Adventuring through twisted time.

He did so enjoy when the turning of the seasons began which brought the ships into the port of London. Not only did it bring more people into the city, it brought more people into the city he could rob. Devon sat on one of the many barrels towards the end of the dock of a large cargo that was currently being moved off of one of the many vessels waiting to unload. The knife he always kept on him cleanly cut over the apple he held, putting a piece of the fruit in his mouth. Nonchalantly, his eyes scanned the bustling scene. Hundreds of people were moving back and forth and it was easy to just become another one of those lost in the crowd of the market. He was good at that. 

However, this wasn't just a normal visit to the sea on a sunny day. His bright blue hues landed on each of the Rogues that were strategically placed around the docks, all acting as lookouts for the scheme they were about to pull. They each gave him a nod to indicate everything was well on their end. Taking the last bite of the apple, he tossed the core into the water as he felt two figures move behind him "Looks good. Saw the crew leave the ship and Emerald's got the attention of the one that was left behind." 

Devon smirked coyly as he wiped the blade across his shirt and put it back in its sheath. "We don't pay that girl enough." Standing, the Rogue took the lead as he headed towards the ship they had targeted. It was on the farthest part of the docks where less people were mingling about making it much easier to take the time to fully see what might be inside worth taking before being noticed. His gaze locked with Emerald for only a moment as she kept the sailor's back turned to them, making it easy to slip aboard without being noticed by the crewman who was failing in his duties. Not that he could blame the man. He had undoubtedly been on sea for who knows how long and the company of one of the girls at the Dragon Lady was probably the best thing he'd seen in a days.

They hurried up along the plank and onto the deck of the ship where nothing stirred but the birds above that soared in circles to land on the mast. After a quick search of the area, they lowered themselves into the dark hold where several crates were stored. Milo whistled at the take and spoke up. "James said they are a small fishing crew, but word has it they've been stealing from the people in Winchester."

"Is that so..." Devon muttered, pulling the lid from the wood and peering below. Inside held many leather goods which was a big deal for the people of Winchester. This was something highly sought after and the price that was paid for them helped the families there enormously. He should know having grown up there. "Seems the rumors are correct." He stood and eyed the amount of crates. It would take a while to go through and they didn't have the time to waste. 

They pulled themselves back out of the hold and into the brightened sun once more where he glanced at Emerald who had the sailor completely enraptured by now. The three men stayed low as she was finally able to take him down the dark alley of one of the buildings giving them a bit of freedom. "You two head back up to grab a couple of the others along with the cart. I'll start checking the crates." The pair of Rogues headed off in a hurry and he went back to the cargo below.

It would be a grueling task, but one that would be worth it in the end. He'd be sure to see about having some words with the ship's Captain as well. Just as Devon had pulled another of the lids off, a sound came above that gave him pause. Surely Emerald wasn't finished yet with the sailor and the others couldn't have been back already. Was someone else on the ship? "Shit..." he cursed lowly, stepping back into the darkness and away from where the sun shone through the hole from above. Why couldn't things just go to plan?

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The dock bell rang and the smells from the town rushed into the crew quarters which sent them running to the deck. They cheered and sang their sea shanties at the site of the shore knowing they'd be ship free for the next few days. Hawk stood among the men he'd been sailing with the last few months feeling rather outcast by them; this wasn't the crew he started with and he would forever resent that. A cool breeze brushed past Hawk and jolted the thought that the last time he was here he was cursed. It was an out of body experience being back here and he wondered if those he knew before remained in town or had moved on with the time. He was anxious and relieved he'd be free of this boat and this crew because though they saved his life from the sirens that threatened him, he hated how they governed and performed. They were sloppy and nearsighted on a goal to goal basis. 

"Hawk!" The Captain's rough voice rang out and warranted a heavy huff from Hawk. He dropped his head and mumbled under his breath as his eyes rose to the captain. "Stay on the ship and do inventory you can leave once we're back." The Captain laughed out with his men as they all unloaded from the ship all while Hawk's anger slowly rose. "That-" he held his tongue just then feeling his eyes turn from the vibrant blue to deep amber. Instead, he lent the captain a curt nod and watched the crew as they left, leaving him with just a straggle few dimwits. 

Hawk rolled his eyes as he stormed off to his quarters first to cool off and get the inventory log. "This wasn't what we agreed to!" Hawk hollered as he entered the storeroom. "You should have left me to drown with those Sirens! I was better with them..." He shouted again this time looking up towards where he entered but it was clear he wasn't speaking to anyone just complaining to himself. "...No... No I wasn't that be a lie." He huffed out as his eyes, at last, skimmed over the inventory list as he began to check the crates. He froze to the sound of what he thought was movement but began moving again determining it was just the usual cricks of this old ship.

The next time he froze was for a different reason as his eyes settled on the leather which caused him to clear his throat as a nervous tick. He looked back down at the list and then scoured the crates in confusion and frustration "None of these are sugar, tea or rum. Fuck!" He silently snarled to himself no longer able to keep his eyes from burning orange in his anger. He hissed and flicked his wrist hurling the dagger on his waist towards Devon but twitching his fingers ever so slightly to the left to guide it to just miss him without touching it. The dagger buried itself in the wood beside Devon. "Touch that dagger and your hand will be burning for the rest of your life, mate." He growled out towards the man hidden behind a wooden post and dusted with shadows. "You belong here just as much as these bloody damn crates do which is not at all! So if you step out now... I probably won't show you any mercy but it'd just be better for both of us." His words at a bit lower but very doused in scepticism and seriousness. 

Devon remained still behind the post as the man he hadn't accounted for strode into the hold. He silently cursed himself for not checking again to make sure the ship had been cleared before coming aboard, but time wasn't on their side. The sound of his boots echoed in the space until finally stopping at the cargo and noting the leather that Devon would very much like to take with him. The Rogue couldn't help but note that it seemed the crewman was unaware of what his captain was really doing while sailing under him. Regardless, Devon wasn't about to make himself known or bargain his way out of the situation yet. With any luck he'd just continue counting the inventory and be on his merry before...

Thunk. A knife sailed through the air and broke through the wood of the pillar next to him which brought him back from this thoughts. "Shit," he muttered, stepping out and seeing the man for the first time. Devon wasn't sure whether or not he planned on making good with his threat, but he wasn't about to tempt his luck either. Instinctively, he felt the weight of Excalibur on his hip, but this wasn't exactly the easiest place to pull it from its home. They were in tight quarters. Trying to pull the weapon in here would only slow him down. Seems this would have to possibly be done in another way which was fine by him if necessary. He was brawling in the streets since he was a lad.

Devon walked slowly forward towards the man while putting his hands in his pockets to prove as nonchalant as he could be. "Looks like I chose the wrong ship today." He tried to listen for the sounds of the Rogues possibly returning soon. "Or maybe the right one. You said there's supposed to be rum here, ey?" Maybe he could buy some time. If anything, he needed to keep the crewman busy long enough for them to get back so he wouldn't be able to warn the rest of the crew in town. Not to mention it would be nice to have some backup should this man prove that he wasn't going to take kind to Devon having a go at their cargo.

He was a good reader of people. It wasn't hard to see this man had been through some shit in his life and suddenly Devon was thinking the only way out of this would be through. Violently. His gift of talk was probably not going to sway the sailor and he wasn't carrying much coin on him for his silence on the matter as they happily took the crates with them. Wishful thinking. "As for the mercy, I never see much of that in my life anyway." He quickly grabbed the lid off one of the barrels and hurled it across the space. It splintered against the man while Devon charged ahead as the distraction was long enough for him to wrap his arms around his opponent and go falling into crates and other cargo that lay about.

He was stalling, and Hawk knew he was stalling and he still let him. He watched him carefully and examined everything he could about the man before him in the dim lantern light. In the past, you could say Hawk was socially inept and wouldn't have caught on to the scene unfolding before him but now as a seasoned scallywag, he caught it the moment Devon shoved his hands in his pockets. That sword. It piques his interest immediately because he recognises it and that brings his eyes back up to Devons. He entertains his words and Hawk wasn't opposed to the proposal laid before him as he had no loyalty to the crew of this ship aside from being grateful they saved him from that deserted island. 

His hand gently touches the shell bracelet upon the opposite wrist at his thoughts. His eyes scanned back down to the sword, he knew it was too tight to draw it which is why he himself hadn't drawn his own. It made him wonder how Hathor's Sword of Ptah would stand up against The Lady of the Lake's Caladfwlch. He smirked and hummed to himself amused at the thought of a friendly spar between him and this man brandishing their rare mythical weapons. His smirk melting away as he discovers the knife about his belt. Now that, he could draw and Hawk's was nicely lodged into the wood behind the man before him and though he could simply just flick his wrist, or whistle, or even think the knife back towards him he still became uneasy at how close Devon continued to become. 

His body language became defensive and his words become none existent as he now prepared for what he saw coming. Now as a pirate Hawk was never unprepared for the dirty fight bracing as the lid shatters across his chest and remaining so because he knew Devon would collide with him next. He rolled around the floor with him, tussling but not trying to hurt him, just trying to detain him and defend himself. Who knows maybe they would both just grow tired after a while and take a moment to catch their breath while sharing a drink and a laugh. Seeing as this wrestling match had just begun however they were far from that moment.

Again, Hawk didn't wish to hurt this man, mainly because Devon had the opportunity to draw his knife and didn't. So Hawk respected that and fought like a man and not the mystic he was, using none of his magic and they rolled about this rocking ship's storage. Devin had started the fight dirty though so he would be met with the same tactics. Hawk's back was on the ground with Devon above him making it seem like Devon had the upper hand. Removing one hand from his attacker he reached down to the ground and scratched up the sand which was probably mixed with sugar and dirt at this point into his fist. He took a breath and took aim before hurling this makeshift pocket sand into Devon's eyes. Giving him just enough of an advantage to use Devon as a shield knowing he likely wasn't alone but not enough of an advantage to get out of his grip and off of the floor. 

As the two went falling to the floor, more of the ship's cargo went spilling about them. Bottles and sugar spilled around which made for an uncomfortable landing. Not that that was the biggest problem before him. Devon planted one booted foot on the ground as he knelt over the man and grabbed a fistful of his shirt. With his free hand, he reached back to land a punch just as his opponent tossed the spilled sugar into his face. He immediately let go of the man and fell, rubbing his face in an attempt to clear his vision. Not being able to see the man you were fighting was not the best position to be in. Devon sat up and scrambled backwards until hitting one of the ship's wooden posts hard. The sharp pain ran up his back, but it was nothing compared to the burning in his eyes. "You little shite," he muttered, wishing there was something else besides the rum that could wash the sugar from his face.

Despite the blurred shapes that were all he could make out now, Devon reached for one of the bottles and tossed it at the man in some attempts to buy some time. The Rogue blinked furiously and caught sight just above him of a cargo net from the sunlight streaming in from the hold's hole above. He scrambled for the rope and unlatched it from the wooden peg, watching as the boxes tumbled from their home. They were of course right above the sailor and Devon found great delight at watching them fall on top of him, splintering on the floor. 

In all of the tussling, he realized he was now on the side of an escape. He hurriedly got to his feet, but not before grabbing another bottle of rum for all this trouble. Devon ran for the stairs. His vision was still rather clouded and when he reached the first step, he stumbled forward, crashing into the rest hard. The bottle of rum was still unharmed. Small victory. Half crawling, Devon clambered up the steps in an attempt to get to the top of the deck. If the Rogues weren't here by now, he had to assume this plan was going to be a bust and one he would happily like to be rid of as fighting a man without the use of his eyes was not exactly his idea of a good time. 

Why was he defending this ship so? He cared not for the men, nor the cargo and it was likely this Rogue had much better plans for the smuggled goods than the rats to whom they currently belonged. If anything could be said of Hawk it was that he was loyal even against his own greater good. If he gave his word he meant it and if he owed a debt he paid in full however that meant. These men saved Hawk from an island lost at sea surrounded by sirens and they weren't the typical lot to do such a thing. Hawk still needed to decide however if he were grateful or bitter, for you see he believed he'd one day have a watery death. A death he'd already accepted many moons ago. He still owed them his life in the interim of him deciding if he was happy to live or if he still wished he were d e a d. 

Now while Hawk had threatened the man first Devon was the first to attack. So one might say that at this moment Hawk was just retaliating. Or maybe he was truly defending the stolen goods? Who knows what's true of a pirate's intent these days? A dry chuckle slipped out of him hearing the rogue complain about the sugar in his eyes. Trying to scurry to be the first to his feet and get his legs beneath him. Hawk huffed trying to catch his breath once upright; groaning out a string of curses as Devon didn't seem to relent. He caught the bottle that flew towards him so distracted by the validity he had, in fact, caught it he didn't notice the crates falling until they crashed down on him. 

He grumbled beneath the crates with a wince or a few deciding this was a bigger ordeal than it needed to be and quite frankly he was losing his patience. He took a simple breath, let his eyes glow and floated upwards allowing him to pass right through the crates, right through the roof above. Emerging from the floor like the crypt keeper rising out to collect a wayward soul. Sprouting up right in front of Devon, no longer caring about the appearance of passing for human. He let out a short frustrated huff as if to say look at what you made me do while his vibrant eyes returned to their normal shade and vibrancy. "I'm impressed, but if I let you take that rum, it'll be my head." He gave a faint shrug as he spoke and still a man of some sort of honour he put up his fists to fight the man fairly. "No magic. No tricks. No men." 

Stumbling up the stairs, he was glad to feel the sun on his back, knowing he'd finally reached the deck. He took a moment to bring the bottom of his shirt up and wipe at his eyes again which only pained him more as the grains scratched in all the wrong places. "Little prick," he grumbled and opened his eyes where it was still somewhat blurry. He yanked at the cork in the bottle and took a large swig of the dark rum inside, pleasantly surprised that it was actually pretty good. Devon felt he rather deserved it too after this shit show and looked out over into the streets where only a straggler merchant or two was passing by and would give no second thought to him being there. However, this also meant the boys were not here yet which made him curse. 

With another swig of the drink, the Rogue headed to the other side of the ship and his way off. That was until the man he'd just been tussling with some moments ago was rising through the deck as if a ghost directly in front of him. Nearly choking on the rum which dribbled slightly from his mouth, he stumbled backwards and stared at the man that somehow became a solid form again and stood directly in his path. "What. The. Fuck." They were the only words that came to mind then as he tried to figure out just what in the hell he'd witnessed. "This is either some really good rum or I've not taken you as seriously as I should've." Devon tried to guess as to what he actually was cause human wasn't it. Nothing he'd ever heard of necessarily fit that whole 'passing through walls' checklist except for those that could use magic. Great. He would target a ship that had a fucking mystic on board. 

Devon kept the slight distance between himself and his opponent. He could easily pull Excalibur now that they were here in the open and though he wasn't exactly a master of his weapon, he would at least feel a bit more on the same playing field since the blade had its own magical properties. It was certainly a bitch to wield. However, his eyebrows raised when he heard the man wanted to have a fair fight. Now it was he who was underestimating Devon. A smirk came to his lips then as he looked to the pirate. "I think you better stick with your tricks." The man didn't waver. The Rogue shrugged then and tipped back the bottle to gulp down more of its contents. "You should know I've already finished about half of this, so your Captain is going to take the piss out of you either way. Unless you've got some magic that can get this liquid gold back out of me. Or maybe make some more." He cocked his head at the idea of this. "And if you can make some more by waving around your hands, I'd really like to be your friend."

He placed the bottle down on a nearby barrel and raised his fists. "Let's see what you got then." The fact that despite clearly having an advantage over him, the man didn't choose to use it. There was honor there. Devon couldn't help but wonder what he was doing on a ship like this in the first place. "Name's Devon. What do I have the pleasure of calling you, mate? Protector of rum? Savior of sugar? Ah! Counter of goods?"

Honour among thieves had died out ages ago or maybe it never truly existed. Nathless here stood a man who still lived by that old code of the sea. It's what kept him alive this long and he didn't intend to change just because everyone around him had. He lived his entire early life-changing for others' comforts or wills. Whatever he needed to change just to survive he did and it took so long to unlearn that that he refused to ever let himself be that spinless boy again. The expression on Hawk's face turned cold and his lips fell into a straight line. Devon didn't seem to be taking this seriously but why would he? He wasn't the one who'd have to face the boat's crew once they returned. Hawk was alone out here and was still teaching himself magic so if he lost this fight he'd find himself fighting the crew next time, but for his life. 

After the hell, he'd been through he was agitated to be in this position. Defending a crew who stole goods from the poor. At least by winning he'd be able to keep track of the goods and somehow get them back in the hands of the needy. If Devon won he couldn't do that and there was no way of knowing what the rogue would do with the goods. Most would sell it and keep the fortunes for themselves and since Hawk didn't trust or know the man before him he wouldn't put that option past him. The atmosphere around Hawk that had once been light grew heavy and he came to realise the severity of his circumstance. He let out a harsh breath revealing new darkness in his eyes; one that was always there. It had been there since the moment he was cursed and though the curse was broken it was only newly broken. 

Freedom was new to him and he was still coming to grips with the foreign concept. The darkness in his gaze wasn't new and it was far too comfortable to his liking. It was all he knew and the fact that it still lingered within him even into his freedom was quite jarring to himself. He suddenly sucked his teeth at Devon's jests and pretensions and then without warning punched him in the jaw. "Arrogance will get you nothing but failure. You let your guard down by assuming you'd win." He said calmly as he stepped back and got back into his fighting stance, giving Devon time to gather again. "The truth is I've never needed my tricks and by telling me you've never lost you've also told me you've never learned, grown, improved and strengthened from losing. " He said with a shrug purposely keeping his name a secret for now.

"Did we just become best friends?"

"I've lost plenty."

Devon watched the darkness pass over the man's face. It seemed the fun was suddenly over and he intended on making the Rogue pay for walking onto his little slice of life here. Shame too. He was rather liking this sailor, but he also wasn't stupid enough to think that he would walk out of here with just a few scrapes either. That was plainly evident by the burning of his eyes still from their scrapping below. At least he'd gotten a good bottle of rum from it all. However, the more time he stayed on the ship, the more chance he had of being caught by the rest of crew and he had the feeling they wouldn't be so honorable.

Apparently the teasing didn't get him anywhere either. The punch came faster than he had expected, landing cleanly and with a decent amount of force. His head snapped to the side from the hit and Devon groaned, moving his jaw from the ache. "So you can fight. I thought perhaps you relied on nothing but magic to get yourself out of trouble. That and tossing sugar into a man's eyes. Not fair play." He rubbed his cheek again and then turned sideways in a fighting stance, raising his fists again. "And I didn't say I never lost. I've lost plenty. Mostly when I was a kid getting my arse kicked for stealing to try and survive. Living the life I have and still do, it's pretty much required that you know how to defend yourself or you'll end up dead. Let's say I've had plenty of years of practice to learn how not to lose much anymore."

Devon took two steps forward and made like he was going to swing with his right as most people would expect given that's the dominant hand of the many, but instead he faked and jabbed the sailor directly in the nose with his left. Once his head snapped back, Devon gave him a right cross to the jaw that matched the one he took himself moments ago. He didn't wait to give the man a chance at recovering too fast and swept his leg out once the sailor was off balance to make him stumble back a few paces. 

A familiar whistle rang out which made his ears perk up. The boys were nearby. He glanced down the street and saw the handful of them coming with the large cart that had been meant to get the goods below, but that was looking like a lost cause given the very determined man before him. He could see their curious expressions trying to make out what was happening on deck from afar and he gave them the signal to scatter. Devon didn't want to leave without getting those crates back to the people of Winchester, but there was no way it was happening unless they got rid of both sailors that were left behind and that wasn't what the Rogues were generally about. That and he still had the feeling that the one he was scrapping with wasn't necessarily deserving of death and trusting his gut was how he generally kept himself alive so far.

Then, there was a lot of slurred cursing suddenly from a disgruntled someone shouting up to him. His eyes turned and he saw the sailor that had been with Emerald staggering out of the alley and pulling his pants up as she was close behind. Apparently something didn't go quite to plan there either and the man tripped and fell face first into the ground. This was just not his day.

Devon turned to his current opponent and began backing away. "Looks like you and me will have to pick this up some other time, mate." He gave a cocky smile to the man and bolted back down the gangplank, but not before snagging the bottle of rum he was close to finishing. He stepped directly on the drunken sailor who was still gathering himself on the ground, but stopped to kiss Emerald on the cheek and toss her a pouch of coins. She smiled and shook her head at him, but then her eyes grew wide. Devon looked back to see his new friend from the ship had decided to give pursuit which made him groan and take off again through the streets while the man gave chase. 

Most times when your world was flipped upside down it was quite unsettling, for Hawk however it was regretfully familiar. From upon his back, he could see the sky clearly and the clarity cleared his storming mind of his thoughts and the pain of his nose and jaw. From down here he could recall the calm he felt being at sea with his men long before this crew stole him from a siren's death. A calm whose lifespan was shorter than the time it took to windup on the floor. All because that rat bastard crew was coming back from their drunken escapades ruining everything as per usual. With a quick kip-up Hawk was once again on his feet just in time to catch his opponent's retreat. He sneered at his arrogance but sneered harder at the sight and sound of the crew returning. 

Not wanting to deal with them any longer, unless of course to rob them blind of their goods and their life he vanished. Teleporting to the dock to avoid the crew completely and chase this Devon down. He heard a soft yelp at his side as he appeared on the pier beside Emerald. She seemed to be a bit familiar with his kind as she didn't seem entirely too scared of what he had just done just shocked by his sudden appearance. The Mystic apologized with a bowed head, and at the sight of the faintest movement from the man on the ground between them he kicked him in the head to knock him right back out. He unbelted the man's weapons both seen and hidden "I'm sure these will do you better." he said handing them off to her before vanishing once again. 

Hawk found it odd that Devon didn't seem to duck and dodge and thoroughly try and lose him. He made no sharp turns and threw nothing in his way... For a moment it felt like a trap but one that was taking far too long to spring. Losing interest in this chase and running short on the time he needed for the real reason he was giving chase, Hawk stopped. He caught his breath and looked around because he knew this town as the gypsies would come here often during his years with them. He gave one last fleeting look towards Devon but the idea of continuing this chase bored him. Into the nearest dark alley, he stepped watching his back with every step before his steps stop, and for the third time today, he disappeared like the wind itself when it stopped blowing. 

That would likely be the last time he could do that as he felt a pain pulling in his chest now. Clarice would surely condemn him in some form or fashion for using the little rifts in time to teleport but seeing as he was short on time and it was for a greater good reason he could only hope her rage wouldn't be too scorching. From the alley, he hid in now, cast in the thick shadows of the buildings on each side of him he could hear each of Devon's footfalls, and at the last second right at the perfect moment, he planted his feet and thrust his fist through the air. Bracing and firming his muscles so he can take the collision of Devon's neck crashing into his arm. Upon the contact, he swooped his arm back in a circular motion to knock Devon down onto his back as he had down to him. Surprisingly, the motion also knocked the rum bottle out of Devon's clutches and into the air.

Clattering into Hawks' hands he glanced over the bottle and then back to the now-distant pier. "You stole salt water mixed with sugar, mate."He sighed as he popped open the cork and crouched down bringing the bottle near for Devon to smell. "Those rat bastards were here to rip people off with it." he continues as he looked back to the pier in contemplative silence. "This fight of ours is far from over, however, for right now I think we may want the same thing." he spoke cautiously as trust in any form was extremely hard for Hawk. He stood up with a faint grunt which might imply he felt like he was getting too old for all of this even though he wasn't. "All the goods worth a damn on that ship were stolen from hard-working and innocent people. I want to steal them back and return them but I can't do that alone."

Hawk held his hand out to Devon to help him up as he spoke out of respect more than feeling like Devon needed the help. "Emerald told me I could trust you... She's an old friend... Everyone at The Dragon Lady is or was... It's been a while." he teetered his head from side to side as he spoke and thought about just how long it'd truly been. "Name's Hawk by the way." he mentioned with a dry smirk and faint shrug as he suddenly studied Devon as if putting certain important pieces together. "Devon, you said early? Not the Devon married to Luna... Or was? As I said it's been a while and it's hard to keep up at sea. Either way..." his words drift off as he looked around a moment to see where they were and see if they were close to somewhere they could talk if it pleased Devon. "she's gonna kill me for fighting you... But I'm still going to." 

"Did we just become best friends?"
w/ hawk black

• "You don't give up, do you?" •
Devon turned one corner and then the next. It wouldn't be long now and he assumed his new friend would be following still. That man was on a mission, it seemed. Loyalty, perhaps. Despite not exactly appreciating what that crew was doing by stealing from the needful on their route, Devon could admire the fact that the mystic playing sailor showed allegiance to his lot. Or maybe he just really liked a fight.

He finally rounded into an alley, twirling the bottle in his palm, when he was knocked sideways. The Rogue hit the ground with a grunt. Once his eyes opened, the sun blinded most of his vision, but the shadowy outline of the man from the ship started to come into view as he lifted his head. A smile worked its way over Devon's lips before he placed his head back on the dirt. "You don't give up, do you?" He remained quiet as the man explained the prized bottle which had switched hands was nothing but saltwater. It certainly wasn't when Devon had been drinking it on the ship beforehand, though perhaps he'd swiped one of the real ones mixed in the lot. 

Devon sat up nonchalantly to listen to the sailor's tale, bending one of his knees up to rest his arm over top of it as if they were having a casual conversation despite the pain that was throbbing in his head and back now. He rubbed the sore spot on his back with a disgruntled look before turning back to eye the man once he'd finished his story. "Well, aren't you the hero..." The sarcasm wouldn't be missed. Eyeing the outstretched hand being offered for a long moment, Devon clasped it with his own and stood up. His arms then folded over his chest and he nodded for him to continue while leaning against a wooden pole over the awning of a tailor's shop.  

"Funny, I've never seen you around the Dragon. I tend to know everyone there because we have dealings. I tend to know everyone everywhere around here." His suspicions were high, but he didn't show it fully. That was until he mentioned Luna. Devon stood up straighter then. His arms dropped to his side and his jaw set while he took a step towards the other. "Hawk, was it? Can't say I've heard of you, but it seems you know about me."

Just then the sounds of many running footsteps came around the corner and more of the Rogues from the docks appeared. Devon simply shook his head to indicate they didn't need to advance. He even glanced to the open windows of the adjacent buildings to signal the Rogues waiting there to stand down as their arrows were trained on Hawk and had been since Devon intentionally came down this very narrow path on purpose. "We'll get to that some other time." It was a lure and now it was plain to see why.

"Welcome to The Heathen's Cup," he said with a nod towards the building on the left of him. One wouldn't know it from the back, but it's rickety, broken wooden sign swung above the front doors letting travelers, passersby, and familiar daily faces know her name. "It's where me and the Rogues settle. How about you buy me a drink and find some satisfying words to convince me on why I should consider helping you at all." It wasn't really a question. Devon had the sense Hawk needed numbers in this plan of his and it didn't surprise him after seeing the haul in the ship. With a mocking smile, the Rogue turned and headed towards the back door of the tavern to talk inside.

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