the Renaissance Era and takes place under the sea. Aria's job is to lure men from their boats into the water and d…

Started by Aria

0 Aug 9, 2021


Behind Closed Doors (Kyan and Phillipe)

Kyan smirked as he fell backwards onto the bed. The girl he'd chosen for the night, whose name he'd completely forgotten already, walked ar…

Started by Kyan Raventhorn - Council

0 Jan 19, 2021


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