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Vestein Winther
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Vestein Winther commented on Libelle Ryoko - Council's event November Activity Check
"Vestein Winther: November 9th 2022"
Nov 9
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Nov 9
Vestein Winther replied to Ruby's discussion In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostana]
"Those captive eyes of hers held his form as he talked, any other person he wouldn’t have overly minded but with her it felt as if she was trying to get into his mind. That scared him, as his mind was the only thing he had to himself. He had…"
Nov 9
Vestein Winther replied to Ruby's discussion In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostana]
"When the door opened as he stood there like a fool lost in his thoughts on if he should ask the elders questions on if it was possible to have a one way mate. Watching her face remain emotionless and empty was intriguing, not even annoyed that he…"
Aug 27
Vestein Winther replied to Ruby's discussion In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostana]
"Watching the beauty of her wolf dance along her features he was lost in the beauty of her wild as the hook of her fist met him. Feeling his body budge under her small hand he gave a gentle chuckle running his fingers along where she hit.…"
Jun 10
Vestein Winther replied to Ruby's discussion In The Dark of The Night. [Vestein and Ostanna]
"Cocky, Arrogance, and Egotistical were all the things that he was called long before his life changed to one where he was dependent on blood. Becoming the thing that killed him, vowing to keep others from his fate with his fellow warriors that fell…"
Jan 3
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Aug 16, 2021
Vestein Winther replied to Clarice De Biville - Council's discussion Timeless Masquerade Ball (Event thread open to all)
"No one knew how to party like a Viking after a successful mission. Vestein sat in a circle with his men singing loudly as he tossed his ale back and forth. Celebrating the cleaning out of a nest that had been taking children from a local city.…"
Aug 5, 2021
Vestein Winther commented on Clarice De Biville - Council's event Timeless Masquerade Ball
Aug 5, 2021
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Aug 5, 2021
Raffaele Spataro - Council left a comment for Vestein Winther
"Welcome to the sanguine, blood warrior. Go take a bite out of the world."
Jul 27, 2021
Vestein Winther is now a member of Timeless
Jul 27, 2021
about the writer.
ALIAS Darling or Lindsay
PRONOUNS she / her
PREFERRED POV third person.
MASCOT Clive Standen
FACTION Sanguine
RP ERA Middle Ages - Onward
contacting the writer.
Discord Darling#5719
drops of B L O O D;
trivial facts.
BIOLOGICALLY Vestein Rollo Winther
PREFERRED NAME Vestein or Vidar
NICKNAMES Vest, Ves Vesty
FAMILY LINEAGE Winther Viking Line
DISTINGUISHING MARKS Tattoo and scars cover him.
OCCUPATION Viking Warrior, "Special" Unit.
MARITAL STATUS Single; Bound to Ostana.
Date of birth Febuary 29th (Looking 40's)
Zodiac Pisces
skills and abilities.
THE GOOD Loyal, Venturesome, Idealistic.
THE BAD Arrogant, Brutish, Combative.
MASTERY Sword fighting, Hand to Hand combat, Sanguine abilities,
Drinking, Tracking, Hunting, Killing
past present and future. He was the first male born to the Winther family, Cousin to the future Valkyrie Queen herself. From birth he was expected to be strong, for his family. He spent his life training, becoming the best warrior among their people. Even became the Konungr of the warriors, which was a funny title due to the fact he wasn’t the Konungr. Just a head warrior loyal to his family and who was ruling at that time.

In his life he was no stranger to bloodshed, or war. The only thing that seemed to rock the brute was when his father gave his life for his Aunt, the Valkyrie queen’s mother. Watching his father die caused a deep ache in his soul. When he was told over and over again it was an honorable death. Yet he did not die in war, so his soul would be bound to the earthen plane. Vestein was angered by his death, hating his aunt, and even his cousin for a while.

He spent much of his youth and time he was angry with his family training and leading missions outside of their home of Kattegat. He would go out and overthrow groups that threaten his people. Soon through his missions, he learned that there were many kinds of supernatural beings. Many that he and his men learned how to defeat despite being mere mortals.

Vestein grew arrogant in his skills, believing he was unable to be beaten. Taking lives left and right finding pleasure in it even as he struck out a life that was meant to be stronger or faster then him. His men followed him but the more destructive and careless he got, the more his men questioned among themselves about his rule. Yet knowing their place they followed, even if it would lead to their death.

The news of a Sanguine nest reached Vestein, he was told that they took Kattegat children. Something Vestein couldn’t just let happen. Finding the location of the nest was easy. Vestein should have known that it was a trap but he truly believed he was just that good.

Entering the nest with his men, he trashed what was around looking for the Sanguine’s yet he didn’t understand their power to blend in with the darkness. They waited and took what they wanted. Turning every one of the Viking warriors into Sanguine, after the excruciating change. Vestein and his men awoke to the three women sitting there waiting for them to awaken.

The burn, the thirst for something caused Vestein to struggle to his feet. When the woman who turned him in offered him a goblet filled with a red liquid he downed it before realizing what he had just done. Blood, a taste he knew well in his human life, one that was once bitter but now tasted like the finest of alcohols he had ever tasted. His eyes turned to the woman as he questioned what he had become. She answered his questions willingly.

She wanted him and his men to become her warriors for a war against the Valkyries. A war to remove Astrids head. Fear, anger, rage filled the newly powered Sanguine. When he said he would never join them, she informed him that she was his mistress and he would follow her rule. Feeling the buckle of the sireing bond he caved to her, as she sliced open her arm. Watching the blood roll from her he was there feeding.

For weeks he and his men caved to the women and their needs as they fed them. Making them stronger. In the back of his mind though, he knew he needed to remove this threat for his cousin, and the Valkyries alike. Even if he once held distaste for his family because of his father's death. He refused to let anyone else hurt them. The Sanguine mistresses were smart though, and didn’t let their guards down easily.

So he did what he thought was best, he claimed one of them as a lover. While his men followed suit. Before much more time passed, they got the mistresses to let their guard down. That was when the warriors struck down the women. Their sires. Strength had come back to them due to these mistresses but there was a bigger worry in the Vikings heart now.

As night came he and his new group of warriors made their way home. Where they were greeted with open arms, yet those open arms tempted them all in ways unlike before. Taking his cousin aside he explained what had happened. She chastised him for being such a fool and not thinking his actions through. Yet this was going to be a challenge for them all.

Astrid put it into Vestein's hands to keep the other Sanguine in line so as not to hurt their people. Vestein struggled with his new life, as did the others but at some point learned control. They became the strongest of the Viking warriors under Astrids Rule. Even though they often left Kattegat to protect it from supernatural threats that were wanting to overthrow the Valkyries.
muse connections.
Astrid Winther Cousin
Born before her, but respects her leadership. Vest and Astrid relationship has been one that can best be described as they could pick on eahc other but anyone else dare insult the other they would attack them. They struggled to find common ground after Vest father's death. Yet his loyality to Astrid outweight his aching soul. After his own death and rebirth in life he found a new lease on life.

Ostana "Ruby" Bellinfold His
Meeting on the road while she was away from the Dragon lady. It seemed a fated meeting. The one thing that is clear, is he can't let her go. Her scent, her beauty, her heart, and mind all make him feel things he thought long dead. The fire she has sparks something int he Vikings heart.
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At 9:32pm on October 9, 2021,


And now you can't say I never did anything for you.

At 2:26pm on September 13, 2021,
Astrid Winther - Council

A poisoning at a gathering, what a common occurance. 

Nice to have you back, cousin.

At 1:36pm on July 27, 2021,
Raffaele Spataro - Council

Welcome to the sanguine, blood warrior.

Go take a bite out of the world.


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