Adventuring through twisted time.

The woods were something that Nerissa avoided after breaking into Kyan home and barely making it out with her life. Yet she had to go collect things for her remedies and such in her shop that Devon had helped her set up. She waited until night, it was easier to use her darkness ability to blend in. The time came and she slipped on her cover cloak to help keep herself warm with the winter right around the corner. She walked out of her shop looking around to make sure she wasn’t seen as she let darkness of the shadows envelope her.  She made her way to the tree line and then started walking so light no one no matter how skilled could hear her walking.

She picked the things she needed, placing them in her basket. Humming softly when a scream erupted from deep in the woods. Nerissa paused and turned towards where the male scream was. She tightened her hands on her basket questioning if she should go see what made the scream or rush back to her home. ‘But what if someone is hurt?’ her mind questioned the small four foot eleven Fae woman. Her body moved on its own towards the sound. The closer she got she could hear the growling of a wolf and the roar of a few bears. As she came up the site fully she took in the blood everywhere, and a man crumbled to the ground.

“Oh no.” She said as she dropped her darkness around her and started to glow brightly using her ability to speak to the animals she screamed to them “GO!” The blinding light being enough to scare the bears yet the wolf stated that the man on the ground was his owner. She moved over to his massive form with the help of the wolf they were able to roll him on his back. She took in his labored breathing and the opened wounds all along him. She almost panicked but she knew what to do to help. She wouldn’t be able to make it back to the shop but lucky for him she had what she needed on her. She used her fire ability to close some of the wounds to stop the bleeding. Figuring it was better to do it while he was passed out to do that. She then moved to his head.

She closed her eyes sucking in life energy from around her then placed her lips on Tyr and breathed the life energy into his body, kissing him to keep their lips tight as she does so. After the long kiss she pulled back and watched the wounds on him heal to the point of non fatal. Letting out a worried breath looking to the wolf for a moment. “He is gonna be okay now.” she said softly before  drawing water out of the air and used it to clean up some of the blood from his face. Pushing his hair to the side. “You are going to be okay.” It was an ironic act of kindness for her. No matter how much good she tried to do it would never be enough to make up for her past selfish actions. She was lost in her thoughts as her hands rested on him.

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"Do not look at me, it is Mimir you need to worry about. He loves sharing the spots he falls in love with with his little wolf friends." he snorted briefly as he followed. Perplexed would not even begin to explain his thoughts and feelings as she undressed and submerged into the water. Humans were not as free or willingly open as she was and even the people of his clan followed certain societal rules. So he quickly spun around and gave her privacy as he set what he had carried here down to the side. He also found it foolish for them to bathe together as he did not want both of them to be caught when they were vulnerable if someone or thing were to creep out of the trees. He sat with his back to her and admired his surroundings before sighing after hearing a loud splash and knowing it was Mimir. 

My sigh quickly turned to a chuckle, as I let him and her enjoy themselves. At least they would have each other when it was my turn and that made me feel better because though Mimir was a big doof he was an excellent protector in many aspects of the word. I could hear his paws kick the water as he doggy paddled around and eventually a small boof came my way. "I will go next." I told him because he wanted me to join but he did not accept my answer so another boof left him. "Someone has to stand watch." I reply and he whines this time but swims off to bother Nerissa. "Do not let him get you to change my mind." I say from over my shoulder without looking. "I will go when you are done." I continue before returning all my attention towards the trees once more. 

✧ Favor of Death ✧
“Does he have a lot of other wolf friends?” She wondered for a moment if maybe Mimir was part of his own pack. She was someone who didn’t have many boundaries when it came to her body. So when he spun around she cocked her brow but gave a shrug as she found the water to be welcoming. She moved closer to the waterfall part and looked to Mimir as he slashed along in the water with her. “How’s it feeling?” She asked Mimir.

Nerissa would splash at the wolf as she bathed under the waterfall. She was faster then he would be as she was smaller in frame. Even playing with Mimir on her way out. “No one would bother us.” She said as she caused a wind tunnel to funnel over her body and dry her off. Pulling on the fresh clothes she bought with a gentle sigh. Feeling far more comfortable now. “Your turn.” She said as she moved to start picking some flowers not far away.

She did her best to give him some privacy as it seemed that was what he was accustomed to. She worked on making a flower collar for Mimir and smiled at the wolf as her fingers moved through his fur as he dried off. “Such a lovely wolf aren’t you?” Her eyes moved towards the waterfall for a moment to make sure he was at least enjoying her safe space.

He hummed at her attempt to reassure him that they were safe here and wanted to question how she could be so sure but decided not to challenge her. The truth was that Tyr felt very unsafe wherever he found himself unless it was back with his clan, even then his caution remained because he feared his own curse. Safe... It seemed so easy for her to say and believe while it was a foreign word on his tongue. He was pulled from his thoughts as his turn came around and he spun around to acknowledge he had heard her. "Stay with her" he said as he pat Mimir's wet fur which of course was code for keep her safe. He gave her privacy because that was what most people wanted in these moments though he personally did not care if someone looked his way. The water smoothed every ache he carried the further into the water he went. 

A gentle sigh left my lips and I could not help but drop my guard just a bit but it was hard convincing myself we would be safe. With my back to Nerissa and Mimir, I could hear them still playing and hoped that might help elevate my argument with myself over our safety. I head towards the waterfall and submerge my head to wash my hair before returning a bit closer to the others."How are you so sure we are safe?" I glance over my shoulder as I ask and continue to bathe. It was bothering me far too much to not inquire about it. Eventually, I spin to face her and note the flowers she was weaving together; what was she? At first, I thought a Mystic but I had never seen a mystic with powers like hers. Then of course there were her ears... I eventually turn away and return to bathing when I catch myself staring. Her pointed ears did not seem like a birth defect even when she often tried to hide them. 

She was certainly a conundrum for him and it did not help that her abilities which he had seen twice now made no sense to him. He could ask her but after the last question, he thought it best to save the question for next time... If there was a next time. He would be gone soon once he regained his strength, on to the next adventure never staying in one place for too long. For that was his curse, he had control unlike his Brother and he was not born with the curse breaker as a part of his very existence like his sister. No, his curse was he one of fleeting memories, knowing that he would carry every person he met in his heart because they meant the world to him but to them, he was just a passing face in a sea of many faces. Yet everyone remembered and adored Mimir but Tyr was always forgotten. He believed his curse forced people not to care about him enough to remember him when he had to leave but despite all his strength, he was not strong enough to test that. Never returning from once he came because he would be hurt if he looked into his friend's eyes and there was no recollection of him in their gaze.

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