Adventuring through twisted time.

At the birth her name was Edith Anne Coastillon, she was born into the house of Coastillon, one of the most royal families to rule the lands now known as the United Kingdom. Shortly after birth, Edith began to show signs that she could wield great magic. This magic she carried scared her parents greatly as there seemed no way they could control it.

Her parents went looking for help but what they were met with was a Coven of Witches who had heard of Edith feeling she was the child that would fulfill a great prophecy. The witches took Edith that night and raised her as a member of their coven, thus she was named Clarice Lilith De Biville.

Clarice was trained in her magic from that day forth, she passed every task that was placed in front of her as if it was nothing. The older she got the stronger she got and soon she was the leader of the coven. With ups there comes downs though, the moment Clarice thought she could own the world she met a Sorcerer, a man skilled in magic that surpassed what the Witches could show her.

The Sorcerer went by the name Prospero, the moment he set eyes on Clarice he was obsessed with the power her body seems to hold. Clarice left her coven into the arms of this man who promised to show her the world of magic none like she ever known. For years she studied with him until the days she began to surpass his own skill causing Prospero to become jealous of Clarice.

Prospero was a very controlling man and the moment Clarice began to see that for herself, he locked her away binding her hands and gagging her to stop her from using her magic, while he found a way to keep her from using her magic. He created a set of bracelets that were laced with magic to keep her from using her own, ones she could not remove herself.

Placing them around her wrist they tighten and the x shape charm on them buried itself into her flesh. The moment the bracelets were placed on her wrist it was as if she became passive, she followed every word that Prospero gave. For years she was his slave until one of her old coven members came searching for her.

When Sapphire found her, Clarice was a shell of the woman she once knew. Ripping the bracelets away knowing they were a source of magic causing the x marks on her flesh to burn as her power was restored, but not without their side effects. Sapphire became ill for she was the one to remove the bracelets, but they were able to make their escape back to the coven.

Clarice watched Sapphire die slowly as black spread from her hands into her veins, Clarice tried every way to save her that she could think of but her efforts were fruitless. As they burned Sapphire’s lifeless body Clarice looked down to the x marks on her wrists, it was the first time she had to face the death of someone close to her. It struck fear into her as that could have been her.

Clarice stayed close to the witches but far enough away from them so they could not be tied to her. She worked on many things through her lifetime but her greatest achievement was a potion for immortality. She created the immortality potion for just herself for she feared death more than anything, but taking the potion caused her to see visions of the future….

Clarice woke up that day jumping from the nightmares that were hunting. She sat up, looking around the small cabin she made herself not from the coven she had once led. She moved standing up pushing her hair off her wet forehead, The nightmares were getting stronger trying to get her to understand what was going to happen. Clarice still wasn’t understanding her dreams though. 

Clarice walked towards the window when the smell of burning flesh caught her nose causing her stomach dropped she was sure it was Prospero coming for her once again. She stormed out of her home running through the thick trees the screams of her people filled her ears and she ran into the middle of the small town they had started seeing buildings burning her eyes turned orange as she called water to her beginning to put out the fires.

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Most fires do not make it up the chain of command all the guard from their beds. So when the foul scent of burning flesh crept in threw most everyone from their peaceful sleep or night watch and called them to town the Kings Guard joined.

Heracles being the first to arrive as he was not asleep anyway; They followed his lead once they all arrived after him. As best they could at least as he was barging into the burning homes and carrying all the families out. His skin burning, tearing and ripping but nought stopped him. “Witch!!!!” Some of his men yelled as people ran from where he was pointing; Heracles getting out in front of the rest to see this wicked woman.

Everyone ran my way as I ran towards her. Stopping my men as I found her trying to help along with us. I swallowed my pride and vengeance for the sake of my king’s people. “Help her!” I beckoned to any who could hear that was beside my men. All of us, knights, Kings Guard, some townspeople from this town and the next all working together to do what we could to get her water. Help her get the fire down enough so we ourselves could than tackle them and douse them as she moved on. The sun soon rose as we just seemed to put out the last flame; my heart burning to know who had done this to this town and why. It seemed that the only thing that was for sure that it was not this witch or else she would not have helped, risked exposing herself to save the town and its' people.

He waited a second once the last flame had been doused to catch his breath. Taking in the damage the flame had done as he and Clarice were the last ones left around. His men loading themselves back into the carriage they had come in to head back to the castle and king. At last, once his eyes had landed back on Clarice he grabbed her, placing one of the bracers he wore on her wrist covering her x scar; still wearing the other one himself. “You are mine, Witch!” The cuff much like Prospero’s stripped the wearer of their magic. Yet unlike his, they would not hurt her or kill anyone who tried to take it off of her, for only the other wearer could do that, at their own expense.

I lifted her and tossed her over my shoulder, marching towards my men. The cuff, both hers and mine were now magically fastened to the other. Neither of us able to remove it unless I myself removed hers first. We now magically connected. I tossed her down at the feet of my men in the carriage. Watching as they immediately grabbed her and tied her. Her hands, her legs, her mouth, and finally covering her face despite her fighting. “She is mine. I will know if you have touched her or done anything outside of my orders to her.” I gave a deadly warning to my men before watching as they rode off with her. I still had matters to handle here, like finding out who did this.

‘IT HAS BEEN THREE WEEKS EREBUS! Three weeks without food, water, daylight. Three weeks since your men changed her to the floor and left her there in that room.’ I ignored Ariadne, continuing what it was I was doing like she was not even there. Moving about to avoid her ‘What if I were her? Hmm? I am a witch as well am I not?’ I stopped.


“Eat, Witch” I commanded as I barged in tossing a tray down at her, the food streaming every which way.I sat before her, fresh from the field, still covered in the same soot and mud from the fire we put out together. By now it was coupled with blood and sweat. I stared at her for a while before our privacy was interrupted by some of the king’s maidservants and butlers who drew back the blackout curtains lit the fireplace and just, in general, made this room livable and comfortable. I growled “What is this. Stop! Get out! Leave us!” I snarled. ‘There orders are from the King.’ Ariadne's voiced slithered from behind me as she then entered after her call. Her silver eyes glued on my captive.

He stood up and approached Ariadne, blocking her view of Clarice with a violent growl. He opened his mouth to speak but as her eyes meet his she spoke first. “The King requests your presence.” He held his tongue then getting close to his sister “Make her eat! All. Of. It!” “I can not make her do anything…” she retorted but stopped as her brother just stormed passed her and out of the room. “And clean yourself before you meet with the king!” she hollered towards him before slamming the door. “Leave us, please? I shall handle it from here.” She kindly requested of the maidservants and butlers who quickly obliged her.

As soon as she was sure they were gone she flicked her wrist and just like that the bed finished making itself, the floors cleaned themselves, the fire adjusted itself to a comfortable level and so on.

She sat down before her with a frown pulling her already downturned lips further down. She leaned forward and lifted the chains locked around Clarice’s waist that kept her to the floor. “Well, that will not do. I will see about getting them removed.” She smiled as her silver eyes trailed away and froze on the cuff, her smile fading to frown.

“Does it hurt?” she asked hesitantly “I… I made that for myself but never had the courage to put it on as the other would need….” Her eyes went wide in a moment of realisation as she looked back at the door her eyes showing how deep her thought was. “The damned fool” She groaned out as she turned back to face Clarice, rubbing her eyes and then her nose with her first finger and thumb.

“If I eat?...” She asked changing the subject, rubbing her hands together before holding them over the tray. The tray fixing itself but then the food also multiplying and becoming more delectable than it was. “…Will you join me?” she soon plucked a grape from the tray and popped it In her mouth offering her another kind smile.

Clarice was breathing heavily as she placed out the last flame leaning her head back as she worked on catching her breath. She had exposed herself, but it wasn’t the first time she had but she manage to make her escape before anyone took interest in questioning her. Today was a different case as a cuff found its way around her wrist and the large man who had been helped her place out the fires, as he told her she was his she went to blast him finding her powers were in fact stripped and it seemed she was at the mercy of a mad man once again. 

She knew better then to fight as he left her up and over his shoulder As she was tossed into a carriage she growled at him staring at him, even if she couldn’t see him till the door was closed her hands came to the cuff, the magic that flowed through it was powerful. She closed her eyes not attempting to remove it from her wrist but rather leaned back to the wall of the carriage, the men he threaten seem to know he was speaking the trough as they did not touch her at all through the ride which was rather shocking to her. As they arrived where ever it was she was placed in a dark room and for weeks sat in the center of the room trying to get the cuff off of her.

She had not seen her captor for weeks now. She wasn’t sure weather to be thankful or worried. She sighed out and when the door opened and the captor barged in she locked eyes with him not breaking the gaze even as he tossed the slop he wanted her to eat in front of her. As he stared  at her demanding the only people she had seen in those weeks to leave, her eyes squinted slightly as the sun streamed in and she raised her hand to block the harsh rays in order to keep her eyes on him. Then the silver eyed woman walked in and her eyes locked with her. She could feel the magic within her before she moved closer.

Clarice couldn’t help the smirk as the girl stood up to the man who was clearly larger than her but he walked out and she was left with the other woman and her eyes watched her closely, she could sense her magic but her magic was nowhere near as strong as her own, but she could be trained. She  watched her closely as her eyes fell to the cuff on her and she frowned.

“No it doesn’t hurt.” she stated as she touched the cuff again “Just not being able to use my magic is aggravating” she said as she looked to her raising her brow “you made this cuff for yourself? Why would you want to stirp your own magic?” She leaned closer  “Who is he? Who is the man who has cuffed me? Why is he a fool? All of this is aggravating!” She yanked at the cuff even though she knew it was no use.

She watched the food shift into real food and her stomach betrayed her. She began to eat the first meal she had had in three weeks slowly and she stared at the woman before her “Why was I taken? The last time a mad man got his hands on me, he did horrid things to me.” She said moving her green eyes for her silver ones down to the tray in front of her as she took a few bites of the food focusing on the taste as she ate not sure when she would have good food again.

Ariadne was happy to see Clarice eat but that joy quickly faded with the barrage of questions she threw at her. Her silver eyes scanning Clarice's green ones with such disappointment hidden beneath her gaze. She looked away to think "I will not let him hurt you if he dared." She said in a vexed tone locking eyes with her again so she could see the reassurance in her gaze. She would work backwards from here answering her questions from last to first, or answering what she could. "I would assume he took you because you are one of the Witches from them coven." Her nose wrinkled faintly as she did her best to hide her slight disgust, wanting to say more but knowing it was not her place and the dangers that would come in saying too much on that matter so she moved to the next question. "He is a fool because he has cursed himself, this time, by putting that cuff on you." She huffed out before staring down at the floor. "And that man is a beast and that beast-" 


"- Is her brother!" I snarled out, standing near the door leaning on the doorframe. "Get out Valkyrie!" I watched as she let out a heavy sigh and rose 'And the cuff does not entirely strip you of magic; Just allows him control when you can use it and keep him unharmed if you attack him.' She spoke before I could stop her grabbing her arm with a growl as I dragged her to the door. "Ariadne!" I snarled out viciously. She hissed snatching her wrist away from me and suddenly in her hand, it was like she was holding lightning, ready to punch me with it for grabbing as I did. But she stopped right before she did, looking from to my captive. 'You are lucky I do not want to hurt her too.' Her vexed voice slithered out at me. "How long are you staying this time?" I asked to get under her skin, assuming that because she was banished she would have to leave soon before the king discovered her presence. 'For as long as you have her!' she said spitefully and to my surprise. 'And what if I keep her forever?!" I snapped. "Than we will die together!'

He slammed the door behind his sister with a loud growl, storming towards Clarice. He stopped short once he reached her bending down before her and getting close. Tauntingly he gave a faint bark, just to get her to flinch, laughing faintly to himself at her fear. He had cleaned up since the last two times she had seen him, no dirt or blood, soot, or any other vial thing but his demeanour about him.  He reached forward and grabbed the chains around her waist, removing them. Pushing the tray of food closer to her before standing back up. "I was instructed that have to let you roam around the castle freely." He spoke bitterly. "But I will know if you run, Witch." He took her arm that bore the cuff with the arm he wore his cuff allowing them to touch and stick together like some force was pulling them together before forcefully pulling away altogether. "So do not think about-" He was cut off by a knock on the door. Giving them a nod at their words and the chains he just removed from her waist before shutting the door and turning back to her. "This will be your room." He gestured around them.

I approached her again, grabbing her and tossing her over my shoulder as I stormed out of the room. Tossing her down as we reached another steam filled room. I walked around it, gathering a few things before shoving all the bathing essentials into her arms."The bath has been drawn for you." I spoke before leaning on one of the marble pillars staring at her for a long time because now that she could roam around there was no way I would let her out of my sight. With a growl, I stood up straight before sitting on the other side of the pillar leaning against it with my back to the bath. "I will not look, Witch!" I sucked my teeth, waving my hand at her and shaking my head; I would give her my word but I doubt she would take, or that I would keep it... "I give my word." I did it anyway to just get her to do something other than just stand there. I stayed quiet for a very long time afterwards, giving her some sense of privacy. "You are a long way from the Coven. It is not like one of them to be so far away from their sisters... So why are you?" I finally asked keeping my word and not looking behind me.... for now...

Clarice stared at Ariadne as she ate the food between asking her questions. She was starving and in that moment she need the food as she had began to grow thin. The way Ariadne said she would not let the man hurt her “Why do you wish to protect me?” she asked while breaking off a piece of the bread and chewing on it. AS she stared at her blinking for a moment “I haven’t been part of a coven in a long time.” She said as her finger touched the X on her none cuffed wrist. She watched her closely as she talked about how the man cursed himself. “What do you…” she was cut off by the angry man once again but this time he was much cleaner then he had been the last few times, watching the interaction between him and his now known sister she raised a brow, keeping quiet, though she wouldn’t be able to die unless he took her heart out of her.


As he leaned down growling at her, she flinched looking away from him, she wasn’t stupid she clearly was scared of him even if she put up a good front for a while but without full control of her magic she may as well be human. She was on her feet as he pulled her up to remove the chains from her waist and she watch the cuffs attract to each other. Why would he risk this, the magic tying them together was strong. She kept quiet not fighting him just lost in her own thoughts as he carried her way. She was thankful to be able to roam even if she was linked to this man. She seemed to have her own mind as well. The room would be hers, which is strange. Maybe the king wanted her no this man, it seemed he was the kings dog.


As they reached the steamed filled room she looked at the warm bath and her body ached to get in it, to wash away the last three weeks but she stood there taking what he shoved in her arms and stared to him with an as if  look She didn’t trust this mans as far as she could throw him, and she clearly couldn’t throw him far with the cuff on. She walked around the room as the man's eyes stayed glued to her not saying a word until he said he will not look watching him settle himself in with his back to her after a long moment she undressed tossing the now tattered dress aside.


She slid into the arm water and duck under it wetting all of her before sitting up and looked to him making sure he wasn’t looking at her before she spoke for the first time to him “I am not part of a coven my magic is far behind coven’s.” she said as she began to wash her body “I watch over the witches to make sure they are not harmed as we are a dying breed.” she said as she kept washing her body slowly. As she spoke and looked to the cuff. “I have learned that it is easier when I am on my own. Less people get hurt.” She said softly as she finished bathing. She got out and wrapped her body in the cloth to dry herself off and then she looked around not seeing anything to wear. “Did you expect me to run around this palace naked?” She raised a brow to his back

For all the time he had had her it was not until she spoke that he even realized he had yet to hear her voice or know her name. He enjoyed her tone of voice as much as someone like him could enjoy anything, turning his ear slightly towards her to hear her better. It perplexed him once her words registered with him, he had never heard of a witch not with the coven save his sister but she was different from them and even if she wanted to join any coven none of them would take her, want her. Then when she noted her magic was beyond theirs a slight tinge of hope hopped into his heart but he nullified before it became too noticeable not wanting her to feel it. He glanced at the cuff then forward his brow as his fingertips dragged across it.

I snorted at her “Make sure THEY are not harmed.” I scuffed with the shake of my head in disdain. I had kept my word to a point. I did not turn around to look but the walls of this room held a nice reflection if you found the right spots to look you could all your heart desired. So I let my eyes wander until I found her reflection in the wall, making out what I could, watching her reveal in the warm water and the feeling that came over her as she enjoyed the soothing warmth of the water, much like she had enjoyed the food. I looked away after a time and let my eyes glue themselves to this cursed cuff, again letting my fingertips drag across it. “hmm” I thrummed out as she said something that provoked a thought in me.

He took a deep breath once she spoke again, coming away from his train of thought as he turned her away at last, though he had already stolen his glances. To say he was taken aback by the sight of her would be an understatement, most woman would fear showing their bodies off to a man, especially one like him because to most women he was less than a man. Plus he did not take her for a wench, as most wrenches were so eager to show the world what the gods had blessed them with. He stood up slowly not taking his eyes off of her, walking around and towards her.

Stalking forward like a predator stalking its’ prey. He walked right up to her, through the water of the bath like it was not even there. His eyes racking her body.

I mused the idea of her traipsing around the castle nude, but ultimately decided against it. “Mm.” I hummed as I swallowed all my sudden desires, trailing my eyes upwards to lock them with her eyes. Scanning them in wonderment on if this cuff worked a hundred percent, because if it did it meant that for the first time she felt me through it as that was the first thing I had felt anything since linking us. “As amusing as that site would be... ” I spoke at last after my feelings which only lasted seconds dying again and returning me back to the bitter man I had become. “… I do not like the idea of another see you like this. You are mine! And I do not like sharing!” I growled, grabbing the cloth she had dried herself with harshly wrapped her in it and threw her over my shoulder once more storming back to her room. I knew she could walk but this was faster and it would avoid anyone seeing her like this because only could see her like this!

He dropped her down once back in her room once more after slamming the door behind them. He marched towards the wardrobe and prayed it open “Fresh garments!” he gestured to the clothes within before walking away and sitting down staring at her, waiting for her to go and change. This time not turning around to give her privacy.

He was quiet as he waited and watched her “ You were once with the coven?” he questioned but said it more like a statement. “You said you LEARNED it was better for you to be on your own. Which would imply you were not always, and as I said previously it is not like most Witches to be away from their sisters…” despite his barbaric way of being he was quite astute, and intelligent but was always far too impulsive, against his own will, to put his wisdom into practice most of the time.

She felt something when she said she had more magic and she wondered what it was it quickly was gone and then she eyed him as if a realization started to wash over her and yet she wouldn’t say anything out loud she knew she needed to test her theory before she could know for sure. She could then feel his disdain and it was slowly becoming clearer. She stared at him as his eyes raked over her body as she stood there dripping with water as she tossed her wet hair back from her chest to her back. She watched him walk closer to her as her heart filled with desires quickly but once again the feeling was swallowed.


She swallowed the own desires that wave of desires brought forth with in her as she stared at him. The softness that was there on his face was gone and he was growling and claiming her as his once again, this whole throwing her over his shoulder thing. Causing her to growl at him but she was thankful to be back in the room and it seemed no one saw her naked besides him, and it was clear he didn’t plan on giving her any kind of privacy so she turned to the wardrobe.


She looked through them settling on one of the soft blue ones and she looked to him as he sat down watching her. She dropped the cloth that was keeping her naked body hidden and then slide into the dress and she walked over to him turning her back to him as she said softly “Lace me up please since you are here.” She said and then looked to the reflection of the mirror as he did so.


She thought for a long time “From the stories I was told, I was found by the coven and they could feel my power so they bright me in and raised me as their own.” She nodded “I was with a coven but after my experience with a madman. Someone’s life was lost and well I decided at that moment I wouldn’t risk another's life for mine again.” She cleared her throat. “I was never really part of the coven not once I passed them in magic, envy was most of their downfalls in the end.” She shrugged as she looked to the ground.


“Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” She stated as she then walked from him to study the room once more before she turned and looked to him “You said I can walk out of the room, May I go explore? Or must I stay in this room as if I was a trapped away princess when I am the furthest thing from a princess.” She said tilting her head to the side.


“I give you my word as long as you don’t touch me in a way I do not invite I will behave myself and stay within the castle walls. It is clear you need me for something even though you won’t express what it is at this moment.” She eyed him for a long moment “Or maybe you can’t express it, it may take me time but I am sure I will have it figured out at some point.” she said as she walked back and stood in front of him “Am I your prisoner or your guest?” She asked and then held her hand out to him “Maybe we should call each other by our real names in a manner to be civil?” She expressed


“My name is Clarice High Sorceress of this land.” Her title was one many in this land didn’t have it meant she had to pass a certain test to receive the marking of the high Sorceress on her back which she had. “What is your name mutt?” she asked him as she let her green eyes stare into his stern eyes.

He watched as she searched through the wardrobe until settling on something she liked, letting his eyes scan her at the moment she stepped out of the cloth that covered her and into the dress. His eyes following her movements up as she pulled it up, somehow patiently waiting, for her to reply. He stood up and stepped back away from her with a faint growl when she asked him to lace her, almost like a dog that did not want to pet, but eventually, he approached her, cautiously letting his fingers take the laces that tied the dress. He tried not to be so rough and vicious her not wanting to tie it too tight to the point she could not breathe, avoiding touching the bare of her back or any part of her like that without her consent because he honestly could not and he wanted to at this moment but was not allowed.


I took a deep breath as stepped away from her again, listening to her words carefully. It struck me as odd that she would be so willing to help and I was sure that curious thought showed on my face through the brooding anger permanently there. I glanced away from her when she spoke of my touching her without her consent a ting of remorse and disgust filling my soul for just a second as I closed my eyes and willed the memory they brought with them away.I stared at her hand as she extended it to me, stepping back as she stepped forward, I stared into her eyes with hatred burning in my gaze "Heracles." He snapped out stepping to her bending down so my face was level with hers a moment. "The King's Mutt." I snarled as I aggressively pushed passed her and to the door. 


He took in a sharp deep breath solely through his nose, as he opened the door and stood in the doorway, clearing his throat a second "You may roam. The King's Wing is the only place off limits. You can tell it apart from the rest of the castle because it is shrouded in unnatural darkness endlessly. This is also where my men and I dwell most often so I will find you if you get lost in it. You are allowed outside-" he was interpreted a moment as one of his men approached him, softly saying something to Hera that suddenly sent a brief panic through the cuff. The men soon stepped in and gave a slight polite bow "My apologies for the interruption ma'dam." He said while never actually looking directly at Clarice before turning and taking Hera just outside the room. 


We spoke for a moment or two as a swirl of emotions overcame me all at once, to the point where I had to question if they were coming from her. "Are you sure?" I asked one more time as I studied everything about his answer, his answer also confirming that these feelings were my own. "Okay... Just give me one more second." I told him as I stepped back into the room stilling all my feelings which I already knew she felt. I cleared my throat once more before I stared at her with hatred again. "You are allowed outside, there are gardens and courtyards all on the castle grounds, but the Queens' Garden is off limits. It is locked anyway and no one here has the key, the flower and plantation within are dead anyway, the rest of the garden is yours." I stared at her with a stern glower for a moment to be sure she understood before nodding and going to leave, my man patiently waiting for me right outside. I stopped at the threshold of the room and turned around with a faint growl ripping through my throat."And you are not here to help, Witch! You are here to be mine! Mine to me!" I snarled loudly letting my voice echo through the hall before storming off to the King's wing.


 The man that waited for him scurried off with him, keeping his eyes on the floor as if he were not allowed to look at Clarice. Heracles' words were both true and false, the truth was he did not take her to help him or his family, or anyone. He took her to avoid having to be later sent back to kill her and the only way to do that was to claim her and the only way to truly claim her without forcing himself upon her, which was something he was grateful his curse did not allow him to do, was to link them with the cuffs. "Sir?" One of his men questioned as he stared down at the cuffs the unfamiliar feeling of peace coming through it suddenly and distracting him. He looked up and shook his head as he focused on all his men around forwarding his brow as he focused again. 


I looked at our attack plan on the table before us, before looking around the war room once more. I shook my head as an angered roar bellowed out of me, my fist slamming down on the table as I turned away. The recollection of the matter at hand flooding my mind."This is it then..." I said with a huff as I gaze out the window but did not really focus on the view, turning back to the sad and petrified faces my men all bore. I clenched my jaw leaning on the table again shaking my head because I knew there was nothing I could say that could make this better, and even with the words, they would be from my heart but I just would not be able to say it. "We have known all our lives this would happen, that this would come, we just never knew when. Maybe some of us even thought that the curse's prophecy of that day would actually never come as we just seemed to age." I huffed again and dropped my head knowing my words were not helping."We have been prepared for this all our childhood and have been preparing for this all our adulthood. All our lives we have been haunted by this battle but we are ready! So enjoy the time you have men we leave in a month."  

Clarice stared into his eyes wondering why he had such hatred for her, she never made herself known unless she had to and yet he seemed to hate her more. “Heracles.” she said his name back, it was a strange one and as he bend his face down into hers she stared back not flinching as he snarled at her “Well then calling you mutt was a correct term then?”  She snarled back at him as he pushed past her. She watched him stand there in the doorway talking up any chance of escape most prisoners would take. But as he said she could roam but one place she nodded to herself making note to check it out at some point but not in that moment. Her eyes came to the man that bursted into their conversation. “Quite alright boy.” She said as she moved to the window looking out of it.


She felt the swirl of emotions that filled her from him and she felt his panic causing her to look back to the door, and then a wave of concern for herself causing her eyebrow to raise. As he returned to the room she had so many questions but the feelings faded back to hate and she sighed heavily as she looked away from him “Alright thank you.” She said to him bowing her head slightly as if to say she understood him then a growl ripped from her own throat as she looked back to him “I am no ones but mine.” She said as he left the room in a huff.


Clarice left the room and found her way out to the garden she need to be around earth, mother nature was a huge connection for her and being around the plants made the fears that she had fade away. She took a deep breath as she filled her lungs with the fresh air. She walked through the garden her fingers grazing the plants until she came upon the queens garden. She leaned her head to the side, before looking around her to make sure she was alone. She pressed her fingers against the gate that was overgrown with weeds that was locked.


She wondered what in the garden was so secretive if it was dead according to Heracles. She pressed into the gate and felt it budge slighting. She hummed to herself and then pushed against the gate slightly harder causing the lock to snap and fall to the ground and she looked around. She slipped into the dead garden and dusted her hands off. As she walked deeper in she noticed the dead plants were that of ones that would be used to cast spells and curses. “Who is your mother Heracles.” She said softly leaning down and picking up one of the dead plants.


Clarice had made the choice that she wanted to work on this garden to bring it back to life to know all the plants that were used in it wondering what may have been used, what curses have been cast from this very garden. She pressed her hand into the dry soil and muttered to herself an incantion that should have made the dirt moist but nothing happened. She grunted out and looked around finding a watering can and a pump. She filled it and began to water the rows of dirt. When she was done she moved out of the garden placing the broken lock to look as if it was locked and made her way back into the castle.


She walked the halls her arms behind her back as she walked looking to the people she passed as they didn’t look to her making her hum to herself softly before she stopped looking down a hall that seemed darker then the rest of the castle. Darkness always called her, She turned and stared there as if she was hearing her name being called. She took a step down the hall as she felt her eyes begin to glow, she was no longer in control of her actions as she took another step into the hall.

Heracles plopped down in the seat behind him,sinking into it staring at the war table as his men left, a loud roar echoing through the halls of the Kings wing. He forwarded his brow and shot to his feet, all his men still in the are looking at him or returning to the room. "There is no one in the halls sir." One man said as he came back "and my sister?" Heracles asked "Right here" she walked up, just appearing in the room from thin air, causing some of his men to jerk and jump back. The roars still rango out through the halls which caused him to rush to the windows and peer out "The witch?!" he growled and Aria gave one shake of her head "CLARICE, is in the north garden." She neglected to tell him she was in the Queens Garden knowing full well that was the casue for the screams and that Heracles would loss himself to his anger, his curse. So, as she had promised to make sure he did not hurt her she lied to keep that very promise. 


The screams soon stopped and suddnely I could feel my body loosen up and unclench with a breath of relief. I waved my hand dismissing my men again as I sat down once more, watching as Ariadne circled around the table like she was flying, like her feet never tocuhed the ground though they did. Her silver eyes stayed glued tot the battle plan for a while until she close her eyes and huffed 'Maybe we could ask Clarice for he-' "-No." I spoke and thankfully did not yell "There are some events within this curse no witch can break. Regardless of status, that is what was foretold remember?"She growled softly  a faint twitch of her lip showing how she held her tongue here only causing me to squint my eyes at her. "Speak Valkyrie!" I snarled and she jumped, clenched up and then eventually let out a heavey huff.  'The curse said a lot of things but nothing about Clarice being here for it all.' I squinted my eyes in thought of this, scanning the room around us as I did. "So-" I was cut off by screams again, except this time they grew closer. 'He is out of his room." Ariadne said on edge as she rushed to the door with me "That means the Witch is somewhere here with us."


They both barged out of the room, the darkness around them not affectiong tham as it did the rest, Ariadne silver eyes Glowing brightly as she ran off to find the source of the screaming. Heracles faced the other way, his eyes glowing differently, like a beast in the night, slowly he lurched forward, trying to go move away from the screams instead of moving closer to them. He stopped walking once he stopped Clarice, wandering aroun within the thick blackness all around them. His blood boiled seeing her as she fisted up his hands and violent growl ripping through his throat as he marched up to her, revealing himself to her out of the shadows, but his anger quickly faded as a wave of concern for her washed ouver him once her heard the screams growing closer to them both now. "I told you not to come her!" He snarled but it was different, it was laced with fear and concern and yes of course anger but it was not as violent as it had been in the past. "You can not be here!' He paniced and whispered close to her ear, grabbing her arm harshly but out of fear and not anger and she pulled her away from the screams that grew closer.


The louder the screams got the faster I moved before I slipped into a vacant room to our right tossing her into and shutting the door behind us. I leaned against the door though I had locked us in it, raising my finger to my lips as I listened for the screams 'I KNOW! THERE IS A WITHC!! HERE!!!!!!'  a viocuse voice bellowed out in the hall and my heart began to palupate and pound within my chest because I knew who it was and that he was close. You could here him storming around the hall, breaking any and everything and door he passed until her came to ours. I braced myslef as I used myself to barraced the door 'I CAN FELL YOU WITCH! I KNOW YOU ARE HERE.' He growled out at the other side of the door before a hevaey thud came to it, dust from the cracks in the walls shooting out and swirling into the air 'SHE IS HERE TO DESTROY US!' Another thud came to the door and my feet actually slid across the floor as I tried to brace myself. I was breathing heavy and to be honest, I was scared, we had never had this problem before and the man on the other side of this door was not only stronger than me but invunerable to magic so while I knew I would live, Clarice's life was not garunteed. I moved my feet back just in time for another thud to come at the door this time it unhinging a bit.


He was clearly paniced as he tried to keep Clarice safe, even if she did not where the cuff to feel his fear this was the one time in which you could see it on him. He closed his eyes and pressed his entire body against the door the man on the other side no longer even sounding like that of a man but that of a wild beast. Scratching, growling, grunting, and repeatedly slamming into the door to point where the walls tremored faintly. "SHE IS HERE TO BE MINE!" Heracles snarled silently praying Clarice would not reply and say otherwise just for this moment, and suddenly everything stopped and you could see a faint silver glow come from the space around the door and after a moment Heracles knew it was safe, the man was gone and he could get Clarice out of this area. He stood at the door a second with his forehead pressed to the door as he caught his breath, recalling the last time he had to do something similar to this, the last time he was this scared. The hate and anger that seemed to always unnatrually fill him returned as his body returned to the tight clenched postion it was always in. 


"I.... I told you. NOT. to come to this side!" I low and vicous before I slowly turned around. I was trying to hold on to my anger, give her a chance to explain herslef but I could not and the more I tried the angrier I became. With a vicous growl I grabbed her arm and dragged her from the room becasue I knew before anything else I still had to get her out of this area. I dragged her back to her room and slammed the door behind us, grabbing the bottom of her face covering her mouth as I slmmaed her back against the nearest wall. "I TOLD YOU THE KINGS' WING WAS OFF LIMITS AND NOW EVERYONE KNOWS YOU ARE HERE!! HE KNOWS YOU ARE HERE!!!" I snarled and growled in her face keeping her pressed against the wall, I moved my hand from her mouth to her neck, but I did not choke her, just put my hand there as a warning. I wanted her to fear me for various reasons one was so she would fear me enough to listen me. I moved in close to her face our lips almost grazing against eachothers as my breath fanned her lips "You are mine, Witch. This would be so much easier if you just submitted and listened to me." I growled softtly as my thumb brushed across her lips before moving it away.


 They were interuppted by Ariadne who almost broke the door down once she found it was locked. Her stern glare locking on to the back of Heracles' head, staring at him so harshly it was like she were burning a hole to the back of his head. Honestly, if he was not linked to Clarice she would have done just that to get him off of her. "THE KING. WISHES. TO. SEE. YOU!" She snarled much harsher then he or the man in the hall ever could, Heracles sighed, moving his hand from her throat to the wall and she dropped his head with a sigh before marching away and pushing passed his sister. She waited for a lond time staring towards the door before flicking her wrist to close it and approach Clarice caustiosly a grave concern plasterd on her face. "Did he hurt you?" She questioned as she motheringly put her fingers under her chin and moving her face around to search for any scratches, cuts bruises. Healing any by just looking at them, casuing her eyes to slightly glow. "And the man, in the hall? The one that was screaming. Did he see you?" She asked a bit nervous then her serious gaze never leaving Clarice's eyes until a gentle knock came to the door. "Sorry to bother you Pr-" The servant stopped himself once he noticed Clarice "-Miss Skaði." he said instead of what he had set out to orignially. "Yes what is it Njord?" "Mamir just arrived to the castle." Ariadne forwarded her brow and stepped towards the man "My brother's or Odin's?" She sternly questioned almost blocking Clarice from the servant suddenly before a fluffy grey dire wolf joyously came frockeling into the room and pounced right on top of Ariadne and licking her face. "Your brother's Ma'am." Njord chuckled out as Ariadne playfully groaned and tried to get Mimir off of her. "Tyr shall be here in the hour then." She sadi as she at least freed herself from the loveing wolfs attention who then slowly approached Clarice ans began to smell her and see if she would play with him by rolling onto his back. "We must ready the castle."

Clarice was lost in the dark the growling and her name being called over and over again the deeper she walled  down the hall. In the back of her mind she could hear Heracles telling her not to be going down the kings hall, and if she was being truthful she didn’t know this was the kings hall. She was just walking around the castle, the darkness drew her in. Her eyes glazed over as she walked deeper into the darkness. It wasn’t until till Heracles himself got into her view that her eyes finally had something to focus on. She felt as if she was underwater unable to make out any of his words in those moment, she stared at him with a vacant stare as he spoke to her yanking her from the darkness into a room. She closed her eyes and shook her head a few times clearing the fog that she was lost in, in those moments.  She was beginning to hear him and the fear that laced though his words. She opened her eyes and watched as he pressed his body to the door to stop what ever was on the other side of it. She felt her legs tremble as fear wash over her, she wasn’t sure if it was her own or his.


Clarice stayed quiet until finally the banging stopped and then a few more moments passed, and Clarice was being picked up and moved back through the castle looking back to the dark shaded hall she had so many questions. So much to stay to him, to express to him but the moment they were back in her room he pressed her to the nearest wall his hand covering her mouth and yet she just took it as he pressed closer, then his hand came around her neck and she didn’t fight him. She stared into his eyes and all she could see was fear behind the anger that he presented and she felt his lips brushing hers before she muttered back “I will never submit. Never again.” She said back looking into his eyes feeling his thumb against her lips softly.


Her breath lingered with his as a heavy tension hung in the air between them as she stared at him “Either tighten your hand or let me go.” She said sharply just before Ariadne walked into the room and she took a deep breath until Heracles was gone and she turned her face to Ariadne and offered a slight shake of  her head as if to say no but she was lost in her own thoughts in that moment, She wasn’t listening to Ariadne till the door opened for the second time and she looked to the wolf as it moved closer to her. She ran her hand along its belly and then waited for the room to be empty once again.


She moved to the bed in the room and sat down on it. She was trying to make sense of what had happened what was going on in this castle. It was all hidden in so much darkness and mystery, she was scared but not for herself, for Heracles and his family something bigger then even she could understand. With no one explain what was going on it just made things even more confused. She sat there until her door opened once again and her eyes locked with Heracles and she stood up.


She was quiet as he walked in and closed the door and she moved to him and out of character for her she took hold of his face pulling it down to hers and she kissed him on the mouth fully. The kiss was gently but frim as she pressed her body to his, she kissed him for a long moment and then pulled back as she kept her hands press to his chest “You are an idiot.” She said as she pulled back slightly letting her hands fall “What ever was down that hall is darker then anything I have ever felt.” She said as she stepped away from him fully waiting for the hate to return to his eyes.


“I didn’t go down that hall on my own, I was just walking the castle getting the lay of the place and then the moment I saw the darkness it is like it had an effect over me and I was no longer in control of myself and that has only ever happened on other time in my life.” She said as she looked to the x marks on her inner wrist and trails her fingers along it softly as she turned her back to him. “Most men who have touched the way you had would be dead.” She told him as she stepped back to the bed and sat on it keep her face from him as she spoke “And yet with you all I wanted to do is keep you safe.” She sighed heavily.


“I am not even sure if you want that, you say one thing and your eyes say another. You claim I am not hear to help you and that you have brought me here as you claim me as yours and yet you have not thrusted yourself upon me like a man who is claiming a woman would.” She said as she looked to the cuff on her “I felt your every emotion in that room. I am sorry I placed you in a spot to feel fear for me. No one should fear for me rather they should fear me.”


“I will figure out what is going on and put a stop to it. I promise you that.” She then cleared her throat. “Is there a party or something being throw this evening?” She asked as she tucked her black hair behind her ear. She was trying not to look at if for she fear is she did she would touch him again and this time she would not stop, most would have feared him after he pinned him to the wall and spoke to her the way he had, but to her it only made things more conflicting. She wanted things she shouldn’t want not from him, she should hate him and yet he had become the object of her affection. “Do you wish I stay locked away? I get how a party can be an event for you to be courted or whatever.” She shrugged at him.

Coming back into the room he was more cautious, stiff, his eyes on her as he was sure to partially block her from what he was feeling. The pain coursing through his body after "speaking" with the king was not something he was not keen on her feeling. Ariadne told him there was a way to focus and block her from feeling things he wished for not to so he studied her a second, watching as she approached him. He forwarded his brow at her as she touched him and was seconds away from growling at her and pushing her back but her lips captured his before he could. 


I stiffened up at the start of the kiss confused by her and her actions, she should not want to be anywhere near. I... I did not want her near me, because I did not want hurt and so I pushed her away I tried to scare her, show her I was not safe and yet she still kissed me now. Before I knew it before the kiss ended, I was kissing her back until she pulled away and I let her besides my wanting her to. Growling as she called me an idiot but let that fade away as her next words registered within my mind. 


He would not admit this to her but that was honestly his first kiss because no other woman would dare and when he slept with women it was far from intimate. It was just him using them to satisfy himself and to no avail thanks to the curse. He cleared his throat as he stepped in further, his movements slow and stiff as he tried not to wince from the pain. He focused on that kiss which helped faintly as he turned away from her, facing the fireplace as he listened "that darkness..." He spoke for a second his voice low as he stared at the undying flames in the pit, crossing his arms over his chest as he turned to face her slowly. He was trying to say so much wanting to explain himself but the more he tried to speak the more his jaw just seemed to tighten on its own. "... Is my life." He a last managed to grunt out in anger different from the anger he usually felt. This anger a natural one, his own. 


I wanted to say more and explain but of course, I could not, so I sighed waving my hands giving up on myself knowing my trying was a lost cause. I soon let out yet another growl out at her words about not claiming her waiting for her to finish speaking before my legs started storming towards her all on their own. I climbed on top of her, pinning her down on the bed, tugging at her dress but careful not to rip it. "IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT!" I heard myself growl out, one hand wrapping around her neck and actually choking her this time as the other pried her legs open forcing myself between them as I pulled her thigh up against myself. I moved my hand from her neck and punched the bed right next to her head "IS. THIS. WHAT! YOU!! WANT!!!??" I came down to her face glowering right into her eyes, growing at her face. "Stop worrying about helping me and my family and worry about not helping yourself!" I growled close to her face before pushing off of her, pushing her away and storming back to my spot in front of the fire pit.  A wave of disgust washed over me, disgust from my own actions as I rubbed my throat and took a deep breath. I felt myself choke her and that just made my disgust for myself worse. Taking a deep breath I spun around staring down at the ground "I hate you, Witch. And, the only reason I saved you, the only reason you are here is that I wanted to save the last of my own soul and not have to kill you even if you are nothing but a Witch." It hurt to say honestly, but I really did need to push her away, I needed her to keep her own distance because I knew I would not be able to on my own. That is why I avoided her at first because this cuff allowed me to feel, which is all I ever wanted but the contingency was I only felt what she did, which naturally drew me to her. I stepped closer, cautiously this time getting down on my knees in front of her. As gently as I could I took her wrist with the cuff on it pulling her closer to me, I closed my eyes and for just a second let my pain hit her. Quickly closing it off before it became too much and she could identify where it came from. "We are connected, I feel your pain. You will feel mine when I let you. This cuff is the only thing keeping you alive, safe! But it also makes you mine!" And of course, my jaw locked after that, for I had said too much, had been far too kind for far too long. 


He rose afterwards, not realising his free hand had been gently comforting her and caressing her arm until he was standing and not doing it anymore. He winced once on his feet again and stepped away from her clearing his throat. He wanted to apologize but his jaw was still locked and the harder he tried the more his body slowly locked up too. He wondered if she felt this too, hoping not "My brother is on his way." At last, he spoke again, not looking her way, his voice soft and filled with nothing but regret for the way he had been treating her, especially in these last few moments. "My mother was pregnant with him when she was banished, because of that he I allowed to visit when he needs to. The castle throws him a party because of how rarely they see him. There was a tinge of sadness in his voice as he walked to the door and opened it that wave of sadness pulsating through the cuff, many probably thinking his response was jealous when that was farthest from the truth. " Come..." He sighed out as he held his hand out to her, too ashamed to look at her. "I will take you to the dressing room, you will need nicer clothes for tonight."


I was not expecting her to take my hand and I was not surprised when she did not. That unnatural anger washing back over and take the reins of me again, I grabbed her arm and marched, dragging her with me. "I suggest you socialize, get to know everyone in the castle and the villagers that will be present. It will make being here easier if you have people to actually talk to." I had decided at this moment I would try and avoid her as I did the first few weeks I had her. When we arrived at the room I paused and let a heavy breath out as I pushed the grand doors open. "This is the Queens' old dressing room..." I avoided looking into it as I nudged her inside, the maidservants who once used to dress the Queen rushing in after her in excitement because this room had not been opened in decades. Quickly they dusted and lit the candles allowing the light to bounce off the shimmering gold walls and fill the beautiful room with light. "They will help prepare for the night..." I said with my eyes glued to the ground. "...I will be back to escort you." I said with a nod finally looking up into her eyes before walking off to first go find Ariadne to heal me and then change for the night.

Clarice knew that there was a part of him that was dangerous, but she believed he had no control over that part of him at all. She could feel his pain in his actions while they kissed it was one moment she felt everything around him drop around him and the pain filled her, and if it wasn’t for the fact she had felt such pain before she would have screamed out, but they were parted, and he was cutting her off from his emotions. She called him and idiot for his own good, she could have used stronger words but in that moment in her own odd way was trying to be soothing.


“The darkness is your life…” she soaked that in and tried to remember every spell book she had ever read and nothing came to mind with a curse in darkness but she also knew there was darker magic out there some she had yet to learn but she would as she planed on being the most powerful sorceress of all time but with power she would be good as good as she could be. She was drawn from her thoughts as he stormed towards her picking her up and tossing her back on the bed. Something about the primal act though she should hurt him for it, as a fear coursed through her, so did a wave of lustful thoughts. As he pinned her down tugging her dress. Before she could speak his hand tighten around her neck and her eyes locked with his. She could feel every inch of him pressed against her and it caused her to let out a shuddered gasp before finally taking a deep breath as he let her again.


She laid there for a moment as she tried to process her feeling in what just happened till she sat up not rubbing her neck but watching as he did, it made her wonder how connected. She felt as if she had stepped into something she wasn’t sure she could handle on her own and the people who should be able to tell her what was going on were not talking. As he said he hated her she watched him closely he wouldn’t look at her making her know that what he was saying. She sat there watching him move closer to her when he wanted to push her way and yet it was as if his mind and body was fighting within itself. She felt confused herself the pain going through her was not natural, she ached for him to keep him safe.


Her gaze pulled up to his once again as she felt his pain again and then close off again and she looked down, she knew it was his, and ask he spoke she wanted to reach out and touch him “you lie you know, you don’t hate me.” She simply said as she looked form him “But a cuff does not make me yours. You will not touch me again without my consent and if you do I will bury a dagger into your chest with out batting a lash.” She felt his hand running along her arm and she wondered if it was for her comfort or for his. As he had pulled away once again she didn’t take his hand as she stood up “well let us hope your brother is better company then you are.” At this point she was being mean to make him feel worst, which only in returned made her feel ashamed because she was beginning to understand he didn’t have control of his action.


She didn’t fight him as he dragged her and once they were infront of the queens dressing room she slapped his hand away. “I am serious Heracles you touch me again I will kill you.” Her eyes flashed orange even though she shouldn’t be able to use magic and she took a step away from him. “Learn to control what has a whole of you is my suggestion at some point you have control even if you don’t think you do, you ass.” And with that she walked in to the room slamming them close in his face. “I don’t need an escort.” She said through the door to anger him.


She could hear the growl on the other side of the door before looking to the handmaids and signed as they moved around her slowly doing her hair and showing her the dresses and yet none of them were to her liking she looked through the dress and then took one changing a few things on it before letting the handmaids dress her in the new dress and then finally doing her make up. She waved her hand for them to leave and then Clarice began to search the room looking for a hidden compartment for a spell book Clarice was convinced Heracles mother was very much a witch if not a sorceress. She pulled at one of the floor boards that looked out of place and gasped at the tucked away spell books and ran her fingers along the gold trim.


She didn’t remove them from the hidden compartment, placing the board back she moved out of the room and towards the music that filled the room. She walked down the hall in hopes to get to the party before he come to look for her to escort her. As she walked into the room the party was being held in the talk stopped and people looked at her. The smirk on her lip was hard to avoid as the people looked to her in silence. She moved across the room towards Aria as she was the only one she noticed and Heracles. She stood there and looked around the room “Interesting turn out, your brother must be loved to earn such a gathering.” She said turning her head to look to him “Where is the guest of honor?”

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