Adventuring through twisted time.

"Find her!" 

"Find Her!"


The shutters on Ostana's window flew open. Slamming against the walls and rattling her awake. Today marks a year she's been having these dreams. Losing sleep over seeing her mother's face as she urged her to find someone named Coastillon. She groaned and rubbed her throbbing head. Breathing deep to calm her pounding heart. The moon was still out which made her plop back down into her bed. It was a rare night she didn't have a client with her. She huffed. She was too exhausted to let her wolf out to stretch her paws and too wired to fall asleep. So she just laid there all night. Wide awake thinking of her mother's face. 

Having a patron warm her bed would've been better. 

She had never seen her mother in real life. Yet now here she was haunting her dreams. Even the Dreamwalkers she knew couldn't explain this phenomenon. It put her on edge and her lack of sleep made her dazed and agitated. 

She barked at a patron when the doors opened. 

Yeah, so Libelle decided to keep her behind the bar tonight. 

She could at least get people's orders right. And if someone tried a bit too hard to persuade her to take them to bed she had an excuse to try and bite them. "What he tried to steal a keg" she'd bat her eyelashes at the mistress. She probably only got away with it because this wasn't normal for Ruby. She was the most popular lady. Outside of Libelle who no longer took clients and everyone often joked about how Ruby could talk a vampire out of his own fangs from how charming she could be. She did learn from the best after all. 

She leaned her elbow on the bartop and rested her cheek against her hand. Taking a moment of calm she had to look around at the drinking and debauchery. She sighed and smiled at the site. It might have been weird to many others but this to her was home and she loved to see her family playing the game with the poor people who entered The Dragon Lady. Her eyes passed over a shadowy figure that sat in the corner of her bar. Her gaze boomeranging right back her way. 

"Drink. Fuck. Or leave. Either way, if you stay you pay."

She approached the dark figure unafraid. Which was contrary to how everyone else seemed to treat the woman. Looking right into her matching gaze with a smug attitude. Ruby smirked and leaned on the bar in front of Clarice. "What'll it be love? I can't let you stay if you don't buy something." She gave her one of her cheeky smiles and a wink. Something she'd regret later when they learn they're cousins.

"Everything you see is on the menu." 

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