Adventuring through twisted time.

This was rather annoying, how all of a sudden he could be in one place then the wind would pick up and he would be dropped into another place. This had been one of those weeks where he had been taken from his job in the castle and dropped in the middle of what was nowhere to him. He cursed the wind as he made his way down the mountain that he landed upon. Looking out at the skylines did hold a beauty in it. Taking in the green of the trees that stretched for miles, and the warmth of the summer days did ease his anger for a moment.

Yet that anger returned when he made a wrong step and found himself falling over the edge of the trail, hitting things on his way down to lay there for a moment breathing shallowly as his body was overwhelmed with pain. When the wind didn’t come to help him, he rolled his eyes. “Fucking balls. Really?” He hated this, that the wind just decided what was right for him, but then wasn’t there to help when he needed it. After laying there for who knows how long he managed to roll over and get up.

Night was coming quickly and he needed to get somewhere for the night. As he took a few steps he paused hearing the sound of flowing water. Feeling how parched he was drove him to drag himself towards the sound. Finding the waterfall, flowing freely the male started to pull off his clothes seeing the cuts and bruises from his fall over him. “Fuck.” He muttered as he took a few steps once naked to fall into the water.

His face hit the water then his body was fully submerged for a moment before he rolled in the water and floated on his back in the lake that was pooling from the waterfall. He trailed his wet hand along his hand and sighed softly. “How the hell am I to get home, you ass?” he called into the air knowing he would get no real answers from it.

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A giggle carries on the Wind, bouncing beside dark strands of hair as it floats her the same way it always has. Adopted straight into Mama’s family from birth, Selina has always been accepted as one of them by The Wind and, perhaps due to her strange nature, she’s held a more playful relationship with it than many of the others. She honestly has no idea where she is at this point, she’d stopped paying attention a while ago, instead trusting her old friend to carry her where it wants her to go.

She’s not surprised when her body begins to slowly descend from the sky, floating much like a feather, after all she was getting tired and she’s always put down eventually. It’s certainly the middle of nowhere though, which is… not strange, but uncommon for what she’s used to. Her face remains calm as she begins walking, toward the sound of running water and guided by the sounds of the animals speaking around her… but also what sounds like a person? All the way out here? Huh.

It’s probably rude to be standing at the edge of the trees watching the person floating in the water. She’s aware. But she’s never been like the others, hell she was never encouraged to be like the others. If he bothered to look she has no doubt he’d see her standing there anyway, draped in bright fabrics like she is she certainly stands out next to the dark trees and rock. He seems discontent and, worse, injured. The animals seem unsure of his presence as well, meaning he was a recent arrival like herself and has left them chirping in confusion as to what he might be up to.

It’s only once he speaks, addressing his question to the sky it seems, that she feels The Wind stir her clothing and lift her hair again and she realizes exactly who he’s addressing. “You ask nicely?” He wasn’t expecting an answer, that much is very clear. Her steps are light and easy as she makes her way down the incline toward the water where he floats, only to crouch down at the edge of the water. “You seem a little lost, friend.”

The water was rather soothing at that moment, So as he floated there he enjoyed it. Even if he was mad at the force that always seemed to carry him at its will and not the will of his own. He was lost in trying to figure out where he was; he never heard her coming. He often was observant because he had to be. People just naturally hated him. He also thought he was alone so he talked to the only thing he knew. The force that controlled him.

So when her voice hit his ear he jumped in the water turning around because the wind had never answered him before, quickly landing on the brightly clothed woman. “I…” he said and looked around again. Had he hit his head that hard he was seeing someone. “Ask nicely? When this ghost or force or whatever is always picking me up and throwing me around?” He winced as he spoke. He moved his hand to his ribs to hold them as he took a deep breath.

He watched her move to crouch down towards the edge of the water and he took a few steps towards her. Knowing he was naked but his clothes were on the rock beside her. “Little Lost is an understatement. I have no clue where I even am to return to my family.” He said as he moved over to get his clothes and pull on his pants with his back to her for a moment. “You know. I am either losing my mind…” his voice trailed off for a moment as he took a ragged breath.

“Or maybe I am dead. I have never had a beautiful woman show up when I am screaming at the force that carried me here.” He said as he sat on the rock. The weakness taking hold of him. He moved to hold his head for a moment. “Don’t freak out if you are real because I am going too…” his eyes rolled back as he passed out. The bruising on his body is noticeable despite his darkened skin. He fell forward half in the water, half on shore.

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