Adventuring through twisted time.

It was safe to say that over the last few months, her life had completely turned upside down; what she believed was over, a life that would never come back, came tumbling down like a bag of bricks upon her. She had become so used to her robotic lifestyle within The Banshee Community, the woman who always kept to herself, the one many feared yet adored - she was the mystery within the sisterhood; Ciara had learnt the hard way to keep her emotions in check, so much so that she never allowed herself to feel. Yet the moment Dimitri came back into her life, she was nothing but a whirlwind of emotions; it had been so many years that she simply did not allow herself to feel, she didn't even know where to begin. Ciara was now in an internal battle, the human she once was still lived within her and had been woken by his very presence - yet the monster The Matron had created was very much at large and extremely powerful. It was now like living a double life - she knew the Matron would know that he was alive, along with her supposedly Daughter; despite this, she did not want the two lifes to cross - she would know she would want Dimitri dead, and the possibility of Madeleine joining the sisterhood. Despite not particularly warming to Madeleine, for the sake of Dimitri, she would now allow her Matron to get her hands on the young girl. 

After a few evenings staying with Dimitri, and sneaking out to continue to feed The Elders with blissful death, Ciara knew it was now time to return back to Hallow Hill Manor and stay with her sisters before suspicions grew on her whereabouts. The blonde stood at the foot of the hill, and glanced upward at the grand, but eerie building before shuddering in slight pleasure as the chill of the everlasting fog engulfed her ankles; with that, she took a proud step forward, pushed up the grand and rather rusted gates and made her way up to the Manor as if she had never been away. Ciara could feel many eyes upon her as she walked by her sisters who were stunned into silence, until they had passed her which was when they began to whisper to the other; which made it abundantly clear that they were gossiping about her. A low hum vibrated from her lips as she picked up her pace to a slight prance as she entered the candle lit building - and automatically made her way to her room; after all, Dimitri had made sure she was well fed before she returned. The room was just as cold and as miserable as she last left it; the bed untouched which was a relief; yet the essence of The Matron remained in the air. 

Just as she moved over to the wardrobe to change into darker clothes to prepare for her round of murders for the evening, the sound of the ringing bell made its way down the hallway; which indicated The Matron wanted all of her children to meet in The Grand Hall for a meeting. It was very rare for these meetings to take place, besides at meal times; Ciara threw her head back slightly and groaned - tonight of all nights? As she sometimes liked to push her luck with The Matron, thus she took her time with changing before making her way down to the ground floor and into the buzz of the hall; Ciara looked among her sisters, and noted one girl waving at her which she simply dismissed and went to stand in the corner, to lurk within the shadows, away from the limelight. As if on queue, The Matron walked through the middle of her children, her black dress dragging behind her as if she was a bride before she stepped up onto the podium to address them all. 

“My, my. What a beautiful sight this is” A hauntingly beautiful smile found her lips as she looked across the room her daughters. “A Mother never gets tired of seeing this sight. Please. Take a seat if needed” She paused for a moment before clearing her throat and continuing. “As many of you know, we get a powers from The Elders, the ladies which gave their life for ours - and now, they have reached out to me.” There giphy.gifwas a slight gasp among the Banshees; to be chosen by The Elders was indeed something truly special. “They are requesting for a jewel to be buried with them which will increase their power to communicate with the chosen ones” With that, Ciara could feel The Matron’s deathly stare. 

“The jewel is incredibly powerful, and if in the hands of the wrong people - if they destroy it, our communication with The Elders would be cut” The Matron spoke with great sorrow and worry - yet Ciara didn’t mind if the communication was cut - she loved to kill, but it would be better if she was doing it on her own terms, and not that of The Elders; it would also be nice to get a peaceful sleep without their haunting whispers echoing around her mind. The Matron continued. “I have selected two of my children to find this Jewel - one which I intrust thoroughly, despite our quarrels, and one which should be given the time to shine not only to me, but to them.” The Banshees in the room began to murmur to each other.

“Silence!” The Matron hissed, which created a deathly silence within the room before clearing her throat. “Ciara Devlin, Reagan Garcia - please make your way to my chambers immediately to discuss this further” The Matron ordered in a pleasant but strict tone, before descending the polidum and making her way out of the Hall to where she would wait for two of her children - a slight smirk appearing on her lips as she did so; this would tear Ciara away from her love. 

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