Adventuring through twisted time.

The weary traveller rubbed his eyes before he laid them back on the old beaten scroll trembling in his shivering hands. The cold he was no stranger to but the bitter cold was new to him as the cold rainy days of the salty seas were nothing compared to the icy tundra which surrounds him now. He rolled the scroll back up and tucked it away while he scanned his surroundings. Hawk took a breath in but exhaled slowly if only to watch the whiff from his lips swirl into the cold air and vanish into the light of the morning sun. By now he'd have thought he'd outgrown his sealegs having been land-bound for so long but the snow which rose to his knees didn't help his stability. 

Hawk staggered through the heavy snow only stopping to check the scroll that lead him here. At this point however he was beginning to question if he had read this scroll right or if the scroll even held the truth. He had seen his fair share of myths that turned out to be just stories and lies of great treasure beyond belief. He thought himself a fool to follow this piece of paper but everything about it seemed to check out and be true. A few more hours passed in the blink of an eye and Hawk looking out at the vast terrain decided this was hopeless. He had been at this search for weeks and hadn't come any closer to it so he dropped his head and turned on his heels to make his way home. He was lost to his thoughts as he walked thinking of his warm bed, the merriment of being with his friends and rum that he didn't notice the thin ground crumbling beneath him.  

The ground gave weight and after falling with a holler, Hawk hit the floor with a thud and a groan that echoed through the cavernous temple he'd been looking for all along. "Typical" Hawk murmured to himself from the floor. He forced himself to his feet but leaned against his knees as he cursed and let the pain of his tumble run its course through his body. He began his search quickly becoming aware that this is the temple he had searched for yet he hadn't taken into account how time might have long-buried it and that of course, the scroll he owned wouldn't show that.

Hawk had only searched for a few minutes before he discovered what he had searched for. The old crystal glowed in the darkroom and shined in his eyes and as he touched it there came another hand upon his. Hawk didn't draw his hand away but being met with a pair of eyes that glowed like his wasn't something familiar to him. He tilted and ticked his head from side to side as he began to try and figure her out. "Your eyes..." He said as he scanned her over and back up to her eyes trying to comprehend who she was and how she was here. "...you're like me." He confided to himself but said it loud enough to be heard by her. He looked away for just a moment as he thought "The rat bastard lied-" He growled low to himself again before he laughed in annoyance over his revelation. "Of course he did."

It must have seemed crazy for him to be in front of her and yet still talking to himself. He scoffed once more and cleared his throat."Right... Well." He spoke to Clarice now as he brought his eyes right back to hers "That's mine." He gestured towards the glowing jewel with his head as his hand still laid upon it. "I've touched it first you see and-" He looked away to think of where he was going with his train of thought. "-well that's just... Pirate law so-" he cleared his throat again as he looked back at her one last time. "Mine... It's mine." 

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Walking around her realm she tried to figure out where the noise was coming from. It was an alarm but for what? She had so many of them set up she couldn’t figure out which one it was. Cursing herself for not giving them different sounds at this point she wanted to rip her own leg away to kick herself. After flipping over her seats in her library she finally found the orb and looked deeply into it. Oh an Artifact? Was someone close to finding something she had hidden? Was this one she had hidden or was this one she was looking for. Who knew anymore with how much time she had messed with at this point. All she knew is she had to go to the location and get the Artifact to make sure it wasn’t in the wrong hands.

She closed her eyes holding on to the orb and before she knew it she was where she needed to be. The glowing item in the room made her heart skip, It had been a long time since she had been in a place this dark and radiating wild magic. Something her soul loved wild magic, it had a mind of its own and it fascinated her. So she reached out and her hand ready to take the stone to study it but her hand clamped down on another hand. She felt the growl build in her throat before looking towards the man in front of her. Her eyes glowing bright orange to display her frustration of having him in this temple with her. “I am like no one.” She shot back to his words as she tightened her hand on his no going to free his hand.

How this fool of a man just naturally looked away as if she couldn’t head his life in a snap of her fingers. “Lied about what?” She questioned him before she locked hues with him once again. When he spoke on Pirate law she gave a roll of her eyes, one that seemed to almost lose her eyes  in the back of her own skull. “Pirate Law? Sweetheart I invented Pirate law.” She said but he was currently in her way. So she did the only thing she could do. “Well since I can’t have you running away with this little gem. I will have to take it into my hands with Clarice Law.” 

Her eyes started to glow teal as she spoke in a dead language one he would not understand. Before Hawk could comprehend what was happening time wrapped around them. Hawk, the gem and Clarice were now back in her realm. A place lost between the fabric of time itself. Once she was certain it was safe she let him go. “Now let's talk shall we.” She said moving over to a bar that appears out of nowhere. She poured two drinks. Walking back to offer him one. “Feel free to try and run. It would be rather fun to watch my safety nets tear you apart.” She said with a smug smile on her lips as she raised the glass to her lips taking a long sip.

“Now little,” She took a deep breath in tasting the air for a moment. “Oh Sorceri, rare I come across a full blooded one.” She let her eyes rest on him with a bored expression. “Now little Sorceri, I would like to know what power you want this Gem for. After all, I can’t have it fall into the wrong hands.” She said matter of factly. “By the way the whole you touched it first so it's yours really doesn’t matter in life. No one respects Pirate law. Especially not in my realm.”

Just like everyone Hawk had trauma and just as everyone was different he handled his trauma uniquely. His coping mechanisms coming across as quite childlike due to his severe lack of a childhood; he maintained eye contact and kept a straight face but having been tortured and abused by his old conservator, witnessing and feeling time wrap around them and more than anything else seeing her eyes glow the way they did triggered Hawk. He hid it well behind the mask he made and his coping mechanisms clearing his throat right before he snorted.

"Clarice law." He scoffed and shook his head as a smirk grew on his face. "I don't know which sounds worse. That or me making up pirate law." He spoke before he thought which he did often because he'd never been able to speak his mind until the last few years of his life. This got him into trouble more often than not but he would rather speak his mind or follow his gut instinct than let the free moment pass. Hawk knew much better than to drink whatever concoction she poured and only took it out of an instilled compliance he couldn't shake from his days as a slave. He sniffed it but it never touched his lips and his eyes remained on her as she moved around her space.

He had no intention of running not without the gem he came for which his eyes were currently scanning for. He managed to make his way to the bar and set the drink down always keeping Clarice in his viewpoint somewhere freezing at an unfamiliar word. "Sorceri?" He questioned and then looked around when she mentioned a full-blooded one being present because he was sure with just how rare she made them out to be they must be cool. When he realised they were alone though he looked back at her with wide eyes and confusion displayed on his as the first bit of emotion he had shown since she teleported them wherever they were currently. He pointed to himself "Me!?" He questioned with outright confusion before he chuckled with a bewildered nervousness. "I don't even know what that is." He admitted as his eyes darted back and forth between hers looking for answers. 

His eyes eventually turned back to the gem which was still in the room with them "it sings." He looked back at her as he spoke cautiously because no one understood what he meant. Each gem did something different for him but this one was overall the most pleasant, you could tell it soothed him as he looked back at it again and a faint smile began to turn the corners of his mouth up. "I don't understand a lot in my life, and nearly no one fully understands me but I understand gems and runes and grimoires and other odd things." He shook and dropped his head believing she wouldn't understand and just end up being cruel but he spoke his truth because again he was free to do so. "This one sings." He chuckled out in a childlike manner as he looked to it again and listened to its joyous croon.

The problem with Hawk having magic as strong as he did, was it made it hard for Clarice to know what was going on his head without tapping into magic she never wanted to touch. So his childlike way of dealing with her. Made her question his age. With a roll of her eyes she just scoffed back. “You know nothing of the world. The information you have is a drop in the bucket compared to what I know. Yet that is not the point of you being here either. It's not like you can escape at this moment.” She raised her glass to her lips taking a long drink from it before watching him sniff the glass and only eyed her. “You have no trust it seems.” She muttered out towards him.

She watched him with a confused look upon her face at that moment. How he looked around for the Sorceri and then became more confused when he questioned if it was himself. “Yes, you.” She let out a huffed breath but then remembered that not everyone was taken from their homes as a child to be raised among other Sorceri. Pinching the bridge of her nose for a moment before trying to figure out how to explain it to someone. “A Sorceri is a being that was born with magic in their blood. Most of the time it's random, there hasn’t been a straight lineage of Sorceri that I have come upon.” She started letting her hand fall from her nose at that moment. 

Looking at the gem herself it made her chuckle softly. “Interesting, you must enjoy the water. For it has siren energy trapped in it. For you it sings, for me it screams.” She said as she moved closer to the gem to look down on it. “Magic affects each Sorceri differently but strongly, whereas Thaumaturge and Warlocks are less affected by magic unless tapping into it.” She thought about how to phrase it. “For us it's like filling a bath full of water but water keeps getting poured into and overflowing. We have to learn to control the water so we don’t drown.” She figured that made enough sense in her brain so it had to make sense to him. 

“Found grimoires and runes and gems all on your own? How have I not come across you before now?” She wondered before she moved closer to him. “Odd things, often are referred to as artifacts so you know in the future.” She moved her finger under his chin gently to make him look at her. “I want to show you something but I don’t want you to be scared. I think you will find it enjoyable and maybe it will let you think on letting me teach you to use your magic. For your safety and others.” She said in the gentlest tone he would hear from her. Sometimes she forgot that kindness wasn’t a weakness.

She was mean and needlessly at that since Hawk as of right now was being civil and honestly nicer than she clearly deserved. The respect he was giving her was just a form of the abuse instilled inside of him by Ramus rearing its ugly head. A grumbled resonated at the back of his throat as he decided that he didn't like this Clarice before him. His gaze met hers now filled with dislike and distaste as a slight confusion slowly crept onto his features. "Why would I trust you? You've not given me any reason to." You could hear the sneer in his voice as he studied her body language and then returned to her eyes. "Just like the rest of them." He mumbles as he turns away and shoots a sharp breath from his nose. 

He does listen as she continues to talk and explain namely because she was speaking of that which he did not know. All these years and he truly knew little to nothing about his own kind and in turn about himself. He was extremely silent and thoughtful the whole time never looking at her as his eyes searched around the room as a result of his ever turning mind. He makes that humming sound again finally getting an answer he's wanted his whole life and that was where did his magic come from if no one in his family before him had. Her words make it seem as though it wasn't heredity and sudden anger and resentment that he had thought was long dead flare up deep within him. His family threw him away and sold him to a monster all because he had won the supernatural lottery!?!

Starting as a low burn deep in his belly and rising up to head; his entire body growing so u unnaturally hot that if you threw him in water it would immediately evaporate. It wouldn't even boil first but just as quickly as this heat and anger revealed itself it was gone with nothing more than a simple deep breath out of his nose. His body quickly slowly relaxed as he cooled and took thoughtful breath; a credit to his time with the Gypsies, Lily in particular. He zoned out for a moment but was never completely unaware of his surroundings and where Clarice was at all times but the vision in his head made him relax enough given the circumstances and even smirk but again it was gone just as quickly as it came. 

His gaze eventually returns to the singing gem and he stares at it longer than he'd stared or studied anything else around them including Clarice. "Oftentimes, when something screams it means it doesn't like or want to be with the one who hears it screaming." His voice had gone quite cold since deciding he didn't like Clarice and all he wanted now was to take his gem and go. His eyes hadn't yet met hers again since questioning her about trust earlier but the moment her gentleness came out he entire body snapped to face her. He watched her with a scrupulous look as his eyes jumped between each of hers and he cleared his throat as he sat up straight. "This is a trick." He said plainly and with a shrug but this was his way of testing if she meant what she said since he couldn't use his magic to get her to tell the truth he would have to rely on his skill of reading people organically.

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