Adventuring through twisted time.

Ireland had been her home for the last few years, she knew the people around her village, she had love or so she thought. Roderick had used her and cheated on her, worst of all when she found out she killed the woman he cheated on her with. That earned his wrath; he stirred the townspeople into a frenzy claiming she was a witch. The townspeople believed him because he was well respected among the community. The people beat her as she fought back their advancements but before she knew it she was tied to a stake.

The screaming from the townspeople on how she was a monster, the fire was light at the base of the stake. She had to think on her toes, even though he had been beaten blood she could still use her powers. So she focused and forced out a knockout gas, the biggest use of her powers at that point as she watched the people fall asleep. She used her hands to burn the ropes that tied her to the post. Her skin hardened in an effort to keep her safe from the flames that consumed the stake. She moved amounged the passed out people leaning over Roderick she raised her claws to kill him but she still loved him. She couldn’t bring herself to harm him.

In tears she placed a scar along his face as a reminder of what he did to her. Hoping people would assume she was dead because of the ashes that would soon be there. She took off from the town she had made her second home. With a heavy heart and wounded. She had no idea how long she ran for, all she knew is she arrived where the port was and crumbled to the ground gasping for breath as she sobbed out in pain in her tattered clothing. She wrapped her arms around her, she was no longer hard skinned she just looked like a woman who had been attacked.

She had nothing, no way to pay her way and she needed time to heal. She felt hopeless and as if she was utterly nothing. She found herself laying her head to the ground as she cried out in pain. She couldn’t stop her body from shaking, she couldn’t stop the tears she felt utterly weak. She felt like nothing, she was nothing. Roderick’s words echoed in her ear. ‘You were always just a pawn, how could I ever love a monster like you.’ She had no idea how long she had been crying or if anyone even noticed her.

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He'd barely been here a second and he was already in a fight. Outnumbered. The side of his face hit the ground and suddenly it felt like he was in the center of a church bell as it was ringing out. The Wind stepped in when he was too disoriented to continue to defend himself. It cracked his assaulter's heads together and flung them into the air. Jeovani struggled to his feet. Stumbling he held his head. His other hand reaching to lean on whatever he could. 

He stumbled down a quiet alley and slumped to the floor. Those men who attacked him were surely dead. He promised he'd never come here to this gods forsaken town again. And yet here he was. For his father. Praying he was safe. Did he know the locals didn't take lightly to anything inhuman? His took several Labored breaths. Feeling blood trickle down the side of his face "fuck!" He fought the urge to let his eyes close. If he was going to find this man he spent his whole like chasing. He wasn't going to be able to do it as himself. 

He didn't even get a second in his new face before a scream rang through his already ringing ears. That seemed to be the status Que of the day. His eyes shot open and he struggled to his feet and back onto the main road again. He followed this sound. While many would run away. However, Jeovani knew the sounds of pain and what this town did to people all too well. 

He froze and a shiver ran through him. He stood among piles of bodies. Unsure if they were alive. He didn't care for them though. He cared about who they'd burned. But he was too late.

There was only ash left.

His heart sank.

He was too late again. 

He was distraught. He knew he likely didn't know who they burned but this was close to home for him. The Wind had to force him to his feet and push him around to get him to walk. Part of him was sure his father had been burned while the rest of him knew that couldn't be true.  And so he focused on The Wind. Let it guide him. He was sure it'd guide him to his father. That was the only reason he was here. 

The Wind blew over Libelle. Calling Jeovani to her. The moment he saw her he panicked. Rushing towards he slid across the floor until he was right in front of her. Laying on the floor with her to be sure she was okay. He was afraid to touch her. He looked around and soon realised she was certainly alone. Taking off his shirt he gently put it on her. The wind blowing him towards a ship which told him that's where she needed to go. He didn't ask her if she was okay. The answer was obvious. "I'm going to pick you up. I promise I won't hurt you." 

He did it without waiting for her to answer. Walking towards the ship. It was a cargo ship, typically didn't let passengers on unless they stowed away. He set her down on the nearby crates. "Let me talk to them about heating you on there safely and I'll be right back." He offered her a pained and worried smile. He paused before he left though. He popped the necklace around his neck off and gently put each of the rings from the broken chain on her finger than his. 

He was gone for only a second just like he said. His demeanor was different when he came back though. His shoulders down and chest deflated. As if he'd been defeated in some way. He stood in front of her but his eyes remained on the town. He couldn't even hear one of the crewmembers calling him at first.

"Daniel, if ya an' tha wife are still coming now'd be tha time mate!" 

Unsued to people calling him Daniel. 

"Yes. Sorry, we're coming." 

He very carefully picked her up again bridal style. "Let's get you out of this wretched town." He carried her on to the ship. Her scent had hit him the moment he was close. The scent of fire and ash was far too familiar than he wanted it to be. He stood on the deck with her. Watching as town faded. All his life he'd never been as close his father as he was today. His whole life's desires seemingly fading away as Ireland just grew smaller and smaller. 

But then he looked down at her in his arms. Unable to imagine the relief and possible pain she was in and feeling. In the end, she made the defeat and ultimate sadness better because he had managed to help get her away from a place he hated the most. 

As a man moved in front of her gaze she winced away from him as she couldn’t speak just yet. The shock of the events still flowing through her. When he put his shirt on her she wanted to pull away but she couldn't. His touch was different from others. It was careful and caring. She felt him pick her up and she didn’t fight him especially since he was leading her to the boats she was going to before she fully broke down. She leaned into his warmth as the rain was starting to pick up.

As she was sat by the crates her knees came to her chest as the ring was placed around her finger and she looked to him confused but understood more when he put the ring on his own finger. She looked at it as she touched it with her other hand. She had wanted a ring for so long and yet this came from someone she didn’t know. Her head swirled with questions and darkness. She knew she was going to pass out, it was only a matter of time as her body started to ache.

She looked to him as he stood in front of her looking to the shore she wondered if he was going to run back to it. Yet he didn’t he picked her up again and spoke the words she needed to hear. She leaned her head into his neck before the darkness took over her vision and she passed out in his arms. Her dreams were ones of her burning at the stake and they were horrible. When she woke up in a cold sweat she almost screamed out.

The rocking back and forth and the darkness around her reminded herself she was on a boat now. She was safe from the fire. Yet when she tried to move she let out a low groan as she was so badly beaten she couldn’t even move without tremendous pain taking over her body. She laid there and whimpered for a moment before she saw a light across the other side of the boat moving closer to her. She felt her breath caught in her throat as she tried to make herself smaller from the person.

Yet as the light drew even closer she saw it was the man who had gotten her on the boat, who had given her the ring. She sat up and whimpered as she did. Her hands came to rest to her stomach. She cleared her dry throat and spoke softly. “Thank you.” it was all she could manage to get out as she stared at him with her big hazel eyes in the dark of the huel of the ship.

His eyes were already on her. So when she passed out he held her closer to hear her breath. Be sure pass out was all she did. He held her firmly to him trying to keep her covered from the rain and warm given her condition. "They told me you two looked bad. But they didn't say you looked like Shite!" The captain's voice caused Jeo's head to snap towards him. The captain's stern expression softened once his eyes fell upon Libelle "it's unlucky to have a woman aboard." The captain's eyes studied Jeo.

"I'll do everything I have to to keep my wife safe. I'll do twelve times more to get her away from Ireland altogether." 

To this, the Captain smiles and gestures for Jeo to follow. He leads them to a small room in the ships hull "I typically don't allow my men to have their own living space. But for her sake this room is yours." He placed the key down and helped Jeo get Libelle onto the bed in the room. Jeovani sat at the edge and brushed her hair from her face. It was times like this he wished he was blessed with dreamwalking if to only be sure her dreams weren't filled with whatever trauma she'd suffered. 

He left with the captain after a moment of just being by her side. Learning the order the ship was run. Also gathering things he and Libelle would need from anyone willing to spare what they could.  He wasn't expecting to see her up when he returned. The dark rainy night causing him to need a lantern just to look around the room. He hung the lantern when noticed her awake and her response to him. Putting his hands up to prove he was harmless. 

He had a few things in the room with them at this point."You're welcome, but please try not to speak." He moved closer and helped her sit up. "You'll need all your energy so you can heal." He picked up a bucket of fresh water. Some clean cloths. A salve and bandages as he moved closer. Sitting on the edge of the bed carefully. He set the bucket on the floor and everything else down on the bed. Dipping a cloth into the clean water and softly pressing it to her face. He dabbed her face carefully with it. So she could get comfortable with what he was doing enough for him to continue. 

"I lost part of my family to that town. The same way they tried to take you." 

He managed to clean her face, neck and hands. Applying the ointment and bandaging certain spots in those areas well enough. But he had to check the rest of her. "I have to remove your clothes to be sure you're okay." He looked around a moment "Everyone in the crew gave me clothes for you. They might not fit as they are all men's clothing. I'll dress you right back up after dressing your wounds and help you eat. The cook made a nice hot broth just for you. You can even keep my shirt if you're most comfortable in that." It was odd for him. Hearing his voice without his natural Spanish accent. This one he was putting on fit that of the Norwegian crew running the boat. Which he was sure were all some sort of Viking and that played right into his advantage. 

When he came closer she shifted in the bed as she was quiet as he seemed to be concerned about her healing. Something she wasn’t overly used to. No one had shown her concern or care since her mother passed away. She watched him with her darkened hazel eyes as large as they could go with her swollen features. She naturally pulled away from him as he reached towards her but stopped when she felt the soothing wetness on the cloth that was being dabbed upon her face cleaning up as she could assume was blood, ash, and dirt mixed upon her features.

She closed her eyes for a moment just trying to be as still as she can be before his next statement came. She spoke in an australian accent she couldn’t hide while in pain. “The sea took my father, and my mother was taken by a snake. I have had no family for a long time. And when I thought I found someone… They did this to me.” She said softly, still in a haze after everything that had happened to her that evening. For all she knew she was dead and this was what the after like was.

She stayed still though as he cleaned her, other than the rocking of the ship. As he bandaged her up she nodded looking at him. Moving to stand enough to get the tattered dress off her body. Her body covered in bruises from the beating she had been given before placed to be burned alive. She sat back down, feeling dizzy from the swaying but she took the broth from his hands. Not allowing him to help as she downed it in a very unladylike manner. Once it was emptied she placed it back in his hand and waited for him to wrap her up where he could. Once they were done she allowed him to help her get dressed.

She rolled to lay back down on the bedding she was upon before she spoke softly towards him. “Why did you help me? What do you get out of it?” she asked as her hands tightened in the cloth, wondering what he wanted from her. No one had ever simply been kind to her. She wanted to know the strings that were attached and wanted to know them now.

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