Adventuring through twisted time.

At the birth her name was Edith Anne Coastillon, she was born into the house of Coastillon, one of the most royal families to rule the lands now known as the United Kingdom. Shortly after birth, Edith began to show signs that she could wield great magic. This magic she carried scared her parents greatly as there seemed no way they could control it.

Her parents went looking for help but what they were met with was a Coven of Witches who had heard of Edith feeling she was the child that would fulfill a great prophecy. The witches took Edith that night and raised her as a member of their coven, thus she was named Clarice Lilith De Biville.

Clarice was trained in her magic from that day forth, she passed every task that was placed in front of her as if it was nothing. The older she got the stronger she got and soon she was the leader of the coven. With ups there comes downs though, the moment Clarice thought she could own the world she met a Sorcerer, a man skilled in magic that surpassed what the Witches could show her.

The Sorcerer went by the name Prospero, the moment he set eyes on Clarice he was obsessed with the power her body seems to hold. Clarice left her coven into the arms of this man who promised to show her the world of magic none like she ever known. For years she studied with him until the days she began to surpass his own skill causing Prospero to become jealous of Clarice.

Prospero was a very controlling man and the moment Clarice began to see that for herself, he locked her away binding her hands and gagging her to stop her from using her magic, while he found a way to keep her from using her magic. He created a set of bracelets that were laced with magic to keep her from using her own, ones she could not remove herself.

Placing them around her wrist they tighten and the x shape charm on them buried itself into her flesh. The moment the bracelets were placed on her wrist it was as if she became passive, she followed every word that Prospero gave. For years she was his slave until one of her old coven members came searching for her.

When Sapphire found her, Clarice was a shell of the woman she once knew. Ripping the bracelets away knowing they were a source of magic causing the x marks on her flesh to burn as her power was restored, but not without their side effects. Sapphire became ill for she was the one to remove the bracelets, but they were able to make their escape back to the coven.

Clarice watched Sapphire die slowly as black spread from her hands into her veins, Clarice tried every way to save her that she could think of but her efforts were fruitless. As they burned Sapphire’s lifeless body Clarice looked down to the x marks on her wrists, it was the first time she had to face the death of someone close to her. It struck fear into her as that could have been her.

Clarice stayed close to the witches but far enough away from them so they could not be tied to her. She worked on many things through her lifetime but her greatest achievement was a potion for immortality. She created the immortality potion for just herself for she feared death more than anything, but taking the potion caused her to see visions of the future….

Clarice woke up that day jumping from the nightmares that were hunting. She sat up, looking around the small cabin she made herself not from the coven she had once led. She moved standing up pushing her hair off her wet forehead, The nightmares were getting stronger trying to get her to understand what was going to happen. Clarice still wasn’t understanding her dreams though. 

Clarice walked towards the window when the smell of burning flesh caught her nose causing her stomach dropped she was sure it was Prospero coming for her once again. She stormed out of her home running through the thick trees the screams of her people filled her ears and she ran into the middle of the small town they had started seeing buildings burning her eyes turned orange as she called water to her beginning to put out the fires.

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His sight began to tunnel in on itself the longer it took for her to return and a younger Heracles still learning to live with this pain would be writhing in it. He sat nearest the fire his men started as he could and started into the flames zoning everything out. His men knew to leave him alone when he got like this least they just get in the way when he lost it and losing it he slowly surely was. An ominous tik tokked in his mind as the seconds rolled on and he could feel the burn in his chest spread throughout his being like the flames he stared at was now inside of him liking at all his strength to stay sane. 

I shot to my feet and all my men moved out of the way, pushing and dragging people with them because they knew from experience what would happen next. I spun around slowly, her time was up and every move I made from here on out was out of my control though I fought. Yet there she was immediately cooling the wildfire my curse had lit within for letting her go. I approached on my own will and was relieved I could however I felt bad she could feel my pain. I had forgotten the cuff shared our pain so I cut her off from my feelings completely as I stood over and stared down at her. Only my eyes shift to men when she speaks of him before I subtlety signal for my men to grab him. I want to help her up but I do not, I can not so instead I turn away to watch as my men taunt and toy with the man she brought back.

A slow very wicked and satisfied smile slithers across his features as he watches the gradual torture of this man Clarice bought him begin. A bone-chilling smile that was gone the moment she was on her feet beside him. He sneered at her before turning back to his men "when we met you were helping this village put the fire out. Based on what you were wearing and that there is no other village or town nearby for you to have come from to help I assumed you lived here among the villagers. Am I wrong?" He spoke sharply trying to clarify his question she did not understand earlier. Rather than wait for her answer he just continued. "The whole world knows this land is cursed and that witches are not welcome here by the king... And his men..." He mumbles out the last part. "So my question to you earlier still stands. " Why live here? In this village? Knowing that if you were ever exposed you would die?" He looked her way and tilted his head. 

Slowly the overwhelming pain that had caused the buckle in her knee faded as she gained a sense of herself. Yet that rush of power she had been granted faded from her body as well making her feel like a heavy husk of what she once was. After a moment Clarice gained enough of her strength to bring herself to her feet. Letting out a ragged breath she rubbed her hands together to clear the dirt from them. Straightening as much as she could watching him turn his gaze from her. “Don’t worry I’m fine.” she said sarcastically towards him as she took another deep breath in yet all she felt now was hollow from her magic being stripped away once again.

She shifted to look at the man watching him get what he deserved for what he was planning to do to those women and children. Paying no attention to his eyes that could leave a burn mark in the side of her skull if he so wished it. “I lived in a coven of witches once, but you are wrong. I did not come from this village. I haven’t been around people in a long time. Most of my time before you took me away I was traveling to learn more and keep space between me and the man who once owned me before.” She said back in a flat tone. Watching him go off on her about how the land is cursed and how witches are not welcomed she gave a roll of her eyes before she looked around to the people around them.

“Mystics.” She said towards him with a sharp tone. “Witch is the term you and many others wish to force down our throats with your grandiose misunderstanding of what we are. Villages like this are created because of how shunned our kind and those who chose to love us are. When in reality kings and rich men have Mystics in their castles to heal them or give them the edge over another. We are not people, we are pawns of powers. So this land is cursed? No. We are welcome nowhere or only under the powerful when it suits them. You are really saying, don’t be yourselves, don’t gather in groups for protection, roll over and die.”

Clarice had a passion in her as she moved to him and pointed her finger into his chest and pushed on it knowing he wouldn’t move. “We live together, here and there, to try and keep safe depending on how much magical power the others among us have. Why this land? I don’t know these aren’t my people. Maybe they thought they could hide and be safe. The ignorance in your questions is clear. Fearing the unknown is all that rules the king and people in power. They rather burn what they don’t understand to the ground then bother to see the humanity that is in us. How we love, feel, and have needs. All we are boiled down to is our power and how it scares all you big strong men.” She pushed her finger harder to his chest again before backing away with an angry huff.

"Shit and here I was hoping you were not fine, Witch." His snarky reply caused his men to look among each other and hold in their snickers and chuckles because they knew their leader well enough to know when he was jesting. The fact he was jesting with Clarice was a good sign to them and they would feel more comfortable talking to and interacting with her as this progressed. Herakles crossed his arms over his chest as his men chiped away at this man's mental armour, he was in his element here and entirely comfortable. The only thing fustrating him now was their lack of understanding which ultimately killed their communitcation. She may have been talking and telling him of the mystics tale of woe but he heard not one damn thing!  

I realized she was speaking when her finger met by chest and a snarl and low growl naturally rummbled out of me. He grabbed her arm and held it harshly and saw all my men want to respond and help her. Good there was still some kindness left in them but they feared me more but before I could do anything to Clarice I heard one of my men call. 'Captian. The bastards all yours' he spoke to me but my furious gaze never left hers. I used her arm to pull her closer to me "my question was not that fucking hard to understand and it was no invitation to tell me a fucking sob story... Witch" He say before I toss her to the side and leave to toture this man.

The moment Herakles was gone two of his men rushed over to help Clarice. "And here we thought you two were getting along." One sighed out, he looked much younger than the rest of these men but with the way he practically picked Clarice up off the ground trying to help her it was clear his youthful looks were deceiving. "Please come with me. " He asks nicely and is the first person to offer her a smile outside of Ardine since she arrived. "I am Sir Elliot, everyone just calls me Eli. Some of the men and I found your cabin while securing the town and woods and I wanted to bring you while Hera was busy so you could grab anything you might have wanted." The man smiled again as he spoke so Here could not hear him.   

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