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The Bounty (Raffaele and Nerissa)

After the run in with Kyan barely making it away with her life, Nerissa found herself spending a few weeks healing, hiding in her newly ope…

Started by Nerissa Ironspring

22 Jul 28
Reply by Nerissa Ironspring


Hiraeth (Nerissa and Devon)

Nerissa couldn’t recall the last time she had seen Devon, after all he was always busy with Rogue work. She was busy making herb paste and…

Started by Nerissa Ironspring

12 Jun 23
Reply by Nerissa Ironspring


Fated Encounter (Dimitri and Celica)

The body in front of her falls just like the others sharing the field with them in that moment. Well, she amends as thunder cracks viciousl…

Started by Lena Parker

4 Mar 6, 2021
Reply by Lena Parker


A Place For You Too (Roni and Devon)

"Run! Run!" Devon burst through the wooden doors of the storeroom granary and waited for his fellow Rogues to jump to the ground first befo…

Started by Devon Sawyer - Council

10 Oct 26, 2020
Reply by Devon Sawyer - Council

Lupine Gypsy

Anger is Necessary (Aqua and Spade)

And so, while most the world feared anger and avoided it like the plague Luna embraced it. She understood it and found it was now time for…

Started by Spade - Council

3 Oct 9, 2020


As Fate Would Have It (Dathan and Celica)

Another day, another town. If there’s one thing that she knows for sure, it’s that she’s getting awfully tired of the monotony this has bec…

Started by Lena Parker

0 Sep 21, 2020


The Chase (Quinn and Selina)

Music and laughter is the norm this time of night for Selina. The caravan had stopped just shy of the next town and had managed to finish s…

Started by Selina Rahotep

2 Sep 10, 2020
Reply by Selina Rahotep


Like a Flower in the Dark... (Persephone and Hades)

"You are my light. You know you are and you always will be but pushing me away hurts. I would never admit it, never tell you but it breaks…

Started by H A D E S - Council

10 Mar 1, 2020
Reply by H A D E S - Council

Lupine Gypsy

For Love and For Power (Luna and Dean)

"And so, to protect her family she did what she swore she would never do again. Relinquishing her freedom for the love of those she held de…

Started by Spade - Council

4 Nov 3, 2019
Reply by Libelle Ryoko - Council


Deathly Connections [Ciara and Reagan]

It was safe to say that over the last few months, her life had completely turned upside down; what she believed was over, a life that would…

Started by Ciara Devlin - Council

0 Oct 13, 2019


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