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Ezekiel Neo
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Ezekiel Neo replied to Ezekiel Neo's discussion Helping Hand (Ezekiel & Aislinge)
"✧ Helping Hand ✧ Ezekiel knew that he couldn’t say anything to make her feel better. Losing someone in front of you in such a terrible manner stays with you. She would probably have nightmares for these events for months to come. All the…"
Dec 3, 2022
Aislinge Ó Braonáin replied to Ezekiel Neo's discussion Helping Hand (Ezekiel & Aislinge)
"Helping Hand She had to stay awake. She was barely hearing him as all she was concentrating on now was not falling over into the snow. She felt so incredibly weak in every way one could. It was an effort with every step she took, but as awful as…"
Nov 26, 2022
Ezekiel Neo replied to Ezekiel Neo's discussion Helping Hand (Ezekiel & Aislinge)
"✧ Helping Hand ✧Ezekiel had grown numb since his wife had been taken from him, he had forgotten that most people feel guilt or worse when it came to killing another. He was raised in a dog eat dog world. Not noticing how his words may come off to…"
Nov 25, 2022
Aislinge Ó Braonáin replied to Ezekiel Neo's discussion Helping Hand (Ezekiel & Aislinge)
"Helping Hand "I've lost plenty." Aislinge kept the dagger pointed towards the man and watched his every move. If she were being honest, there was probably not much she could do to fend off whatever attack he might choose to harm…"
Nov 14, 2022
Ezekiel Neo commented on Libelle Ryoko - Council's event November Activity Check
"Ezekiel Neo: November 9th 2022"
Nov 9, 2022
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November Activity Check at onsite

November 2, 2022 at 2pm to November 30, 2022 at 11:45pm
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Nov 9, 2022
Ezekiel Neo replied to Ezekiel Neo's discussion Helping Hand (Ezekiel & Aislinge)
"Ezekiel had been so caught at the sight of a woman trembling in the snow that he hadn’t noticed the bodies a few yards away from them. As the thin woman held the dagger blade in the air his hands came up. Showing he meant no ill will. This is…"
Nov 9, 2022
Aislinge Ó Braonáin replied to Ezekiel Neo's discussion Helping Hand (Ezekiel - Open Thread)
"Helping Hand How could this happen? “Let me go!!” Her cries rang out into the forest which seemed to echo off the trees, making her feel even more alone and helpless. Moments ago she and Mr. O’Donnell had been attacked on the…"
Aug 20, 2022
Ezekiel Neo posted a discussion

Helping Hand (Ezekiel - Open Thread)

✧ Helping Hand ✧As the night closed and the sun drew in the morning sky, Ezekiel cast his gaze to the sky looking to the smoldering pit that the fire that had burned out in the night. He shifted back into his human form learning many years ago it was much easier to sleep in his wolf form especially on cold winter nights. Pulling on his clothes quickly hopping from one foot to another before letting out the steam of his breath meeting the cold air. Town wasn’t far from where he had camped, he…See More
Aug 4, 2022
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Feb 15, 2022
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Jul 14, 2021
Ezekiel Neo might attend Clarice De Biville - Council's event

Timeless Masquerade Ball at Forums Onsite

July 14, 2021 to August 31, 2021
Please post in the comments below that outfit/mask you are arriving in.Event Thread Click hereRules for Event Threads…See More
Jul 14, 2021
Ezekiel Neo commented on Libelle Ryoko - Council's event June Activity Check
"Ezekiel Neo: May 10th Ending a mans life with a fork is the most fun."
Jun 1, 2021
Ezekiel Neo is attending Libelle Ryoko - Council's event

June Activity Check at Onsite

June 1, 2021 to June 14, 2021
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Jun 1, 2021
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May 17, 2021

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Helping Hand (Ezekiel & Aislinge)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ezekiel Neo Dec 3, 2022. 6 Replies

✧ Helping Hand ✧As the night closed and the sun drew in the morning sky, Ezekiel cast his gaze to the sky looking to the smoldering pit that the fire that had burned out in the night. He shifted…Continue

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Running in the night, lungs on fire, I will find you.

about the writer.
ALIAS Darling or Lindsay
PRONOUNS she / her
PREFERRED POV third person.
MASCOT Howard Charles
RP ERA Middle Ages - GAOP
contacting the writer.
howl to the m o o n;
trivial facts.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS Scar through his left eye.
OCCUPATION Mercenary; Seeking Revenge.
HOMETOWN Kalana Tribe in Africa.
MARITAL STATUS Married; Madly in love with Honora. Unsure if she is dead or alive.
Date of birth April 9th (Looking 30's)
Zodiac Aries
skills and abilities.
THE GOOD Protective, Faithful, Devoted, Curious.
THE BAD Short-fuse, Blunt, Off-Putting, Loud.
MASTERY Sword fighting, Hand to Hand combat, Lycan abilities,
Drinking, Tracking, Hunting
past present and future. One could only hold a throne if their people support them, or fear them. The Kalana line of wolves were a pack valued for Royalty. The alpha often had a Luna but often mated with who he saw fit. That is how Ezekiel came to be, he was considered a bastard of the Alpha and the eldest child to the alpha. The Alpha’s Luna viewed the child as a threat to her own children’s claim to the throne that she took Zeke from his bed one night. She carried the young toddler to the cliff and looked to the crashing waves below. She muttered a prayer and then dropped the screaming Ezekiel into the water below.

The night that his young body hit the icy waters was meant to be his last but fate had a way of controlling things others wish to dispose of. The sirens of the deep saved the child and dragged him to the shore of a new land, one that would bring him his own challenges. The Siren who saved him was named Xeona, kissing his head. She wished to keep him for herself but wanted him to have his best chance. Placing a seashell necklace around his neck she moved away from the shore line with one more longing look to the child.

Zeke was awoken by the harsh sun beating down on him. He stumbled his way into town and cried for help. Eventually things were thrown at him and he found his way into a dark alley to sooth his own soul. He joined the life of many children of that time. Being known as a street urchin. Begging for scraps stealing when none would come. It was when the full moon came and his first shift happened did he realize he was not like the other children.

None of the friends he had made care to spend time with him believing he was a monster. Zeke continued for years to be a loner on the streets running and stealing. When he was thirteen he had gotten good with the cards that had been dealt with. When he caught the attention of a man named Quinton Augustin a french man who saw a potential in Ezekiel. He knew he wasn’t human with his own experience of being a Drake. Quinton offered Zeke a bed to lay his head and food to fill his belly if he was willing to join his group of Mercenary. They often worked in transporting people back and forth from safety.

That they often worked for royalty and Zeke would have to be trained day and night to earn his keep. Zeke, not ever having a home, feeling vastly unwanted most of his life was weary of the offer. Yet the fact someone saw value in him caused curiosity, the turn in his stomach made his choice for him. He agreed and joined him on the road making his way back to the base his clan seemed to be. It was filled with people from all walks of life trying to make France a better place.

So Zeke was thrown into training and proved that he would be an asset yet still stayed closed off emotionally when it came to getting close to anyone among the Mercenaries. That was until he met Quinton's sister Honora. Zeke became smitten with her and often felt like he was fighting a losing battle to focus on the training he was to do. Zeke had become used to his wolf side and understood when he had to shift. So the night of the full moon he snuck away from the group yet unknown to him Honora followed him.

She wanted to confess her feelings only to watch him shift in front of her eyes that night. Zeke after shifting knew that Honora was there. He approached her in his wolf form and she accepted him. When the day came and he woke up naked there in her arms she told him how Quinton wasn’t human either. Which Zeke knew by his scent. She explained how they had the same father and Quinton saved her from a life of being sold off. Zeke felt a strange connection as they both were not wanted by their family.

From that night on they had a budding romance that was well known among the others of their order. Zeke fell head over heels for Honora and would do anything she asked of him. The pair got married, and planned to start a family in a few years. It was the happiest that Zeke had ever been in his life. Growing into a young adult among the Mercenary gave him hope for a family and to be a good father to his children.

One night Quinton and Zeke left for a mission. Upon their return, they were greeted by ashes, pieces of bodies that survived scattered. Floored Zeke was thrown into a blind rage that caused him to shift howling digging trying to find a piece of Honora anywhere.

It took Quinton releasing his sleeping gas to stop Zeke from turning into a full rampage. When Zeke woke next he was bound with silver laced rope to keep him weak as Quinton needed to keep him in place and still and awake for his next set of plans. Quinton explained to Zeke that he was pissed and hurt and upset that they had lost their people. Yet rage and anger wouldn’t help them find out who did it.

That they needed to be smart, work in the shadows and figure out together who killed their people. Along with if any of them were still alive. Honora could still be out there somewhere. Zeke agreed not to lose his cool and the pair could work together. If Honora was not alive he would at least get satisfaction out of killing everyone that had a hand in her death.

His future had been taken from him, and he would spend his life seeking to end that of those who took it from him.
muse connections.
Honora Augustin Wife
The sister to the man that took him in. She is the woman who saw his beast and still chose to stick around him. She was the first he fell head over heels for. And she has been his guiding light. She convinces him time and time again he deserves more then he thinks he does. So with the idea that she is dead currently is driving the Lupine mad as he searches for her.

Quinton Augustin Mentor and Best Friend
The Man who took him of the street honing his anger and skills into the man he is to this day. Quinton and Zeke are on a mission to find the people who murdered their people and find any of them that are alive. Especially his sister Honora.
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