Adventuring through twisted time.

Jade had a bad habit of just leaving without a word, something that was becoming vastly more aware as she had gained control of her power and found herself settling into a routine of returning an apologizing for disappearing and never contacting those she had left behind in that moment. Her family was far more understanding than others, guess it just ran in the sand in her blood. So resentment was to a state she had come to expect to the point she just stopped trying to gain any ties to her life. Meaning it was easier for her to come and go as she pleased to fulfill the duties she had to the Valkyries. Though this meant she often had to take jobs that paid under the table and didn’t expect much from her.

Leading her to her current client for the evening as she stood beside the high wingback chair in a crowded room filled with illegal gambling tables. She moved her arm to lean on the chair not really listening to the man as he talked business to the man across from him. Scanning the crowd, as her ears were listening for any sound that seemed vaguely threatening. Then there was a shift in the air as her hand came to the man who she was in charge of protecting at that moment. The air grew thick with tension, Jade pulled the man from the seat and yanked him to the ground as gun fire filled the room. Screaming, and scrambling took on a life of its own. With a growl she shifted the table in front of the man who hired her. “Stay low.”

Pulling the blade from her thigh as she lowered herself as she peaked around to see the singular gun man who looked like he was at a table and may have lost which brought the anger out of him. She didn’t have time for such theories at that moment, she could play this as a terrified female. She stumbled from behind the table as she forced tears down her face. “Please, please put the gun down. Maybe we can work something out?” She tried to beg for the people, seeing one person clearly dead on the ground.

“Get on the ground now.” The man waved the gun frantically. “Now or I shot you!”

“Please what is it you…” the bullet ripped through the air and found itself in the valkyries shoulder as she felt her body stutter backwards not expecting to get shot so quickly her blade falling from her hand.

“All you women are the same! Just trying to get what you want! Clearly you were going to kill me!” He growled out as he aimed again for Jade.

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A sharp whistle shot through the garage. Echoing around the bikes and cars. But the sound was only heard by its sender. "Hmm." said the whistler as he peered around the empty auto shop. Spade was normally here at this time. Laid up under a car in need of a fix. He found it out of the norm she wasn't there. But he was just an apprentice. One who hadn't been here long so he didn't think too much into it. He headed to her office on the loft-like upper level. Knocking before entering.

And there he found the Lupine's leader. Sitting at her desk which was buried under piles of paperwork she slowly made her way through. Another MC member stood before her. One the apprentice didn't recognise. Talking Spade's ear off with angst. Yet the moment Spade looked up from her page the room suddenly filled with a heavy silence.  Both members swallowed hard as her heated gaze burned at them. "I received an urgent message for you." The apprentice nearly tripped over his tongue and then himself as he handed the letter in his hand off to her. 

She set it to the side and went back to the paper in her hand. The apprentice who now quivered wasted no time in getting out of there. Spade sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Do what you need." She handed the remaining lupine in the room a few pages of clearance. She waited for a second after he was gone to read this urgent letter only to suck her teeth at its contents. The Mafia needed her for yet another pickup. They said the last was their last. Yet now they were playing a dangerous game with Spade's dwindling patience and grace. She rose and set out to the meeting point mentioned. For now, she'd avoid any issues but once this job was over she'd handle them herself for taking her grace for granted. 

She rode her bike out to the remote location. Her pack is already on its way with their bikes. She let her engine idle a second before turning it off. There wasn't much around. Which wasn't so much as off as it was rare. Normally a pickup happened in a shady bar or gambling ring. She knew of one that was nearby and it made her wonder if she by chance read the coded location wrong. Or maybe she translated it wrong. She read the message, again and again, to be sure. And either this was a mistake on their part or there was no mistake at all. Only time would tell so she waited. 

Spade closed her eyes. From here she could hear the sounds of the gambling hall but beyond that, she could hear the low hum of her pack members' bikes. A strange calm washed over her hearing them. They were her family now that the gypsy had shunned her. That's when a familiar scent hit her. She couldn't place it though. It smelled of Vega and even Libelle but was different enough to tell her it wasn't either of them. She had only met Jade once when she was still a baby.

Spade and The Gypsies had always had a strained and estranged relationship. They made it work for many years but the more they lost the more they blamed their scapegoat. Spade. It was easy for them but after so long, hard for her to bear. So she left one day. Taking her pack with her and NEVER came back. Though there was one moment they let her return for a night. But of course, the heart-wrenching moment was once again ruined with them naturally blaming her. And so the Ghost tale of Spade was born. Becoming a witch's tale Gypsy parents told their kids to keep them on the straight and narrow. Growing in rumor and wickedness as the Gypsies spun the tale. 

She was no longer listening to the sounds of the hall. But the gunshot that rang through the air was hard to ignore. Despite the dangerous. Unfriendly. And abrasive demeanor Spade consistently carried she still leapt in to help whenever she could contrary to her mannerisms. So at the sound of distress, she took off towards the hall. Leaving her bike and shredding her clothes as she transformed into her beast of a wolf. She was an unusual size compared to other Lupines. In human form, she was quite small, it often alarmed everyone how much bigger her wolf was. Bigger than the average Lupine. She was the Zeta after all. 

She could run faster as a wolf which is why she changed. Getting there in time to see the gun get pressed to her younger cousin without anyone seeing her just yet. But she didn't recognise her family. How could she if she had only seen the young girl once when she was a baby. Even if she never forgot a scent it didn't help if she couldn't place where she knew the scent from. Right now, however, she needed to figure out how to get everyone out of this situation safely without being seen too much. It was clear there were supernaturals mixed in the hall with humans but the humans didn't seem to know. 

She was going to have to be as quick as possible. Hopefully, when her pack got here the siren among them could ease the minds of those who claimed they saw a monster. They were already on their way here after she mind linked them. She dug her paws into the ground and took a steadying breath. 

What happened next was quite fast indeed. Everyone would have a different account of what occurred. But none would really be able to say they saw a werewolf. Spade focused solely on the man with the gun. Launching into the hall as fast as her legs would allow in this space. Latching onto his arm and dragging him out and away. A minute passed before she came back in human form. Tucking the gun that the man had just pointed at Jade in the back of her pants. Her pack. Who had bought her new clothes. Followed in after her and immediately tended to everyone around. Making sure no one was hurt. 

"I need the kit."

While Spade looked unapproachable at the moment her voice was serine. You had never been able to tell she just savagely ripped that man to shreds as her wolf seconds ago by her voice alone. She knelt in front of her cousin. Still oblivious to their relation as one of her pack members bought her the first aid kit. The bullet was still in her shoulder which made Spade suck her teeth. She got up and went behind the bar to wash the blood off her hands. And arms. And spots on her face. She came back and moved her pack member away from Jade who was applying pressure to her wound at her command. 

"This will hurt."

She didn't wait for her acknowledgement. She couldn't wait because she needed to dig in and get the bullet out quick. Which she did. "This will also hurt." She gave her a moment this time as she sterilized a needle. "Your healing won't kick in because this isn't a minor wound." Her voice was hushed so the humans around couldn't hear. "I can smell what you are." She never looked at her face as she spoke and just focused on sewing Jade's wound shut. Then once she was done and everyone else was fine she got up. Washed her hands again. Gathered her pack and rolled out into the horizon.  

Jade's eyes stayed locked on the gunman. At least if his attention was on her, no one else would get hurt. “All women are the same? Buddy, you brought a gun and are the only person who has killed someone tonight.” She shot back towards the man. As she took a step closer towards the gun, letting the fake crying act fall aside as she planned to end this swiftly. She could mess with the minds of the people there if she had to break out her wings. Yet as Jade drew closer to the man. 

A flash of fur covered her view of the man gone, blinking as she looked around the room watching the room of confusion she let out a sigh before moving back to the man that she was meant to keep safe. “Are you okay, no stray bullet hit you right?” she looked him over and at this point her eyes moved to the people moving into the room. Her eyebrow raised as her intense hazel with a blue tint eye clung to the woman who spoke first. Feeling another member of the group come to her to place pressure to her wound she gave a sharp breath in and a glare to the pack member of Luna. She did seem to have her mothers gaze when it came to such a sharp look, every other feature seemed to be her fathers.

As the woman who spoke with a command of the room crossed over to her to remove the bullet from her shoulder she didn’t flinch as it was yanked from her shoulder. Raising her brow to the woman as she seemed to understand that she was a valkyrie. “This is but a scratch.”  She scoffed at her but didn’t stop her from patching her up to get her through her healing. “Ah so you were the flash of fur. I had it under control.” She looked away from Spade as she worked on her shoulder. Once she was sewed up she gave a nod of thanks to the woman before focusing on her client fully once again.

“How about we get you home?” She stood up and helped the older man to his feet, before moving over to pick up the blade that she had dropped when she was shot.

“Please Jade, this is far too much excitement for my failing heart.” The man took her arm and the pair made their way towards the exit.

“I would get you and your pa- I mean motorcycle club out of here. Cops are on their way.” She called over her shoulder towards the woman in a warning. As she walked the man to his car that was waiting on him she took her payment after helping him in. Even getting a bonus for taking a bullet. “Looks like you are going to need a new business meeting spot. Call me if you need a bodyguard again.” She patted the top of the car tucking the money in her jacket and started to walk down the sidewalk thinking of flying but she liked the dress she was wearing.

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