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  • Hello everyone my name Taylor is real life ummm i been roleplaying since the very first site the twilight saga site i owned a site before and been an admin and mod on other sites but recently i have been getting back into roles. I am a people person and i love getting new threads going plus i love making threads on Forums so if anyone is wanting to try let me know i write alot so be warned i write write and write sometimes its hard for me to shut up. lol.
  • Mystic High Sorceress
    Welcome one and all to Timeless. My name is Lindsay in real life pleasure to meet you all! I have been role playing since 2010 starting on a a twilight site. I never thought I would own a site but years later and with some great people as support We have put together a pretty amazing site. Feel free to leave me a comment! Please enjoy the site!
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