Adventuring through twisted time.

Persephone had been sent to the mortal realm for her protection. She was sent away before everything went down so she is a new god who knows her past. She worried for her husband as he never came for her. She wondered if he was even alive. Persy threw herself into her work in bringing harvest to the cities she visited in order to not think of Hades and the hole that was there from missing him.

Yet just like her days on Olympus, her beauty attracted men. She was able to often refuse their advances stating she had lost her husband and still mourning his death. Her beauty though caught the attention of a King. He invited her to her to his castle multiple times. Persy was sure if she just ignored invite after invite or maybe accept one to see what he wanted. So she did the latter and accepted one of the invitations and showed up to the castle for dinner.

No sooner did dinner start and the king asked for Persy's hand in marriage. Persy refused telling him the reason like all the others. Yet the king didn’t accept this reason for turning his advances away. So the king accused her of trying to kill him, guards swarmed her and before she knew it she was being thrown into the dungeon of the castle.

“Please! You have this all wrong. I would never try and harm your king!” she rushed back to the door that slammed on her as she banged on it she felt tears fill her eyes. “How can you do this! It’s cruel.” She said as she moved away from the door and lowered to the ground. She honestly wasn’t sure if it would work but she couldn’t risk losing her head over someone who was trying to force a marriage upon her. 

Taking a deep breath she placed her hands to the ground and raised her hands, one hit, two hits, three hits. She let her eyes search the dark around her for him, when a moment passed and he hadn’t shown up she crumbled her body fully to the ground “Hades please I don’t want to die.” she whimpered to the floor as her head rested to the cold stone below her forehead.

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He had forgotten what it was like being this close to her or anyone and touch was so far from familiar now that when she was the one resting her hand on his chest he stepped back sub subconsciously. Like he was almost cowering from it because he did not think he was worthy. "I do not want you crushed by the weight of my and my brother's consequences, you have suffered because of us enough. He took a step closer to her when he suddenly realised he had put space between them. He took her hand that was on his chest and brought it to his cheek he stared down at her in silence before kissing her head. 

A faint knock came to the door and made my rage flair but it died down quick since I was so close to her. I sighed "I... Have to go." I looked into her eyes with my own tired ones trying to figure out how to make this work with everything still in shambles and falling apart. "The underworld needs work and I am rarely here to fix it but maybe its Queen can make it ready?" I gave a gentle smile as I headed to the door to head out knowing she was here helping would take some stress away because here I knew she was safe. 

Persphone watched him take a step back from her touch and she felt the frown take over her lips. She didn’t close the space because what was the point in that moment. Were they just strangers now, could he ever love her again. She wondered in her mind as she let her gaze watch him with sadness in her eyes. “You are carrying a world on your back, a world you didn’t screw up. You deserve someone who wants to carry the weight with you. I have always wanted to be your partner. You used to view me strong enough to stand by your side and help.” She watched him step closer and move her hand from his chest as she had placed it back to his check. She smoothed her fingers along his cheek slowly taking in his tired features. 

When the knock came her heart sank and she frowned as she watched him. “I will take care of our home, but you need to come home soon. You need someone to make you take care of yourself. That will be me. Let me be clear Hades. If you are not home tonight to sleep properly and have dinner. I will pull apart the realm to drag you home.” Her eyes flashed red at him in her threat showing she was serious. Watching him leave was hard but she managed to pull herself together and get to work. Taking inventory of what was wrong or neglected. She took note that she needed to put some love into the gardens that Hades let die fully. 

After the list was put together of the things that needed to be done she got to work. 

Hades still viewed her as strong and truth be told she was the strongest person he knew with everything she had been through, which was part of the reason he did not want to share this weight. She had her own he never wanted to add to that, as a man and a husband who was raised on old morals he believed it was his duty to be strong to bear this pain and keep her sage from it. Maybe if this were something that he did not feel so wrongfully guilty of manifesting he would let her share it but why should she suffer for something that had nothing to do with besides how it affected her and all the Eternals. He also broke a rule saving her from the depths of Tartarus so he was paranoid that if she helped somehow fade would right that and he would never have her again because even if she like all the others got their freedom she would not remember anything and so everything he fought so hard to protect when protecting her would for nought. 

I could not tell her about my fear of losing her without her trying to tell me I would not, something she could not promise me, something she did not know. I remained quiet as she spoke licking my lips as I looked and huffed before drawing in a breath to speak with but held it in when her next words hit me. I swallowed the words in my throat a shot a harsh breath from my nose as I stared into her eyes, had we not been married I would not have been so intimidated but she had pulled the realm apart before to drag my ass home just based on a rumour she quickly learned was not true, so I had to take her seriously. "Of course dear wife." I said sharply and low as I ripped myself away from her to see what realm needed me left and why. 

The Earth realm was on fire and it was all Hades' fault since he left that town ablaze after avenging his wife, and It spread from there. He let out a frustrated sigh before disguising himself so he could help without fear or praise from the people but he was at a disadvantage doing things undercover; as a god, he could handle this in a matter of seconds but playing human he was bound by the confines of their ability which was to rely on each other, the power of numbers. Hours burned away until the blaze was at last snuffed out and Hades was among the people covered and soot laughing that they had survived and been successful. He used that as an opportunity to go and return home but he knew he was already late he only hoped Persephone had not started her rampage. He did not even clean up just immediately headed to their room but she was not there, the garden was next, then the throne room. Nothing he could not find her but he was more so worried about that because it meant she thought he was not home yet. He ran around calling for her, the last thing he needed was to have to rebuild the underworld all over again after the war all because his wife thought he had not taken her seriously. He was running so fast, looking around, and calling her he did not expect her to come out of anywhere and appear right in front of him, unable to stop in time he collided with her ending up on top of her with his face in her chest. He looked up at her face slowly and after seeing she was alright he smirked. "Oh well hello." He said in a taunting tone. "For the record, I have been here looking for you so I am not too late..." He spoke softly as he hovered over her before standing up and bringing her up with him.

Looking at the long list she figured starting with the thing she would hate the most would be the most effective. The garden would have to wait. So she found herself in the room that Hades never wanted her in. The den of lost souls. She started reading through the list of souls that didn’t have the fee to cross over and slowly started giving the coins to them helping the souls cross. Noticing that souls that had the money were trapped also in the den. The underworld had been vastly neglected. Time passed slowly but before she knew it, everything seemed to be running smoothly. One by one the souls crossed the river and Persephone left the room.

Down the halls he found the hall of fortunes, peaking in she was almost hit in the face by the sisters three which made her see that everything was in enough order she didn’t need to overly worry. Next came another room that seemed to be piled high with magical items from the Eternals themselves. She started to separate and label things. Placing them on display is almost like a museum. She stared at some of the items before picking up the four-headed Eleusinian torch that was hers. She stood there twirling it in her hands as flowers grew over it and she sighed. Feeling strength from it. “Yet I will never be strong enough to save him.” Her mind drifted to the visions of his end at her hands that played over and over again.

That was when she looked at Zeus and Poseidon's weapons for a long moment. Maybe she just needed different tools. As she reached out to touch the lightning bolt she heard a whine from the door from one of their many dogs. “He is home?” she asked and when the dog turned and took off she looked at the bolt again. She was out of the door after another moment's thought and moved to find him. 

Her mind was still on the hall of the items of their fellow Eternals when they collided. As she fell back to the ground. Naturally grass grew to make the landing softer as his face was buried in her chest. She blinked a few times before chuckling at him, dropping the seriousness she had on her mind moments ago. “I was busy cleaning, I didn’t even realize the time. I blame the effect of it always being dark here.” She said as she raised from the ground with his help after he hovered over her. “The soul hall has been cleaned up, along with the Eternal artifact hall.” She said as she smoothed out the dress realizing she was covered in dirt. “Seems I am not ready for dinner yet.” She muttered taking a few steps to go to their room.

Panic was not a feeling Hades was well acquainted with and before his marriage, it was one emotion he truly did not understand. The moment Persephone came into his gloomy life however it suddenly made perfect sense because he spent every waking second panicking over how he might one day lose her. Naturally, that was not something he would ever tell anyone even Penny herself but it was a truth that haunted day in and day out. This is why is listened when she demanded something of him because at his very core he was terrified of losing her and the most realistic way he could do just that was by her just choosing to leave him one day. Leaving him to believe he was not good enough or maybe she had seen the truth about him that his counterparts and brothers and all the other gods of Olympus were better than a scoundrel like him. 

I smirked as we rose and kept my eyes glued on her as she explained what she had accomplished during my absence. I was listening to her but I do admit watching her laugh and talk about our realm like old times began to intoxicate my mind and I could feel my face soften as I looked down at her and a warmth come to life inside of me I had not felt since the war began. I wonder if it showed on my face the love I was suddenly feeling... Gods I hope it was not. I leaned down closer to her face as she spoke and she did not notice anyone about me because she slipped right by me before I could steal the kiss I aimed to take from her. That was sobering enough to pull me back into the moment fully as I dropped my head and huffed. I rolled my shoulders back as my head rose, my brow pushed together and my jaw clenched as she began to walk away from me. She was barely out of my reach when I took her delicate arm in my hand and spun her around into me, pressing her to me and not giving her any space. "You mean to tell me you demanded that I rush my commitments by way of threats just for not to be ready yourself." I said with a heavy voice, taking her chin in my hand and making her look at me. 

He hummed to himself appearing displeased with the present scenario before he tsked her several times. "I will have to punish you for thinking you can tell the king what he can and not do, wife or not." He spoke firmly but all the while he was trying so hard not to break and show her that he was clearly playing though he highly hinted at it when he called himself the King, a thing he strayed away from unless he was teasing. 

Seeing the king of brooding face slowly soften caused the Goddess' heart to swell as she smiled towards him lightly as it felt like the old them for a brief moment. Something that had felt like it had been a lifetime since she had had that.  As she stared up to him she reached up to touch his cheek softly, before dancing away from him. Yet she couldn’t make it far as his hand slipped into her arm pulling her to pin her against his larger form. She felt her face fall from smiling and bit down on her lower lips softly. “I got side tracked with fixing the garden you let die.” She shot back as she didn’t fight his grasp.

She rolled her eyes at him as he tsked at her, “The only thing you can do to punish me would be punishing yourself also.” she shot back before noticing the hint of joking. “Are you messing with me Hades?” she questioned before slipping out of his grasp taking off down the hall. “Let me shower and I will get dressed. I will be ready before you know it!” she shot back over her shoulder as her bare feet padded against the halls cold floor reaching their room. 

She was as quick as she could be, moving to the unending water that flowed from a waterfall. Letting it was over her body with a soft moan from her lips before she washed off. Stepping out drying herself before finding a dress she thought would be suitable enough. Not remembering if he was going to cook or if they were going out somewhere. She let the pink dress flow over her body as she moved out of the room holding shoes in hand. “My love?” she called out.

That... Was not the response he had expected but seeing as it was what he got he went with it. They had been separated so long that he would take anything she gave him; he watched her jog down the hall. Wondering if she was flirting back or if she missed his. Perhaps he was being a dunce and did not catch on to her cheeky remark? He stood there a moment as his head cocked to the side like one of his dogs until he sighed and told himself she just wanted to bathe alone and share dinner. So with that, he went to another room to wash off but once alone with his thoughts knowing she was back his mind grew dark. He regretted the manner their reunion had happened, he wanted something grander than this and he could not help but tell himself that she was disappointed he let her garden die. 

My thoughts only worsened and soured my mood and an unshakable sense of dread weighed on my shoulders. What if she asked of Elysium? It was fine the last I had checked on it a week or so ago. The realm was entirely self sufficient and those within were happy but was HE still there? Adonis. I was never the jealous type and I was not jealous now, no, I was nervous. I had been such a shit husband maybe now Adonis had a chance. I sank and fumed at the thought that I was sure the flames around the underworld flared violently in response. I forced myself from the water and back to my... Our... room so I could change hearing Peresy call just as I entered. 

He wore a loose towel around his waist and gave Persephone a light smile. "I will just take a second." He spoke softly without looking at her as he began to move around her and dress. The heavy weight of his dark thoughts still weighing him down and keeping him silent. "You might be happy to know that Elysium is still well." He spoke again and never looked her way, he could not because he could not bare the pain of seeing her light up at the thought of seeing Adonis. That is how far his mind had taken his thoughts "and everyone is still there." He combed his wet hair back as he finished dressing, wearing something simple like her. 

I took in a deep breath as I finally looked at her, she was always stunning to me, I could not hide that from my face. She could be covered in mud and I would still think so. I opened my mouth and dared to ask about Adonis to ease my thoughts and rid me of this darkness but I could not do it. Coward. That is what this war had turned me into. "We should go." I had thought to go out to eat but now I really just wanted her to myself after so long and did not want to deal with anyone else. I should be allowed at least one moment of selfishness. I set the Nymphs in charge while we spent some much-needed time together over dinner and one of her flower nymphs took it upon herself to cook for us which was a nice relief. I pulled her seat out and pushed her in when she sat before sitting across from her. I never thought we would have this awkward silence between us and I could not help but blame myself for it. "We found Erebus." I awkwardly broke the awkward silence but it was foolish for me to bring it up because the poor Eternal was struggling badly. 

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