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Homeland [Brandon & Ciara]

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Stay With Me [Ciara & Dimitri]

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I'm one of those monsters, you know. I'm one of the dangerous ones.


The Lady of The Shadows



Basic Info
name Ciara Scath Devlin
nicknames Shadow, CiCi, Devvy, Petal, Ara
age 31, Looks 29, Immortal
date of birth 10 June
zodiac Gemini
Species Banshee
occupation Serial Killer/Hitman
residenceHallows Hill Manor, New Orleans
HOMETOWNSmall town in the heart of Ireland
sexuality Bisexual
r. Status Single but very much in love with Dimitri whether she likes it or not
Outer Walls
BUILD Slim with small definition of muscle
HEIGHT Five Foot Six
HAIR Blonde, yet she is known to wear wigs to hid her true identity.
FACECLAIM Margot Robbie
DISTINGUISHING MARKSCici has quite a a few scars here at there, but her most notable one is the dagger wound to her chest which consequently killed her.
HANDEDNESS Right handed for most things, however, when it comes to writing, she is left handed.
SCENT Ciara carries quite a sweet scent, with hints of vanilla and coffee but beneath that is the scent of death and disruption
Inner Demons
POSITIVE TRAITS Loyal, Confident, Independent, Playful, Protective
NEGATIVE TRAITS Violent, Damaged, Manipulative, Emotionally and Mentally Unstable
HABITS She spends the majority of her time alone, and is found wandering the graveyard. Also has. a habit of biting her nails and humming
HOBBIESCiara lost a lot of interest in her hobbies since she returned to the world of the living. She has some interest in dance, but if anything, she simply now enjoys the more sinful things, such as alcohol and killing. She also collects trophies from her victims. Others would say she has a hobby of talking to herself, but in fact, she is unfortunate enough to have a psychic connection to The Elders.
SKILLS Hand to Hand combat, impersonating many different characters
DEMEANORCiara can come across incredibly unapproachable, she is silent and prefers to keep to herself; she oozes attitude and has mastered the bitch face. People tend to stay away as she is visibly crazy.

And like roses in her hands, death blooms.

Pregnancies were a common occurrence in The Pleasure House, but babies were an extremely rare thing; a woman to fall pregnant in The House would either be dismissed from service, thrown into the streets to fend for herself and baby or they would be offered a termination; either way, the result of a pregnancy was never great - life would often result in death. However, this changed on one chilly Autumnal evening in October when Alana gave birth; she was an oddity, a woman not knowing she was pregnant until her waters broke - she showed no physical sign of pregnancy nor any psychological ones. Her case truly stunned their small town in the heart of Ireland. Due to this, The Master of the house, Quinn, took pity upon her and her child who was eventually named Ciara, and accepted the situation; after all, Alana was one of his best girls who he simply couldn’t pass up. She brought a lot of the income in, and the men always rated her highly - to lose her would mean to lose the business.

Ciara was a fresh breeze of air in The Pleasure House, her giggles would echo around the halls when the house was closed to the general public; despite being hidden during the night time hours, she was still very much aware of the many men that would come and go from her Mother’s room. Her childhood was not as bright as her giggles or the light which glistened within her blue orbs, once she was able to walk and talk, she would begin the chores that Quinn would set out for her; changing bedsheets and washing the many different items of clothing - or lack of. Due to this, her education was never a priority - after all, her future and career were planned the moment she appeared in the world. Quinn had only taught her to speak and listen so when she was of age, she would be able to communicate with the men that would visit her; therefore, reading and writing were out of the question. Despite only learning how to speak, one would be able to tell that Ciara had not had the best form of education - for she would come across at times, a little dumb but as she aged, she would blame her blonde hair colour.

Eventually, after years of waiting on Quinn’s part - especially after the death of Alana, Ciara finally turned eighteen; he didn’t even wait, the moment that the clock struck midnight on her birthday, Ciara began to work. The first man wandered in her room within seconds and that was how it remained for many years until she met a gentleman who went by the name of Dimitri. Ciara didn’t know much about the man, besides the fact that he never entered one of the rooms to lay with a woman; he was more interested in joking with Quinn over food. The behaviour went on for weeks, maybe months and she found it extremely bizarre, until one night when Quinn approached her and told her of his plans to make Dimitri lay with her. At first she laughed, she couldn’t see the man laying with her as he was more interested in the food that they provided rather than the sexual services, but nevertheless, it was what Quinn wanted and she would obey.

Each night, Ciara would welcome Dimitri into her room; his self control would bother her greatly - no matter what she did, or how she put herself on him he would soon escape her room, all red and flustered. In fact, she found it endearing when she wasn’t turned on and therefore, frustrated herself. Quinn caught wind of what was happening and of Dimitri’s refusal to lay with Ciara and he soon began to lock the bedroom door, leaving the two in her room for hours, unable to escape. Finally, Ciara broke Dimitri’s stubbornness and the two began laying with each other every night; but it ended up being more than that. Dimitri would often take her out of the house during daylight hours simply to enjoy her company; since a young age, Quinn had always told Ciara never to fall in love with a client but this was the very first rule she broke. Spending so much time with Dimitri, she couldn’t stop the fall - so much so, that Dimitri began to save up enough money to buy her freedom from The Pleasure House.

Yet the dream ended as quickly as it began, it was on the night of her freedom that Ciara met her violent end. Unbeknown to her, her last client would be the one to end her life, he was forceful and unpleasant and no matter how many time Ciara told him to stop, he wouldn’t. Her constant thrashing and muffled refusal annoyed him too much, angered him and disgusted him that a woman would behave that way towards a man - her superior, that he found his knife and repeatedly stabbed her in the stomach and chest until she bled out.

Darkness welcomed her, she remained in it’s comforting embrace for many weeks until she began to choke on the air which now filled her lungs. She was enclosed, but with enough panic and force, she dug her way out of her cage to find that she was six foot under; her new bed, her new home was now the graveyard - but it was not her current location that confused her, it was the women that stood around her grave. One woman, welcomed her with open arms and fussed over her as if she was her own; yet the smile which lingered upon the woman’s lips was more sinister than the warming embrace.

The moment that Ciara was introduced to Hallows Hill Manor and had her new found species explained to her, she was once again locked in a room, The Scream Chamber they called it; restrained and alone - when it was quiet, it was eerily quiet but she would welcome that back any day the moment the screams began. Over the course of her torture, the screams attacked the fragile and broken mind, damaging it even more until The Matron made Ciara the Banshee she wanted - a serial killer to keep the Elders well fed. The Matron got what she wanted, a loyal daughter who killed for the fun of it - satisfying their need for traumatising and tragic death.


Dimitri Esperanza-Colette| Her Heart | Angel
At first, Ciara saw Dimitri as the weirdling who only came to The Pleasure House to satisfy one need - his need for food. Little did she know that after breaking him in each night that they were locked away in her room, that he would become so much more than that weirdling. Dimitri had saved enough money for her freedom from Quinn and The Pleasure House; yet on that fatal night, Dimitri found Ciara dead. Is their love powerful enough to overcome the darkness which engulfs her very being?

Madeline Esperanza-Colette | Daughter| Angel
Madeline is the daughter that Ciara did not know; she was killed before she found out she was pregnant. However, God gave her life to keep Dimitri company, to help him survive Cici's death. Ciara is unsure of Madeline, and is jealous of the relationship that Madeline has with Dimitri.

The Matron | Mother Figure | Original Banshee
The Matron is the leader of The Banshees' and is Cici's Mother Figure. She is the woman who conducted Ciara's torture, and continues to do so. Yet despite this, The Matron is very open when it comes to Cici being her favourite child. Ciara has a love hate relationship with the woman.
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