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Nyx replied to Erebus's discussion Moonlight Sonata (Nyx and Erebus)
"Ambience When she heard his initial reaction to her request her heart picked up in pace. Never had she regretted her decision to share the night with other people. But for the first time, standing in this moment with him she regretted sharing a…"
May 21
Nyx replied to Hathor's discussion "Chaos" of the "Night"! (Nyx and Hathor)
"It had been several months since her beloved had graced her with his presence, opening her eyes to world that she had forgotten existed. There was one important sensation she took away from that night and that was the overwhelming feeling of…"
Mar 24
Nyx replied to Erebus's discussion Moonlight Sonata (Nyx and Erebus)
"A slow chill crept down her spine the moment he touched her chin. She willingly let him tilt her chin until her gaze was consumed with his. The previous nerves and anxiety that had just flooded her mind, melted away once she heard his words. The…"
Mar 24
Hathor left a comment for Nyx
"Congratulations! I choose you. No time to plot when there's a snake in your boot <.<"
Mar 24
Nyx and Hathor are now friends
Mar 24
Nyx replied to Erebus's discussion Moonlight Sonata (Nyx and Erebus)
"Her body was grateful that he knew what she needed. Her mind was seconds away from making her act on its impulse. Her arm wrapped around his neck as he pulled her into his lap. Her body naturally molded into his until she comfortable with the lack…"
Mar 4
Nyx replied to Erebus's discussion Moonlight Sonata (Nyx and Erebus)
"Ambiance... As if she was a volt, she felt that internal click as if he had been the only one who could open her door. She still didn't know much but she knew that this was her person. This was the touch she craved, the love she had been…"
Feb 28
Nyx replied to Erebus's discussion Moonlight Sonata (Nyx and Erebus)
"Her heart sank for him. It wasn't out of pity. She would never pity him but her empathy did go out to him. "I'm sorry you went through that alone." She told him. He hadn't told her that he was alone but somehow she already…"
Feb 27
Nyx replied to Erebus's discussion Moonlight Sonata (Nyx and Erebus)
"For the first time she was hopeful. She could easily see the worry in his eyes, making her hopeful that he did know her before. Hopeful that she would finally get the truth about her before she had amnesia. Her fingers gripped onto the fabric of…"
Feb 25
Erebus left a comment for Nyx
Feb 24
Erebus left a comment for Nyx
Feb 24
Nyx and Spade - Council are now friends
Feb 22
Nyx replied to Erebus's discussion Moonlight Sonata (Nyx and Erebus)
"Who was this man truly? How was it possible that he preferred the night and the dark just like she did? Why was he causing such reaction out of her? This was much more than her usual game of cat and mouse. He was a far better contender than anyone…"
Feb 22
Nyx replied to Erebus's discussion Moonlight Sonata (Nyx and Erebus)
"Her act of jealousy was unwarranted it seemed. Embarrassment tried to come to her but she didn’t regret how she acted. She only regretted how publicly she showed it. The silver-lining was that he was single! Just like she wanted him to…"
Feb 21
Nyx replied to Erebus's discussion Moonlight Sonata (Nyx and Erebus)
"Nyx stood there patiently waiting for his answer. Her mind already trying to anticipate what he would tell her. She came up with a least a dozen variations of 'yes' before he actually spoke to her. Her blue gaze meeting his- truly looking…"
Feb 19
Erebus left a comment for Nyx
""OMG! I MADE HER LAUGH!" *Frantically checks the sky for flying pigs*"
Feb 14

Won't You Come & Dance In The Dark With Me?

"I will always find a home in the Stars; Surrounded by nothing but the Dark"

TRAITS: Genuine, Empathetic, Mysterious, Sarcastic
LIKES: Nighttime, Rain, Dark R&B
DISLIKES:Daytime, Bullies, Liars

Her History
It is stated that one of the first primordial deities to escape the void to touch the Heavens and the Earth was Chaos. It is also stated that when Chaos emerged Earth was never the same; it was coated in disorder and madness. Constant storms, unnatural occurrences plagued the Earth with no end in sight. From Chaos came the three great deities of Gaia, Eros and Taraturaus. They helped bring some sort of balance to the world that Chaos was creating. Though a world without Gods can only go so far. With that the Titans were created and then soon followed the Ancient Gods. Every God was created with a purpose to help the world in some form; to balance the scales and further build the peace that the world required. The next God that the world was in desperate need of was no other than The Dark Goddess Nyx. For years the world was deprived of Night. It was an endless cycle of day and light until Nyx crawled out of Chaos to take her role in bringing the stillness but also the peacefulness of the Night to Mortal and Immortal alike. The Goddess brought a much needed break to the dreadful heat and madness that the day brought. The Dark Goddess was more powerful than anyone could have imagined. She wasn’t created among the first Gods but she emerged from Chaos all the same. Even the great Zeus was leary of the power that Nyx possessed. She not only could engulf the whole world into a cool pitch black abyss but she could do the same to any God that crossed her. Instead of just bringing the simple night to help the world rest, the Goddess also helped the mortals to uncover the deepest truths in their unconscious minds during their slumber. She taught them how to be comfortable during the shadow time instead of fearing it. Something that Zeus was never fond of and he spent countless centuries trying to persuade Nyx’s ways of practice. She grew tired of living in Olympus; being constantly judged by the other Gods for her Dark appearance and for the way she chose to rule her domain. She was being cast aside just the same as they did Hades. Without second thought the Goddess left her temple in the clouds for one that suited her tastes much more in Tartarus. Nyx took up residents in the deepest and darkest part of Tartarus and made it her sanctuary. When Zeus decided that he wanted to induce a war, Hades came to visit Nyx in her cool dark mist filled temple to warn her of the trouble that Zeus was producing. He knew Zeus was never fond of the Dark Goddess; he also knew that his brother was aware of how powerful she was. If Zeus had her on his side then the war would be over before it even started. Hades' warning was nothing short of the truth and the time did come when Zeus wandered down to Tartarus to recruit the powerful Goddess to his side. Little did Zeus know that the Goddess always preferred the King of the Underworld over him. She did not respect Zeus and she would never help him in a war that was fueled by his greedy nature. She stayed out of it. She wanted no part of the war. She traveled from her home in Tartarus to do her job to bring night and peace to the mortals while they dreamed to escape the horrors of the day then she would go right back home. Slowly over time it became near impossible for her to leave her safe place in Tartarus. And when she met the one who her soul craved she saw no reason to leave the comfort of his Darkness. She stayed as if she was a prisoner there. She was completely aware that she could leave whenever she wanted but she had no need for it. Being stuck in such a cold and dark world day after day made Nyx start to grow distant to others. Some even questioned how she maintained her sanity without light or interaction with the outside world. But to the Goddess she was perfectly content living eternity with him and him alone. Then when the day came for her to stand her to keep her word to Hades she stood besides him and helped defend his cause. She did her duty- she picked the right side of the war. Though she wasn’t aware that she was going to lose the very thing that made the other Gods fear her. When the war ended Nyx tried to return home to Tartarus, just like she had many times before but she was not granted access. She tried over and over until she couldn’t even remember what she was trying so hard to do. She didn’t understand the feeling of loss she was experiencing or even why she felt so heartbroken. The Goddess lost parts of herself the day that the war ended. Being from Chaos she still knew that her purpose was to bring Night to the world but she had forgotten everything else: Her home, Her love, and Her identity. Zeus had finally got his wish, Nyx was no longer the powerful dark goddess that the mortals worshiped to help them discover their true self while they slept. Instead she became known as the woman dressed in black staring at the moon asking it to restore back what she lost. — Throughout the years Nyx finally grew tired of wishing to the moon to bring back whatever it was that she lost. She could no longer live this life without making a change. She often escaped to the dreamscapes of others to help ground herself to keep from going mad. There is where she got the idea to work among the humans in a nightclub. She loved how happy everyone seemed to be as they danced their worries away in the night. She didn’t expect that she would feel a surge of energy pulsing through her body as she worked behind the bar. The Goddess was never able to explain the sensation other than that she felt like she was being worshiped. The feeling alone made her feel more whole than she had in years. So she decided to stay- she worked her way up from pouring shots to one day managing to then owning the building and remodeling it in her own vision. Her club became a success not only because it was the best- catering to every mortal need but also because word got out about an unaging woman. People wanted to get a glance at the woman who had worked in the same club for over 50 years and still didn’t look a day over 30. unaging woman who stood on her balcony overlooking the dance floor. Rarely was she seen on the dance floor unless she had seen someone who peaked her interest… Nyx found herself wrapped up in meaningless connections trying to fill the void that was in her heart. She’ll have dreams of her previous life, glimpses of what she used to be but none of it makes sense to her. Just like with Tartarus Nyx found herself unable to leave the place she called home. She would bring the Night, then return to the loft apartment in her club and that was her life. She felt no need to anything else for this was the most she felt complete. Once known as a Goddess of Night was now known as the unaging woman of Moonlit Kiss.



Affinity: Bring Night to the world, Awakening ones true self through their dreams.
Allspeak:Ability to communicate in the languages of all nine realms, earth’s dialects and other cultures realms.
Special Abilities: Nyx is able to capture anyone into total mist filled darkness taking away their senses with a single look from her; though this ability is lost with her memories.


title · Relation
Short Blur.

Title · Relationship
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NAME: Nyx Nisha Stellato
HAIR:Dark Brown
R. STATUS:Emotional Unavailable
OCCUPATION: Night Club Owner

A Dream Within A Dream

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At 12:54am on March 24, 2024,

Congratulations! I choose you.

No time to plot when there's a snake in your boot <./p>

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At 9:37am on February 24, 2024,

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*Frantically checks the sky for flying pigs*

At 11:54pm on February 13, 2024,
At 2:14am on February 13, 2024,
H A D E S - Council

The world of men awaits dear Goddess.Welcome to The Eternals

"Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

The world's been askew without you in the night, so we are glad you are here to make it right. Oh gods I cannot stop rhyming >_/span>

And always remember, the weather boi is thee worst...


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