Adventuring through twisted time.

The rainfall never hit the ground directly here as the dense thicket of tree leaves guarded the ground like it was their job, but the thunderous sound of the storm raging above their heads could be heard. Drops from the leaves trickled down to reveal themselves to the ground dwellers below. The Violent winds whistled past your ears as lightning illuminated the woods just enough to take in one's surroundings but no one moved. No animal stirred from its nest bed and no hunter made themselves known. The woods would be quiet with all its critters and creatures hiding away had it not been for the storm. The rain made branches heavy and caused them to snap and pop continuously, filling the world with sound and joining the orchestra of sound the storm caused. 

Leaves and dirt stuck to my moistened skin as I lay in wait for my target to move. I moved as he did in between each lightning strike when the world went back to dark. I kept my distance to not reveal myself, able to see and sense him in the dark storm. Mimir had his scent if I did lose him, quickly tracking him back down these past few weeks we chased him down. The elusive target was unlike any I'd tracked before, his wanted poster said he was human but he could not be merely human. In the way he moved, lived, and evaded every bounty hunter before me, he could not just be human. We moved again as he tried to make himself harder to follow leaving just me to follow him as the other hunters lost him one by one. The hair on Mimir's back stands and I feel it too as we settle into the new hiding spot. I was wrong, we were not alone. 

Mimir's uneasiness causes Tyr to move just as an arrow lodges into the tree where Tyr's head had been. His head snapped to the direction the arrow had flown and Minir immediately tried picking up the archer's scent. "No, no focus on the templar." he gave Mimir a gentle nudge and hesitantly the wolf listened. He scanned the dark woods, unable to see anyone or any sign anyone was there and to his knowledge, he was not currently wanted. Could it be this man was not working alone as he originally thought? A chill ran down his spine at the thought of the templars not being dead. So little was known of the templar group these days but what was known was terrifying, even to Tyr. They had to move again, to keep track of the target but also to get free of the one targeting them. He heard the bowstring snap barely dodging this arrow as it skimmed his cheek causing him to stop short and dive for cover while the commotion alerted the Templar and told him he was not alone. 

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The Templars weren't dead.

The rat bastards had bred and multiplied. Like an unwanted infestation. Echo's temper flared at the news. The rain fall evaporating around him from the heat he emitted. His livid gaze scoured the wanted poster. There was no mistaking this man. He looked like his ancestors. And his pride in calling himself a Templar at every chance he got only fed Echo's rage. He had heard they'd lived and passed their teaching down to the next generation. But he didn't believe it. He refused to. He ripped the paper from the wooden stand. Leaving behind scorch marks from his fingertips. If he didn't calm down he'd burn the wanted poster. He would also blow his already fragile cover.

He was never fully good at blending with humans.

Picking up the Templar's trail was easier than he thought it'd be. And that told him this was a trap. He was banking on being found. He wouldn't have made it so easy otherwise. Echo glamored the moment he reached the treetops of the forest. Scanning and speaking with its wildlife for word on where the target was. "A man with a wolf?" He questioned one animal when it was shared because none of the others mentioned him. "Show me." 

Fae were unmatched when submersed in nature.

You would never hear them.

Never see them. 

Never even knew they were there.

Until they attacked. And at first, Echo didn't. He watched this brute with his large wolf from above. Trying to determine if he would get in his way. And if he was on the Templar's side. Several moments and opportunities passed where this man could've taken the Templar down. None of those moments were taken. Echo's jaw locked. He had to be protecting the rat bastard. It was the only thing that made sense here. They moved and he did too. Keeping an eye on his initial target. Without ever losing sight of the new one. He knew he would have to devise a plan to take out this bodyguard first. The man and his animal would only get in the way. He wouldn't hurt the wolf. Whatever spell he domesticated it with would vanish the moment he was dead.

So he fired his bow.

He wasn't expecting to miss. In fact, he was so sure he'd rid himself of the bodyguard that he began to move on. Until. The man came back into his view once again trying to keep up with the Templar. A heated breath escaped Echo. And so he loosed another arrow. It was clear he would need to give this man more of his attention. He could easily track the Templar again. The animals would help. But he wanted this fight over before it even began. So he nocked five arrows and shot them into the air. To make them rain down on the man. Quickly taking a sixth and lighting its tip on fire. Timing his shot so it'd reach his target as the others flew down at him.

Woe to the cursed for they oft have not the ability they need or want when it really matters most. Tyr did not have profound hearing or extraordinary sight, just the ordinary senses of a skilled and trained hunter. Which meant he relied on Mimir as much as his wolf relied on him. Brute strength in a rainy Forest while tailing a man who had not yet spotted him was a disadvantage. Sure he could use said strength to propel himself forward and make himself agile but it would not be enough. Not with this new hunter added to the mix. The first arrow he was fortunate to dodge by the skin of his teeth and the second was quite literally a close shave. He brushed the blood from his cheek as he listened but mainly watched how Mimir responded to this. 

Whatever sounds echoed he would hear before me and move accordingly knowing I would follow. I brushed my hair from my face not making my reliance on my companion obvious as I did not want him to be attacked because of me. Nor did I want to be separated from him, we were family and we should have stayed retired. With an unnatural deft to his movement, Mimir scurried off into the bushes keeping low which meant I should do the same, and though I used my strength to quicken my steps I just barely dodged the sharp arrows in the rain. Fire in the rain?! This arrow came at me more directly and caught the edge of my clock causing it to light. I flung it from my shoulders and stomped out the flames but the tinged fabric was unsalvageable and the brisk night chill wasted no time in crawling across my skin in an unwelcome embrace. 

Mimir's growl is quick to refocus Tyr who promptly shakes the chill away as he refocused on the forest. The target was lost with this new distraction which was not as much of a problem as it was a minor annoyance. From the brush they were in he knew a clear shot could not be taken unless this hunter could afford to lose his arrows so carelessly. He hushed Mimir then when he fully understood their advantage in this moment. Listening and looking for their opponent as he drew his panaba. He listened for the snapping of twigs under one foot and the sound of the rain hitting fabric instead of wood but those sounds never seemed to come confusing both Tyr and Mimir. He huffed in frustration “We really should have stayed retired old friend.” He hung his head but raised his hands as he stepped out. “It is just us!” He looked around as he spoke above the loud pouring rain. “Why do we not handle this honourably? The survivor keeps the wanted man's bounty” He stood his ground but his eyes searched as he tested this hunter with his words to see if he was for the Templar or against him like he was.

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