Adventuring through twisted time.

What could one say, time had started to flow in a way that she no longer knew what era it was truly. Though at the end of the day time was just a construct to her. She could be anywhere, anytime, always. The more she stayed in the timeless realm the more she knew leaving for a long period of time would make her sick. She was lonely. So lonely, she missed the people she had connected with, and the people she cared about from afar. A connection for one night wouldn’t be the worst.

It had been so long since she had been to any event, any reason to dress up. So why not host a ball in her realm and bring people there for a night. A singular night. They would all forget, but she could cling to the memories for a few decades.  So she made the magical invites to bring her guest to her realm, for a masquerade ball. She released her magic on her realm to convert her castle into a giant ballroom, with a whole wall lined with food and drinks. 

“Perfect.” She said to her unseen servants and waited for the guest to arrive. Music from an non existing band filled the hall. If they chose to open the invitation they would be teleported there, the moment they read the last word. Dressed for an evening of dancing and fun.  If not, the invite would disappear at the stroke of midnight their time. She walked down the stairs placing on her mask and hoped that the evening would be one of fun, and not another lonely evening.

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And there Hawk flew through the wall with a groan as the rubble collapsed atop him and lightly buried him as he winced. "That's it I quit." He groaned out as he just laid there on the floor. Clarice had been gone for a while now and as her apprentice, she had left her old realm to him and oh boy was he doing a terrible job! She trained him well he had to give her that but he was unprepared for taking on such a task alone. The task? Finding others like him and Clarice and training them as she did him. Protecting this realm too. 

It had been years possibly now and Hawk had trained exactly none. Zilch. Nada. He hadn't even found another mystic as of yet. Furthermore, she left it to him to enchant protective runes and place them in very specific places for the safety of certain people and territories but every time he said the enchantment something exploded or caught on fire and let's not forget the time he froze the pyramid of Giza... Hawk stayed on the floor beneath the shattered pieces of what was once his wall. "Maybe I'm saying the incantation backwards or... Wait was I supposed to give blood?" He groaned even louder as he now struggled to remember, all Clarice's lessons were blending together in his mind because he was pushing himself too hard. Clarice was a hard act to follow and many people when coming to him expected her level spells. 

He rubbed his face and sat up just as a letter floated down onto his lap. "Oh, she's mad." He gulped out immediately knowing who this was from but not realising what it was immediately. He braced himself as he read it aloud relaxing as he realised what this was the more he read, only to brace himself again as he read the last words and time wrapped around him teleporting him right to her. Suddenly on his feet with his eyes wide as he looked around crouched down and unmoving until he calmed down again and stood upright. 

He felt the mask upon his face and looked down at the clothes he wore taking only one step when he sensed Clarice right behind her. Her magic was a strong and familiar sensation for him to know she was near immediately. He spun around slowly "I can explain everything..." His voice trailed off halfway through his sentence as he came to see her fully and take her in. He smiled brightly suddenly realising he hadn't seen his mentor in ages and he was happy to see she was well or so it appeared; he squinted his eyes quickly though his smile still on his face. "I'm the janitor aren't I?" He teased partially because he wouldn't put it past her to do that to him for the mess he was making of her lessons. 

She watched the swirl of energy as the first guest arrived. She wasn't sure who would be the first, she had a hope who would. Yet knowing him he would tear up the reappearing invite till he calmed down about her being gone. So it didn't shock her when Hawk, the student who understood to read her notes right away showed up. She felt the smirk on her lips as she took a step towards him once he finally was solid. How long had it been for them both since they last saw each other? When he spun around and got defensive immediately her brow raised hidden behind the mask. "You are forgetting the goat blood aren't you?" She answered his no asked question.

She reached a hand out to rest on his cheek faintly. Hawk had become the son she didn't have at some point and all she could do now seeing him after what would have been a hundred years for Clarice but only a few years for him. "Well, I think I will allow you this one night off since, the unseen servants will take care of everything." She teased him back before pulling him into a hug, he would be one of the few people happy to see her tonight. She pulled back after the quick hug before stepping away. "I may have also invited a wolf that holds you interest tonight." She pressed her finger to her red lips and tossed him a wink. "Try and have fun. Also! get my spells right damn it. Don't make me throw books at you from my realm."

"Well, maybe if you weren't so busy looking under skirts instead of playing the room, you'd find better marks," Devon replied to Dylan with a laugh as he drank the ale before him which had disappeared much more quickly than he realized. Probably because this was the third one in and his judgement or lack there of was starting to become as hazy as his vision. "You do remember you're poor right?" Dylan retaliated by hitting Devon in the shoulder as he was taking a long gulp of the rest of the contents of the mug, causing it to spill all over his chin and shirt. "You bastard..." The Rogue was just about to stand and chase after his friend through the crowded tavern when a piece of parchment drifted in front of him.

Devon reached out and snagged the paper, smiling to himself proudly that he actually caught it in his inebriated state. The words were a bit blurry, but now that he had a pretty good handle on reading, he scanned the whole of the message which seemed to be an invitation. "A ball?" he scoffed, beginning to crumple up the parchment until a sudden odd feeling took over him. Devon wasn't sure if he was going to be sick, but the option was definitely possible. A slight panic began as he was about to call out to Dylan who looked back at him curiously before disappearing in the middle of the crowded room.

Stumbling forward a few steps once reappearing, Devon caught his balance before almost tipping fully over. He straightened up and went wide eyed at his new surroundings, taking in the sight of the massive room that seemed set for an event. One in which he definitely had no part in. The feeling of unfamiliar fabric on his body made him look down to the clothing that now draped him; Garments that were made for people of a higher status that he tended to look down on. Devon pulled at the black and ornate sleeved overcoat he now donned in complete confusion before realizing something was also on his face. He yanked the mask from his eyes and spun around seeing two people standing there, both whom he recognized. One he deemed a best friend and the other one he'd rather do violent things to. He started towards them, but eyed Hawk because he'd believe him over anything the sorceri might spin his way. "Mind telling me what the fuck is going on?"

Full moon, meant she could be a human for a night. Since becoming the Lady in the Lake, her life has been forever changed. She walked out of the water, taking a solid form and moved to the rock near the lake. Sitting upon it, she began to wait. For what seemed to be like hours as she watched the moon crawl higher into the night sky. How long had it been now since she had been visited? Time wasn't what it use to be for her. "Have I been-" She paused as a piece of parchment started to flutter in the wind. She stood from where she sat and plucked it from the air and read it over. "A ball?" She had longed to go to another one. To feel normal. As she read the last line though she gulped. "oh no." The reality around her shifted, enveloping her as she was tossed into another  reality. 

As she felt her feet hit the ground, her body felt heavy for the first time in a long time. She looked down and touched her hips, that were covered in the orange burnt fabric that reminded her of her forest. She felt the mask on her face and then finally looked around the room. Turning in a circle as the dress moved with her. "Where am I?" She questioned to herself before turning to the small crowd there. She froze staring at the people, her sense shifting with the magic around them.  She shifted closer towards them when his voice confirmed it was him. She stood behind him as he asked what was going on, in an ungentlemanly manner. "Where have your manners gone Devon." 

Watching the Sorceri turn to her, she gave a gentle bow of her head. "I can assume this is your doing. A night of being normal, and dancing seems wonderful." She looked around the room to the magical band playing. "This place is breathtaking." She said looking around the room for a quiet moment before pulling her eyes back to the people in the small group of people. Not sure if to be angry or just take this gifted moment and enjoy it. "Oh look that nasty stuff you like to drink." She pointed to a tray of drinks drifting closer to the group.

"GOATS BLOOD! Ah Dammit!" He groaned the moment she answered a question he didn't need to ask but his smile never left his face because he was just so happy to see her. He leaned into her touch the moment her hand came to rest on his face his smile softening then, he knew it had only been a few years for him but why did it feel longer? He touched her hand and his eyes lit up when he heard her speak of Lily as a mix of excitement and nervousness filled all at once suddenly. "I always have fun!" He teased and then froze as his eyes bounced between both of hers. "Wait but no please throw books at me... Like a guidebook." He laughed out.

His attention quickly shifted as another guest began to solidify "oh you'll have to teach me this someday." He chuckled but something told him this would be something she wouldn't share. A childlike smile dawns on his face from ear to ear when the next turned out to be Devon. His hand new the shoulder of his best friend and gives it a light squeeze while he laughs very lightly. "I have no fucking clue." He admits noting the bad vibes between Devon and Clarice but he wouldn't pry.

 "It's just a night of fun intrigue to get our minds off all we've got going on." He spoke again with his real answer this time, his ears perked up when he heard Nerissa. He knew of her but hadn't yet had the pleasure; his eyes bounce to ale as she points the table out before returning to her. "I'm sure we can find juice boxes somewhere if we look hard enough." He says to her and with a kind smile. "You're who the Gypsies call Nesquick right?" 


The King of the Gypsies opened his eyes. Trying hard to focus on the people before him. Talking of their daily complaints. Some things were easy fixes. As simple as asking The Wind to provide or replace. Other things were far more meticulous. This was one of those things and the King found today rather physically taxing. But he smiled through the paralysing pain from his back and pressed forward. Helping his people with their needs. 

Mama tried as she might to get Luca to stop pushing himself. To let her help. But this was his burden. A consequence for time traveling. Among some of the gruesome other things, he'd done. He slumped from the throne to the floor when all his affairs for the day came to an end. Dragging himself across the floor to his bed in the same tent since he would never make it farther. And being carried made the pain far worse. He laid in his bed grimacing and wincing. Breathing hard just trying to relax. He had only just begun to close his eyes when the invite gently appeared in his hands. He let a sharp breath from his nose as he forced the parchment into his view. 

He frowned after reading. He couldn't stand. Barely move. How could he attend? He thought and then just like that felt time wrap around him. The moment he arrived and landed on his feet he fell to his knees. Habitually because he had lived in pain so long. He took a breath after taking a moment to realise that he wasn't in pain. He rose to his feet slowly. Laughing softly when he realised he could stand and walk again. He quickly found the main ballroom scanning to see whom he might know. Clarice of course. He had no problems with. She often used to come and trade with him and his people due to their access to bizarre and rare oddities and resources. Hawk. Nerissa. Devon. It was nice to see everyone he recognised and didn't hate him. More than anything it was nice to not be in pain. 

"Someone want to fill me in?" 

Luna took a few deep breaths. Looking out at the vast horizon as the sun rose. Atop the mountain, she'd just hiked. Up here the air was thin but her mind was clear. With her hands on her hips, she shut her eyes. Sorting through the latest events of her ever spinning life. Something she rarely got the chance to do. It made her pristine at handling whatever was thrown her way without so much as a flinch. And making decisions on the fly. However, nothing beat being able to have to time to actually process. Break down if need be where no one can see you. And very clear decide your own feelings and next steps on the matter. She rubbed her eyes and face. Stressed out. Groaning at what she would have to do next. Descending back down the mountain and into reality as the world woke was going to be hell. She flopped to the floor with her knees bent to her chest. Starting out at the sunrise. She took one last breath as that stress faded. Sunrise was easier than sunset because at least for now she didn't have to worry about the moon. Without hesitation, she growled and snapped around having heard something behind her. Her eyes scanning down to the elegant letter on the ground. She sniffed the air around them both. Clarice. She scoffed and waved her hand. Turning her back to it to ignore it. Which only lasted a minute because she didn't trust anyone enough to turn their back on them. Clarice included even if this was just a letter. If it was from Clarice it wasn't harmless. 

She peeled the wax seal apart and let her eyes skim through it quickly. Snorting as she shook her head. If she didn't care for nature as she did she'd have thrown the letter. Or shredded with her claws before letting the pieces scatter. For now, she stuffed it somewhere on her as she turned back to gaze at the horizon one last time. But she didn't get that decency. And soon found herself stumbling forward in a new place. She growled as the sheer blue cape attached to the back of her dress cascaded over her head. Her hand coming to her stomach feeling the tight corset. "Oh great a nightmare." Her sarcasm was heavy. She whipped and ripped the cape off of her head and the back of her dress. Seeing the stars upon it she sneered. "I'm covered in my namesake I know it...don't look." She repeated a few times before ripping the restrictive mask off her face. Rolling her eyes as she gazed at it. "I knew it. I'm covered in moons." She clicked her tongue in disapproval. She walked down the hall and followed the sound of people. Their various scents invading her senses. She knew what had become of Clarice which made her think. Which version of everyone she knew, would be here? Was she getting a past version of her brother that didn't know they made amends? Or a Cursed Hawk? Had she and Devon even met yet? 

This was going to be interesting. But Luna really wasn't interested. 

She was close enough to everyone now that she had heard the conversation go in a complete circle. From Devon wondering what this was to Luca asking to be filled in. Again she rolled her eyes. Making her way to the ale and taking it. "Moons... Really?" She almost playfully chastised at this point when she spots Clarice. Referring to her outfit for the night. She forces a sharp breath of distaste as the scent of the drink in her hands hits her senses. She hands it to her brother as a show of good blood and faith. Letting him know he could relax. Her brother who just seems to be staring at her. Along with everyone else. "Yes. I'm wearing a dress and heels... Probably makeup too I wouldn't put it past Clarice. No... You will never see me like this again." She gave a charming but very sarcastic smile. "We can't keep going in circles with our conversation every time someone new arrives. I mean even I knew what this was and I didn't really read the invite and no I'm not sorry about that." She shrugs. "So... Will someone start having some fucking fun before someone else arrives and asks what's going again. Drink. Dance. Even fuck I don't care. Do something." She chuckled in slight confusion at how no one seemed to be taking advantage of anything here. 

War. War once again found itself bestowed upon the city of Kattegat, and throughout her years in power this was probably the most bloody. She watched many of her friends and loved ones die and Astrid was more than thankful that many of her siblings had gone raiding at the time as she wouldn't have been able to protect them. She watched many fall and await her return to guide them to Valhalla, little did they know that some would end up in one of the other two realms. 

With blood smeared across her face, she wiped her brow with the back of her hand as a piece of paper floated around her. Astrid, to remain safe and to satisfy her curiosity, she grasped the paper and flew away from the fight. Her eyes narrowed at the words before the air around her enveloped her in its frozen fingertips. She spun with it, going upwards and upwards until her feet planted on the ground once more; yet the view was not that of the battlefield but that of something of wonder and magic. "Clarice, you didn't" She murmured under her breath as she began to filter through the guests. 

As she wandered, she caught a glance of her reflection and her lips fell agape. Although covered with a small mask that resembles her Nordic heritage, the magic had failed to clear the splatters of blood that painted her face. "CLARICE DE BIVILLE" Her voice erupted as she finally recalled her previous location. She needed to get home and pronto. "You have the worst, absolutely the worst timing" Astrids movements became faster through the crowds until she found the circle of familiar faces, which sadly she didn't have the time to properly say Hello to. "Ricey, if you tell me we're trapped here until the voodoo has ended, I'm going to tear the walls down one by one" Astrid wasn't hopeful, she understood realms almost as much as Clarice and she knew there would be no exit for sometime. Nevertheless, her people were being slaughtered and her town could be burnt down. 

Stillness... it's something Lena has always despised, always, from the time she was small. It hasn't changed, if anything it's gotten worse. Moonlight streams in through the window, landing squarely on her as though drawn to her form, casting the stranger in shadow. They're already fast asleep and it's not even midnight yet, light snores leaving their open mouth. She buries her scoff, wrestles it down even as she gently gets up and makes her way outside where there's a touch of peace to greet her. It stills her mind as she heads over to the pond in her rented house so far from home, the flowers still scented sweetly in the warm air. Normally she'd spend nights like this playing her guitar or the piano but with people so near resting she doesn't break the instruments out. She wouldn't want to be disturbed after all.

She's just placed her feet in the water when the breeze stirs her hair and brings along with it the soft fluttering of paper. Curious blue eyes watch the paper as it floats around her before she gently takes it in hand, tilting her head as she takes in the words. Magic is still strange for her, but not so strange that she doesn't recognize what's happening as she suddenly finds herself standing in a different place all together. Strains of music meet her ears as she looks down at the lovely blood red and black dress she finds herself donning. However, as she gazes around from behind an intricate weave of a mask she realizes she recognizes no one that's currently there. She doesn't miss the dramatic tones coming from several of the people and she doesn't try to stop her low chuckle as she listens to the teasing and familiarity. She'll introduce herself later. Possibly.

There's a slight bounce to her step as she lifts one of the glasses from a tray and hums along softly to the songs playing between sips. At least there's motion and sound here and she can already feel her spirits lifting being surrounded by the activity, a smile pulling at the corners of her lips. The wall of food is what draws her attention next and she practically floats over to peruse what's being offered.

The heaviness of his lids would win this out, there was no doubt. All the squabbling between the council members seemed far away then as he lowered himself further into the comfortable chair of tuffeted moss he sat in with a full slump, placed at the head of the table. Really, how was he supposed to not fall asleep when these meetings lasted as long as they did? This was the worst part of being a king. Endless amounts of bickering from those who believed they knew what was best for his people. Please. There was a reason the crown was still on his head after these many years. He knew best.

The room melted away and soon he was in the bubbling spring at the base of the Mapleshade with another fae that had freckles covering almost every inch of her and silver hair that draped down her back making his eyes follow the curvature of her... A loud knocking on the floor made him jolt awake and look upwards as Gwainar looked down to him with a telling look. That damn centaur ruined many of his best dreams when he pounded on the floor with those hooves. Kyan groaned and shifted in the seat with a sigh as the elder fae had not even noticed him nodding off.

A parchment suddenly appeared before him and he immediately knew it could only mean one thing. "OH, thank GAIA!" The king sprang from his seat and mumbled the words under his breath as he read out the invitation hurriedly. It couldn't happen fast enough. The magic began around him as he felt as light as air, jumping up onto the table, and giving a bow with a dramatic flare to the grumpy fae around him who stared in appalled confusion before disappearing from sight.

Kyan arrived with ease as he landed into a strut and immediately glanced around at the extravagant hall, excited for the debauchery to come. His hands moved over the black and gold foil suit he wore before making a complete stop at one of the full length mirrors against the wall to note the mask he wore and check himself out. "Appropriate," he said with a grin of approval. Plenty of people had gathered so far, but he paid them no mind as he pushed his way through them all with no regard and grabbed Clarice, pulling her against him. "I could kiss you. In fact, I might as it's been a while." A smirk spread quickly over his lips, but he opted to softly kiss both her cheeks instead in greeting. He reached out and snagged one of the drinks that came floating passed and finally glanced at the other guests of whom he knew quite a few, immediately deciding this would be a most intriguing night as he certainly didn't get along with them all. An amused smile appeared after taking a sip of the wine. "Well, well. This is going to be exciting."  

The more faces showed up, the more she realized how not alone she was in the world. It was true she may not be able to leave the timeless realm for long periods of time. This was growing to be a nice reminder for her. Even if half the people hated her. Little did they all know she always held love in her heart for them all. "Oh come now Devon, its been a long time now hasn't it? Why hold such anger?" Yet the little Fae that showed up was there scolding him and complimenting her realm all in one.

Laughing Clarice looked to Hawk. "Yes the goats blood." She nodded before letting her hand move from his face. "I shall work on some guidebooks to throw at you then from here." She chuckled lightly as they all zeroed in on Nerissa. Snorting at the fact she earned the nickname Nesquick. Still unsure how that happened, maybe Tyr doing? As the first of the twins joined them she smiled and explained. "It's a ball as the invitation stated. You are in my home, or part of it. I turned the realm into a ball room so none of you would sneak off and get into things." Next came the other twin, Luna. Who as a joke she did deck out in moon things. Clarice covered her mouth to stop the laugher that bubbled into her throat. "What too on the nose?" she questioned with her hand over her lips but listen to Luna list of the answers to unasked questions. "And you Luna, no everyone of you look beautiful." She nodded. "Here her! Drink, Dance, fuck do something instead of standing around and hating me for bringing you here."

Turning as she watched Richard, and Lena move about quietly. Smiling to them both as they are there newer ones in her collective. When she heard her name screamed from the Valkyrie Queen she went wide eyed and cast a spell to clean Astrid up. "Astrid. All of you. You will return to where you came from in this moment. Maybe a few seconds off at the most but you will returned refreshed as if you had a full nights rest along with full bellies." She was just about to reach out to the blonde woman when she was caught by the Fae king. Her closest ally in most ways. She laughed at his words as he pulled her against her. "Another boring meeting? I did always manage to pull you away at the best of times." She kissed both his cheeks back when he kissed hers and she smacked his chest. "You will behave in my realm. Or I send you back to the boring meeting." She glared at him before getting a drink herself. "Now really all of you party." She said pushing people together and making her way to get some food.

Lily stood there listening to the talk between different alphas, agreements where needed to be made. Being the most level headed of them to help the agreements to be made, and report back to Luna about them. She had to fight the urge to roll her eyes at the two alphas who were spewing nonsense over a territory that wasn't even theirs. She sighed heavily and opened her mouth to speak when  the paper appeared in front of her. "Oh?" she said as she read it over and then tilted her head confused. As time wrapped around her and she settled on the ground she twirled in a circle. Her dress flaring out from her when she smiled.

She felt the heaviness of the mask on her face. Catching her reflection she touched the antlers of the mask and she smiled big. "So cool!" She squealed before the scents that were lingering made her head snap towards them. She smiled at the group and took off towards them. Since the twins were next to each other she was there throwing her arms around both of their necks and she laughed out. "Moonpie! Grumpy Pants!" She kissed both of their heads as she settled to her own feet. Hawks scent over took her senses.

"Hawk." She said softly. "How dare you stay gone for so long!" she laughed out as she closed the space grabbing his hand and pulling him to the dance floor before he had the chance to say no. "Where are your ventures taking you? Since not even the wind lets me keep up with you." She chuckled to him. Not even questioning this strange moment of where she arrived. She was seeing her family, and him. Why question a good thing?

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