Adventuring through twisted time.

The woods were something that Nerissa avoided after breaking into Kyan home and barely making it out with her life. Yet she had to go collect things for her remedies and such in her shop that Devon had helped her set up. She waited until night, it was easier to use her darkness ability to blend in. The time came and she slipped on her cover cloak to help keep herself warm with the winter right around the corner. She walked out of her shop looking around to make sure she wasn’t seen as she let darkness of the shadows envelope her.  She made her way to the tree line and then started walking so light no one no matter how skilled could hear her walking.

She picked the things she needed, placing them in her basket. Humming softly when a scream erupted from deep in the woods. Nerissa paused and turned towards where the male scream was. She tightened her hands on her basket questioning if she should go see what made the scream or rush back to her home. ‘But what if someone is hurt?’ her mind questioned the small four foot eleven Fae woman. Her body moved on its own towards the sound. The closer she got she could hear the growling of a wolf and the roar of a few bears. As she came up the site fully she took in the blood everywhere, and a man crumbled to the ground.

“Oh no.” She said as she dropped her darkness around her and started to glow brightly using her ability to speak to the animals she screamed to them “GO!” The blinding light being enough to scare the bears yet the wolf stated that the man on the ground was his owner. She moved over to his massive form with the help of the wolf they were able to roll him on his back. She took in his labored breathing and the opened wounds all along him. She almost panicked but she knew what to do to help. She wouldn’t be able to make it back to the shop but lucky for him she had what she needed on her. She used her fire ability to close some of the wounds to stop the bleeding. Figuring it was better to do it while he was passed out to do that. She then moved to his head.

She closed her eyes sucking in life energy from around her then placed her lips on Tyr and breathed the life energy into his body, kissing him to keep their lips tight as she does so. After the long kiss she pulled back and watched the wounds on him heal to the point of non fatal. Letting out a worried breath looking to the wolf for a moment. “He is gonna be okay now.” she said softly before  drawing water out of the air and used it to clean up some of the blood from his face. Pushing his hair to the side. “You are going to be okay.” It was an ironic act of kindness for her. No matter how much good she tried to do it would never be enough to make up for her past selfish actions. She was lost in her thoughts as her hands rested on him.

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"Not everyone deserves mercy." He mumbled under his breath with a drawn out huff but he was not ready for a conversation like that, with anyone. He was not paying her much attention once he climbed up and sat at the helm of the carriage, he mainly focused on their surroundings. He was listening to the woods around and concentrating the sounds of the incapacitated men in the back and Mimir moving around them. 

My head snapped towards her when I heard her hit the floor and immediately rushed towards her. I felt so foolish for not seeing the signs of this coming or even paying attention to her after helping me handle the poachers. "You should have let me handle them myself." I scorned to myself obviously since she was unconscious as I lifted her up and carried her to the carriage. With the men in the back, she would have to stay at the front with me but there was no guarantee she would stay on the seat with all the turns and bumps we would make on our way to town. 

He groaned and sighed as he held her across his lap like he would a sleeping baby and kept her wrapped and warm under his thick fur cloak. He tried to ride carefully for her sake but of course, the terrain into town was unforgiving but someone everyone seemed to remain unconscious which when it came to the men was fortunate for him because when he got them to town and turned them into the jailer no one had any problems and they even all had bounties on their head that was paid to Tyr. The unfortunate part of this, however, was that Nerissa also remained unconscious which drew more looks his way than normal and more people wanting to avoid him then was useful. Even the Apothecary seemed to not want him present despite the offer of his coin and it was not until he angrily explained that the reason she was passed out was those men he bought in and not him, it was just a shame took him getting angry for them to listen. 

I was going to keep this carriage for a while it would come in handy, even as of right now Mimir remained hidden in the back and when I returned I know laid Nerissa with him. I rummaged through what I bought from the arrogant people here until I found the salts I searched for. I had some other medical supplies that might help her but I was not sure what to use because I would not know what she would need until she awake and could tell me. I held the salts under her nose a slight doubt in my mind that these might not wake her since she was clearly not human. 

As his arms wrapped around her picking her up she felt like she was having an out of body experience at that moment. As she could feel every movement of what was happening and yet she couldn’t regain control of herself. Her ears could take in his words, sighs, and groans yet he seemed to be willing to put up with her. As his fur cloak came around her she felt a warm wave over her and felt her body relax more if it could, maybe it was a mental relaxation into him. Making their way to town was a rough one but in the end they made it.

‘They can’t help…’ she wanted to scream as he went to the apothecary, she was the one that helped the town more than them. They wanted her gone just as much as they probably wanted him gone. She knew she would rewake it just took time after using the power of the seed. Something she should have probably explained but it wasn’t something she openly talked about. Yet they surprisingly sold him things. Maybe because he was a large man, and she a small woman. They would have turned her away in a heartbeat. 

Feeling the warmth of Mimir keeping her safe was comforting; she loved animals, even large scary wolves who really were not as scary as they seemed. She felt herself slowly reconnecting to her body as he took hold of her head to cradle it so that he could place the salts under her nose. Her nose twitched like crazy as the salts made her hand come to his wrist. Yanking her head back she coughed taking a deep breath in. “Next time. Just take me home.” She sneezed a few times before weakly opening her eyes.

“The Apothecary hates me since I do what they do but better.” She rubbed her hand along her face smearing the black streaks from her tear ducts and the corner of her lips. “Mind taking me home so I can get cleaned up?” She asked as she sniffled, still feeling rather too weak to move. Her hand moved to pet Mimir softly before looking at him. “Thanks for not leaving me back there. I know I am a lot of trouble.”

"And risk showing the poachers where you live!?" He unintentionally spoke almost harshly as a baffled look crossed his face. "No." He continued with a finality that put an end to that conversation and he gently set her head down and moved the slats away. He wrapped them up along with a few other items he was able to talk the village folk out of before locking everything down. He draped his heavy fur cloak over her and climbed through to the front of the carriage to take the reigns. He said nothing further, not while they were within earshot of the town. He purposely drove around in circles much like a lost child or crazy fool but in actuality, he was covering their tracks and leading anyone that dared followed right into the most dangerous parts of these woods. 

"You are not trouble." I, at last, broke my silence and the harshness my words held before seemed to fade. "You are too kind though; those men did not deserve mercy and before you argue, think about what a poacher does. Understand how they are different from a hunter and take in the cruel damage they have done to the woods you call home." My voice was a bit sharp but not harsh as I glanced back at her for a moment before bringing my eyes back to the road. I huffed uneasy still about letting them get out of my grip alive, I could have easily disposed of them when she was unconscious. "You should have let me kill them." I blamed her because I was regretting not taking my chance. "But I did not because you risked your life to keep those bastards alive." I grumbled out and huffed again before rearing the horses to a slow stop. 

"Foolish but still not trouble." He ended his complaints there as he hoped off the carriage. He had managed to get them to her home safely and without anyone following. He came around the back and picked her up bridal style, starting for her home like she weighed nothing. The carriage rocked as Mimir hoped out and stretched as he watched Tyr carry Nerissa inside. The big ball of fluff bombarded his way inside her home the second she was out of his view as if having a panic attack. Tyr's confused face glanced back at his wolf as he set Nerissa down in her bed and then gestured towards her to show his big doof she was fine. 

"I'm going to cover our tracks and Mimir will stay with you. Not like I could make him do anything else." I mumbled the last few words to myself. "I will sleep in the carriage until I am well enough to leave and know you are safe. You can keep your bed that way." I spoke with a sense that I was not going to change my mind and nothing she said would. Since she was curled up with her own covers now I gracefully took my heavy cloak back but it was quickly replaced by giant Mimir climbing on top of her. "Gentle you goof." I sighed while shaking my head. "I will be back soon." I tried to reassure her as I turned and left. 

He was not gone long and let Nerissa know when he was back after expertly hiding any tracks that would lead danger to her doorstep. Furthermore, he came back with food, though he was not sure if she ate meat like he and Mimir. He did have a whole assortment of fruits and vegetables, and fresh game enough for her too if she liked. "Do you... Eat me?" His voice was hesitant because of his unsurity; what if hunting offended her? 

Nerissa jumped at his harsh words as honestly besides the crazy fae king she had never been spoken to in such a manner. “I will admit I didn’t think of that factor.” She was rash when it came to her own choices so she had no room to judge his choice of trying to save her life. “I’m sorry I have upset you.” She said as she shifted to lean her head against the cart wall sitting more. She stayed quiet when he did as she was still gaining her sense of self from the darkness that had held her so tightly. She was getting weaker and she was losing herself to the power of the seed. She knew that her time on this plane was going to come to its end in time.

She was pulled from her thoughts as his tone was different. Arching her head at an angle in order to look at him. Taking in his reasoning she felt the frown on her lips. He would hate her and see her no different than those men if he knew her history. The frown would be clear to him as he glanced back at her and yet she couldn’t bring her voice out at that moment. Till he said she should have let him kill them. “Life is too precious of a thing to not show mercy in hopes it could put someone on the right path. I know this well.” She didn’t look at him though, she was actively avoiding looking in his direction not wanting to go into more details. Especially since he made her feel like a child being scolded for her actions.

She was going to lay there a little longer before wandering off the cart. She could smell her herbs when she gave a squeak out as he picked her up. She looked at him with a questioning look before noticing he was making his way towards her home. “I can walk.” she said faintly knowing that fighting him would be useless since she was already now inside and on her bed. Looking to Mimir she ran her hand along his head softly to confirm she was fine before she shifted higher on the bed to place her back against the wall. Watching the wolf crawl on her bed realizing that he was probably bigger than her since she was just under five foot being four foot ten. She was often confused for a child by strangers. She watched him leave as her hands buried into Mimir fur and sighed. “He would hate me knowing who I really am.” she said softly to the wolf.

After another moment longer in bed she pushed her way out from under the wolf and started a fire with mortal means before setting a stew over it to bring to a boil that she had planned on making the night before. Shifting she poked at the burning logs as she took a soft breath in. Being home helped center her and helped the feelings of the darkness that wanted to take over her. Yet that was probably because of the witch Clarice that had come by before and placed protection on the house one day. 

When he entered her home once again she looked at him with her soft eyes. “No. I don’t eat meat. I am okay though I am making stew. If you want me to move some of it to another pot you can put your meat in it?” She questioned as she stood up to gather another pot from close by. “I know people love their meat, so I am not opposed to you eating what sustains you.” she made sure he understood that.

He had killed them when no one was looking. They'd find the poachers dead in their cells soon enough and no one would know it was Tyr, in fact, no one would suspect him. They watched him bring them in alive and watched him closely as they left until they could not keep up any longer, and no one would expect such a big guy to be so nimble and quiet. He would not tell her, she did not need to know but he knew keeping them alive would only bring them back here wanting revenge and he could not stay here and watch her forever, he did not even know her really. Tyr was unused to kindness, especially towards him and when he happened to come his way he knew it came with an ulterior motive and he could always figure out what that motive was before it was revealed to him but this woman perplexed him. She went out of her way to save and he knew she as of right now wanted nothing from him but for him to get better. 

I roughly hummed my thoughts away as she grabbed her spare pot. "I shall cook it outside." I say matter of factly as I take the pot and turn on my heels. "The trug is filled with fruit and vegetables for you. I figured you might not eat meat." I say over my shoulder before squeezing out of her tiny hut. It is not long before I have a fire going and a stew of my own brew atop it and the sounds of the forest are interrupted by the Mimir's bounding steps my way. He presses against me and growls which makes me shoot a sharp breath out from my nose. "Here you big lug." I say with a shake of my head as I toss him his meal. I can sense her eyes on me but I ignore her since she is still in her home; maybe she is checking if I have finally left or maybe she wants to be sure I am okay. I shift uncomfortably at the thought of the latter. 

Attention was always an odd thing for his family and they all seemed to strive to avoid it. If she found out he was cursed or that he was truly a Skadi things could turn bad quickly and there was no way for him to know if he was susceptible to the abilities she clearly had. For now, she had only used them for good but if she thought him a threat something told him he would be in danger. He began to scoop his stew out when he suddenly stiffened because she came out with her food and sat right beside him. His head shoots down to look at her and after a second he returns to diving out his food. He had heard and learned that some species liked to get close and invade one's personal space. It was how he got the upper hand on many a hunts in the past. This was different though and he was not sure how he felt about it yet. 

It was getting colder the darker it got and I had determined that she had come out of the warmth of her home to... Eat with me... Odd. I tossed my heavy cloak off of me and onto her shoulders remembering how my mother often got cold when the sunset and a little breeze never really bothered me. Mimir was now asleep on the other side of the fire across from us and we just sat and are in silence for the time being. When I finished I set my bowl to the side and leaned in to poke at the fire to keep it alive. "Why are you out here alone? Where are your people?" I break the silence to ask because it was bothering me far too much. One might argue that I myself was alone but I had Mimir and when my hunting was done I would return to my clan even if for just a short while. 

Nerissa gave a bright smile as he took the pot. “That is rather thoughtful of you but really isn’t necessary. You can cook here. The hearth is big enough for us both, but I think I am not charismatic enough to really convince you to stay here. So I will join you out there once mine is done and we can eat together.” She gave a wiggle of her nose before moving over to the Trug. She got to work on making her own stew with the fruits and vegetables along with some herbs and spices. After she had a large bowl full of her stew as she bound her way outside to take a seat next to him.

She blew on her spoonful of food as she stared off into the dark woods that were around them. Smiling wide at Mimir as he was chewing on his piece of meat that Tyr had provided. Feeling the heavy cloak upon her shoulders she turned to look at him giving a gentle nod. “Thank you, it does get rather chilly at night versus the day around here.” She said softly as she looked him over knowing that he was a man of few words. She wasn’t sure what to say to make him talk to him. She slightly wondered if he was enjoying their time together. She liked trying to bring joy into everyone's life. 

Lost in her own thoughts made her eat slower, when he sat his bowl down she was just bringing another spoonful to her lips as she took in his questions as the fire sparked back to life. “I wouldn’t say I am alone, I have friends that come and visit or stay with me often.” She said before taking a few more spoonful's of stew as she thought of her homeland and how she had destroyed her own people. “That is far more complicated to answer than I wish to admit.” She said as she sat the half eaten stew aside and looked at him.

“I am not accepted by my kind. So I made my home among the humans with the help of a human I saved. He helped me settle into this town instead of always running around the edges of the woods. I made my home with people who accepted me for me.” she shrugged her shoulders. “What about you? Where are your people? Since you aren’t alone with the wonderful boy over there.” she smiled towards the wolf who was across the fire from them.

What about him? That was not a question he was used to and it was not one he would be answering. He stared deep into the fire as it licked at the sky and hummed thinking about his clan, his mother, his sister and brother, and his miserable excuse for a father. His eyes rolled up towards the sky as it peeked down at them through the trees and he let himself enjoy the cool breeze. Everyone upon seeing his wolf knew from what clan, he hailed regardless of what species they were because only his clan had these wolf companions in this regard. Yet she did not know or she was pretending to not know and though he was indebted to her with his life he would not be answering that question. 

How was it so that she had not ever heard of the Clan Fenrir? Everyone usually guessed or assumed because of Mimir but she truly did not seem to know. Was she so isolated?  That was not a good thing in most cases, but she seemed content except if she were to pass would anyone immediately know? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? Similar questions same ominous answer. I huff, why was she not accepted by her kind? It were such a vague answer it made it clear she did not want to speak on it, but there was a familiar sadness there. Did she want to be accepted like I had once wanted to be accepted by my father or were it something deeper? "I have no home or people, just Mimir." I say to break my silence, answer her question and keep the animosity of my people safe. They were a reason she lived alone not accepted by her kind and until I learned why I would not be telling her much. I give what she gives.

He rose after a moment and fetched more wood for the fire. "You must get lonely then?" He queried as he returned and tossed a few logs into the low flame. "I would go crazy without Mimitlr's company even though the doof drives me mad." He chuckled as he ppatshis sleeping wolf's side before returning to her side to sit.   He was quite heavy in his thoughts for a moment before taking a breath to speak once more "You say you made your home among those that accept you, but the townspeople did not like you any more than liked me and I am a stranger to them." He said with an innocent bluntness because he knew not of holding his tongue sometimes.  

✧ Flavor of Death ✧
Nerissa watched him stare at the fire and actively avoid her inquiries into his life. “Right, not much of a talker it seems.” She swirled her stew with a perfectly crafted wooden spoon. She wasn’t sure how to be quiet herself, now that she found a place to accept her. She could remember how maddening it could be for her the days passing endlessly with no one to talk with. She followed his gaze up to the night sky, it was beautiful here in the middle of the night. She loved the way the moon kissed the sky and the stars danced among each other. She wondered what it was like to be lost in the stars, was that what death was like? Floating among the stars?

When his voice came to her ears she smiled softly hearing his deep voice. “You have a nice voice.” she said softly as she looked over to Mimir. “Then I would say you have a family which can be home, with Mimir. After all, he is the best boy.” She said in a baby tone to make the wolves ears peak up. “I have my herbalist shop but that is all thanks to Devon. A nice human that took pity on me, since I was all alone.” She chuckled leaving out the part she had given the human the kiss of life after he died in a house fire. “Though I try to help the city I am sure they don’t consider me one of theirs. They seem to only be willing because I heal them and Devon is well known.” She gave a shrug of her shoulders.

She watched him go and get more wood, she hadn’t noticed that her cut logs were getting low she was going to have to cut more soon. “Not really, I am used to being alone.” she said, even in her home she was locked away with books and to entertain herself. The precious sacrifice couldn’t get hurt till it was time for her to give her life. “I mean I guess we are the same, I talk with the animals that come and visit me.” She gave a smile as she looked off into the forest. “Humans don’t like anyone different.” She pulled her hair back to reveal her pointed ears. “They don’t like what they can’t understand.” She was small for a woman in this area standing at four foot ten. “Why do you care?”

You become less of a talker when people do not want to talk to you, or when certain people know you are cursed and keep their distance. He watched her reveal her ears and hummed in amusement at it. He had met Fae in his travels but never had the chance to get close enough to see their ears. He also knew some could change their looks from his experience of having to chase a few down, something that did not happen often. He rummaged through his pocket to pull out a small flask "to each their own." he replies to what she had to say about the people she lived near. He raised the flask and tossed back what was left in the small silver canister and clicked his tongue now that it was empty. He rubbed his beard with the back of his hand as he returned the flask to his pocket; he would find someplace to fill it back up at some point. 

I looked at her puzzled for a moment at what she said next, I did not know that making small talk meant you cared. Had I known I would have kept my mouth shut. "I was just making small talk. Who said I cared?" I asked with a cocked brow before I got up and stretched with an audible groan. It had been a long day and since I had slept uncomfortably in her cabin due to our size differences I was looking forward to spreading out in the back of this carriage. I headed for it but froze realizing I kind of just got up and walked away without saying anything. "Uhm... Goodnight." I say awkwardly before I climb into the carriage and plop down on the furs I set up and roll around until I am covered and comfortable. Of course, my comfort did not last long as Mimir came flying in and body slamming down onto me. After a moment of movement and sitting on my face he finally settled down beside me and fell asleep with me. 

His sleep was short but he was used to that as he always seemed to rise with the sun. Taking the opportunity to cut some more wood after seeing it was running low and starting a fire to make breakfast for himself and Mimir. He did not want to disturb the still sleeping Nerissa who had seemed to sleep through his wood chopping but with being a carpenter before he was anything else that was done in a matter of seconds. Mimir did want to disturb her, however, so he barged into her cabin and rolled right on top of her as she slept.

✧ Flavor of Death ✧
Nerissa’s ever watching eyes, watched him empty the flask of its contents. Her brain processed if she could be sneaky enough to refill it for him with her special blend of the fruits that aged beautiful. Though if he was like Devon he would prefer the strong stuff, better not to mess with his things anyways. She had learned in her time that people don’t seem to like when you mess with their things. “You just don’t seem like one to enjoy small talk is all, so I had wondered if you wished to know more of something.” She watched him get up and walk away from her. Her eyes looked towards the dying flames before hearing his good night. “Goodnight.” she replied back as she raised her tiny frame to her feet and moved towards her home. “Goodnight Mimir.” she said in his tongue before she opened the door and slid into her little room.

She sat on the bed for a moment and picked up the notebook she kept there and began to fill it out with what had happened that day, how she felt the seed’s power was either growing stronger or weaker. She looked at the seed for a long time before moving to close the notebook and lay down letting sleep take over her sore and tired body. Sleep was always a roll of the dice lately for her. As sleep wrapped around her mind she was thrown into a dark dream. She was there in her homeland, surrounded by her people after they had turned into the monsters. She was running from them and this time she wasn’t fast enough as their dark limbs swung out wrapping around her and she cried out for help and yet the darkness filled her mouth and no sounds came out.

Lost in the dark nightmare Nerissa tossed and turned until Mimir was the only thing that finally broke her from it as he rolled on top of her. Her fingers wrapped in his fur as she trembled and took in his scent. The nightmare fading until her eyes opened, her body was covered in a cold sweat and she was still trembling as if the darkness was still choking her. She managed to take a breath in and feel her lungs fill with fresh air but watched as dark smoke swirled out of her mouth. Was the seed turning on her? She sat up and ran her hand along Mimir fur slowly. “Thank you for saving me from that.” she said softly as she smiled at him.

She found herself standing from the bed after a moment and moving to place some clothes in a bag and make her way out the back door. “Do you wish to join me in bathing?” she called out towards Tyr as she started towards the treeline. “There is a lovely waterfall not far from here.” she said as she placed the back on her shoulder, she looked wide eyed and scared as her body still slightly trembled from the dream. “If not, I will go alone. Figured I would offer.”

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