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Xylina Taryn
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Emberbloom: A Midsummer's Quest (Echo and Xylina)

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Xylina stood at the edge of the royal gardens, the soft hum of early morning filling the air. Dew clung to the petals of vibrant blooms, and the first light of dawn painted the sky in shades of…Continue

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Xylina Taryn replied to Xylina Taryn's discussion Emberbloom: A Midsummer's Quest (Echo and Xylina)
"The air between them was electric, their cold stone faces masking the tumultuous history they shared. Her azure eyes crackled with the energy of a brewing storm, one that might have mirrored her Thunder abilities if she had mastered other…"
Echo Silversun replied to Xylina Taryn's discussion Emberbloom: A Midsummer's Quest (Echo and Xylina)
"There once was a boy whose light burned so bright it lit the light of those who saw or passed him by. His eyes held his love and joy. His heart filled with excitement and longing. His mind was packed with the tales of the gods and their heroes, and…"
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Emberbloom: A Midsummer's Quest (Echo and Xylina)

Xylina stood at the edge of the royal gardens, the soft hum of early morning filling the air. Dew clung to the petals of vibrant blooms, and the first light of dawn painted the sky in shades of lavender and gold. She had always found solace in these moments of quiet, but today, her tranquility was shattered by the scroll clutched tightly in her hand. She unfolded the letter once more, her eyes skimming over the elegant script of King Kyan's handwriting. "The rare Emberbloom Flower,…See More
Jul 9
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Xylina Taryn's Page

Xylina Taryn

The Essentials

  • Birth Name: Libelle Ryder Ryoko
  • Name Meaning: Dragonfly, Rider, Dragon
  • Married Name : Libelle Ryder Ryoko-De La Vega
  • Nicknames : Libby, Belle, Dragonfly, Dragon Lady, Mistress
  • Brothel Name : Onyx, Madame Dragon, Mistress
  • Age : 30's Ageless
  • DOB : April 1st.
  • Zodiac : Aries
  • Gender : Female
  • Sexuality : Heteroflexible
  • Status : Your's if you pay enough for a night (Married GAOP-Future)
  • Partner: Jeovani de la vega
  • Children : Lorenzo & Jade Ryoko-De La Vega
  • Parents : Jack Ryoko ♰ & Amelia Ryoko ♰
  • Occupation : Dragon Lady brothal/bar owner. emperess to the drakes.
  • Hometown : What is now known as Austrilia
  • Residence : England near the port in The Dragon Lady

The Drake Skin

  • Species: Drake
  • Scale : Black
  • Build : Average
  • Height : Five foot
  • Weight : One-Hundred and Twelve lbs
  • Eye color : Hazel
  • Hair color : Black
  • Drake Claws : Black
  • Wing Color : Black
  • Handedness : Skilled with both when its important.
  • Marks : Black scale center back. Freckles that are black these are really her scale armor. A scar under her right breast. A scar along her inner thigh. A knife scar through her left hand. Half a gypsy wind heart on her chest (in gaop).
  • Scent : Using her Gas ability she can change her scent on what her client likes. Yet her nautral scent is a swirl of whiskey and cherries.
  • Style : Tends to dress more provocatively due to her profession. Out of the Brothel she would be dressed as a proper lady.
  • Faceclaim:Jessica Parker Kennedy

Abilities of the Onyx Scale

  • Fear Gaze: Drakes can cause fear in weak minded individuals with one look.
  • telepathic bond: A Drake can bond themself with another willing creature to allow them to see and hear what they do.
  • scale armor : When called forth, a drake turns their skin into a hard armor that looks like scales. They can shift the colors to camouflage in with their surroundings when not moving.
  • poison : Can use their blood as liquid poison or can breathe a cloud of poison.
  • gas : Can breathe from sweet gases to stink gases. From mild to deadly.
  • sound : Can use their vocal breath to break apart items or cause ground tremors.
  • petrication : Sucking in air causes what they wish to lose all liquid or life.
  • STRANGE APPETITE : Drakes often eat weird things such as iron, hot coals, gems.
  • HEATED HANDS : A Drake can make their hands heat up to a molten hot without damage to themselves.
  • WINGS : The older the Drake, the more likely they have gained their wings that grow from their back and break off once not in use.

Behind the Dragon Lady

The Consul

E S F J - A

Extraverted 72%
Observant 52%
Feeling 63%
Judging 68%
Assertive 57%

Consuls are very caring, social, community-minded people who are always eager to help.


Positive Traits
Capable, Freespirit, and Self-Sufficient
Negitive Traits
Strong-Headed, Calculating, and Guarded
Gemstones, Iron, Flowers, Water, The Rogues & Gypsys, Dancing, Paino, Sunlight, Summer
Anything Gold, Scummy men, Banishers, Winter, New Moon Nights, Lies, Ginger Herb

First Impression

Libelle, the proprietor of the Dragon Lady Brothel, is a striking figure with an enigmatic presence. Despite the naturally unsettling aura that accompanies Drakes, she has honed her demeanor to project an air of allure and intrigue. Her initial impression is a blend of mysterious charm and subtle intensity, captivating those who meet her. Libelle's eyes seem to hold a depth of secrets, drawing people in with a mixture of curiosity and fascination.

Her demeanor is both welcoming and authoritative, a necessary balance for running her business effectively. She exudes confidence, managing to put clients at ease while maintaining a palpable sense of control. The off-putting aura typical of Drakes is still faintly present, adding a layer of excitement and danger that some find irresistibly enticing.

Libelle's ability to navigate social interactions with finesse and grace has made her a successful businesswoman. Her clients feel a magnetic pull towards her, intrigued by the complexity she embodies. She has mastered the art of turning her natural Drake traits into an asset, using them to create an unforgettable and compelling first impression.

The Tale of a Silvertongue

Jack Ryoko was the nephew to the black scaled drake who had lost his life. Jack, unable to know what to do, being the Drakes had decided to leave their homes and spread throughout the world. Jack found himself on a boat traveling the world for two hundred years, until he met a woman named Amelia. Ameila was a shy girl that learned what he was because he stepped in to save her when pirates tried to kidnap her from her home.

Ameila didn’t reject him due to his Drake nature. In fact she wanted to know everything about him and his kind. So he told her their story, it seemed impossible to believe that dragons used to be real. It seemed even harder to believe that Jack was as old as he said he was. Yet that didn’t stop Ameila falling in love with him as he told her about his life.

Jack asked Ameila to join in his journey on the seas. She agreed and the pair traveled the world together. It was when Ameila became pregnant did Jack feel fear. He had no idea if their child would be human or like him. He feared if she was like him, she would be lonely. Though Jack would never get to see his child born as the seas turned rough one evening causing the seas to take him captive in their depths.

Ameila lost over losing her husband barely making it ashore as she gave birth in the hull of the ship shortly after getting it ashore. As she took her baby girl in her arms she noticed the black scale in the center of her back. She knew from Jack’s story that his uncle was the one to create the Drakes and how he had only been the black scale Drake ever. It seemed her daughter was going to be carrying on the Drake life, not only that she would be their leader.

Yet Amelia feared losing her only piece of Jack left in her life. So when she came out of the hull of the ship and learned she was in Australia. She figured this was the best place to raise the child she named Libelle after her own mother. Settling in to the town was as one would expect it to be with a single mother with no husband around. Finding a bar that would let her move in, and work for board and food was the only break Ameila got.

Though as Libelle got older it became clear that her lack of being around was hard on her daughter. Who would often run around the bar and cause trouble for the bar goers. Libelle used to use her gas breath to cause the bar to stink. Making people go running from the stench, which would cause her mother to lose money. Libelle had no idea her actions had consequences until the day her mother was fired and they were put out from the only home Libelle had known.

In anger Amelia told her daughter that she needed to grow up and live up to her father's hopes. She was to lead her people but the way she was acting only caused disappointment. Libelle was confused in her words. That was the first day she learned what she actually was, how she was a rare breed, That people wanted to hurt her and her kind. How she needed to be mature and grown up if she was going to survive the harsh world.

Libelle became serious after that talk, she didn’t step out of line to cause her mother any trouble. She even took up any job that would be offered to a child. Mainly she spent her days cleaning up the stores and other businesses around the town. If she wasn’t working she was off in a spot she was sure no one could see her as she practiced her abilities to learn how to have master control as she got older and be the best Leader of her kind like her father wanted her to be.

Their time in the town though didn’t get much easier as Libelle got older. Her off putting Aura set in and it made it hard for anyone to get close to her. It became to the point that Libelle herself would come off as harsh or cruel so others would have a reason not to like her. Her mother only seemed to be the only one who could get past the Aura, often telling her it reminded her of Jack. Yet just as fate took Jack from Amelia. Amelia would pass after being bitten by a posion’s snake. Libelle begged her mother not to go, trying everything to heal her but found every one of her gifts were destructive.

Libelle cried over her mother's body for days after she had petrified her. Having no one to understand her. Libelle found herself leaving Australia in search of another Drake. She needed a teacher, or someone, anyone to understand her. Though another Drake wasn’t something she found. Instead she met a Magi by the name of Roderick. He was a charming man who didn’t seem off put by her aura. In fact he seemed to embrace her Drake ways. Encouraging her on how special and beautiful she was.

Roderick convinced Libelle to open a bar with him, so the pair settled down in Ireland and opened the green serpent together. They built a business that was profitable, yet little did Libelle know Roderick used the bar as a front for his potion deals. That he was only using her for his potions due to her potent blood. Roderick made Libelle believe that he loved her. So due to the affection he showed her Libelle fell head over heels for Roderick to the point she could do anything he asked of her. Even if it was giving her blood with no questions.

Yet like every moment of happiness she had it was taken away from her when Roderick one day started to become cruel. He pushed her out of their business and then started to see the barmaid that had joked many times she could steal Roderick from her. Dumb founded and hurt Libelle asked for a reason on why he was doing this. He told her that he never could love such an ugly creature. That she should just end herself and do the world a favor. What was wrong with her to think she could have such things in life really.

Libelle took hold of the barmaid that Roderick had started seeing and filled her lungs with a deadly gas pushing her back to him. Wishing them both to meet their end. Libelle left the bar after that trying to figure out what she was going to do with now. Roderick whipped the town into a frenzy the moment she left. Libelle awoke to men grabbing her from her bed and strong-arming her to a stake. The town screamed how she was a witch and killed the barmaid with her potions. How Roderick had shown them her potion room in the bar.

Anger filled her as she watched Roderick standing there pleased with himself. She tossed her head back to the stake that she was tied too trying to think how to get out of this. She didn’t want to kill a whole town because of one mistake in who she dated. Yet she still loved him and didn’t want to throw him to the wolves. So the only thing she could think to do was release a knockout gas that would make the whole town pass out then and there. So she opened her mouth breathing out the gas looking back to the crowd.

As she watched the people fall to the ground she heated up her hands to free her from the bindings and to set the stake a blaze hoping that this would convince the town she was dead. As she turned to leave her gaze cast to Roderick one last time before swallowing the pain and making her way to the shore. She found herself on a boat not long after that making her way to England. She had decided from then on out she would have walls up and never let anyone close to her to know what she is.

So landing in London meant she had to start a new being a woman though made that hard. Yet there was one business she knew she could open that would not be questioned. So she put together what little funds she had and opened the Dragon Lady Brothel and Bar. Though part of the reason she opened it was to try and find something to fill the hole in her chest. So as bodies filled her bed in exchange for money she found herself feeling emptier with each passing day.

As she built her girls up she only took on select clients focusing on building a life for herself even if it was a lonely life. She had to accept that she was a monster, one that has lost everyone she cared about one way or another. She had given up hope on being what the other Drakes could need as a leader.

That was until she learned that there were Drakes looking for a place. She didn’t put word out that she was the Black scaled Drake, rather she waited to see if anyone would show up and look to her as a leader. As she wasn’t sure if it was a trap or not.


Plot with me?

(5/3 I fully blame Vega...)
Let's Make A Deal - Devon Sawyer
Answers are needed - Artemis "Vice" Kelly
Bounded from the start - Jeovani De La Vega (first meeting)
Familiar Face - Jeovani De La Vega
Under Pressure - The Gemstone - Onyx, Ruby, Pearl

Libelle can roleplay from The middle ages till Modern Day




Broken - Libelle echoing lost

Lindy Roleplay Corner


Their meeting began with deception, as Jeovani wore the face of a man named Daniel, who had saved Libelle's life and wedded her. Fate cruelly tore them apart soon after, with Jeovani's act of heroism leading to their separation. During his wandering, Jeovani encountered a Valkyrie who bore an uncanny resemblance to Libelle, a twist of fate owed to their fathers being twins. This Valkyrie sacrificed herself for Jeovani, leaving him adrift, guided only by the whims of the wind.

Years later, the wind carried him back to Libelle. At first, Jeovani mistook her for his fallen Valkyrie, but Libelle, now the formidable Dragon Mistress of The Dragon Lady Brothel, swiftly corrected him. She demanded he pay for the past with acts of contrition, her heart steeled against the man who once wore another's face to win her love. Their reunion was charged with tension, a blend of past love and present duty, as they navigated the complicated emotions that bound them.
Jade, the firstborn daughter of Libelle and Jeovani, was marked by a unique destiny from birth. Unlike her parents, she inherited the Valkyrie legacy from her paternal grandmother, making her feel like an outsider in her own family. The vast differences in her abilities and experiences created a chasm between Jade and her parents, leaving her yearning for understanding and connection.

Seeing her struggle, Jeovani made the difficult decision to send Jade to his mother, a powerful and wise Valkyrie, to help her embrace her true nature. Under her grandmother's guidance, Jade began to unlock her potential, learning the ancient ways of the Valkyrie. This journey not only allowed Jade to find her place in the world but also started to bridge the emotional gap with her parents, as she began to understand and accept her unique identity.
Devon entered Libelle's world on the recommendation of her trusted confidante, Ruby. The Dragon Lady Brothel needed protection, and Devon, with his band of rogues, was the perfect solution. They struck a mutually beneficial deal: Devon and his men would ensure the safety of Libelle's girls, and in return, she would provide them with storage and coin.

This arrangement blossomed into a partnership rich with shared benefits. Devon's presence brought security and stability, while Libelle's resources and influence expanded their operations. Together, they formed a formidable alliance, each thriving on the other's strengths in the heart of London's underworld.
Ruby met Libelle when she was the sole worker and owner of The Dragon Lady, and their bond was forged through a shared disdain for abusive men. Ruby, a skilled craftswoman, initially focused on rebuilding the brothel, but soon transitioned into a worker under Libelle's guidance. This mentorship sparked a one-sided infatuation in Ruby, who remained loyal despite her unreciprocated feelings, often finding herself heartbroken.

Despite this, Ruby found fulfillment in her work, thriving in the environment Libelle had created. She took particular satisfaction in dealing with violent customers, ensuring they never returned to The Dragon Lady. Her unwavering loyalty and fierce protection made her an invaluable friend and ally to Libelle, solidifying their partnership in a world fraught with danger and deceit.
Gwendlyn, now known as Pearl, found refuge and purpose at The Dragon Lady Brothel, a place where her sworn enemy, the king who had murdered her family, was a frequent visitor. As she worked under the guise of a common courtesan, she secretly plotted her ultimate revenge—the king's death. Though her soul was lost to a Sorceri in exchange for magical abilities, her resolve remained unbreakable, and each day brought her closer to her goal.

Pearl used her powers to create protective enchantments for the girls at the brothel, earning Libelle's trust and gratitude. Her talents extended beyond the brothel’s walls, as she occasionally assisted the rogues with their covert operations. Pearl’s dual life as a vengeful sorceress and loyal ally made her an invaluable asset, weaving her deeper into the fabric of The Dragon Lady’s clandestine world, all while edging ever closer to her moment of reckoning.
Artemis "Vice" Kelly and Libelle's paths collided under tense circumstances. Belle, driven by a need for answers, trapped Vice to uncover why the Dracula clan was hellbent on annihilating the Drake Race. However, Vice revealed a surprising truth: she was not an enemy, but kin to Libelle through her marriage to Jeovani.

Once Belle understood Vice's true nature, she released her from captivity. Vice, showing her loyalty, escorted the pregnant Libelle to the safety of a Gypsy caravan. During their time together, they delved into each other's memories, sharing stories and experiences that forged an unbreakable bond between them. This unexpected alliance transformed them from wary adversaries into trusted allies, united by blood and a shared history.

Life in Moments


Lindy or Darling| She/Her | EST | Third Person | Multi Para replier
Discord: LindyDarling | Code/edits by me | Banner by Devon

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