Adventuring through twisted time.

✧ Emotional Taming ✧
Walking through the castle her fingers ran along the cold bricks. Her mind was far from there at that moment having her own worries. She couldn’t remember who had attacked her on Midgard and now she felt all she was doing was letting Hades down. How could he accept her after everything she admitted. She let out a sigh as she stood outside the gateway to the garden. With a gentle forced smile she made her way through the gateway.

Hades informed Persephone that Hathor may need her help to tame a part of her that seemed to be gaining control of her. She was intrigued only because it meant there was another goddess she could talk with about everything that had happened to the Eternals. Or maybe it was because she wanted someone to put her effort into so she didn’t have to focus on her own current problem.

Wandering into the garden looking at her flowers that were in desperate need of attention she let out a gentle sigh. She waved her hand to send out the energy to start nurturing the ground before she found herself wandering towards the woman who was hunching over the bench, the bench that Hades bound her to, that was in the garden. She moved sitting down on the side of the bench that Hathor was thrown over.

“It’s been a long time since I have had someone to talk to about life.” She said, staring out towards the garden. “Tell me about yourself, I don’t think I have meet another god or goddess from another pantheon before.” She said as she then tilted her head to stare at Hathor. There was a darkness that lingered in her aura so much so that Persephone felt she could reach out to touch it.

“Or if you wish not to talk about yourself, tell me how you came to know my husband. With what was done to protect the world it shocks me that anyone has managed to realize who they are.” Though maybe that is why she was having the issue with another part of herself. Stripping the part that held control away may have made the dark side have control for too much.

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It's funny how a coin's face can change so quickly as it passes from hand to hand. When Ra gauged out his own eye to create Sekhmet he only gave her one purpose in life. One cause with no breaks or mercy and no understanding of the word. And no eternal in The Duat could stop her. Very few Eternals from any culture could stop her as they were all born to do what they do with a good sense of balance and control.

But Sekhmet was made. 

And when the gods of Egypt realized their mistake they tricked her. They found a way to change her completely.  Like a flip of a coin. Then of course the war began and suddenly everyone begged for Sekhmet back but Hathor didn't know about her other half. In any case with time running thin, there was hardly time to get her to fully accept her truth but she agreed to change nonetheless. 

Her people needed a champion. But it was far too late. 

Everyone fell and nothing she did could save the ones she loved. Each one slipping through the gaps of her fingers until the day came for her to slip as well. But due to not being like the rest she didn't fall to Tartarus like the others. She fell to earth. Leaving her there until the Templars dug her up and revived her to do their bidding. Trapped within herself to kill, destroy, and slaughter until she finally gained her freedom.

But they revived her with Sekhmet in control which meant she had no control. Which lead to her fight with Hades. They barreled from realm to realm until they crash landed here. In a garden touched by Gaia and nourished by Peresphone. She crumbled suddenly only happening once before. When in Thistlemoon she found a piece of land once blessed by Gaia herself. Both times for just one second Hathor broke through. But it took this time to get her chained to this bench.

No longer in control, Hathor rescinded back into her herself. Sekhmet's wicked gaze flew open and watched meticulously as Persephone approached and talked. Too bad she wasn't speaking to Hathor. She jerked the moment she sat near her as if to attack but of course, she was restrained. Strained snarls escaped from her lips as she tried to break free. And even with Persephone sitting on the bench beside her it began to rock loose from where it was set in the garden soil. 

"I will kill everyone here!"

✧ Emotional Taming ✧
Persephone's pink hues roamed around the garden, and she knew she needed to put some love back into it now that she was home. The chance to bury her hands into the soil and bring back to life the bright spot of the underworld was before her. The hours she had spent in the garden seemed like a lifetime all on its own. The garden, while still bright, had a radiating darkness which originated from the being chained there by her husband in hopes that Persephone could soothe the beast swirling before her.

As the bench started to shake, trying to free itself, Persephone placed her toe in the dirt and vines rapidly grew from the ground, wrapping around the legs of the bench and holding it in place with roots deep in the core of the realm. "Well, there is a small problem with that. Most here are already dead. So, do tell me, what is your plan to kill the dead?" Persephone's head tilted as her eye focused on Hathor. The darkness emanating from her was unnatural.

"You...seem to be different from any other immortal I have ever met." Slipping from the bench, the vines wrapped around Hathor's body, holding her still. "Tell me, do you work for yourself or for others?" Persephone was curious after experiencing so much pain from Zeus in her life and how he would use others as pawns in his twisted games. "Why fight Hades? It seems like a pointless fight, as death isn't a concept that can touch him. If it could, then I would bring him back."

Persephone twirled in a circle as the light beamed down over her in rainbow shades. "Or were you hoping that he could end you?" she mused aloud. She couldn't remember the last time she had spoken so much in one setting; being in the mortal realm, she was always quiet and on alert. "Do you have a lot of blood on your hands?" Skipping back over to Hathor, she leveled her gaze to meet hers. "Maybe I should just kill you and keep everyone I love safe." Her eyes flashed red at the thought before a quick shake of her head. "Yet, that isn't really my way of handling things. Though you would make a really interesting looking tree.”

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