Adventuring through twisted time.

"You are my light. You know you are and you always will be but pushing me away hurts. I would never admit it, never tell you but it breaks me whenever you tell me to go but I listen because I love you and would do anything to know you are happy with me. Even if that means never fully having you."

"So Lord Hades, I have heard you made your pick" Erebus the only friend of Hades if you could call him that spoke and Hades cloaked in darkness with his face unseen from Erebus obliged him with a bitter humourless laugh. "You made the choice by choosing Nyx for yourself. So Hecate it is. I will get her tonight." Erebus laughed "she picked me," he said beneath his breath rubbing the back of his neck. "Well, I shall be here for the wedding if you wish. If you promise to be at mine." There was a deafening silence a silence that even Erebus grew nervous in until at bright blue eyes peered from out of the darkness and soon the whole of him, Hades, walked out of his shroud revealing himself the other god. Erebus froze "I would be honoured to be at your wedding and honoured to have you at mine." His heavy voice seating on Erebus' chest as Hades hand gripped his friends' shoulder. Erebus smiled and nodded his head shocked and stunned that he had seen the God of death himself and still lived.

I was sitting on my throne after bidding the god of darkness farewell. Staring off into nothingness as I settled into what was to come. All of Olympus knew Zeus had forced me to take on a wife and all rejoiced when I had made what they saw as a suitable choice but I was miserable. More so than usual, that was as I had no love for the goddess I had chosen. No, ever since the day Aphrodite shot me in the heart I had only ever loved one and for a while, she was to be mine and I actually find myself happy. Looking forward to my future with her and she had not even seen me. Nothing but my hand peering out of the darkness that kept me hidden to hand her a rose. That felt like ages ago now, and I would not be surprised if at this point it was. I huffed sinking into my throne maybe I could make Aphrodite shoot me again...

"Lord Hades..."

"Before you go..."

" You should know there is a new soul for you to take..."

The Phorcides came in all fighting over their one eye, bickering at who would get it next and be able to speak. Hades groaned and rolled his eyes, rising "it is my wedding day. I specifically said I was not to be disturbed." He was never one to yell and had not yelled her but still had such an authority but just speaking calmly. They quickly all stopped speaking and scurried off behind him as he marched to his viewing pool

"Oh but this one is different."

"Special to you she once was."

"And special to you she will become again."

Calmly he blew the smoke that consistently hovered just over the floor in his underworld out of the way revealing the water beneath it. "Show me the soul." His voice vibrated against the water before it soon showed him what he demanded. 

I took in a sharp breath and held it in as my brow forwarded. Staring at the image in the water watching the image distort as I tried to touch it but could not. "Tell Hecate the wedding is off," I commanded one of my imps. 'Should we tell everyone else you have called off your wedding? Zeus will no...' "I said Hecate not all of Olympus." My voice resonated throughout my realm without me having to raise it. I stood and adjusted myself  "I will be back long before the wedding starts." With the wave of my hand a hole of darkness opened as my eyes remained on the image in the viewing pool until I walked into the darkness and walked out into my loves room. I made no sound as she slept, deafeningly kneeling at her side and staring at her face. I brushed my thumb across her cheek, stilling as she stirred. I huffed, she would hate me for this, not for taking her to the Underworld, everyone knows that is the consequence of the dark act she committed but forcing her into a marriage she would surely hate him. I rose and leaned over her gently blowing onto her face putting into a stasis just to keep her asleep for our journey home. Picking her up I held her close and firmly in my arms, my heart actually aching in the anticipation of how she might never love me for stealing her from all she knew and loved. Plucking this precious flower and dragging her off to a sunless place. 

Upon arriving back in his realm with Persephone securely in his arms he laid her down on his grand bed. The cold sheets moulding around her soft warm skin as he removed the stasis from her so she could wake when his servants came to her. "Wake her, dress her and bring her to me." He commanded after having left her in the room, he himself going to dress for their wedding. Though when the time came he was once again shrouded in that heavy darkness as usual so no one saw him. Everyone froze as Persephone came into view in her stunning gown. No one, expected to see her as his bride and now, here at this moment no one could do anything to save her or stop this. This was his world, his realm and only he could control what happened here. He stayed cloaked in darkness through the ceremony his voice nothing but an echo and not what he actually sounded like when he said: "I do." And when it came to the point where they would normally kiss at the end it did not happen. Instead, they were pronounced husband and wife and Persephone was whisked away by the servants of the underworld and locked in Hades' room, their room. 

I waited awhile before going to my now wife, greeting the very small and intimate guests that had witnessed the wedding. There were not many just Erebus and Nyx, Zeus and Hera and Poseidon and whichever consort he had this week. We kept Persephone's mother away from this for obvious reasons and even letting Zeus was a risk but he did not dare try and stop it. Not here in my world at least. Finally, I entered our room in utter silence, I smirked finding her back was to me and had no clue I was here with her taking the opportunity to let my eyes take her in. I approached her in that silence, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her back against my chest as held her in a tight hug. I breathed deep, preventing her from turning to face me, look at me as I was no longer blocked from her view. She would be the first outside of Zeus, Poseidon and now Erebus and for the first time, I felt what these others Titans called nervousness. For so long all I wanted was for her to see me and not just a hand and hear my voice and not just its echo. I ran my nose against the soft of her neck before gently kissing it. With a deep breath, I moved up to her ear, pondering what should be the first thing I say to her now that she will be able to experience me fully. I moved her hair out the way my fingertips running across her neck "I still love you after all this time." I kissed the back of her ear gently before stepping away from her dropping my head. I was not ready for her to see me because I was honestly scared, I was already expecting her hate but I needed her acceptance though I would never tell her that. "We can take this as slow as you need to my love." I spoke after a deep breath and built up enough courage to look up.



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-Back Story-

Persephone daughter of Zeus and Demeter the brother Hades hates the most, and the woman Hades scolded by not making her his wife. Persephone was born in one of Zeus many affairs but unlike the demi-gods he graced the world with, Persephone was a pure goddess she was her mother's bundle of joy. She spent her many years with Demeter learning how to be the goddess of spring and vegetation. They didn’t live on Mount Olympus but rather among all the humans to keep the world in balance.

It wasn’t until Persephone was older and realized that she wasn’t the only one, a man name Hermes would visit often and tell her stories of Mount Olympus and how she had family besides her mother. Years Persephone begged to go visit Mount Olympus, her mother agreed if she swore her life to the virgin goddess that she would be one of the noble few who will not marry another god or bear their children. Persephone wasn’t one to love a male as it was so she agreed and with that she was sent to live with Artemis.

Artemis hated males even more then Demeter but she had a twin brother Apollo who caught Persephone attention with his flirtatious ways.  Zeus party was the event of the year, That was the first time Persephone meet Hades was at this party, she ran into him spilling her drink into the dark cloud he kept around him. She apologized many times and still Hades told her that it was okay. She found herself wanting to know the man behind the cloud she had heard stories of Zeus running around fucking everything that moved, even tales of Poseidon but Hades? There was only mystery there.

Artemis warned her from wanting to get to know him, and yet Persephone had Hades on her mind for days after, it wasn’t until she meet up with him. They spoke via messages between Hermes who was rather supportive of Hades and Persephone it was as if he saw how she soften him. Not that anyone would tell Hades that. There letters turned into a few meetings where he would gift her things. Hades and Persephone grew close but Hades knew she had vowed her life to be a Virgin Maiden due to her mother's wishes to come to Olympus. The few moments they manage to meet they were able to have long conversations. Persephone grew to love Hades even if all she had ever seen was his hands, even though they were to not be together, he swore to protect her and be her friend no matter what.

While living with Artemis she noticed that Apollo began to hang around more and more. He began to show affection towards Persephone claiming she was the most beautiful woman he had seen. One evening Apollo was throwing a party at Artemis house for all the younger gods and goddess and while Artemis hated the crowd especially that an overwhelming number of the guest were men in her home. Persephone found it funny that Apollo went out of her way to make his sister mad. That Evening Apollo kept giving Persephone drinks while she kept looking around to see if Hades would show up even though she was sure he wouldn’t. As Arty manage to get the guest to leave Persephone felt weird, and snuck off to her room. She climbed into bed after she wrote out the events of the evening to let Hades know what he had missed and ended the message she wished he had come.

She climbed into bed and her door creaked open to Apollo standing there. She looked to him and said good night and yet he came into the room and used his god gifts against her charming her, that was the night that Persephone virginity was taken from her by force. Apollo  took the innocence from her in one moment and told her that if she told no one about what happened she could still be a virgin maiden. So she nodded and as he left her room she cried herself to sleep.

The next day she talked to Hera and withdrew her name from maidenhood many questions were asked but she stayed quit, she cut off communication with Hades partly blaming him for her lost of innocence as he never came to the party, he didn’t keep her safe. With one touch she knew Hera knew what happened to her and agreed to keep her safe, and her secret while taking care of Apollo in turn.

Some time past and Persephone refuse to reply to Hades letters, No matter how much Hermas begged her to. Eventually the letters stopped only coming once a year on Persephone Birthday. Years passed and Persephone powers grew until Hera had set her up to become the wife of a demigod. The news of this union shocked even her. She went to an Oracle to ask her future.

-The Oracle-

Persephone stood across from the woman with her eyes sewn shut, she chewed on her inner lip softly looking to the older woman. “I’ve come to ask what will come of my marriage to this man Hera wishes me to marry.” She said as she looked to the pool of water.

The echos coming from around the room towards her while the Oracle mouth didn’t move “Your marriage will be short to the man Hera chose for you.”

Persephone stood there and nodded and then touched the water “How is he?” She spoke softer.

“Hades is to marry someone who will be his death, he will be killed if he stays upon his throne. Zeus plans on making an example of him, all because he didn’t chose Nyx. His heart is still clearly conflicted anyone could see it.” the voices Echo. “He doesn’t understand why.”

Persephone splashed the water “What am I to do Hera did the one thing I never thought she would.” She screamed to the Oracle.

“Hera has no part in the plan other then what her husband forces. Apollo has been unable to bed another since that night and it is because Hera placed a curse on him that he could not till you marry, or claimed by another.” The Oracle echoed out. All of this was slowly making sense. “Protect yourself, don’t let darkness fall or you will be damned.”

“I was damned a long time ago.” she said as she stepped back “The moment Apollo raped me, I was already darken.” she looked to the flowers that lined the walls as they all began to die. “Good day Oracle.”

-The Demigod-

As Hera lead Persephone to meet the demigod she was to marry, Penny mind wouldn’t stop turning over the idea that this man was going to hurt her. She looked to Hera with a pleading gaze but even the goddess couldn’t stop what was happening. Zeus was there leading the man up to meet her. Odises was the man’s name, he took Penny by the hand and told her in three days times they would be married, that she was to stay with him till they tied the knot.

Penny disagreed to these terms before Zeus forced her to do so, telling her that in three days time just after he returned from Hades wedding he would marry them. If she didn’t do so, she would be place in excel form Mount Olympus. Penny nodded understanding her father as she then moved with Odies to his home that he was given on Olympus for marrying Penny.

Penny made him dinner and gave him all the drinks he wanted in hops he would go to sleep. She moved to the guest room for the evening and pulled out the last letter Hades had sent her, in what had been almost a year ago now. She read over it and sighed softly folding it moving to place it back in her bag when the door to her room shot open. Odies was on top of her pinning her down.

She screamed out in pain and in help as he claimed her, when he was done using her he rolled over and passed out. Persephone laid there shaking until she knew what she had to do, she went to the kitchen and pulled the knife free from its holding place and returned stabbing Odies through the heart, she didn’t stop until his chest was nothing but mush and he was dead. No remorse in her soul, she looked up and screamed out as darkness claimed her soul for good, her skin turned green and her hair turn burning pink as her eyes dark as night.

She waited blood all over her for her to be claimed at least she could see Hades again even if it was no longer as the beautiful young maiden he once knew. Maybe now she would be safe from all the pain that had become of her, all the people who had harmed her. She laid there next to the body of the man she just murdered and waited, in her waiting she fell asleep her body shifted to protect her making her look like her former self  She looked up to him darkness fully taking her in that moment but with him she closed her eyes again and willingly went with him. She was not a sunflower anymore, she didn’t deserve to be here with the other gods, she was worthless and shouldn’t be loved.

She wasn’t expecting to wake up in a bed, her fingers took hold of the cold sheets and she turned her face into them and smelled deeply, was this Hades bed? She wondered as she moved to the edge standing up and then looked to her blood stained body. Servants were there cleaning her up and stripping her, she looked to her reflection and found that she could shift easily between her demonic form and Goddess form. She slide into the dress and then was ushered out to a alter where Hades stood, was he to marry her? She was confused did he not know she was no better than a Nymph now? Yet the wedding ceremony went on and she said “I do” when it was her turn to do so, After all of it no kiss but rather she was whisked away. She was lost and confused, but then she remembered her father's warning about her due to marry Odies or she would be cast out, She figured she couldn’t get more cast out then the underworld.

-After the wedding-

Persephone was rushed to his room so not to deal with Zeus her father she assumed. Her mother would bring hell but they have stopped talking after Apollo raped her. She looked at her reflection and pulled the dress away finding one of his shirts and slide it on and sat on the edge of his bed as she waited, her skin swirling to the demonic green her hair bright pink and her eyes black as night, she stared at her own reflection for a long time before shifting back at the sound of the door opening slowly. She pulled her legs up and hugged them close to her, as she kept her back to him. She was lost deep in her own thoughts as she leaned her head head against her knees until she felt his arms around her for the first time.

She closed her eyes the fear that should have ran through her didn’t something about his embrace wasn’t evil or something that she wish wasn’t happening like with Apollo and Odeis. She closed her eyes as he moved his mouth moved along her neck she froze in fear in that moment she was still scared to be touched, even though it was him. She stayed still though, to not offend him or worst for him to learn why she did what she had done. She turned around slowly turned around expecting to see the dark cloud but no it was him fully. She was taken back by how beautiful he was.

She swallowed hard as she moved and sat back down on the bed “How could you love me? I am not the goddess you once knew my lord.” she said and in that moment dropped the vision of her goddess from staring at him with black eyes as she reached up tucking the pink locks behind her ear. “I am darkness undeserving of love.” she said as she stood up and pushed on his shoulders “you fool, you should have married someone else, someone safe.” She screamed at him and then began to pound her fist on his chest “I will be the death of you my king.” She cried out as she pushed his chest again, she wasn’t sure if her fear was from what had happened to her or the Orcales message. “I will be the death of you.” she muttered softly to him as a tear feel down her cheek.

Her outburst shook him more than her hits and pushes did and not for any other reason but her words. He expected her to be angry with him, he expected she would hate him l, push him away just as EVERYONE else had. What he did not expect for her to say what she had, for her to be concerned for his life, for her to blame herself for it. He stared down at her with his cold lifeless eyes unmoved when she pushed him or pushed his chest. He waited until she was done, and let a faint hum vibrate from him as he meditated on her words. "How do you kill death itself I wonder?" He pondered for a moment rubbing the shrubs on the bottom of his face as his gaze landed in her again. "Would end up back here? Or, maybe in Olympus this time?" He sneered at the latter hating the idea of being up above. 

"You have had a long day. I am sure you need some unbothered rest." I wanted to pick her up and place her in the bed but I picked up in the faint way she stopped breathing when I touched her or the faint tremble she gave when I hugged her. I knew fear well for I was fear and I did not want her to fear me my touch so kept my hands to myself. Swallowing my thoughts away as I stepped away from her and cleared my thoughts. "I will leave you be," I said looking into her eyes so she would know I would not try to impose myself on to her, force her. I gave her a curt nod before spinning on my heels and heading for the door. "And you are my wife my equal. Lord Hades, my Lord, Liege..." I shook my head "Yeah please do not call me that."

He was to head out the door but as he opened it three large black dogs, regal in looks, came barging in. Ignoring him they headed straight towards Persephone joining her on the bed and smelling and laying right atop her. "Cerberus!" Hades scolded but was stopped short by a "Lord Hades!" From the now open door behind him. He spun on his heels again to face the nymph that had called him "I gave strict instructions not to be disturbed tonight." He face was soft and calm but laced with a severe sternness that made the nymph turn pale and nervous. "Yes sir but you will want to hear this." He thought a second and calmed down, the flames throughout the underworld dying down as his anger did. "I will be right there." He said placing his hand gently on the messenger's shoulder to express he was sorry and he was not mad at him. "Please get some sleep, Cerberus will keep you safe and warm in this cold place." And with that, he was gone. 

"They are saying what?" I spoke through my teeth as everyone around me trembled even the grey witches who struggled to not drop their one eye in fear. 'The Olympians are saying you raped her.' Someone had the courage to repeat and my anger flared, shown by how the flames in the throne room violently danced around the room growing closer to everyone within including myself. I took a breath to ease myself for at least their sake before dismissing everyone to be left to my own devices. My throne was just an ornament because I never sat in it unless for appearance purposes. I sat on the floor instead and thought about everything that had transpired tonight still breathing hard and purposeful to completely calm myself 'Love is patient. Love is kind'  Aphrodite's words circled in my head lulling along its warm memory with it.


"And hello to you too Uncle" Aphrodite chuckled as she glided around his dark cloud and mused around the room like he was not there. "I can not remove it." She eventually answered knowing her uncle was, not one to repeat himself. 

"And why not!?"

"Because I already have!" She sneered with the same anger he had given her. "So if you still love her that is on you, not me!' 

He glared at her for a moment not believing she was telling the truth at first but as he watched her it all became clear she was. " Then teach me how to love." 

Aphrodite scoffed and for the first time since this conversation had started stopped what she was doing "you already know how to love! Better than the gods if I must add! You are just not used to this type of love!" 

"Then teach me-"





"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away..."

I opened my eyes to the sound of the throne room doors opening. I rose with a forward of my brow because everyone knew to leave me to myself. I opened my mouth to demand why I was yet again being disturbed but closed it as one of Cerberus's ran into me followed by the other three and Persephone. I rubbed his face and kept my eyes down on him not looking up at Persephone. "So many expect him to be this oversized dog with three heads and one body." I let out a dry laugh "They can change but they are stronger in this form. Stong enough to protect you from Zeus or even me."  I was silent for a while trying to find my words "Do you know why Artemis hates me?" I stepped closer to her still keeping a distance between us. "Zeus, from time to time will lure her followers here disguised as me. So pay attention to him." I gesture to our three dogs "He knows when there is something wrong in the underworld. Or with me." At last, I looked up at her "I... I hope you know I would never hurt you." I meant those words I hope she knew.

He watched her, letting his eyes scan down her body. A smile cracking at the edges of his lips as he, at last, realized she was wearing his clothes. Slowly, cautiously he approached her Cerberus letting him. He took a breath as he gently brushed her hair out of her face "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." He leaned closer to her slowly their lips almost touching invading her space but giving her the opportunity to back away from him by not holding her. "You are still beautiful to me." He took a moment to stay close to her before backing away and returning her personal space to her. "With as much as I love to see you in my clothes, I will take you shopping in the morning and get whatever you would like. Or you can go without me." 



Persephone world was spinning out of control, she had began to lose her mind after Apollo rapped her and attempted to remove it from her mind. Tainting her. After that moment her behavior became something Hera didn’t wish to have around to curse her precious Apollo anymore so being married off was the only choice. Yet here she was, in the underworld after marrying Hades, no doubt that he would be released from his curse and onto his next victim; part of her felt that would be her even though she was in Hades castle.

“I will be the death of you, cast me away.” she pleaded to him swallowing hard “You would end up in the one place all gods fear...Tartarus.” She answered his question for him that he was wondering. She turned from him as he stated she had a long day. All she wanted was to feel safe but how could see, not with everything that was weighing so heavily in her mind with Apollo and Hades death itself. As she was picked up she froze but then softed to his faint gentle touches, she wanted to assure him it was not him, that she was the mistake. Her hand reached out taking hold of his from the edge of the bed “Please know it is not you. I am the mistake.” she said softly before letting his hand go so he could leave.

As Cerberus ran in she sat up and a smile graced her face, she hadn’t seen the dogs in so long. Her hands coming to get lost in their fur “my beautifuls.” she said softly and watched as they jumped into the bed with her. Her body tensed as yelling came from the hall her breath caught as one of the Cerberus placed their snout to her cheek. They seemed confused but accepting of her new form. She gave him a nod, though she knew sleep would not come. She waited for the door to close before she buried her face into the pillow and began to sob trying to figure out how to save Hades life. The Dogs laying across her back in an effort to calm her, or maybe to hide her tears from Hades himself.

Pulling her face from the pillow she found herself no longer feeling safe in a bed, she needed to leave this room. She pushed on the sleeping dogs, pulling herself free from them. She bit down on her bottom lip softly looking to the pile of dogs “Cerberus, take me to him please?” she asked softly as the dogs responded. Following them down the halls till they reached the throne room. As she pushed open the door letting the dogs run in first before her eyes focus on the throne which seemed to be rarely sat in. Her eyes moved over to Hades then and then she smiled softly looking down to Cerberus as he laughed “That is why so many are wrong when it comes to you and your life.” she looked from the dogs who she was sure would be around her most of the time, and to him for a long moment. “Arty thinks you are the reason I pulled my name from the Maidenhood.” she looked from him again moving herself towards the windows.

She was still in just his shirt as she stood there looking out into the darkness of the underworld. “Can...Can he stay by my side always?” She looked over her shoulder to him as her hands rested to the glass, she held her gaze with his. “I know, out of everyone in my life I know you won’t hurt me.” Her body turning facing him fully the closer he got to her. She let her eyes hold his as he leaned closer to her. The strange feeling of everything they once had, all the dates, all the letters filled her once again. Her heart ached for what they once one. “Don’t call me beautiful I am a monster Hades.” she said softly as she let him pull back from her. Looking down to his shirt that she was wearing.

“Hades…” she opened her mouth slightly before closing it again “I would prefer you come with me. I don’t want to be alone anymore.” she said looking down to black marble under her feet. “Do you remember the party I invited you too long ago? Why did you never show up?” she asked gently. She moved closer to him again and then pulled her gaze to his again, her hands coming to his face. “I spent so long blaming you for my own downfall, it was never your fault, I fell from grace all on my own. I do know out of everyone, I have only ever loved one.” She said and then slowly pausing briefly before she kissed him softly, lifting on her tippy toes to hold herself to him, breaking the kiss to linger there for a few moments. “Just don’t leave me alone, please.” she said softly before pulling away and began to walk towards the door “who does a demon got to kill to get food in this kingdom?” A single pink petal falling from the air to his hand.

He watched the petal fall from the sky and into his hands, the feeling of her kiss still on his lips and all her words haunting his mind. He started down at the lone petal his heart aching to the point where he winced. She used to be so surrounded by them, these petals, just like him and his darkness except hers seemed natural whereas his was forced. He clutched the petal delicately in his hand and held it close to his heart. tumblr_mezm2w1YkO1rc7tzpo1_250.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xTaking a breath he walked to her and grabbed her, closing the throne room door and pinning her to the wall right beside it. He lifted her up by the back of the legs and pressed himself against her trapping her between him and the wall.

I stared into her eyes “you are not a mistake and there is nothing you can say to make me think that!” I moved one hand from her thigh to cup the side of her face. “Breathe with me.” I cooed inches away from her face my lips rubbing against hers as I breathed deep and slow. tumblr_mh0hzsfiYF1rmcqz7o1_r1_400.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xLeaning in I kissed her, wanting her to know I needed her, I wanted her, and that she was safe with me without saying it. Instead, I wished her to feel it. I pulled back and moved to her neck, kissing and nibbling on her soft warm skin before pulling back and catching my breath. I cleared my throat getting a hold of myself and putting her down; I did not apologize for my behaviour, for I had not done anything wrong.

It was now his turn to grab her hand before she left though “I did come to that party.” He said softly pulling her gently to him. He knelt down before her, pulled her close and rested his head against her belly. “I was there but they would not let me in. I fought but then Zeus intervened and pulled me away, claiming to need me, and he did, but things would have been fine without me.” He refused to look up at her keeping his forehead pressed to her stomach. “I am so sorry.”

I do not know what happened between us after that night but whatever it was. Whatever I had done she did not want me anymore for it. Now, after hearing her I knew she blamed herself but why? She could not have done anything wrong, she… she was too perfect, at least to me she was to have done anything. “ Maybe one day we may work through what happened between us.” I rose to my feet and picked her up holding her close. “For today, let us get you something to eat my queen.” Sitting her lip and giving her a pointed look when I knew she would try and fight me on my calling her queen.

He set her down on a kitchen stool “see I did not hurt her.” He argued to one of the Cerberus “your children are so protective!” he groaned jokingly as he walked around to the other side of the island she was sitting at. “What would you like to eat?” he asked grabbing some cooking essentials to make it clear he was going to cook for her. Humming to himself as she stood up, he made his way back over to her and sat her back downoriginal.gif?profile=RESIZE_710x “You are used to doing things yourself I know, but… “ he huffed and shook his head “but from now on you must let me and our servants serve you…” he stroked her cheek with the back of his hand gently “…please.” He cooed so soft his deep voice was more of a feeling than a sound.

The moment that Hades hand took hold of her arm she wished to punch a hole in his chest yet as he looked at her, his gaze was much softer than the other males that had placed their hands upon her flesh. So she allowed him to press her to the closed door of the throne room. She looked up in his deep sea eyes before she was off the ground, her legs moving around him. She wished to argue with him but her brain was in a swirl of panic and delight. For so long she just wanted him to notice her this way, she would have been his if all he did was ask. She closed her eyes at his request.

Her lips trembled as his touched hers softly, taking a slow deep breath she breathed him in, his iciness that drew him to her, and she too him. As he kissed her she didn’t flinch away, she wasn’t scared, she wanted it, this. She kissed him back softly falling into the depths of it for a long moment, she knew she would be his death but she wanted him. How could something so right be so wrong. As he pulled back she had a full ground of flowers growing behind him before she was placed upon her feet. “If only you would have done that a long time ago.” she said gently before opening her eyes. “Maybe I would still be a goddess worthy of being your queen.”

IOVx.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xShe took hold of his hand as he lead her through the castle, she had hoped her words would hurt him and make him want nothing to do with her, after all it would be better for him. Yet he was a stubborn one. Her head snapped to him, “you were ate the party?” her hands stayed beside her as she searched the walls of the castle, Zeus… Took you away? From the party.” The rage that ripped through her was new. “He will feel the full strength of my power before I take his life.” She looked down to  Hades with red eyes as she moved her fingers through his hair. “The buffoon should have let you through, maybe things would be different.” As he raised her eyes had returned to normal and she gave him a sad smile. “ What if I am not worth fixing things with Hades?” She asked noticing her hair was longer from her anger outburst, as he placed her too shit down.

Cerberus moved to place his head in Persy lap which caused her to look to one of the animals, “Maybe it's because he knows things you don’t.” She replied back as she stared into the dark eyes of the animal. Cerberus had came to her the first time, soothing her after Apollo took what he wanted. She snapped her gaze from the all wise Animal and looked to Hades, she didn’t have the energy to fight him. She moved her body on the island and laid down on it as she looked to him. “If I must...Can I have a grilled cheese?” it was simple and so human but it was what she longed for when wanting to return to human times. Feeling Cerberus head moved to rest in the nook of her neck she could feel the dog giving Hades puppy dog eyes. “Sure you don’t want me to make it?”

For a moment his stubbornness almost faltered when she asked if he was sure, while, yesFor a moment his stubbornness almost faltered when she asked if he was sure, while, yes he was very sure, he also wanted to do everything within his power to make her wholeheartedly comfortable. Except the moment he looked back at her and Cerberus everything faded and as he was left with was wanting her. He stiffened then, looking down and away as he cleared his throat, the flames on the tops of the candles lit around the room gave him away as the flickering flames began to seductively dance on the wicks until he calmed back down. He moved to her slow, controlling himself from his impulses, from his want of wanting to take her right on the kitchen table. He hovered over her and for just one second, almost lost his war within himself but as the flames all around the room cooled and calmed so did he.

I took a deep breath as I stroked her face before slowly kissing her forehead. “I am very sure, it is the least I could do after forcing you to marry a 100% scoundrel like me.” I stood up straight and moved around the kitchen to gather what I needed for her grilled cheese, chuckling to myself about how human and innocent her request was. I was silent as I cooked, save the humming I occasionally did, really I was avoiding what was really on my mind at the moment. Which were her efforts to push me away and the news I had received that made me isolate myself in my throne room because she came in. There is truth is almost every rumour that makes it down to me; I knew I would hear the truth from the souls of the dead soon enough but maybe talking to her about it would be easier for us both? My eyes meet hers as I spun around with her food, but my gaze dropped and my ears were clogged with the heavy thoughts my mind was plaguing me with I had not noticed if she had said a word. I opened my mouth to say something, share what was on my mind but quickly closed it and hummed away the thought as I watched her eat. Baby steps, we would get there, without me forcing anything.

He was silent for almost the whole time she ate, his overthinking clearly slowly killing him “I will not leave you alone and yes, Cerberus can be by your side always if that is what you truly want.” He finally cracked a genuine smile coming away from his dark cloud of overthinking that fogged up his brain. He walked around the island counter and sat beside her gently resting his head on her shoulder as she continued to eat. “It stuck; Being alone…” there was more to that sentence but he did not share it, instead he sat up straight and fumbled around with the flower petal from earlier as she ate, fully coherent now and probably forever after zoning out as he did made him feel like an asshole, and almost, not exactly but almost like his brothers. He shivered distastefully at the thought.

Her eyes watched him, it was a natural state for her. To be wide eyed and always aware more so now than before. As she watched his body stiffen and then the flames of the never ending candles dance in the darkness that seemed to plague the realm that she was to now live in. Not that she minded the dark. Some of her favorite times was in the dark watching the moon and dancing among the light it shine down upon the fields of flowers she would raise to dance with it. She could tell he was trying to calm himself, she wondered what from. It couldn’t have been from her? Did she anger him? She looked to Cerberus as she trailed her finger along the black fur he head. She didn’t say anything as she watched make the sandwich.  She gave a shake of her head as she wondered why he would feel like he was the one that forced the marriage. She was the one that murdered and was dragged down to the underworld.

As the food was placed in front of her she reached for the sandwich and held the warmth of it there before raising it to take a bite from it. She gave a soft moan as she let the flavors play in her mouth. He wasn’t a bad cook that was for sure. She wondered if he had made many of his own meals unlike his brothers. As his head came to rest upon her shoulder, she looked to it for a moment. As he spoke, she gave a slight roll of her eyes and a gentle breath. “Fine but know you are asking for boredom around me.” She warned hoping maybe it would be enough of a push that would get him not to be right by her at all times. Cerberus would keep her safe, she knew that, she knew she had nothing to fear being here in the underworld.

“There are much worse things than being alone.” She muttered through the bites of the food she was taken before looking down to him seeing the flower petal in his hand for a moment. In a softer voice she said, “You are not going to be alone anymore, I am here, till the time comes.” She muttered the end through her food in her mouth until it was all gone and she pushed plate away with a soft content sigh. She then moved taking the petal from his fingers to look at it closer before returning it to his hand. “Tell me Hades, what does one do to keep from going out of their mind here?” She looked out to the eternal night that took over the place before standing up sliding out from his head over to the massive wall of windows down into emptiness. “Do you have a garden anywhere?” She asked as she touched the window watching it crack under her touch with a frown.

He gave a musical hum, after shivering very prominently to her moan, to her speak of her being boring, surely she did not truly think that she was worse than being condemned to this place for all eternity with nothing or no one to talk to but the wail souls that passed through him and the darkness of your own shadow. It amused him she might have thought so; he froze at her next words, lifting his head to look at her face. Trying to decipher the meaning behind them without asking. He frowned not likeing the forbidding intent behind them. He opened his mouth to speak but stopped once she took the petal fro his hands forwarding his brow and faintly pouting stubbornly wanting the petal back.

“Fuuuuun?” the word came from my lips like she had spoken a foreign language and I was trying to figure it out. “Fun...” I said again a bit more fluently this time. Rising and thinking “I am going to say that you wouldn’t think talking to yourself as fun huh?” I stiffened when she asked if I had a garden Cerberus and I looking at each other nervously before I looked back at her. “You... uh... you do not want to see the garden...” I gave a awkward smile rubbing the back of my head in shame but soon sucked my teeth, closed my eyes, and sighed, cursing under my breath. I extended my hand to her with my head down in shame. I was quite the entire walk, my thumb rubbing the back of her hand as we walked. I had promised her I would grow her something many moons ago and now I had to show her how I had failed at that.

The doors to the garden were being and dark and beautiful, standing out from the rest of the architecture in their home. Once before it Hades conjured the key, it being just as beautiful and grand as the doors. He created a string the way he had the key, lopping it together and then handing it her allowing her to do the honours. He followed her out the door Cerberus trotting out in front of both of them. The dogs immediately beginning to roll around and play in the dirt bed that was supposed to be the garden.

I gave her an innocent smile as she glared at me “Nothing can grow in the dark. Not with me at least, I have the touch of death.” I twisted my mouth and blew a breath passed my lips letting them vibrate together. “Those seeds you gave me when we first met I planted but they-" I was cut off as I was tackled to the ground by a herd. A herd of dogs. Mine. All of them pilling on top of me to play and spread their love with me. I freed myself for just a second “help.” And in the next second I was buried beneath my dog pack again.

Persephone noted the faint pout his lips held as she took the petal from him. As if he wanted to keep the thing as a trophy. She held on to it though, maybe to be a little mean but it was only to be more so playful. She was trying to be normal to find herself among the dark clouds in her head. She wanted to enjoy the little time she could have with him before she had to find a way to save him. Maybe she would be able to get a better time frame with some magic in her corner.  She watched him wrestle with the idea of fun. Was it really that hard? To picture something fun to do in the Underworld? He had the whole realm to himself. What had he been doing all this time?

“What have you been doing down here all this time Hades?” she wondered before watching him look between Cerberus and her and gave a soft sigh for a moment. She raised her brown towards him before following behind him after he gave into the glare she was giving him. Following in step with him, eyeing everything in the hall as his hand held hers and her other one holding on to the flower petal for dear life. She looked back to him for a moment as she heard him cursing the whole way before they reached the doors of the garden. She wasn’t sure what she expected at one point it looked like she would never be married to him. 

So when the doors opened to a very dead garden she moved past him letting his hand go following Cerberus as he trotted off. Her eyes followed along the dead plants for a moment and she lowered herself to the ground tears filling her eyes as she looked back to him. She opened her mouth to say something but the dogs took him over and she watched for a moment before closing her eyes and letting out a whistle that had them parting and sitting beside him, wagging their tails she moved closer to him. Sitting beside him on the dirt path that he was laying upon it. She felt the tears fall from her eyes freely. 

She took his hand and placed the petal back in it as she looked to him for a moment. “I never expected you to grow a garden. I knew it was something you could not do Hades. It was about the effort and time. You clearly put a lot of time into making this place, to be my little piece of me.” She said looking around it for a moment. “Its dark, and been through a lot and broken like me. Maybe just maybe we can mend together.” she spoke more to the garden at the end as her hand touched the dirt and she then looked to him with her dark eyes that shifted to a pink color for a moment. “You are wrong though Hades, plenty can grow in the dark and be even more beautiful than what grows in the light.”  She said as she pulled up some of the dirt and there was a moonlight flower growing from it, glowing softly. “See.”

"Work." He softly and shamefully mumbled under his breath as she asked him what he did all this time. With a whole realm to run and no one wanting to be around him but his dogs he threw himself into the upkeep of the underworld and the reinforcement of keeping Tartarus locked. When he first saw her tears he swore he had done something wrong, panicking but not know what to do was just as new to him as it was having someone here with him that quite possibly wanted to be. He was not sure, her body was here but her mind was elsewhere it was clear and he naturally blamed himself. He stole her, threw her into a marriage with him so of course she was not fully present. This was not what she wanted, he was not what she wanted. He blew a harsh breath from his nose to rid himself of the feeling that thought brought but still dropped his head because he could not fully shake it.

Her words helped me feel better at first only to feel worse again as she continued. I did not know what to do how to help, what to say; I was not my like my brothers though, I was not ashamed to ask questions. Gently I took her chin with my fingertips and turned her head to me, swiftly moving closer to her so she partially leaned on me. "Where are you because your mind is not here? And I can not help if I  do not know all of what is wrong." I frowned caressing the side of her face searching her eyes before letting her go. My frown deepening as I watched the moonlight flower grew because I was overthinking and I could not escape it. I looked away braiding a piece of leather I had conjured up and threaded around the key, tying the ends together to make a necklace, with the key as its' charm. I draped it around her neck " consider this a wedding gift. A place in all The Underworld that is all and entirely yours."  


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