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Everlee Harlow
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Everlee Harlow's Discussions

Easing The Burden (Everlee and Kjiri)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kjiri deMoon Jan 13. 7 Replies

✧ Easing The Burden ✧Rolling out of bed Everlee gave a heavy sigh as she moved her hair back. She felt the stiffness in her body from a night of tossing and turning the questions of her birth…Continue

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Kjiri deMoon replied to Everlee Harlow's discussion Easing The Burden (Everlee and Kjiri)
"Kjiri leaned forward on the car, head downcast. If he could only think straight. Something about that woman he couldn’t shake off. He had been quite rude, but he paid for the trouble. Something she said clung to him, a spirit? HIs memory was…"
Jan 13
Everlee Harlow replied to Everlee Harlow's discussion Easing The Burden (Everlee and Kjiri)
"✧ Easing The Burden ✧ If Everlee could read minds she would be rather offended by him, but also could he be right? She had pushed away everyone who knew her before her mothers death. She didn’t really have friends most of her time was…"
Jan 12
Kjiri deMoon replied to Everlee Harlow's discussion Easing The Burden (Everlee and Kjiri)
"Kjiri was trying to remember something but the more he tried to remember the more he forgot and the more the pain worsen. What kind of memory could he have forgotten? What was it that was causing this pain? He realized that the young woman was still…"
Jan 10
Everlee Harlow replied to Everlee Harlow's discussion Easing The Burden (Everlee and Kjiri)
"✧ Easing The Burden ✧ Everlee sat there watching the stubborn man turn to ripping into the small bandaids, it was as if the man had a primitive nature about him. She felt a little offended that he didn't want her to help him. Maybe the…"
Jan 10
Kjiri deMoon replied to Everlee Harlow's discussion Easing The Burden (Everlee and Kjiri)
"Kjiri couldn’t remember what happened, as he sat there with his bloody hand under the table. There was a time when a wound like this would have been taken care of in an instant. Perhaps he had sworn off magic for too long and his memory was…"
Jan 5
Everlee Harlow replied to Everlee Harlow's discussion Easing The Burden (Everlee and Kjiri)
"✧ Easing The Burden ✧ Everlee's eyes clung to the darkness that was surrounding the man, she watched his face shift through different stages of pain. It chilled her to her core as she seemed transfixed in that moment on this man who had…"
Jan 4
Spade - Council and Everlee Harlow are now friends
Jan 2
Kjiri deMoon replied to Everlee Harlow's discussion Easing The Burden (Everlee and Opened)
"Oakville, New Jersey. Why did it have to be New Jersey? Kjiri slammed the door of his car, as he put on his suit jacket and put his hands on his hips pacing around the vehicle. The car had broken down on the side of the road and he was already late…"
Dec 31
Everlee Harlow posted a discussion

Easing The Burden (Everlee and Opened)

✧ Easing The Burden ✧Rolling out of bed Everlee gave a heavy sigh as she moved her hair back. She felt the stiffness in her body from a night of tossing and turning the questions of her birth family eating away at the pink mass that is her brain. She stared at the board that hung over her desk with leads that led nowhere. It seemed her birth mother lied about the name she had given her adoptive father. This was the one mystery that she couldn’t seem to solve in a quick manner. It was driving…See More
Nov 26, 2022
Everlee Harlow is now a member of Timeless
Nov 10, 2022

Known Sleuther

Full name Everlee Nancy Harlow
nicknames Nancy Drew, Eevee, Evermore
age Twenty Six
date of birth August 25th
zodiac Virgo
gender Female
sexuality Bisexual
r. Status Single
Partner None
occupation Private Detective/Diner Worker
residenceLives with adoptive Father
HometownOakville, New Jersey

Foreshadowing Mystery

Positives Fearless, Daring, Sentimentality
Negitives Calculating, Manipulative, Quarrelsome
Habits Closing herself off, Alcohol, Sticking her nose where it doesn't belong
HobbiesMystery Solving, Reading, Learning new skills
LikesPie, Her mothers car, Beach walks, Books
DislikesHer adoptive dad, Her unknown bio mother, Her curse, People who expect the older her

Flashback Problems

The Harlow family tried for years to conceive a child and yet their efforts were fruitless.Till the day they were approached by a young woman who was very Pregnant. She was a teenager and didn’t wish to be a teen mom but knew the couples reputation through the city well and wanted to close adoption with the terms the baby would never know her true family. The Harlows accepted the terms and took care of financing the birth of a healthy baby girl.

The day Everlee was born was the day the Harlows felt whole, having plenty of money to support the child and provide a more than comfortable life. Yet the worries of the child asking questions as she got older made the Harlows concern for her. Yet Everlee was none the wiser, she was a child who was molded in the nurture category except when it came to an unhealthy need to solve mysteries. Everlee would spend hours lost in mystery books, puzzles, games, eventually adapting to becoming a junior detective who volunteered with the local Police department earning the nickname from her middle name “Nancy Drew” like the books. She even earned awards for helping in searches and finding missing children while a child herself.

Her list of accomplishments and feats impressed so many that the fact she graduated high school early and on her way into any college she wished was no surprise to the town of Oakville. Yet that all changed the day she learned that she was different.

The day Everlee learned that she was different was the day she learned that she was adopted, and the day she lost her adoptive mother. It was her eighteenth birthday and it was meant to be like any other day for someone turning eighteen. Celebrate becoming an adult and having a huge party. Yet for Everlee that wasn’t the case. She wasn’t sure what triggered the curse, her mother was walking towards her with a black glop on her shoulder. Everlee yelled across the street asking what was on her mothers shoulder. Naturally her mother stopped in the middle of the street looking upon her shoulder when the semi came out of nowhere. Everlee watched in horror as her mothers life was cut down in front of her eyes.

Yet the black glop stayed drawing closer to Everlee, who stood there in shock. The glop attacked to Everlee and it was as if she was reliving the death of a young girl who was murdered. She felt the life being strangled out of her until someone's hands were on her shoulder. The next memory she had was being in the hospital waiting room, with her father. Everything was a blur except the howling of the glop telling her to solve her murder. All she wanted to do was curl up in her room and stop existing for a moment while the grief of her mother washed over her.

Yet the spirit wouldn’t gain a moment of peace as it forced her death over and over again, it was like Everlee was going through hell in that moment. In frustration and in tears she went out into the storm that night to find the spirits body and give it over to the police. The moment the body was in their hands and the murder solved the spirit thanked her and the weight of its death lifted from her. Yet she was not free as a glace around all she could see was death and creepy things. She had convinced herself that she was crazy for seeing such things, yet no one would dare lock her in a mental institution.

When it became too much for her she asked her father if he or her mother ever saw visions or things that no one else could see. That was when her father informed her on accident that maybe her birth mother did. This caused confusion and a massive fight between the pair to break out. This caused Everlee to become someone unrecognizable to the community that once knew and loved her. Dropping out of college, getting a job at a diner and only solving the Mysteries the spirits forced her to solve. She closed herself off to everyone around her, often avoiding her own adoptive father. Going on the search for her birth mother and answers to what was wrong with her.

Red Herring

Alias Linds, Darling
Pronouns She/Her
Plot With MeGoogle Form

Eye Witness Accounts

Species Cursed
Type Lost Soul-Hereditary 
Build Slim Hourglass
height Five foot eight inches
Weight One hundred and thirthy-two pounds
Hair Ginger Locks
Eyes Blue
Handedness Right
Faceclaim Kennedy McMann
Distinguising Marks Marks will randomly come and go on her due to what spirit is burdening her at that moment.
TattoosNone but to be RPed
ScentCider, spice, and everything nice—this refreshingly warm scent is like a mug of autumn goodness.

Proof in Forensics

High-Level Intellect Everlee is extremely intelligent and highly knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects ranging from organic chemistry to metallurgy to art history. She is intimately familiar with the folklore and mythology surrounding the world, is an avid reader and was a shoe-in to the college of her choice before her mothers death and her curse activating.
Expert Detective True to her reputation locally and beyond, Everlee is an extraordinarily gifted sleuth and investigator with astounding observational and deductive abilities; before her mother's passing, there was no mystery in town or its environs that she could not solve. She is well-versed in soft and hard interrogation, disarming witnesses, uncovering clues and cultivating a wide network of experts to call upon in times of need. Her expertise led her to be hired by many who have come to know her name.
Lock Picking Everlee is a master of picking locks to break into otherwise restricted areas. She has succeeded in breaking into several buildings and safes.br />Lip Reading As a private detective, Everlee took an online course on reading lips so she could "eavesdrop" on conversations from a distance. This has helped her distinguish what people are talking about when she is out of hearing range.
Immortality The cursed one is doomed to live forever without the pleasure of enjoying it with others.
Bouts of freedom The cursed one has rare moments of free will. Whether at night or when no one is looking or the short period of time as the sun rises or sets. During those moments they are free to be themselves without the curse keeping them trapped within themselves.
Unbridled Strength The cursed one is either physically stronger than an average being or their magical strength is stronger than average (No one is magically stronger than Clarice.)
Wisdom of Time Having lived for so long and in a cursed family for so long, they have a immeasurable fountain of wisdom.
Sympathy and Empathy The cursed one is often affected by the story or sadness of another. From being able to directly relate or fathom what that must feel like.
PropheciesThe cursed ones cannot tell prophecies however, they have received some throughout their life. They more often than not cannot change the coming events of said prophecy, but they can prepare themselves for and those affected by it as well./td>

Alibis When Needed

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Modern - Future Era

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