Adventuring through twisted time.

As the night closed and the sun drew in the morning sky, Ezekiel cast his gaze to the sky looking to the smoldering pit that the fire that had burned out in the night. He shifted back into his human form learning many years ago it was much easier to sleep in his wolf form especially on cold winter nights. Pulling on his clothes quickly hopping from one foot to another before letting out the steam of his breath meeting the cold air. Town wasn’t far from where he had camped, he was rather sure he could find some work there. His funds were slowly depleting on his search for answers for his wife. Tossing the small coin bag in his hand for a moment before tucking it against his chest picking up his bag before starting the short trek that was in front of him.

Whistling a tone as he walked he caught a scent in the air, one of blood but it didn’t seem to be a large amount. Shifting from one foot to another slowly he made his way towards the scent. Pushing his large frame against a thick tree to peak around he found a cart that seemed to have been shattered and horseless. He had seen this set up before many bandits used this set up, was that the case for this cart. Slowly he moved trying to be as stealthily as he could as he came to the cart. Smelling the blood that was trailing away from the cart, raising a brow he peaked in the cart seeing various size boxes. “Just move on Zeke.” He muttered to himself, moving to take a step away from the blood trail before pausing in his tracks.

Tapping his foot in the snow that was beginning to fall and he let out a growl. What if it was someone who was hurt and truly needed help. He turned on his heel and started to follow the blood trail as the drops seemed to be sporadic, slowly gaining more the further the person moved from the cart. As he came upon the curled up from wrapped in a large cloak. He took a step closer but kept the space between them enough as he cleared his throat. “Oy are you hurt? Or are you going to rob me if I try and help you?” He made sure his voice held the tone of don’t fuck me.

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Helping Hand

How could this happen?

“Let me go!!” Her cries rang out into the forest which seemed to echo off the trees, making her feel even more alone and helpless. Moments ago she and Mr. O’Donnell had been attacked on the road by hidden bandits while transporting his fruits and vegetables by horse drawn cart from the market. It seemed they had no intentions of letting the pair survive the encounter as they swarmed from every direction.

Currently she was in a fight for her life. The man above her weighed at least twice her own and was crushing her from that alone. He was working to grab a hold of her much smaller wrists, but she was flailing in an attempt to escape. Spittle ran down his chin and through his beard, landing on her cheek in his efforts to hold her still. Then, a backhand across the face made Aislinge see spots and all the fight in her left.

Everything else became a blur, but mostly she was feeling the pain in her head along with the deep gash across her lower left leg which the bandit had caused while chasing her through the woods before. Ash had gained a fair bit of distance as his endurance was waning which he quickly evened the odds by pulling his sword and cutting through her flesh. She had fallen into the snow moments later which led to the struggle now.

His heavy panting was resounding in her ear while he leaned down above her. Aislinge felt the man trying to press himself between her legs which made her fight uselessly in her half dazed state. There was a dull thud then and the bandit doubled over with more weight than she thought possible as snow splashed across her face. The fuzzy figure of her elderly friend had picked up a nearby fallen branch and hit the man over the head.

The bandit didn’t take too kind to this. A fight ensued then and Mr. O’Donnell was no match. Ash tried to claw her way after, howling in pain from the open wound on her leg. Then the man’s sword appeared and went through her friend, into his chest and out the back.

She screamed though no sound seemed to come as the world slowed. The bandit was on top of her again and pressing himself over her, but all she could see was Mr. O’Donnell’s now lifeless eyes staring at her from the ground, his blood darkening against the pure white snow. Ash scratched at the man’s face which infuriated him more when a flash of metal in the snow caught her eye.

The dagger which had been latched to the bandit’s boot had come undone and landed on the ground. With one last effort, Aislinge grabbed the weapon and plunged it into the man’s neck again and again. The blood shot out and across her face when she yanked the serrated weapon out and the man immediately stumbled off of her and staggered into the woods out of sight. Then there was darkness as Ash’s eyes closed when the exhaustion swept over her body.

She didn’t know how long she’d been unconscious, but the cold on her face was the first thing she noticed. Then, her friend yards away dead in the snow. Ash tried to roll over, but her body rebelled against it. It was then she heard the unfamiliar voice nearby, but the words were lost to the cold air. Her numb fingers wrapped around the hilt of the still bloodied dagger and she lifted it towards the stranger, wincing as she sat up, and feebly pulling herself backwards in the snow. “Stay away from me!!”

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