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Devon and Nerissa - Part One Here| Raffaele and Nerissa - Part Two Here

"Boy, you know there aren't any ships around here going across the seas. At least not for a few months when the trade routes are more active," Bones, the old barkeep at one of the taverns on the dock said to him in his scratchy and broken voice. The man looked ancient and like he was near a skeleton figure, hence the nickname given to him. Devon didn't even know his real name. 

The Rogue dipped his head back and closed his eyes in frustration for a moment, letting out a breath. "I know. Figured I would ask anyway in case you heard something."

"What's got you in such a rush anyway?" The man leaned in a bit closer as he continued wiping the bar  with a rag as not to be heard by the others who were mingling about in his establishment that night. "Your business doesn't take you that far."

"No, this is personal," Devon replied quietly, looking down to the mead in a moment of despair that he'd been gifted by Bones before drinking the nearly full cup down in one go. He shook out his shoulders and let the feeling fade. Failing Nerissa was not an option. They had to find a way. He would find a way.

He slid the empty drink towards Bones for a refill, dumping some coin on the bar top to pay for it as well as the information and storehouse the Rogues got to use here for their newly acquired hauls. Devon leaned on the bar and waited until he felt someone entirely too close for his liking at his back. His hand lowered casually to rest on his thigh, near to the dagger around his waist.

"No need for that," the unfamiliar voice came. It was low and calm, but Devon didn't move his hand. The man put his back against the bar and looked over to him. He had a dark complexion and accent that meant he wasn't from around here. Devon tried to think of who he might be and when he possibly slighted him or whoever he worked for in the past. From his demeanor alone, he knew this person was not going to be easy to take on if it came to it. "We should talk outside."

He raised an eyebrow and scoffed at the request. "No, thanks. I'm enjoying a quiet drink with my friend here," Devon replied, raising the cup up towards Bones who had just placed it down and gave a wary look to the stranger.

"It's about Nerissa." This caught his attention. Devon turned fully to the man now and stood up to face him, his hand gripping on the handle of the dagger. "The fae king has her."


Never in his life had Devon felt as ill as he did now. The world was a complete blur. All he remembered was walking through the forest and then everything went askew. His head was pounding and his stomach turned. He'd thrown up the contents of his stomach twice and then there was nothing but dry heaving after. He stumbled onward until he could no more finally falling face first into the ground, going in and out of consciousness.

A shadow seemed to wrap him up and it felt like he was flying. Odd thing for a human to be doing. Despite how completely out of it he was, Devon realized it was this Raffaele who was carrying him since he could no longer walk. His mind was too in a fog to even process what was happening, but then there were bright spots of light coming from a massive tree and he was being dumped onto the floor. Or what he thought was a floor. It was more like moss covered grass, soft and cool, which was a slight relief on his dampened skin given how he was feeling.

There were figures around him, but he couldn't quite make them out. One he did recognize, even though his mind was dazed. "Nerissa?" She appeared to be on her knees and bound. Devon pulled himself up slightly, but slipped back to the ground.

"Humans..." A new voice. Condescending and smug. The person was in front of him, pushing his barefoot against his shoulder and knocking him back over with ease. "So weak."

"If you don't give him the wine, he won't last much longer." Raffaele's voice then. Devon felt like he was being stabbed by a thousand needles in his insides. Raffaele had warned him this would be the outcome of entering into the fae kingdom as well as whatever the king wanted to do in the way of torture, but the Rogue didn't care. If the king had Nerissa, it meant her death and maybe now his.

The king, or so he presumed must be the king, stepped away from him and walked back over to Nerissa with a delighted, but unnerving smile. "Tell me everything or you get to watch him die. Painfully."

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✧ Promises ✧

As the king’s harsh condescending tone filled her ear she felt the tears wish to well up in her eyes but her time to process was cut as his fingers wrapped around her throat squeezing. The memories of the vines she had wrapped around his throat in her escape from him not long ago played out. Her hands moved to grip his wrist as she gasped softly. Panic full in her eyes as she met his icy gaze. Struggling to keep her sense about her she whimpered out, a weak hand slapped against his arm. As her body started to grow limp with weak smacks against the king's arm she felt her body crumble to the ground. Automatically her longs filled with air once his hand released her.

She felt like she was hearing everything underwater as Kyan demanded that Raffaele go after Devon. “No…” left her but it was too soft for anyone but Raffaele to hear as she grasped at the floor to gain a sense of self. Her letter, how stupid could she have been to leave the letter out for others to find. She should have hid it in their spot, but she was in a rush. ‘Please don’t hurt him! Leave him be!’ was all her brain was screaming as she tried to regain herself between the ragged breaths she was drawing in.

Feeling the blade against her neck she knew she could press her head to it and end this all, as her gaze moved to Raffaele pleading eyes. If she killed herself right then and there, she couldn’t keep Kyan from killing Devon out of anger. Dropping her gaze from the Sanguine that had showed her kindness she knew that there was no reason in fighting the king anymore.  Defeated was the closest emotion Nerissa could come to accept in that moment.  Left alone with the Fae king wasn’t an option she liked either. Feeling the bindings wrapped around her she did as she was told and stayed quiet fearing the wrath of the mad king.

Time passed and there he was being held up by Raffaele, “Devon.” She got out before feeling the tightening of the binds from whos ever magic. He looked in rough shape, and if it wasn’t for the fact the Sanguine was so put together in an unnerving situation she was sure he would look the same. “Stop!” Nerissa screamed as Kyan pushed Devon over fighting against the binds. “He has nothing to do with this!” She cried out towards the mad king.

The tears fell down her face as she watched how weak and in pain Devon was. “I would have told you without you bringing him here to torture him. You sick bastard.” She settled back against the tight binds as she stared at the king. “Torture me not him.” She said as she then sighed before looking over to Devon once more. “The Ironspring’s of the Redwood forest are cursed, or that is the best way I could put it. In order to keep the forest and clan prosperous whenever an Ironspring girl is birthed, she is to be sacrificed to the mother tree.” Her gaze went to Raffaele for a moment before looking back to the king.

“I was lucky enough to be born the first girl in many generations, I was groomed my whole life knowing that when I turned eighteen my life was over. I was allowed to do whatever I wished as long as it was in the castle walls. Given anything I wanted because after all it was to be a short life. When I turned Eighteen, I went into the mother tree and met a version of myself that wanted me to cut my wrist and give my blood to the seed within the mother tree. I panicked. I was scared, I didn’t want to die so I picked up the seed and ran out of the tree.”

“When I left the tree I was greeted by a confused clan, the tree started to turn black and my people with it. They transformed into monsters and started attacking me, so I ran. I enclosed my home with magic that seemed stronger with the seed in my hand and found my way to England.” She said as she hung her head then. “I was a coward, I should have just ended my life for my people. I was going to fix it, I was making plans with Devon to return to my home and try to fix the mess I made. If nothing worked…I was going to do what I should have done that night when it all happened.”


"You are a coward."

Kyan's smug grin suddenly turned dark when she called him a bastard. The absolute nerve of this traitor and in his own court no less. He looked down at the human who was now gasping pathetically, his hands clawing into the moss of the floor as if it would help him breathe. Kyan used his bare foot once again to shove the human onto his back and reached for the sword that was sheathed, pulling it smoothly from its home and walking over to Nerissa. With his free hand, he backhanded her across the mouth for the slight and happily noted the blood which came from her lip because of the rings that donned his fingers. The king lowered his face to hers. "You really have no respect." Making his way back over to the writhing prisoner, he pointed the blade towards the human's chest as indication for her to continue.

He listened. His teeth grinding with impatience as she relayed the tale of her bloodline which they all knew. Kyan thought about drawing blood on the human to make her hurry the tale along, but then she finally got to the good part. His head tilted slightly as Nerissa explained what happened when she decided to selfishly run from her duty as princess and to her people. He was considering swiping the blade across the human's skin just enough to cause blood to continue punishing Nerissa for her choice that day. He would torture the man with a thousand cuts and draw it out if it weren't for the fact he'd most likely be dead within the next coming minutes since he hadn't had a drop of the wine that would save his life since coming into the wood.   

When Nerissa had finished her story, Kyan scoffed at her mentioning of being a coward. He glided back over to her, the sword resting beneath her chin as he forced her head to lift slightly and meet his eyes. "You are a coward," he said to her with disdain. The king had every intention to carry out the punishment she was deserving of right there and then.

"Your Majesty, this does mean that the Redwood Forest fae may still be alive," Raffaele spoke up, even though he knew very well he had no place to be doing so, making sure to keep his tone neutral and matter-of -fact. He could see the king's body tense at his words, but the fact that there wasn't an immediate reaction meant that perhaps Kyan knew he was right. 

An elder stepped forward from the council and hesitantly agreed. "It seems it may be best to keep Princess Nerissa alive in order to see this through, my king. The fae gate to the Redwood has been dormant for years, but with her here, perhaps the gate will come alive again."

Kyan's grip around the sword tightened in anger. He so very much wanted to torture her further and now it seemed he couldn't. At least at the moment. "Fine. Throw the human over the falls. He's no use to me now." 

"Your Majesty..."

"Quiet, hunter! You've done your job and you'll be paid," Kyan interrupted before the sanguine could begin trying to plead some case for the man. He was not about to let Nerissa get out of this without some consequence. A smirk replaced the anger of his features as his eyes simmered from hatred to triumph.

Devon abruptly felt himself being dragged away as two strong arms hooked under his. His mind and body were too far gone then and he wasn't sure what was happening around him, but he suddenly could smell water and the deafening rush of its current nearby. He was thrown down onto his back again and when he looked up, he could see the water had carved its way from the mountainside and along some of the magnificent tree's many limbs, ending in the steep drop of a waterfall. He knew this was probably going to be his end and he never could've dreamed up something like this as being the way he would go. Then it was suddenly peaceful. The twinkling of the stars in the dark sky between the canopy of leaves on the branches of this endless tree were what he focused on instead of how he knew his body was dying already.

The king reveled in watching Nerissa remain bound and helpless as the circumstances played out before her and my, how good she looked with a blade so close to her skin and ready for him to open. Then, he suddenly realized he knew this blade. It was one in which he'd held many, many years ago. "No..." he breathed out, stepping back slightly. His gaze studied the sword carefully and there was no mistaking. He knew the carvings of the hilt and magic runes on her metal. "Oh, by Gaia, I swear something must always ruin MY FUN!"

Kyan swung around as anger and annoyance filled his being once again. "STOP!" The guards had Devon by the arms and legs, preparing to throw him to the earth below. "Leave the human alive." They did as was told and he was dropped heavily to the floor like a stone. "Bring them to one of the rooms with guards at the door. We'll commence in the morning about our journey to the forsaken Redwood."

Raffaele had already grabbed the pitcher of wine from the server nearby and hitched Devon up to pour the liquid into his mouth. There was no reaction at first as it flowed over his shirt and the sanguine worried it was too late, until the human finally coughed and drank as he was being encouraged to.

The pressure in Kyan's head was mounting as he boiled. His fingers came up to massage his head while the low humming of the council members speaking their opinions he didn't ask for rose. "QUIET!" Everyone was silenced and smartly so. "Tomorrow we will discuss this further! Now get out of my sight." The other fae dispersed and the guards quickly dragged the barely conscious Devon and Nerissa to one of the rooms where they were thrown inside and locked within.

✧ Promises ✧
Nerissa tried to talk as fast as she could, she needed to save him, why was he gasping for air this way. What was wrong! Her brain felt as if it was on fire trying to understand how the strongest person she knew was clawing at the moss taking ragged breaths. She felt the warmth of the blood sliding down her lip from his hand across it, She wanted to growl back at him on how she herself was just as Royal as he. The fact was, he had no respect either. Yet words would on hurt Devon, he was using her soft spot effectively. He was truly a master of torture, probably a sadistic nature that he had to feed into.

Nerissa's eyes swirled through a range of colors as she went through her tale and why she ran from her home. As the sword came beneath her chin and forced her head to lift. She didn’t want to meet his gaze, she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing how easily he had broken her. Her eyes would give her emotions away as he called her a coward, the edges of her eyes drooped in sadness as the color shifted to a dark blue. “Would you have easily given up your chance at life if it was you?” she asked the king who never had to stand in her shoes.

When Raffaele cut in her gaze shifted towards the Sanguine, one she was surprised was still there. He could have easily collected his money and moved on, he owed her nothing. She bit her tongue to keep the smartass comment on how she was a princess and should be treated as such if he wished to get to the Redwood Forest. Yet when he told them to throw Devon over the falls she screamed out. “No!” she fought then against the binds that held her still. “He is innocent in this! You can’t kill him!” She pleaded. The anger that was taking over her small frame was causing her to see red. Trying to push the seed to her skin to gain the power it held. She would end everyone in this room if he went over the edge.

Her eyes went to the blade that he held to her throat and she knew she could end this all in one swift movement, she arched her head back getting ready to slam it into the blade that was pressed to her skin when it was gone. Confusion crossed her face for a moment. What had ruined his plans to throw him over the edge?” she wondered towards Devon as the small glint of hope that she had not been his end sparked in her eyes.

She watched as Raffaele had been there with Devon pouring wine in his mouth, what was he doing? She wondered as choose to stay quiet as she watched him closely, when he coughed she felt her body relax for a brief moment. “Devon.” she said his name faintly as she felt her body hoisted in the air. Her gaze met the Centaurs as she huffed out for a moment. The strong half human half horse led them to a room where they would be locked away for the night. Once the door was closed she was there sitting on Devon, since her hands were still bound behind her.

“Devon! Devon! Wake up please.” She wiggled on top of him to shake his body back and forth.


“Kyan.” Clarice's voice filled his ear as she appeared behind him, her hand coming to his shoulder. “I swear each time I see you, your temper seems to be running shorter and shorter.” she tsked out to him as she circled in front of him. “I am glad you came to your senses before you killed my bloodline I worked so hard creating.” Her mind drifted to Tristan and Isolde for a moment. “I would have hated to have to come in and fight with you in front of those pesky elders, who are far too opinionated.”

With a chuckle she let his shoulders go as she wandered over to the wine and poured a healthy amount into a goblet. “My old friend, how are you?” she asked as she lounged along one of the seats there stretching out as she eyed the Fae up and down. “I have to say, I can’t recall you caring about another Fae kingdom. What did this Nerissa do to you? Turn you down?” she tilted her head to the side as she swirled the goblet before sipping from it.

She knew she only got away with being able to talk to Kyan this way since their magic was swirled together making it so neither of them could hurt the other without it harming the other. A once one sided curse he placed upon her backfired upon the Fae king himself. Poking the angry bear had become a fun pastime for her when she could pop in on him.


Things he should've told her. Things he needed to tell her.

Devon drank whatever it was that was being poured into his mouth as he realized it was Raffaele's voice that was doing the encouraging. He recalled the man saying that this was the only cure to passing through Thistlemoon as a human since the magical barrier was meant to keep his kind at bay. It certainly worked. It didn't go down easily. The gurgling and gasping for life was the reaction his body was taking after being a moment away from meeting his death, but once the spasming ceased, the wine had finally begun to work. Still, the experience of it all caused him to lose consciousness with the regrets of his life clinging to the forefront of his final waking seconds. 

This wasn't supposed to be the end. He had to get to the Rogues, though he knew there had always been a plan in place if something should happen to him. His family. He hadn't seen them in so long and it had always been a wish for him to get them out of that broken down home, even if his mother refused to leave the town. Then Nerissa. Nerissa... there were so many things he wanted to show her. Things he should've told her. Things he needed to tell her.    

He suddenly felt himself being shaken and the familiar, yet worried, voice he had longed to hear in the darkness. A groan slipped through his lips as he took a shuddering breath in. Then his stomach began to swirl in sickness. Finally he lifted his impossibly heavy lids and saw Nerissa's worried face over him. "You should probably stop doing that," he croaked out, keeping the contents of whatever was in his stomach that was mostly not food based, down. 

Sitting up slightly at the waist, he waited as she shifted from being on top of him and noted the dark staining of his shirt. For a moment he thought it was his own blood, but then remembered the wine Raffaele had offered to keep him alive. The pounding in his head was slightly less intense than it had been on the outskirts of the forest and so Devon took that as a sign the drink was working. Once his vision had finally cleared enough, he could really focus on Nerissa. She was bound still which made him weakly crawl behind her and reach for the dagger at his boot. It took a few sawing motions for the thickened vines to finally fall away and free her of the bonds. His hand then softly came to her cheek as he smiled, thankful that was she was still alive. "Are you alright?" His thumb brushed over her skin until his eyes stopped at the corner of her lip where she'd obviously been struck. Devon's jaw clenched in response and darkness passed over his eyes. "Bastard." He instinctively went to the sword that should've been at his hip, but it wasn't and the pull that it always had when it wasn't near began.

Kyan slammed the doors to his rooms and began to pace, tossing the sword on a moss cushioned ornate bench nearest him. He was fuming. To be so close to finally doing that traitor in, only to be thwarted yet again. He knew it was more important to focus on the fact that there was a possibility of saving the Redwood. His kin were far and few, scattered to the winds from the wars with Thistle being the only kingdom left. If the Redwood could be saved, it would be a triumph to their kind.

The king let a calming breath out just as a silvery voice melted over him like a sweetened poison he could never stop drinking. Clarice. He listened and watched as she moved to pour herself some of his wine, suddenly thankful for this serendipitous interruption. "Hello, little raven," he greeted finally with the nickname he'd bestowed to the sorceress very many years ago, eyeing her as he always did with a smirk and intent to ravish her whole. 

"I had no idea that was your little pet out there. This is the first time I am meeting him." He hummed slightly in nonchalance, thinking of the human's possible condition currently. "I may have damaged him a little, but he should be fine soon." Kyan walked across the room and let his gaze move over her body slowly and purposefully while she lay out, recalling the times when he'd gotten to know that very body much more intimately. "That Nerissa is the runaway princess of the Redwood. The reason for the supposed death of many of my kin." The king snatched the pitcher of wine and drank from it, ignoring her snide remark and not bothering with a cup of his own. Clarice was the only one who spoke to him on an even field. Their relationship did not start out as such, but blossomed through the years and the trials they'd been through. If he had a friend and so an equal in the regard, Clarice would be it. "It should not be a secret to you how fiercely I love my kind."

He lowered the wine from his now sweetened lips and twirled his fingers. Vines from the Mapleshade slithered over the floor and wrapped around the sword which still lay in its unassuming spot. Like a wave of greenery, it brought the magical weapon toward him and lifted it into the air next to him just at the height of his shoulders. "Look familiar?" he asked, knowing Clarice would instantly recognize it. "Your human boy found it and we still have a debt to be repaid, dearest."

✧ Promises ✧
Nerissa felt a huge weight lift off her shoulders as he began to groan. Moving her body off of him as he spoke towards her realizing that maybe bouncing on his stomach could be making him feel sicker. “I’m sorry I just needed you to wake up, I had to be sure you were alive.” She said as her eyes stayed focused on Devon, watching him closely. She was worried if she took her eyes off of him he would pass out and she wouldn’t be able to save him.

She only let her eyes break from his face when he crawled behind her to cut the vines that bound her. She moved her hands in front of her rubbing her sore wrist, she was exhausted after the night she had, what went from a nice venture to culinary goodness turning into her impending doom. Doom she had dragged Devon into, something she felt extremely bad about. She felt tears well in her eyes as his thumb brushed over her bruised flesh.

“No I’m not alright at all,” Her face was swollen, her flesh along her neck and mouth would take on the blue, purple and black colorations as the bruises formed overnight. She could feel his anger but hoped he realized how unmatched they were against Kyan. Her hands moved to take hold of his as he realized the sword was gone. “He seemed to recognize the sword you carried.” She said softly, not wanting to let his large hand go as she held it. Her eyes moved along his face before she finally let her gaze move around the room.

There was a tray of food there, something that Kyan had placed in there before their arrival. She moved over to see if there was water so she could wash the blood from her lips. “You know you can’t take him right? Not even I could take Kyan on alone.The only reason I survived my last moments in his home was because he underestimated me and I had the seed.” She picked up the water and put some in her mouth, swirling in her mouth before spitting the blood from her mouth into a nearby plant. “Please…” she swallowed softly before looking at him once again. “Do not fight him, I want you to survive this, it's my fault you are even here.” She let the tears flow down her cheeks. She wasn’t sure how long they would have to talk before someone may come to check on the prisoners.

The nickname she once hated hitting her ears made the now powerful sorceri smile. She would always have that connection to him, being his little raven. She watched him take her in, with a hungry gaze. She could feel the lust bat off him in waves, not unwelcoming to her now. Before she could recall she rather destroyed him. Her lips turned into a smile as she eyed him over. His moment of lust helped ease the anger and frustration he had been in moments ago. As she relaxed in a place that had become one of her favorite places to visit her mind focused on business.

Clarice's green hues turned to the orange that indicated she was using magic as she allowed her sense to move through the Fae Kingdom to feel out Devon before just giving a gentle smile. “He will survive, though he isn’t in the best mood currently.” She chuckled briefly before her gaze returned to the green and focused back on him. “You are correct it is no secret that you fiercely love your kind, I have met your lovers.” She teased him trying her best to help the stewing Fae relax in that moment with her. “It should be clear to them all you love your kind, you chose to see if you could revive the Redwood fae instead of murdering the girl. I get the frustration and anger, everyone else just sees a bloodlust filled king. They don’t see your restraint. I applaud you for that.”

The smile on her face made it clear she knew that sword was with who she planned it to be with. “Of course it does, the moment I found it, Devon found it shortly after. I had to have it in his hands. I figured the sword would be sign enough for you not to kill him if you ever came across him. After all, we have a debt to repay.” Her mission to find the sword, to create a bloodline worthy of the sword had been mixed together. Starting with Poor Tristan and Isolde to create the blood line that led to Devon. These plans had been so long in the making, so many moving parts to finally get here with the end in sight.

“What are the next steps for you and them?” She asked knowing that when it came to the Fae her visions were fuzzy; they were a weak spot for her. She finished her wine before standing to move closer to him. “Think you can keep my human alive with that rage of yours?” she whispered in his ear as her hands moved over his arm slowly. “He will be useful to us as long as we can keep him on our side.” She said knowing that this is where Devon's future got fuzzy for her. “Our debt will be repaid.” She assured him her hand trailed down to the pitcher of wine, stealing it from his hand to take a long sip herself.

"I told you we would do this together. If something happened to you, I wouldn't forgive myself."

Devon's stomach sank even further hearing that the king apparently recognized the sword. The whole reason he was supposed to have the weapon was to keep it safe and now it was in the hands of one of the most dangerous people imaginable. He cursed, closing his eyes for a moment in defeat, but not letting it be the sole focus of his attention just then, as much as the sword was still calling out to him. Devon hated the responsibility of it anyway. He never wanted to be its caretaker and still didn't now. In ways, he was somewhat glad to be rid of it, but he knew the weight of that failure would fall back on his shoulders soon.

His stormy blue eyes followed Nerissa across the room as she went towards the platter that hadn't been touched, listening to the guilt she carried becoming too much as her emotions spilled over in tears. His hand gripped the sturdy dark wood of the bed and forced himself to a wobbling stand. Taking a couple of swaying steps, he walked over to where she stood, reaching out. "Is that so." His arms wrapped around her small frame and pulled her to his chest. Right then he didn't say anything else. He just wanted to have her against him, safe within his hold. 

"It really hurts how much you doubt me, princess," he breathed out teasingly into her hair after a few quiet moments, attempting to ease her worry while still keeping her against him. "I won't go after him, I promise. Well, I'll try to be on my best behavior." He pulled away slightly, but kept her in the embrace, moving some of the strands of hair that clung to her tear stained cheeks. The bruising that was beginning to show on her lip made his stirring anger unsettled as he softly tilted her chin up to inspect the strike. "This is not your fault. I chose to come here. I even suggested it in hopes you could finally live freely when this was all over. I just didn't want you afraid anymore." His eyes then moved to hers with soft and pained words. "I told you we would do this together. If something happened to you, I wouldn't forgive myself."


The king's arms came up in agreed exasperation. Everyone assumed he was too harsh and sometimes cruel when really he was the only one who had the nerve to do what needed to be done. If he had been as naive as some of these other fae rulers, Thistlemoon would've perished centuries ago. His kin completely eradicated from this Earth. There was a reason his was the only kingdom left standing when the wars finally died along with the humans who dared to test his hand.

"Nerissa may be able to get the fae gate opened again to her kingdom. If that's the case, we can transport there immediately. Only royal blood can open them and since she is the only one left, only she can get the magic of it working to reach her kingdom." Kyan sighed and rolled his eyes in annoyance, bringing the pitcher to his lips to drink the wine. "And I'll drag her there by the hair if I have to to see that the Redwood is restored if at all possible. Who knows if the little wretch's story is even true." 

His skin lit up as Clarice's fingers grazed down his arm. Her whispered words sinking into him and distracting from the anger that seemed to come in bouts. "I won't hurt your little human." Kyan thought on this as soon as the words came out, realizing that was simply not going to be true. "I won't kill him," he corrected. "Obviously you care for your precious bloodline to remain in tact and the sword still needs to be guarded by him or his kin. I've seen my own versions of the future where that sword fell into the wrong hands and I have no desire for those prophesies to come true. He doesn't need to know I know that though." 

Once she stole the pitcher from him and finished drinking from it, Kyan roughly gripped the mystic's upper arms and pulled her against him with a dangerous smirk. The vine-wrapped sword then clattered to the floor as his desires and attention fell solely on Clarice. "Everyone around here simply has no manners." 


"Let me pass. How exactly do you think I am going to help them escape? A few moments is all I'm asking." Raffaele's gaze looked up towards the towering centaur who glared back. After quite a few minutes attempting to gain entry, the fae finally moved aside to let him in.

Raffaele swung the door open and realized he was interrupting something private between the two as Devon turned away from Nerissa in some attempts to shield her from whatever was coming through, but he had seen enough to know the body language beforehand. It was something more akin to lovers. Not that it was any of his business, but the devotion he'd noted previously was beginning to make more sense.

"It's just me. I came to see if you were awake yet," he said, addressing Devon then, but glancing to Nerissa to see how she was fairing. They both appeared ragged and worn with some cuts and bruising. It could've been far worse. Raffaele straightened up as he came further into the room, looking around. It certainly was no cell. It was a room for guests, if anything. "The king obviously has no plans to carry out your sentence," he said to Nerissa first before looking to the human. "And he stayed your death as well. I'd say he needs you both now for whatever it is he's planning, so try to remember that and do well not to upset him."

✧ Promises ✧
Nerissa hated the reaction he had when she spoke about how the King recognized the sword, hearing him curse made her stiff. The worry that there may be something more dangerous about Kyan getting his hands on Devon caused guilt to radiate through her chest. “I’m sorry, all I seem to do is bring you more and more trouble.” The fae hung her head in shame. She knew she did the right thing when she kissed him and brought him back to life, but maybe she shouldn’t have leaned on him as much as she did. She was trouble for anyone that got close to her, she knew better than to allow people to stick around yet she got selfish with him. She couldn’t place space between them.

She was overcome with emotions, there was no need in fighting the emotions anymore. She knew the likelihood of her getting out with her life was nonexistent. When he was there wrapping his arms around her it felt like a bubble wrapping around her. Warmth spread through her chest as she pulled her hazel gaze once again to meet his. She could see he was barely standing up under his own power yet, being locked together it was easy for the pair to lean in and keep the other on their feet. She breathed him in, thankful she was able to get a few more last moments like this with him.

She felt the tension easing laugh leave her lips at his words, “Thank you. I know that it will take much restraint for you to keep your hands to yourself against my greatest enemy.” She teased back slightly but the truth was laced in her words. Her eyes fluttered at the gentle touch he offered moving her hair that stuck to her face. She followed his lead as he lifted her head back looking at the bruising beginning to take place. “Devon,” the fae said his name softly as her hand reached up to trail her fingers along his cheekbone. “Know that when you are by my side is the only time I never felt afraid. You make me a better, Nerissa.” She offered him an easy smile. “Like you said, we will figure this out, then I can spend the rest of my time being a rogue with you, annoying you.” Her fingers drifted down from his cheek along his neck.


Clarice could see the dots connecting why he was keeping her alive, why he needed her besides reviving the potential redwood Faes. “The truth of the reality is she is the last hope of getting into the Redwood Fae realm, not nothing else you can get what was left behind without it falling into the wrong hands.” Clarice said as she watched him gulp down some of the wine. Her eyes trailing down his neck to his strong shoulders. “Though I am sure restoration is the top of the list, after all the world needs the Faes, things have been out of balance on the redwoods end of the world.” She had noticed a darkness in her visions when it came to there.

Clarice felt the chuckle leave her lips as her fingers moved to trail along the king's nose slowly, daring to boop the end of it. “At least you are honest in that aspect, I don’t expect him to make it out without some scars, but alive.” She gave a gentle nod of her head, “A bloodline so strong that it will span time itself.” She said simply, thinking of Isolde and Tristan then, knowing that Tristan would be looking for Devon soon if he didn’t make his way back home. “I guess the connection has been sharing the same visions to us both then?” She wondered how deep the connection would get.

She sat the pitcher lost in that thought for a moment before feeling him roughly pull her against him. Every thought she had before that moment drifted away as she gave him a smirk. “Well my manners were never very good, you should know that better than anyone, Kyan.” she purred out as she moved her free hand to tangle into his hair. “Do you wish me to be different? A gentle, mild mannered woman who did everything you said?” She gave a gentle tug of her fingers in his hair.


“Devon, Can I ask for one thing before we go on this adventure? In case?” She felt her heart beating fast as she stared up at him. Her cheeks flushing as she got on her tippy toes to close the space between them. Her lips inching closer only ever kissing him when he needed her breath life, this would be different. “Will you…” Nerissa jumped against Devon when the door swung open, Devon naturally putting himself between her and danger. She leaned around Devon to see who it was then.

“Raffaele, you are still here?” She asked, forcing herself to pull out of Devon’s arms. “I thought the king would have thrown you out of the kingdom once you got your money.” She said as she gave a gentle sigh from her lips. “It seems you were right, the king wants to restore the Redwood Fae, so I keep my head for now. Though.” She looked back to Devon. “Raffaele…” she said looking back at the Sanguine. “Will you go with us? I have a small amount of money I could give you back in my home. I could tell you where it is if you need payment first.”

She felt she needed someone to get Devon out of there if the king went mad and Raffaele was so very fast compared to the Fae with his shadows. “You may be of some use in helping us figure out how to restore the Fae.” She lied through her teeth and was sure Devon and Raffaele could both see she was lying. “And as a fail safe, You could get Devon to safety.” she finally spoke the truth. Looking towards Devon, her hand moved to take his. “It's better to have someone on our side right?” She tried to convince him. “The king wanting you as well just means I put you more in danger.” using his own words against him. “I can’t forgive myself if anything happened to you.”
w/ Nerissa Ironspring

"I'm coming with you. Till the end." •

One of the king's hand slid across her skin and brushed along her collarbone, gently moving his thumb along its defined structure. He hummed at her question as his infamously nefarious smile sat comfortably on his lips while purposefully staring at the curve of her breasts for a few moments before dragging his longing gaze away to meet her eyes. "Never. I've got more then enough of those falling into my bed," he began, his lips brushing over Clarice's as he continued. "But I have always enjoyed seeing you crumble beneath me more than anyone else. Or on top." Desire flooded through him like a crashing wave as his hand gently wrapped around her delicate neck while memories of their entangled times together drew him to thinking only carnal thoughts. The events that had gone on only moments before were far away as his free hand reached beneath the fabrics of her dress to slide between her thighs. Nothing else in the world mattered then. The only focus he had was to make her tremble beneath his touch until the sun rose again.


Relief passed through him as it was only Raffaele coming through the door. Devon had decided that the animosity he held for the sanguine wasn't as important anymore given he did save his life in the end. Eventually, the king would've caught up to Nerissa and he wasn't going to blame the person who seemed to be helping them now when they needed all the allies they could get. However, the way Nerissa had moved closer to him just before was making him wish the interruption could've been delayed for a few more moments. 

Devon couldn't imagine what the king would want with him still as Raffaele tried to ease their worry. Perhaps as a bargaining chip should Nerissa not comply with whatever was demanded of her. Worse even, the king knew what that sword could do and not do without the hands of his bloodline wielding it. Only time would tell now, so instead he let his thoughts focus on what was in the present that he might be able to control. 

He listened as Nerissa played to the bounty hunter's purpose. His gaze moved to Raffaele's at her offer, but Devon already knew it was likely useless. Given that he was helping them now, the Rogue understood that there was some sense of honor Raffaele had despite his work. Much like himself. Raffaele met his look and he knew instantly that was the truth by the unspoken words between them. 

"No," they both echoed at Nerissa offering money for the sanguine's help.  Devon spoke first after she attempted to put his safe return above everything else. "I'm coming with you. Till the end." His hand tightened around her smaller one. "I'm not leaving you. Especially not with the king. I would never forgive myself even if he took me by force. You can't send me away. " 

Raffaele looked away then and sighed before speaking. "I can't accept your coin and I'm sure the king does not want me coming with you," he started, looking up to Nerissa. "He knows I'm partial to your living now and he wouldn't want the complication. Thus, my abilities can only go so far." He gave a saddened smile then. "I can't cross oceans, signorina. It is best he stays with you," Raffaele confirmed, motioning towards Devon with a tilt of his head. "You two are clearly stronger together and whatever purpose he has with you will require one another's strength.

The doors banged open suddenly and the centaur from before had also brought Gwainar with him this time who didn't seem very pleased to see Raffaele talking with Thistle's newest prisoners. "You will leave the kingdom now, demon."

Raffaele scoffed at the remark and turned away towards the pair again, but addressing the fae first. "Be strong. Forgive yourself." He bowed to Nerissa in farewell, hoping he would see her again some day when she was free in every sense of the meaning. "Princess." His gaze then moved to Devon as he gave him a short nod that quietly meant to keep Nerissa safe which the Rogue returned in understanding before he made his way from the room with centaurs at his back once the doors closed again.

✧ Promises ✧
As his hand slid across her skin the goosebumps formed along her flesh in anticipation. They understood each other, there was no commitment on either side for them in that moment in time so knowing that she was a conquest he enjoyed having around. It was a secret thrill for her having his approval now that she was past the anger and hate she once felt for him. Knowing that she was one of the few that he favored to grace his bed would give her a large head, if she didn’t already think so highly of herself. That firm grasp upon her neck only made her purr out and recall the last time they had a moment like this. She breathlessly moaned out his name as his touch graced her flesh. “Kyan.” The night would be too short for the events that would play out turning his room into a disaster. Yet when the morning would come Clarice would leave in a puff of smoke after a long kiss goodbye.


Nerissa felt the frown that came to her face as they both echoed the no. Crossing her arms she looked to Dev with a sideways glance. “But…” she started to fight him on this till his hand tightened on hers. She felt the conviction of his words which only worried her, She could feel the impending doom in her chest. She wanted nothing more than to keep him safe. “Dev.” She muttered softly, moving to place his hand on her cheek forgetting Raffaele was there for a moment till he spoke again.

“Of course he doesn’t want you coming with us.” She gave a big huff from her longs before looking back to Raffaele. She frowned at his words when he said that he couldn’t cross oceans. “Well there goes the escape plan I had for Devon.” She muttered that out though she knew they both could hear her. She looked at Devon feeling as if she was going to be the reason he lost his life but he was right they were each other's strengths. She gave a gentle smile towards her human. The man she took a chance on saved and exposed herself to the human world. “Yes, he is my strength.” She said softly towards him.

Nerissa jumped into Devon arms as the door banged open and the half horse half human man entered the room. She looked wide eyed as she was worried it was Kyan as her heart pounded in her chests but she watched instead that the centaur was to escort Raffaele away. “Goodbye Raffaele. Thank you for keeping Devon safe.” She said knowing that if it wasn’t for Raffaele the king's men would have killed him on the way to Thistlemoon.

When the doors closed once again she realized she was hanging on to Devon still. She turned her head back to look him in the eyes for a long moment. “Not going anywhere? You do realize the likelihood of us making it out of this alive is very slim right?” She gave a shake of her head, then took a bold move for her. She leaned in and pressed her lips to his softly, letting her eyes flutter closed wanting to remember this moment the way his lips curved against hers. The feeling of her heart pounding away waiting to see if he would return the kiss. This very well could be her last kiss ever and she wanted it to be with him.

w/ nerissa Ironspring

• Till the end. •
Devon watched as their only other ally was sent from the room, the doors closing with the sound of finality from a lock latching into place. He turned to face Nerissa at the same moment she looked to him. The deflated emotion she was feeling was clearly noticeable even before she opened her mouth to confirm it. The obvious words of encouragement were there at the tip of his tongue as one normally did when wanting to encourage another, but the sentiment dissolved into nothing instead because he knew she was probably right.

His lips parted even though he wasn't sure what he wanted to say. He glanced down to where his arm had still remained loosely around the middle of her back, not realizing when he'd even done so in an effort to keep her near. Tired eyes lifting again to meet hers, whatever words were stuck in the middle of his chest and lingering near his heart made their way closer to finally being said aloud. Perhaps it was the rather dire life or death situation they were now in. Devon wasn't even sure what they might be himself, but that moment was suddenly gone when she stood on her toes and leaned up to kiss him.

It stunned him at first. The feelings he'd almost gotten to say were lost and if he had to recall a single word, he couldn't. Instead, his mind cleared after that initial moment of shock and he was kissing Nerissa back. The arm that had already been around her small frame slammed her closer against him, his free hand cupping her face as he pressed eagerly against her lips. 

Devon ignored the pain that was still searing through his body. He could've had a sword through his middle at this point and it would've been equal to an annoying fly for how lost he was to this moment. The only thing in the world was them. They were no longer prisoners in a strange land or pawns to a vengeful king. It was just he and Nerissa, far away from anything else that dared to tear them apart.

Finally parting from her lips, he brought his other hand to Nerissa's face as well to hold her amber gaze. "Slim or not," he began lowly. "I'll do anything to keep you safe. Fight to the end as is the Rogue way and you're more than reason enough for that." He grinned for a moment then. "Your lack of faith still hurts, you know." Tilting down, he brushed his lips to hers with a shameless smile before kissing her again.

✧ Promises ✧
As his strong arms pulled her closer after a moment of hesitation it caused her body to melt against his. Feeling his hand cupping her face, the press of his lips to hers causing the hair to raise on her flesh causing goosebumps. This was all she had longed for since getting to know the man she saved. She longed to be in Devon's arms and feel the gentle firmness of his lips. The spark that lighted in her heart as she finally took her chance to show him how he felt.

After the heated kiss lasted longer then she knew a kiss could last for. They pulled away, and her eyes studied his face to see if he felt the same way she had. Taking in his blue hues, as if she could get lost in the ocean they held. His words caused a stirring in her soul as she felt the gentle twitch of a smile come to her lips. “I’m reason enough?” She questioned the statement, it was in that moment she felt she understood what he would do for her, what she would do for him. Because they were each other's reason.

As he leaned in kissing her once again she felt the sparks floating around them, as the magic sparked around them in a circle as if they were surrounded by fairy lights. She took a step back and pulled him with her slowly hoping not to cause him too much pain to find their way to the bed. She wished to spend the night in his arms, hoping that he was right. They would bring back her people, save her head and maybe she could start a life with him where they could be more than friends. Laying in the bed with him, spending the night sharing small kisses and holding each other until the exhaustion took over them both.


When morning came Clarice would stand from his bed staring out at the warm sun beating through the window, naked she stood there in the rays of the sun hearing him stir. “I can’t see what is going to happen.” She said as he was the reason he had the full gift of Foretelling, but this was a future that had too many variables. “Try not to make the human too much of a pincushion, We need him.” She said moving back over to the bed after letting him get an eye full. She trailed a finger under his chin, letting her fingers dance down his neck. “How our visits leave me satisfied to return to my plotting. If you need me, scream for me Blue.” She spoke the nickname she settled on for him, besides some not so endear ones.

“I do wish I could stay longer but I have other things that require my attention, and I trust you will be busy with the Redwoods mess.” Wrapping her hand around his throat in a teasing manner she leaned down kissing his lips before disappearing from his room leaving only her dress as a trace of her presence there.


Nerissa woke up to the sun dancing along her face and she shifted only to realize she was tangled up with Devon, a blush crossed her face as she thought about how the night before as they shared several kisses. She laid there her eyes watching the gentle calmness that he seemed to hold as he slept. She was mentally painting him in her mind to remember every inch of his face. She smiled as he stirred awake. “Hey.” she said softly and reached to touch his cheek when the door was kicked open and the centaur guards appeared with a demand for them to get up. Nerissa was quick to get up and move around to help Devon up to his feet not wanting to accrue the wrath of the half horse.

They were being ushered out of the room, down the fancy halls of Kyan home. She could tell it was inside of a large tree, she could feel the energy of the tree around them. She glanced at the guards to gauge their reactions yet their faces showed no emotions. She looked at Devon slipping her hand into his, squeezing it softly as she felt nervous. She would be returning home that day and the thought of it made her nauseous.

As they entered the room, told to wait there she was slightly confused on why Kyan wasn’t already there. She watched the guards close the door behind them and her eyes moved around the room. “The gateway isn’t in this room so this must be more of a holding cell.” she said as she turned in a circle letting his hand go as she did so not to jerk him around. “How are you feeling?” she asked returning back to him to pull up his shirt to look at his wound.

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