Adventuring through twisted time.

Self made business woman was what Libelle was, it was something she prided herself on. She had slept with, done deals with, and stood strong in the face of people who wanted to walk over her in order to start this business. After having her life fall apart she figured out how to move on. Now a few years after those dark events she was the Dragon Lady mistress. Her girls were home to many men in their time of needs for separation of coin. 

All was well, until the night a shady looking man came into the Brothel. Libelle wasn’t one to judge but something about him didn’t sit right. So she chose to take the man as her client knowing if something went wrong she could fight the man off. As she led the man to her room, it didn’t take long. The door closed and his hand was around her throat. Libelle beat on the man's chest as he pushed her to the door with all his strength. His hand moved to his pants and it was clear he planned to have his way with her in a rough manner.

He leaned in and whispered in her ear “How do you feel that this is where your life ends you whore.”  Libelle nails sharpened and she slashed the man across the face who jerked back in pain. She pushed him with all her force out of her room and down the stairs not caring his junk was waving in the air. She kept pushing with all her strength until she was at the main doors.

Casting her fear gaze upon him she spoke harshly, “Let me be very clear if you ever touch a woman again and I hear about it. Your life will be mine.” She slammed the door in his face and turned around to a bar room filled with people staring at her. She tossed a smile to the crowd. “Nothing to look at, someone who broke the rules is all.” Libelle let out a sigh as she walked behind the bar pouring a drink to calm herself.

Ruby, the woman who had worked for her the longest came up behind her. Her eyes focused on the door. “I know you said no to it before but I think we should hire those guys who help a lot of people around. I have a contact if you want me to reach out.” 

Libelle gave a heavy sigh. “Yes, tell them to meet me tomorrow.” she finished her drink and took her way back to her bedroom. “Thank you Ruby.”

“Yes Mistress.” She said as she quickly wrote a letter sending on of the children that delivered messages to The Rogues with the note.


When the next morning came Libelle rose and threw on her robe, only not bothering to tie it tightly around herself as she made her way down the stairs to the bar that was empty. She got to work making breakfast for the girls after a long night of work. She reached in a bucked she kept around with nails and took one in her mouth eating it as she hummed to herself.

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Devon made his way back through the busy streets and towards the brothel, making sure to not be seen by anyone from inside. Lifting his head, he tried to guess as to which of the rooms might be the one in which the girl had been claiming she'd been attacked, knowing that was a lot more easily said than done. The only thing he could be fairly sure of was the one that was not which was Libelle's since that was the only one he'd actually been inside. Frankly, he didn't exactly like the idea of her catching him trying to sneak in and ending up unconscious the way Clyde had been. She must've really knocked him good, though it wouldn't be the first time a woman had come swinging his way. He may have deserved it then, but this was still rubbing him the wrong way. This wasn't something capable of Clyde. It wasn't making much sense, especially since he would've been so easily caught one way or the other.

He placed his back against the wall of the storeroom that was attached towards the back of the building. Peering through the rotting wood planks, he heard the door open and one of the girls come out to dump a bucket of water before heading in again. Devon sighed and took a quick glance around him to make sure no one was near before placing a boot into one of the slabs and beginning his climb. Once reaching the first of the rooms, the windows were closed, but he could certainly guess as to what was happening on the other side which involved the sounds of two people feverishly enjoying their company. Paid company, anyway. The Rogue continued onward to the next bedroom where this window was open. Ruby was sitting at a table where she brushed her hair, but it was clear she was troubled. Devon believed her concern for Libelle was true. After the mistress was attacked, she seemed genuinely worried for her friend and he was usually a good judge of character. Maybe he could even talk to her privately when she left the Dragon Lady at some point if he couldn't find anything now.

Devon moved along the creaking wood of the roofing and heard a scream. He moved faster then, passing the room he knew to be Libelle's until finally stopping at the open window of the corner bedroom where voices drifted outside. Lowering himself, he listened to the conversation and was only more confused by what he was hearing. Scale? Devon heard the door open again and moved around the bend to the room's second window where he was able to lift his head and see inside without being noticed. Libelle was on the floor, a man's back was to him and he was crouching over her with a blade. Near the door was the girl who had been hysterical and accusatory of Clyde, clearly not feeling so upset anymore. 

A short whistle rang out. One he recognized as a Rogue signal. Devon looked down to the street and saw Jerry below who shrugged his shoulders as if to ask what was happening. Devon signaled for him to go around the front of the building before taking off towards the window he knew to be Ruby's. Vaulting himself inside, the woman startled which was no surprise, but he'd seen that she was heading for the door with a look of fear before even coming in. If he had to guess, she had probably heard Libelle's cry and was going to see what was happening. Devon put a finger to his lips to indicate for her to stay quiet. "I'm not going to hurt you and I think you know that. Let Jerry in. He's downstairs." Ruby seemed to think on it for a moment before nodding and opening the door slightly. The hall appeared empty and the two moved out, quietly separating as he headed towards the bedroom and she ran for the stairs. 

Devon pulled the knife he had strapped to his belt and reached for the knob. Turning it as quietly as he could, he pushed it open the rest of the way and immediately grabbed the girl who had apparently been playing Libelle all along. He lifted the blade to the woman's neck and pressed the metal against her delicate skin. "Let her go."

“Who am I?” The man looked to Gemma with a crooked missing teeth green before looking back down to the Drake he had pinned with the golden weapon. “I am of the order meant to kill you foulest of beast. Having the powers you do, being fused with the blood of the Dragons is a sin.” He spat out towards her as he trailed the golden blade lightly along her collarbone that caused a sizzling of her flesh which seemed to cause a reaction from the man of pure glee. “I have killed many fakes of your kind in the name of the banishers. To bring home the scale of the black dragon will gain me the position of chief.” He giggled out like a toddler who just refound his favorite toy.

“B-banishers.” She managed to get out through gritted teeth as she fought back the screams that wanted to release into the room. Ruby had to hear the first one if she was there, she would come and help. There was no way that she was about to lose her life to this man. “What is your name? I want to know the name of the man who so believes that someone born the way they are is wrong.” She hissed out and tried to shift which caused the man on top of her to shift his weight fully on her and press the golden blade to her neck.

She whimpered out towards the man who hissed out towards her, “Orym.” he spoke his name as he pressed the blade harder to her neck the sizzling sound filling the room. Just as the rogue pushed open the door and entered, taking hold of Gemma who let out a scream herself. Libelle felt the dripping of her blood from the blade sizzling away on her skin. Her scale being pressed making her unable to use any of her abilities in that moment. 

“Get him off of me.” Was all that left Libelle lips in a rough manner as her eyes closed from the pain that was wracking her body. 

“Kill the girl, I got what I wanted.” He said with a huff as he wrapped his fingers in Libelle hair as he pulled her head back to expose her neck fully before pulling back the golden knife to take a swing along the flesh of her neck.

Devon could see the way Libelle's skin burned from across the room. It was something he was familiar with, given that he was a blacksmith. It tended to be the first injury any tradesman of the kind received when learning the work. Of course, there was no fire here. He tried to ascern what it was that was causing the torture to the woman, and finally saw the unique blade that the intruder held. A golden blade. An odd choice for anyone to have, rare, and very specific. Something like that seemed more appropriate for decoration than murder. This was no happenstance encounter either. All of this was clearly planned out which meant the knife was too.

As the man raised the knife, the Rogue pushed the girl aside who gave a short yelp before falling to the floor once he realized she was no bargaining chip. Devon flipped his own blade in hand and tossed it through the air. The weapon embedded itself in the upper shoulder blade of the assailant which caused him to instantly drop the golden knife with a grunt of pain. Crossing the room, Devon grabbed hold of the top of the man's shirt to lift him up and off of Libelle, but he spun around with a new iron dagger in hand. He thrusted it towards his midsection, but Devon was able to catch the man's hand, taking a punch to the chin for his efforts. 

The sound of others came barreling in behind him then and he saw the wild expression of the man realizing he was not going to win out now that he was sorely outnumbered. He quickly turned and made for the window, hopping over the sill and clamoring across the roof. Jerry was right after him and the chase was on. Instead of following, Devon reached down to help Libelle, knowing the Rogues would fan out and search for the man who had nearly ended both their lives. His eyes moved about her reddened skin as he shouldered most of her weight to carry her to the nearby bed, noting that the girl who had betrayed Libelle had gone as well. 

Ruby was at her side immediately with a face full of concern. "Go to the blacksmith near the center of town. Ask them for the honey and herb mix. Tell them I sent you. It will help with the burns. See if one of the other girls can get some water and dressings." Devon moved his hand into Libelle's for comfort and to squeeze it through the pain. "You want to tell me what's really going on?" he asked her lowly, looking to her scalded skin that was in no way a normality. "If you don't tell me, I can't help."

Everything was slowly becoming more of a blur and she felt the fight leaving her as she felt her fingers going numb. All there was, was the pain that was radiating through her core. The only comfort she had was knowing that the black scale would be reborn and probably to a better leader than she had been. The moment Devon had taken hold of the man and lifted him off of her. She took in a deep breath as the clarity once she could roll on her side. A coughing fit left her as she tried to release her gas, yet her strength and ability hadn’t returned to her. 

All the commotion had faded just as quickly as it came. Feeling the hand wrapping around her helping her to her feet she was still weak. This was a strange feeling for her, to feel as if she couldn’t stand on her own two feet. She leaned into him as she worked on gaining balance of her own head that was spinning. Her eyes looked to Ruby as she came into her view. “I’m okay.” She managed to get out before Ruby would nod and leave her side.  She took a ragged breath in as she was sat down on the bed that was in the room. 

“I’m not overly sure how to explain without sounding crazy.” She said as she shifted for a moment. “Have you seen enough of this world to know that there are things that aren’t human?” She questioned him as she reached behind her to feel the skin around her scale was damaged there was a threat of her losing her scale, and her life. “You may have run into many that aren’t human, though we all present humans.” She said as she frowned deeply, “My kind are rather rare though, Lycans, Mystic, Fae are a dime a dozen.”

“I am what is known as a Drake. My ancestors were dragon riders who fused their line with dragons to stop them from being attacked by a group called banishers.” She held up the arm that he wasn’t holding the hand of, he would watch as her skin seemed to ripple and turn into scales hardening into armor. “My kind comes with a rather large weakness though, we have a scale on our lower backs that if pressed on or hit we become powerless. If it's removed, we will die shortly after its removal. The banishers have learned this through time.”

Pearl and Ruby entered the room shortly after that and Pearl looked at Ruby seeing the scaled arm. “Guess the secrets out.” She said lowly as she moved over with the water and bandages. Ruby handed the bottle that Devon requested to him as she glanced between the pair to gauge how he was going to react to the mistress' secret.  Pearl gently moved behind Libelle and looked at her scale, with a soft gasp looking at Ruby with a horrified look, which caused Ruby to come around and see that the skin around her scale was damaged and her scale was threatening to fall out.

“Bandage it, it will heal.” Libelle said to those behind her. “No reason to fret over what we can’t control.” She let her flesh turn to normal as she winced as Pearl got to work on bandaging the most wounded area. “My kind are weak to gold also, it's why Ruby often handles the coin handed over for services, though it's beneficial in knowing if the coins are real. I believe the man from the other day and this man are working together. The one who held my hand closed around the gold coin, probably to confirm I was a Drake.” She winced as she bit back the pain in her voice.

Devon reached behind him to the nightstand to grab the bottle of rum sitting there, pulling the cork out with his teeth and handing it to her. It could at least help with not caring or feeling so much of the pain for now until Ruby was able to bring the salve. He didn't say anything. Instead, he waited for her to relay what she needed to take it all in finally. He wasn't expecting anything remotely close to what Libelle began to say. 

Drakes? Sometimes he didn't think he would ever fully understand all the different types of creatures out there in the world that weren't human. Each time he learned of a new one it only made him feel even smaller. His eyes widened slightly as Libelle presented her arm to demonstrate the change her skin could take. "You should've done that when he had you pinned," he quietly joked. The armor that appeared across the limb looked just as sturdy as any of the king's guards. Hell, even more so. He'd worked with plenty of metals and created countless weapons and pieces of armor, but nothing looked as perfect as Libelle's second skin that was perfectly attuned to her natural shape. It was impressive despite the circumstances. 

The Rogue's eyes looked to the women when they returned and he let go of Libelle's hand to receive the half filled bottle which was covered in flecks of soot. Tearing a piece of the bedsheet, he first let the fabric soak in the water and gently pressed it to her collarbone where the attacker had cut her with the dagger. The searing of her inflamed skin was starting to bubble and he didn't even want to touch it because he knew it would hurt no matter how careful he tried to be. Gently trying to clean the raw wound, Devon put the mixture next to the mistress so the girls could help with her back. 

The reaction by the other woman made him glance up. He knew it must've been bad, but he also didn't want to pry or make it worse by going to have a gawking at it himself. Instead, he dipped the new cloths brought to him into the salve before placing it carefully over the now cleaned wound. "Drake," he repeated the word quietly. "Can't say I've heard of them, but I also don't know much about all the others out there." Devon suddenly had the realization that it probably meant she purposefully had others that weren't human staying here in the house. It seemed unlikely she would share the secret with just humans unless she really trusted these girls despite. He'd have to inquire about that some other time. 

"Why are they coming after you? These Banishers. Why do they have this problem with your kind?" He lifted her hand slowly and rested it on his shoulder to begin wrapping the area on her neck he'd been treating, tying it around her back and beneath her arm to hold it in place. "Is this from the former lover? Was he part of their group or something?"

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