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Ancient Times 3000-476 (BC) (5)

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Seed of Darkness (Hades and Persephone)

Persephone had been sent to the mortal realm for her protection. She was sent away before everything went down so she is a new god who know…

Started by Persephone

26 Jan 4
Reply by Persephone


Forlorn, Forsaken, and Stuck in a Rut (Kjiri and Hathor)

It’s been 2 months since Kjiri retired from his post and exiled himself from his former life. Still on his mind is the losses he suffered l…

Started by Kjiri deMoon

2 Jan 3
Reply by Kjiri deMoon


A Touch of Fae (Kyan and Clarice)

Clarice’s eyes hung on the Sapphires burning body, while she mourned the lost of her friend, the woman that raised her and saved her from P…

Started by Libelle Ryoko - Council

24 Dec 1, 2022
Reply by Clarice De Biville - Council


Wrath (Hathor VS Hades)

The Graeae's call rocked the realm and jolted Hades from the rare state of rest Persephone had at last gotten him into as he tumbled out of…

Started by H A D E S - Council

5 Oct 18, 2022
Reply by Hathor


The World Ends With You (Hathor, Kyan, and Echo)

"You shouldn't be up." "I can't sleep." Those three words should've told Echo and Alloy something was wrong. Aspen only ever stayed up this…

Started by Echo Silversun

2 Oct 6, 2021
Reply by Kyan Raventhorn - Council


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